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The Inflection Podcast

The Inflection Podcast

By Anebi
A podcast predicated on the idea that life comprises a series of inflection points. I have unscripted interviews with guests to deconstruct inflection points in their own lives so you can learn practical tips that you can apply right away.
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Shawn Bork on Fitness, Food, and Family
Shawn Bork is an entrepreneur currently based in Barrington, Illinois. At the age of 15, he started getting into fitness and the art of creating and experimenting with delicious food. 12 years later, he is now a certified personal trainer, a personal chef & owner of a meal prep service (Essential Kitchen). Starting out with small cooking duties in kitchens to becoming a recognized kitchen manager in Arizona, to training over 200 people and counting, the journey has been nothing short of amazing. Shawn's mission on earth is to provide a healthy sustainable lifestyle through the necessary steps of fitness & nutritional guidance. Website: IG: Shawn Ron Bork Snapchat: @ShawnBork Facebook: Shawn Ron Bork
May 09, 2022
Ty Fujimura on overcoming your fears and growing a business
As you surely already know, starting (and growing) a web design business can be a long, painful, exhausting — yet rewarding process. In this episode, I chat with Ty Fujimura, CEO of Cantilever Web Design and Development. Ty talks about his experience growing a thriving business.
January 04, 2022