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Infused: A Cannabiz Talk Show

Infused: A Cannabiz Talk Show

By Alias Cann
Alias Cann was founded with the mission to grow not only our clients' businesses, but the cannabis industry and legalization as a whole. We help Cannabis growers and dispensary owners build their brands and serve their customers better through uniquely effective sales and marketing services.

"Infused: A Cannabiz Talk Show" is a forum to present our thoughts on a variety of topics facing the Cannabis community through thought provoking and entertaining conversation.
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Episode 9 "A Visit with The Canncierge"
Today we welcome a very special guest to the Infused show! She's a cannabis educator, a cannabis advocate, a sociologist, a proud Cannamom, and a creative & marketing ideatrix! Join us for a visit with Christina Forbrich, Founder & CEO of Canncierge Consulting!
May 4, 2021
Significannt 2 : Kenny Vanella
He's a gifted singer, a talented songwriter, a raconteur, a cannabis advocate, and all around shaman when it comes to all things good! On this episode of Significannt we welcome Wilmington Delaware's own native son, Kenny Vanella, as he releases his new record!   Kenny discusses the profound difference that cannabis has made in his own life, and he shares some insight about his time working in the cannabis business. Nick & Kenny also get to discuss Kenny's new music, and Wilmington's blossoming music scene. Join us for a great talk with a great soul on Significannt!
April 20, 2021
Episode 8 "A Trip To The Canna-Carnival"
We often hear the cannabis industry compared to the Wild West, but that analogy doesn't quite work. For us, entering the cannabis space is a lot like walking the midway at the carnival. There's so much whimsy, wonder, and beauty, but you have to be careful that you don't end up a mark! Step right up & join us for a walk along the marijuana midway, at the Canna-Carnival!
March 26, 2021
Episode 7 "Inside Culta's Dispensary Doors"
Welcome to another edition of Infused: A Cannabiz Talk Show!  This month we take a trip down the highway to learn more about the Consciously Cultivated Cannabis operation known as CULTA! Located in Cambridge, Maryland's Federal Hill neighborhood, CULTA is a vertically integrated cannabis company that cultivates, extracts, processes, distributes, and retails cannabis, and cannabis related products.  This episode we're joined by our special guest Chase Lessman, CULTA's Director of Retail Operations. Chase takes us behind the dispensary doors of CULTA's flagship store in Federal Hill, and shares his unique insights on working in the cannabis space, as well as the many factors that make CULTA stand out from crowd!  We learn about the exciting growth of Maryland's Medical Market, as well as the potential of the recreational market, and CULTA's plans for the future. You don't want to miss this one folks!   Thanks, as always, for listening.
March 2, 2021
Significannt 1 : Francesca Vavala
Hello Infused Listeners! We’re are so excited to bring you the 1st edition of Significannt, presented by the team at Alias Cann!  This is a new addition to our Infused programming, and each month we'll present stories of how cannabis has changed lives for the better in the hopes of ending the stigma surrounding our favorite plant.   We’re going to start at the beginning, because after all, it’s “a very good place to start” with first Significannt story! Hear from Alias Cann co-founder, and the creator of Significannt ,Francesca Vavala on how cannabis helped give her life renewed focus.   Have a Significannt story to share? Contact us at, with Significannt in the subject line! As always, thank you for listening.  Follow Us!  Facebook: @AliasCann Twitter: @AliasCann Instagram: @Alias_Cann
February 8, 2021
Welcome to Significannt!
Hey there Infused listeners! We want to introduce you to a new segment on our show this year. Significannt is a series of personal stories highlighting the difference cannabis has made in the lives of friends from all over the globe.   Significannt used to live on our website, and we'd publish stories that members of the cannabis community shared with us. This year we decided to make it a part of Infused! Each month we'll hear stories of how cannabis has changed lives for the better in the hopes of ending the stigma surrounding our favorite plant.   This month we get the origin story of our new segment from Alias Cann co-founder, and the creator of Significannt Francesca.   Have a Significannt story to share? Contact us at, with Significannt in the subject line! As always, thank you for listening.
January 29, 2021
Episode 6 "Everything is New Again"
Our 1st episode of 2021 is available!  January is all about resetting ourselves, our expectations, and then setting ourselves up for another great year!   Our gang kicks off with some chit chat and then we get into it. We discuss mindset differences between established business and startups, mindset to have your business provide happiness & balance in your life, common mistake of startup business leaders that result in failure and unhappiness, the struggle between complacency and aggression, the similarity between dating and finding the right customers, and then the 4 "Brass Tacks" of starting the year the right way: vision, operations, sales, & marketing. Don't Miss this edition of Infused!
January 27, 2021
Episode 5 "The Gift of Cannabis"
Season's Greetings Cannafam! On the holiday edition of Infused the gang unwraps some of the gifts that the past year has left for the Cannabis Community. We are all too aware of the many challenges, and struggles that 2020 has posed for our world, but we focused on some real progress that's been made over the last several months. We also take some time to have a little holiday cheer, and preview what 2021 will look like on Infused!   Join us for a Canna-Christmas celebration this month on Infused! Please help spread the word about our show by sharing and subscribing. Happy Holidays!
December 4, 2020
Episode 4 "Changing Minds"
Hey friends! The Infused gang is back, and this month we tackle the elephant in the room talking about elections, and the work that goes in to changing minds in our society. Cannabis is on the ballot in multiple states, but what went into arriving at moments like this? Effective campaigns are all about changing minds, and this episode we take a look at what works, as well as what doesn't work so well.  There's another big change we address - our show has a new name! We get into that subject as well. Join us for another lively discussion this month on Infused!
November 2, 2020
Episode 3 "Don't fear the reefer"
Hey folks, welcome to the wonderful month of October. Autumn is upon us, the leaves are changing color,  and the days are getting shorter. It is traditionally the season of tricks & treats, culturally we’re temporarily preoccupied with things that go bump in the night, and the phenomenon of FEAR.  Episode 3 of our cannabiz talk show is titled Don't Fear the Reefer: An Examination of Fear's Role in the Business World. Join our gang for a lively conversation about some of the seemingly scary aspects of day to day business in the cannabis space. As always, thank you for checking us out!   Time Stamps:  Alias Cann Sales Office- 9:13 Risk vs far - 18:12 The scariest thing about making a living in cannabis- 20:25 The application of business - 24:50 The other side of fear - 41:37 Miscellaneous Q's - 46:01   Follow Us!   Facebook: @AliasCann  Twitter: @AliasCann Instagram: @Alias_Cann
October 14, 2020
Episode 2 "Back to...?"
Welcome to Episode 2! In this session, the Gang discusses going back to...    …what exactly?! The New Normal: Seasons are changing but some things stay the same   Our cultural touchstones haven’t been removed entirely, but they’re temporarily suspended at best. This “holding pattern” that so many of us are living & working through is a particularly engaging area of discussion at the moment, and we'll take a peek behind the curtain of a small business. We'll also examine how consumers are choosing to spend their money during the pandemic, and the amazing resilience of cannabis cultivators.   Time Stamps:   Customer Loyalty (13:43)   Management in Covid (14:50)  Growers Prepared for Crisis (24:49)  Politics and Cannabis (31:00)  Cultural Shift (38:40)  Curbside Pickup (50:49)  Miscellaneous Q's (54:00)    Follow Us!  Facebook: @AliasCann  Twitter: @AliasCann  Instagram: @Alias_Cann
October 14, 2020
Episode 1 "Remote Control"
''The Pilot"  In the first episode of "Cann We Talk", we discuss the inception of Alias Cann and the symbolic development of our tagline "No One Grows Alone"  We also delve into lessons learned in our three years in the Cannabis Industry and the biggest challenges ahead for our company and the Cannabis industry.  Finally, we discuss factors that give us hope for the future even during Covid times.     Time Stamps  Going Remote in Covid (2:30)  Company Culture challenges & solutions (5:24)  Trade Shows (22:21)  Dispensaries (32:14)  Alias Cann working with Dispensaries (46:34)  Fun Questions (1:03:31)    Follow Us!   Facebook: @AliasCann  Twitter: @AliasCann Instagram: @Alias_Cann
October 14, 2020