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In JENeral: With Jens Journey

In JENeral: With Jens Journey

By Jen Wagner
A little about ALL.THE.THINGS. Weight loss, mom-ing, relationships and the every day, real life “issues” we all face.
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How we are handling my brain tumor diagnosis
My husband Nathan joins me to talk about how we are handling the recent news!
July 2, 2020
SEX LIFE: Before And After Weight Loss
I chat about what my sex life was like before I lost the weight and what it's like now!
June 18, 2020
Black Lives Matter / Growing Up With A Racist Father
My thoughts on everything happening right now...
June 1, 2020
My Story
I found it fitting for my very first episode to be my story. The story of my weight loss journey and how it led me to where I am today. I hope you’ll find some encouragement and motivation in this episode!
May 26, 2020