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Episode 101: The Fearing with John F.D. Taff

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By Ink Heist
Shane Douglas Keene and Rich Duncan talk about a variety of subjects related to the horror and crime genres. We also talk to a variety of authors and other guests about different topics including books, diversity, and the craft of creating high-quality dark speculative fiction.
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Episode 104 - Digging deep into The Fearing Book One: Fire and Rain with John F.D. Taff
This week, we are sharing our second conversation with horror author John F.D. Taff as part of our recurring "In This Episode..." series focused on The Fearing. Each book in The Fearing will have its own episode where we take a deep dive into the events of the story and uncover some behind the scenes insight from John. Our first conversation with John centered around the overall concept of The Fearing and the ideas that inspired it. This time around, we take an in-depth look at Book One, Fire and Rain. We talk to John about the characters we first meet in Fire and Rain and their potential arcs, the core concepts of how fear is used in the story, and what fears would come for each of us if we found ourselves in The Fearing universe.
August 13, 2019
Episode 103 - A Conversation with Laurel Hightower
This week, Rich and Shane talk with horror author Laurel Hightower, who recently released her debut novel Whispers in the Dark through Journalstone/Trepidatio. Laurel talks about getting Whispers in the Dark published, the horror community, her upcoming projects, family dynamics and mutual book buying obsessions among a host of other topics. We had a blast talking to Laurel and would like to thank her for joining our show. She's incredibly kind, one hell of a good conversationalist, and a highly intelligent and talented author who writes the kind of darkness we all love. If you have yet to read her work, unfuck that ASAP.  The excellent song, "Crushed by Air" is used by permission, courtesy of the band Secret Smoker. Check out the full album, Terminal Architecture at
August 6, 2019
Episode 102: A Very Irreverent Conversation With Hunter Shea
We had some minor issues with Hunter's audio but we had a blast with this conversation and it's well worth a listen. Hunter Shea, THE monster man, talks about working with Don D'auria, Flame Tree Press, his most recent novel, CREATURE, and his new novel, SLASH, coming October 24 to your favorite booksellers. Also, Rich Duncan enters into a wrestling match with three rat dogs.
July 23, 2019
Episode 101: The Fearing with John F.D. Taff
In this episode Rich and Shane talk with John F.D. Taff about his new serial novel, The Fearing, what it's like to work with Grey Matter Press, and authors that make the indie movement the strongest force in horror fiction today. You can listen to Ink Heist in multiple different locations, including on
July 8, 2019
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