The Inner Dialogue

The Inner Dialogue

By TheID_creators
Genres: Young-adult fiction; Peronal journal

On the surface, Arya just looks like another engineering student. However, through her college life, Arya learns more than just the principles of engineering. She learns about who she really is. And all this comes from her unique way of talking to herself, while she navigates through new and tricky situation.

Join Arya in the front row of her brain, where it is all quiet and dark. All you can find here are Arya's conversations with herself: her inner dialogue.
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More places to listen

S1E06: Having a life outside "the engineering bubble"
Arya realizes that being an engineering student means that she is spending a lot more time in the lecture hall than her friends.  Does this mean she should not get a part-time job? Or join clubs?
July 9, 2019
S1E05: How do you do laundry?
Arya navigates the realm of dirty clothes and laundry machines. Using a washing machine for the first time can be hard. But fortunately, Arya knows how to Google... even though she recalls this ability after disaster has struck.
July 3, 2019
S1E04: No one to lend a shoulder
TW: Discussion of losing loved ones.  After a conversation with her parents Arya questions what the distance between Canada and India really means for her. However, those worries are quickly taken over by the difficulty of cooking Indian food and the lack of quality toilet paper!
June 28, 2019
S1E03: Why am I wearing a mask?
Arya learns how to take the bus and realizes that she has different personalities around different people. Now that she has a clean canvas, who should she be?
June 20, 2019
S1E02: To be or not to be... a typical college student
After witnessing a somewhat-thought-provoking event on the plane, Arya discusses what kind of a student life she is going to lead. 
June 10, 2019
S1E01: Without a return ticket
Leaving her parents at the airport, Arya navigates her way through the airport and through this new turn in her life. 
June 3, 2019
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