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By Aminat Salihu
An honest, healing podcast re-imagining and redefining self-love, self-healing, and inner care.
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inner care — the importance of extending grace to yourself and others
Navigating grace in this current climate. Learning the positive benefits of extending grace to self and others. Produced, hosted, and edited by Aminat Salihu, M.A. Psychology.
 Music by FazeOne
January 12, 2021
innerducing: boundary setting from family to friends
Exploring the complexities and the positive, healthy benefits of boundary setting with family, friends, work, and the self.  Produced, hosted, and edited by Aminat Salihu, M.A. Psychology.
 Music by FazeOne
October 14, 2020
thathonestything's farewell
thathonestything is transitioning to INNERDUCE! No lie, this is bittersweet, but definitely more on the sweet side. In my true fashion, I am honoring the journey and choosing to embrace the evolution. No need for a huge goodbye, as this is just a natural transition. I am so excited about the conversations, content, and creativity to come. I hope you will enjoy this new chapter with me. Please visit INNERDUCE.COM for more information (but be kind as the website is still in the works). Platforms will be undergoing a name and logo change so no need to re-subscribe, however, you will need to re-subscribe to the website when it’s fully functioning. I love you all, thank you for the light. Always,
 Aminat Email: Instagram: innerduce (beginning 9/30/20) Website: If all else fails, still search 'thathonestything' and you’ll be pointed in the right direction!
October 6, 2020
The Truth About Self-Love
Building upon the "The Truth About Self-Healing and Healing Forward" this episode is centered in exploring self-love as a spiritual obligation and as a, sometimes, true challenge. The Truth About Self-Love demystifies the oftentimes glamorous projection of self-love and encourages us to shift our view and understanding of it in a more authentic way to create more honest and meaningful life experiences. Transcript available on!
August 17, 2020
The Truth About Self-Healing and Healing Forward
"When a plant is cut, cells regenerate to close the wound so it can continue to grow and minimize risks of becoming further infected and dying. When your physical body is wounded, an army of different types of blood cells and platelets swarm in to heal and close the wound. Where there is harm, nature shows us time and time again that the response is to repair. So, when our mental and emotional self is harmed, repairing is also required. This, is what I refer to as self-healing—the conscious and deliberate choice to go inward, discover the hurt, and heal and repair from inside out to preserve your livelihood. Bottom line, self-healing is survival." thathonestything returns with an episode highlighting the importance of self-healing and the meaning of healing forward as it pertains to everyday life and our current social and political climate. Produced, hosted, and edited by Aminat Salihu.
 Music by FazeOne
July 15, 2020
The Truth About Gratitude
Gratitude is a practice. And contrary to how we might view it, it doesn't erase negative emotions or experiences, but rather, allows us to extract from each experience we have, tools for growth and elevation. Open your mind to a different take on gratitude and how to apply it in your life authentically as well as the responses from amazing Arubans as they answered the question, "what are you grateful for"? Join me on Instagram to answer the question yourself!
August 1, 2019
The Truth About Womanhood
The Truth About Womanhood, a thathonestything "Grounded" series special. 5 women, hundreds of truths about the joys and burdens of womanhood. Listen as we discuss the power of the womb and the power of the mind. Slide on over to thathonestything's Instagram to put a face to the voices and to keep up with what these amazing women are up to. Women Power. Forever. Instagram | @ thathonestything
June 27, 2019
The Truth About Calling Yourself Out
There are times when we need to acknowledge the nonsense we pull on ourselves. Sometimes, we are our greatest inhibitors and reasons for stunted growth. This isn't a "make us feel worthless" type of podcast, but it is a "make you think, get up, and change something" type of podcast. I talk about the things we need to call out within ourselves when it comes to work, relationships, and our dreams. If you're ready... listen.
May 8, 2019
The Truth About Being Black And...
It's a Black History Month special! Strategically aired at the end of the month to keep the beautiful conversations about blackness ringing from February into all the months to come after. Listen and connect to us as we describe the multidimensional experiences of being Black and... Dominican, Muslim, Educated, Gay, Proud, African & then some. Get inspired by our definitions of Black, Black Magic, and our hopes for the Black Community. Prepare your heart for some truths and inspiration all wrapped up in some beautiful melanin. Join the conversation on Instagram @ thathonestything!
February 27, 2019
The Truth About Being Single
Are you someone who loves or hates being single? Are you often in a relationship or often to yourself? Listen to some truth about the pros, cons, and psychology of being single and hear from a few voices, like you, share what they appreciate and struggle with in terms of singlehood.
February 20, 2019
Casting| Topic: Being Single
Call in! A podcast about being single is currently developing and I’d love to hear your voices and thoughts. Q1: What do you love and despise most about being single? Q2: Are you someone who is most often in a relationship? Or are you most often single? Q3: Are there any stigmas associated to being single that you agree with or would like to dispel? If you’re voice shy and still want to participate, answer on Instagram @thathonestything! Would love to hear from you and include you in my podcast to make this a community thing! Any questions? Ask here or e-mail. I hope to hear from you!
January 27, 2019
The Truth About the Journey
Starting off the new year with the truth and with love. Re-focusing on what matters and being honest about veering off track while on the journey, the detriments of comparison, and understanding our purpose. Honor your truth. Honor your journey.
January 16, 2019
A Little Truth About Why We Don't Discontinue Relationships
The actual title of this episode is "A Little Truth About Folks Who Continue Relationships Knowing They Should Let Go". But, it didn't fit. "Not communicating-- not keeping it honest with your partner is a cowardly way to protect your feelings while exploiting theirs. You are protecting your feelings at the expense of someone else’s. It may not be the intention, but that is what it is." Don't rob people of their choice or time. Keep it honest.
April 7, 2018
A Little Truth About Why You Can't Do It All
Fitting everything into one day is a myth. Superwoman and superman sleep. In fact, psychologically speaking, we can't even function cognitively without sleep so, here's a little truth about why it's impossible to do it all. And, a little more truth as to why we need to be okay with that. Shout out to normalcy, boo to the pressures that bring guilt for not being able to complete your entire to-do list.
April 6, 2018
The Truth About Where I’ve Been. 👋🏿
New Anchor, New Podcast. Who dis?
March 10, 2018
Episode 14 What's the craziest thing you've done for love?
What's the craziest thing you've done for love? I have multiple answers, ranging from a very embarrassing story to one that of course, gets a little deeper than intended. Listen to the people of Brooklyn, New York join me in answering this question.
March 5, 2018
A Word — “Money”
Introducing a new short spoken word, thoughts, somewhat poetic series to thathonestything! Listen to the first one here: Money, Cash Ruins Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M).
February 12, 2018
TOTM: Support!
Support your folks, people! Don\u2019t feel threatened by the success of others!
February 11, 2018
TOTM: Relationships Change...
Not all relationships are designed to last forever. They change. And sometimes, although they don\u2019t end up how we imagined, they transform into exactly what\u2019s needed for us if we are able to put pride and ego aside.
February 10, 2018
The Truth About Being Used
Have you ever heard about the false deposit method? Probably not, because I made it up not too long ago to describe how certain people use others by way of falsely offering help to make it appear that they are as equally invested in the relationship as their partner, friend, or family member. "The Truth About Being Used" \u2014the podcast is here! I'm talking friends, family, lovers, our motives to use and even our willingness to be used. It gets a bit real. \u2014 +Listen to the full podcast \u201cThe Truth About Being Used\u201d on iTunes: thathonestything ( & join the conversation on! +Have you ever been used? How have you used other people?
February 9, 2018
TOTM: Don’t Be Bitter
Truth of the Moment: Don\u2019t let \u2018em turn you bitter. Exploring bitterness as an \u201cus\u201d thing and not a \u201cthem\u201d thing.
February 6, 2018
TOTM: Intentions & Anchor
Truth of the Moment: Check your intentions. Discussing, doubt, and second guessing.
February 4, 2018
TOTM: Judge People!
Truth of the Moment: Judge People, Seriously.
February 4, 2018
What do you know to be true?
People of Brooklyn, NY answer the question, \u201c what do you know to be true?\u201d Answers aren\u2019t as simple as you\u2019d think!
January 29, 2018
The Hardest Truths to Accept
Welcome to thathonestything's Book of 2018! Thank you for subscribing, thank you for watching, thank you for being here. I'm starting "over" again & have broken my channel into chapters. This first chapter is titled "Truth" and focuses on the truths that are hard for me to accept and the reason why it's important for us to all go through this process of evaluating ourselves so that we can move through this year truly able to accomplish what we intend to. I really appreciate you and hope you enjoy! #truth #motivation #goals #newyear #freshstart #thathonestything
January 23, 2018
What Do You Find Most Beautiful In Other People?
Listen to people from Atlanta, Georgia share their thoughts on what they find most beautiful in others. Lift up your spirits, get inspired!
December 25, 2017
What Have You Survived?
Episode 2: What Have You Survived? Hear the stories from men and women from the Oakland, CA area.
December 11, 2017
Episode 0: Introduction
Episode 0: Introduction
December 11, 2017