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Inner Work

Inner Work

By Steve Barker
Rediscover and Unlock your True Self by doing the "Inner Work"
This podcast shares insights, hints, tips and hacks that will make your life easier, relationships that are more fulfilling and rewarding.
Personal Development is a journey and to be able to journey we need to understand the pathway to ourselves.
This podcast will help you discover your unique pathway and give you some strategies to bring, curiosity, love, fun and a whole heap more...
Join me on this journey through the "Inner Work"
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Ep28 - Leadership with Warrant Officer Ken Robertson OAM - RAAF Air Command Warrant Officer

Inner Work

Ep28 - Leadership with Warrant Officer Ken Robertson OAM - RAAF Air Command Warrant Officer

Inner Work

Ep64 - 6 Questions to Change Your Life
Have you ever wondered how you can enhance your life? Perhaps you are already asking that exact question, but can't find the answer... Maybe you need a little inspiration just to get you started... If any of these scenarios apply... then you have to listen to this podcast. I will share 6 questions that when you really start to think about them will open up all manner of ideas and possibilities... Jump in now and be part of this Inner Work Podcast. You may want to take notes during this Podcast so that you can write down the questions and the key underlying points to each so that you can then take the time needed to answer them fully and discover your pathway forward.  As ever, I am always available to support you on your journey.  If you are interested in having a chat, please give me a call, an email ( or reach out via my Facebook Page - I am Enough Coaching or my Facebook Group - You are Enough.  There are many ways to connect with me.  However, for now, enjoy this Podcast and start to get curious about..... How can I change my life? Website: Facebook Group - You are Enough: I am Enough Coaching Facebook Page: Personal Development Podcast - Inner Work: Leadership Podcast - RAW Leadership: #stevebarker #leadershipofself #leadership #rawleadership #Leader #humanskills #innerwork #dotheinnerwork #waggawagga #waggabusiness #waggatraining
November 12, 2021
Ep63 - Problems Everywhere
Life is one big problem and that then breaks down into lots and lots of little problems...  Particularly at the moment, as we are exiting from the Covid Problem, many of my clients are experiencing an overwhelm with problems.   They tell me how they are surrounded by problems.   In this short and to the point Podcast, I share with you a very powerful strategy that will help you see problems in a whole new way.   I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this podcast and the strategy I am offering...  Have fun with this one, I believe it will get you thinking.   Take Care  Steve x  #stevebarker #leadershipofself #leadership #rawleadership #Leader #humanskills #innerwork #dotheinnerwork #waggawagga #waggabusiness #waggatraining
October 22, 2021
Ep62 - Is Knowledge holding you back?
We all need knowledge.... Knowledge is what ensures we understand, can do things and ultimately....stay safe. Have you ever thought that Knowledge could be holding you back? No? In this podcast I share a perspective, which when explored fully, demonstrates why knowledge will force us into playing the small game and staying safe.  Want to know more? You will have to listen to the Podcast.... Also, if you are listening on Spotify, there is a poll you can take and a question to answer.....these will also help you raise your conscious awareness to the dangers of knowledge. #stevebarker #leadershipofself #leadership #rawleadership #Leader #humanskills #innerwork #dotheinnerwork
October 8, 2021
S2 Ep61 - Embracing Uncertainty
There is so much uncertainty around right now. Australia is moving closer to this 80% vaccinated benchmark, which will trigger the start of "living with Covid" Understandably, this is causing heaps of uncertainty and in some cases a lot of anxiety and worry.  Now, I am not here to answer the questions about what the new normal will look like.... But what I can provide is some insights into Uncertainty and how we can embrace it.  Because, when we Embrace Uncertainty things change.  I will share 5 different perspectives to Uncertainty and how they can assist us to move through Uncertainty with more confidence and come out of the other side stronger, better and really grasp the new opportunites that are always on the other side of problems.  Regardless of where you are in your life right now, these 5 perspectives, will assist you or help you assist others through this time of complete and utter disruption.  I hope this podcast serves you well. Stay safe and stay curious.  Steve #stevebarker #iamenoughcoaching #leadershipofself #leader #leadership #rawleadership #humanskills #innerwork #dotheinnerwork
September 30, 2021
Ep 60 - Pot Holes in Life
Potholes, if you drive, you know what a pain in the arse they are... Then the council come along and do a quick fix, which never works and the pothole returns even bigger and deeper than last time.... Occasionally the council will do a full repair and fix the problem once and for all..... sure we moan about the road being closed and the inconvenience of the diversion....but deep down, we are glad they did the full repair. Our lives are like this....we have a lot of traffic going down our roads and every now and then a crack will appear and quickly turn into a pothole.  Join me in this podcast where I expand on this analogy and explore a few different perspectives.  #stevebarker #leadershipofself #leadership #rawleadership #Leader #humanskills #iamenoughcoaching #innerwork #dotheinnerwork
September 17, 2021
S2 Ep29 - Understanding our Fear
Fear impacts us all and in some cases it can paralyse us.... It can stop us doing things we want and even stop us from chasing our dreams. I have experienced this and I am sure you have too... How can we reduce the impact that fear has upon us? In this short podcast I share 3 strategies that I have personally used to reduce the impact of fear upon me.  I have also shared these 3 simple strategies with my clients and they have also reported back telling me that they have had a massive positive impact upon them.  So, if you want to reduce and limit the impact fear has upon you and your life.... you will want to listen to this podcast. I think you will find the content very interesting and extremely valuable, because once you can live with your fear and push past it.... You will become unstoppable. Enjoy Steve x #fear #anxiety #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #leadershipofself #stevebarker
September 3, 2021
S2 Ep28 - Identity = Worth
Identity is so important and yet we don't really give it much time or respect. Over the last few months, I have noticed how the language we use around our identity actually starts to determine our worth or value.  Even more, when we are describing ourselves....especially if it is through our internal dialogue (self-chatter) In this podcast I share some of my insights and discoveries about this topic... I actually demonstrate one of the techniques and strategies I use to change my behaviour in this podcast as I catch myself using specific language.  Have a listen and share with me what your thoughts are and as you raise your awareness to it, how it plays out in your life.  #stevebarker #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #leadershipofself #rawleadership
August 20, 2021
S2 Ep27 - Changing your socks can change your life
What has Socks got to do with changing your life... Well there is a connection and in this short podcast I share with you how changing my socks changed my life and how it then snowballed from there... If you are curious and you want to know more, you are going to have to listen.... Click now listen to how changing socks can change your life... #stevebarker #iamenoughcoaching #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #leadershipofself
August 6, 2021
S2 Ep26 - What curiosity can give us
Curiosity is something that we can bring into our thinking and our mindset on a daily basis if we choose too... But what is a curious mindset? Even more than do we bring a curious mindset on a consistent basis? Well, this is exactly what I explore in this week's Podcast... Personally, curiosity has changed my life and how I see the world that I live with in... #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #stevebarker #iamenoughcoaching
July 30, 2021
S2 Ep25 - Top 5 Regrets of the Dying
Why am I exploring the top 5 regrets of the dying? Because when we have awareness around what other people regret, we also have insight and perspectives. These are the top 5 compiled from thousands of interviews with dying people....and these are their top 5 regrets. Personally, I know that having this insight may help me to make choices so that I don't have these same regrets. As we explore each of the top 5, we can see that they are very profound and powerful.  Ultimately, we see that these are choice points and permission points.  Are we holding ourselves back? Do you want to die with regrets? Join me in this podcast where we explore these top 5 regrets from dying people so that we can make informed choices as we live our lives. p.s. - If you are interested in discovering more about the True You Program mentioned in this Podcast, please visit #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #stevebarker #iamenoughcoaching #trueyou
July 23, 2021
S2 Ep24 - The Power of Reflection
Hindsight = Insight In this Podcast I explore the power of Hindsight and I also explore why so many of us do not reflect on our outcomes. Even more, I then share with you some hints and tips about how we can create time and space to bring reflection into our daily Inner Work Practices. Join me in this episode of the Inner Work and uncover an extremely powerful tool, that is so freely available and yet extremely underutilised. #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #stevebarker #leadershipofself
July 2, 2021
S2 Ep23 - How to stop repeating Disastrous Relationship
I was asked by Lisamarie - how do you stop falling in love with the same destructive patterns and wrong types? Great question Lisamarie.... In this podcast I share some insights around this question from the perspective of Human Behaviour... If this is something that you notice happening a lot in your life, then this podcast is for you... Join me as we look through many different perspectives that may assist in creating better choices in the future.
June 25, 2021
S2 Ep22 - How to Overcome Destructive Self-Talk
We all have Self-Talk....but what do we do when it is destructive and toxic? The problem with Self-Talk is that we cannot get away from it? So how do we calm down the destructive side of our Self-Talk.... Join me in this Podcast where I share a model around human behaviour that will enable you to be able to tune into your Self-Talk and remove the venom that it may have.  #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #stevebarker #iamenoughcoaching
June 18, 2021
S2 Ep21 - A Gift to Ourselves
Time is a gift.... However, sometimes we feel that we don't have time... When that happens, we self-sacrifice for the benefit of others or the tasks we feel we must complete.  But at what cost? In this podcast I explore the concept of giving ourselves the ultimate gift... The gift of time. I share my insights and personal strategies that have enabled me to be able to reclaim a few precious moments each day that I then gift to myself.  The outcomes and differences have been amazing.  Join me now as we dive deep into the gift of time.
June 11, 2021
S2 Ep20 - Vulnerability
Vulnerability is very often seen as a weakness and something that brings shame.  But what if it wasn't.....what if it is a inner strength. What if I were to tell you that through vulnerability you will have stronger relationships? Not just with your significant family and friends, but right across your life. Let me share with you a perspective on Vulnerability that may change your life.... Listen now by clicking the link below. #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #iamenoughcoaching #stevebarker
June 5, 2021
S2 Ep19 - Leadership & Weak Links
This is a powerful Podcast, where we address the uncomfortable issue of the weak link in a team. Join me as we explore and unpack the impact that a weak link or even a number of weak links can have upon a team. Even more, we will go through 5 different ways of being able to tackle the issue of performance before we even consider the option of moving them on or sacking them. As Leaders, we must always have a number of strategies that we can depend upon to ensure that we always make the best decision for the greater good. This podcast will share those strategies with you. It will empower you to take ownership of these problems that ravage many teams....both professionally and personally. Join me now and let's get stuck into this uncomfortable topic of the "weakest link". #leadership #innerwork #stevebarker #iamenoughcoaching #leadershipdevelopment
May 28, 2021
S2 Ep18 - Winning the race of life
Who wants to know the secret to getting an 80m head start in the 100m race of life? If you need to be willing to ask some tough questions and accept the answer, regardless of what it is. In this podcast, we explore what those questions are and how the answers will give us that 80m head start from everyone else in the human "race" Because it is those that create their own 80m head start that become the winners in life. Join me in this podcast and discover those questions now....
May 21, 2021
S2 Ep17 - Choose You... So others can find you
Over the last few weeks I have heard lots of examples of where people feel like they cannot be themselves....their true relationships. It is like they have to do things to please the other person and in the majority of these examples the relationship has broken down and their is hurt, sometimes resentment, and always stress. In this podcast I would like to share an insight that is based around a fact based model of human behaviour that may help you understand why we keep going through the same relationships over and over again... It is almost like we are magially drawn to these types of people....but why? This podcast may change your perspective enough for you to choose to change how you attract people into your life.... people who are a great match for you... This applies as much to personal life as it does to professional life... Because who we are has a massive affect on who we attract...
May 14, 2021
S2 - Ep16 Leadership is a Verb
Description of a verb - a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence Leadership is Dynamic - dynamic means changing... Therefore we need Adaptability. We get this through growth, failure, an open mindset, grit and vision...but how do you develop these qualities? Join me in this Podcast where I explore what it takes to be a Dynamic Leader and how you grow and develop things like grit, determination, strength of character. Leadership is about constant and never ending improvement, it is not about getting a certificate and then identifying yourself as a leader.
May 7, 2021
S2 Ep15 - Sleepless Nights
We have all experienced it where you wake up in the middle of the night, boom...your brain kicks in and you can't get back to sleep.  It can lead to exhaustion.... it is also a massive part of anxiety. I experienced this last week and I implemented a strategy that eased my anxiety, worry and concern... In this Podcast, I share this strategy with you so you can try it yourself.
April 30, 2021
S2 Ep14 - Choice
Everything in life is our Choice... I know this may sound controversial and in some ways it is... However, when I was able to get my head around it and grasp the fundamentals of what Choice meant... It opened up a whole new way of experiencing my life... Even more, as a Leader, it opened up whole new concepts and ways of being able to not only understand those around me.... it also meant I could connect on different levels, which in turn created trust and ownership much quicker.  Regardless of where you are in your life, there is a very high chance you have some sort of Leadership role, you just don't know it... Discover more, by listening to this episode of the Inner Work....
April 23, 2021
S2 Ep 13 - Benchmarks for a Success Mindset
Having a Success Mindset is gold, but what if you don't have benchmarks set around that Success Mindset? In this podcast I share with you 5 Success Mindset area that I focus upon and the Benchmarks around them.  A Benchmark is a standard that we want to meet, a level of excellence.  This level needs to be of a high enough standard that it will get us to where we want to be, it also needs to be sustainable and repeatable.  To discover more, join me in this episode of the Inner Work.
April 16, 2021
S2 Ep12 - What is the "Inner Work"?
I often get asked what is "Inner Work", so I thought the best way to answer this would be through my Podcast.  Join me as I unpack what "Inner Work" is and the positive impact is has upon not only ourselves, but those around us... Our family, our loved ones, friends, colleagues and team mates.  I share my stories, my experiences and I also share insights from other people who are on their "Inner Work" journey. Join me in this podcast where you will discover what the "Inner Work" is. For those of you who have listened to the Podcast and are interested in the online program I mentioned, here is the link: If you have any questions regarding the "Inner Work" please reach out, I will be more than happy to do my very best to assist you. 
April 9, 2021
S2 Ep11 - Resilience / Grit / Determination
Resilience / Grit / Determination ... however you wish to label can be difficult to develop in a sustainable way. Join me in this podcast where I will share with you how I developed my levels of Resilience / Grit / Determination. I will share with you some of the examples I experienced during my 26 years in the Military that have helped me to develop such high levels of Resilience / Grit / Determination. I have broken the subject down into 5 bite size chunks that we can focus on... Thus making this a much more realistic approach and as such, it will become a sustainable, repeatable strategy that you can use and rely upon. I trust this serves you well. 
April 2, 2021
S2 Ep10 - Uninstalling your Programs
Do you ever have those annoying things that you never seem to get round to completing? You know those jobs that you keep putting off... How annoying are they?  Yet we still push them to the back of the list of things to do... And they still annoy the crap out of us... How can we overcome this? In this Inner Work Podcast episode I share with you a simple strategy that you can apply that will enable you to move this job to the top of the priority list and get it done once and for all... Click below to hear more: #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #iamenoughcoaching
March 28, 2021
S2 Ep9 - 3R's - Natural Prioritisation
To assist with Overload and Overwhelm, please allow me to share with you a very simple and easy strategy.  A strategy that will enable you to quickly and naturally identify what are the key priorities for you...  This may be in your role as a Leader, at your work place, in your domestic life, in your relationships and friendships...  When this strategy is applied, the levels of Stress, Anxiety, Overload and Overwhelm are greatly reduced.  Please share this Podcast with your friends and family, help them make a better life for themselves and those around them by doing the Inner Work. #dotheinnerwork #innerwork #iamenoughcoaching
March 19, 2021
S2 Ep8 - Leadership is LOVE
Is there a place for Love in Leadership? Or is that too pink and fluffy? I have been chatting with many Leaders and this has been a controversial subject to discuss. In this episode of the "Inner Work" I explore the concept of Love within Leadership and as you listen, I ask you to keep an open mind and to also think about how you would like to be lead... Because I believe that we are all leaders....if we have the opportunity to influence anyone, we are a leader.... This can be as a parent, as a friend, as a member of a team...even as a family member. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts on the subject.....Is there a place for Love in Leadership?
March 12, 2021
S2 Ep7 - $63 Trillion You
You are a $63 Trillion piece of equipment...... Next time you feel worthless, think of this.... Want to know why you are worth $63 Trillion.... Listen by clicking the link....It may change how you value yourself
March 5, 2021
S2 Ep 6 Multi Tasking & The Hidden Cost
Multi Tasking saves time.... It is effecient, effective and it's the best way to get stuff done... What a crock of BS... I will share with you some insights about Multi Tasking that will de-bunk this urban myth... Let's unlock the hidden cost of Multi Tasking as we dive deep into another episode of the "Inner Work"
February 26, 2021
S2 - Ep5 Return on Investment
What's the best thing you can sink your money, time, effort into and get the greatest Return on your Investment? Join me in this weeks episode where I unpack what is possibly one of the best things you can ever invest in.  Also, I have a personal break through in the Podcast.....which was so awesome.
February 12, 2021
S2 - Ep4 - The Pursuit of Excellence
Imagine, if you were to have a Standard of Excellence in everything you said and great would your life be? Excellence is a standard, a very high standard... As is Perfection.... Join me in this episode of the Inner Work Podcast where I explore the concept of "The Pursuit of Excellence" I will share with you a perspective that will help remove the overwhelm of Excellence, breaking it down into bite size chunks and assist you to set your own personal standard of Excellence in everything you do. Imagine, if you were to have a Standard of Excellence in everything you said and great would your life be? Join me and discover more, as we take another dive into.....the Inner Work.
February 5, 2021
S2 Ep3 - Cliques, why do they form and how can we dissolve them
Cliques are in every aspect of our lives. Cliques happen a lot in the workplace and in social groups. They can be dangerous, nasty, toxic and inflict serious harm on individuals and businesses alike.  But what do we know and understand about them? How do they form? Why do they form? and even more, how can we address and deal with them resourcefully. In this episode of the Inner Work Podcast, I unpack the why, how and what can be done... Using evidence and fact based models of Human Behaviour... I am sure by the end of this Podcast you will see the power of doing the Inner Work I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences and learnings from this Podcast. Please hit me up via messenger, email ( or via my website - I hope you enjoy this episode of the Inner Work. 
January 22, 2021
S2 Ep 3 - Fire Lighter or Fire Fighter?
Let's explore this topic... We all carry two containers... One is full of petrol The other is full of water How we respond, react and the choices we make determine the size of the fire... In this podcast we explore why sometimes the fire has to be fueled...and in other times, why it has to be extinguished.  Listen for more...
January 15, 2021
S2 - Ep 1 Nipping it in the bud
The perils of not taking action when you come across an issue. Why do we struggle to "nip things in the bud" Why do we let them grow out of control and then wonder why it's bigger than "Ben Hur" when we finally do something about it.  In this podcast we explore this pattern of human behaviour and how we can resolve it with "grace and humility" I hope you enjoy it...
January 8, 2021
Ep30 - I was on the edge of the depressional hole again...
In this podcast I have been able to have the honour of interviewing Darren Sweeney about his "Inner Work" journey. As Darren explains "6 months ago I was on the edge of going back into the depressional hole" Darren recognised where he was and was faced with either going back into depression or doing something about it and fulfilling his potential. Darren chose to do the "Inner Work".... Hear how he is just 6 months on from starting his "Inner Work" journey...
December 30, 2020
Ep29 - Whatever we need...controls us - "How to become buttonless"
Our Needs will always control us. If we need love in our lives, that need will play out in our actions, behaviours, desires, thoughts etc. In this podcast, I discuss how we can meet our Core Needs, because when we meet our core needs, our needs do not control us.  Even more, if we can control our needs, we can become button less. Being buttonless means that other people cannot control us through their needs... This is a most powerful way to live. And it can all be achieved by doing ... "The Inner Work" #InnerWork #dotheinnerwork
December 25, 2020
Ep28 - Leadership with Warrant Officer Ken Robertson OAM - RAAF Air Command Warrant Officer
If you are interested in Leadership you cannot miss out on this Podcast.  It was my absolute pleasure and honour to be able to spend 50 minutes with the RAAF Air Command Warrant Officer - Ken Robertson OAM. Join us in this no-holds barred conversation around Leadership. Ken is raw, open and honest as he answers questions about Leadership. What we discovered and you will as well, is that there are a whole load of similarities between military Leadership principles and civilian street.  If you are about Leadership, this is a must listen... Enjoy. 
December 18, 2020
E27 - Language is the glue of our reality
The language we use or that others use creates our reality... The impact of language on our reality is profound.... Join me as we dive deep into language the power that is has on our reality
December 10, 2020
E26 - F**King Speed Cameras!!
What have speed cameras got to do with personal development? Listen and you will find out...
December 3, 2020
E25 - 1% is all it takes to...
Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Did you know that there are over 16,000 different speicies of trees in the Amazon Rain Forest and yet 225 species dominate over 50% of the rain forest? Why is that? In this podcast I will share with you the concept of the Pareto Principle and how we can apply it to ourselves and start making massive differences by only improving by 1%... If you are wondering what this is all about, click below and listen now. 
November 25, 2020
E24 How to create space to think
I share a simple 4 step strategy that will assist you in creating space to think....
November 6, 2020
E23 Stress & Anxiety
Let's talk about the elephant in the room... Stress & Anxiety. We all have Stress & Anxiety, however for some it becomes overwhelming and can seriously impact their lives, other peoples lives and their relationships. In this Podcast, I share some insights and understandings that many people that I work with have no idea about, literally no concept.  When I share these insights and understandings, it changes their entire perspective..... perhaps they may change yours too? Join me, let's have a chat about Stress & Anxiety. 
October 30, 2020
E22 Fear of Failure vs Love of Failure
Failure is fearful, it can hold us back... Force us in to playing the small game and missing out. Alternatively failure can be seen as an opportunity, something exciting, something to embrace... Join me and let's unpack both sides of this concept and explore some different perspectives in this episode of "Inner Work" the podcast.
October 24, 2020
E21 - Unbalanced Life
Life is naturally balanced, however it is us... Ourselves that create the unbalance. Discover in this podcast how we create unbalance and how we can bring more balance to our lives.
October 13, 2020
E20 - Personal Integrity
The final part of the 6 pillars of a fulfilling life  6. Personal integrity - the integration of personal ideals, standards and behaviour.  When our ideals and values match we have integrity. Congruence = words and behaviours match In this podcast we explore one of the meanings of Personal Integrity and how when we are clear on it's meaning we can experience a smooth ride through life.
October 9, 2020
E19 - Live with purpose - "I don't want to be me no more"
5. Live with purpose - Do not hope or wish... Be consciously aware of what your desire is and make every decision to support that outcome.  Know & Live your core values and beliefs.  To live by chance is leaving ourselves open to drifting around like a rudderless and powerless boat In the ocean... With no control and being taken wherever the winds and tides of life wish to take us.  Listen on to discover how you can take control and live with purpose....
October 1, 2020
#18 Self-assertiveness
#18 Self-assertiveness  I believe that Self-asseriveness is defined as recognising my wants, needs and values … and seeking an appropriate way to express these in the real world. I have also heard self-assertiveness being reffered too as Intelligent Selfishness. Discover in this podcast how we can ensure that we are not being taken for granted and made to feel used and worthless. How we can be a participant of life and not a passenger....
September 25, 2020
#17 Nobody is coming to rescue you
This week we unpack part 3 of the 6 Pillars of a Fulfilling Life.  Self-Responsibility.... How do we know if we are taking responsibility for everything in our life?  Discover more in this podcast...
September 18, 2020
#16 - Self Acceptance
Sometimes we find it difficult to accept where we find ourselves in life.  However, if we are able to raise our concious awareness, we can start to accept that where we are... Is where we are.  No matter how much we wish we were somewhere else... We are where we are.  This acceptance then provides us with a solid foundation to move forward from.....  Explore this more with me in this latest Podcast....
September 10, 2020
#15 Living Consciously
To live more consciously means we can experience life to its highest level... In this week's podcast I share some insights, hints and tips that will assist you in raising your concious awareness around your thoughts, decisions and actions which ultimately create the world you experience.
September 3, 2020
#14 Emotions vs Feelings
We all have emotions, however do you know the difference between an emotion and a feeling?  Because there is a very subtle difference, however it's very powerful.  Join me in this podcast where I unpack the difference and explore how we create the meaning of our emotions and how that meaning impacts on our lives.
August 27, 2020
#13 - Sushi Train of Thoughts
How are you seeing your thoughts?  Which thoughts are you choosing?  Are you even aware that we choose our thoughts?  In this episode I share with you a concept that may assist you to be able to raise your awareness of the thoughts you are choosing and how they are creating the world you are experiencing every day...  Join me and let's travel the Sushi Train of Thoughts
August 18, 2020
#12 - The 3 Unconscious Questions we are constantly asking of others.
Join me as we explore the 3 Universal Subconscious questions that we ask of nearly everyone each time we interact with them.  Discover the power of these questions when we can flip them...  Because we can use these questions to discover areas where we can do the Inner Work.
August 13, 2020
#11 Inner World vs Outer World - closing the gap
We have 2 worlds that we experience - our Inner World and our Outer World.  When we can close the gap and bring our two worlds closer together, we can live the life we could only ever dream of.  Discover what stops us from closing this gap and how you can remove the blocks.
August 6, 2020
#10 The Ego & it's needs
This is a really fun element of Human Behaviour to explore.  In this podcast I unpack the Ego, what it is and how it plays out in our lives...  I am sure you will be able to recognise yourself and others as I describe 6 elements of the Ego
July 30, 2020
#9 Overload & Overwhelm
Overload & Overwhelm - what is it, why do we experience and how can we overcome it.  In this podcast I share why we experience overload & overwhelm...  Even more what we are experiencing, because when we can understand what is physically happening to us, we can work out how to deal with it...  This insight has helped 1000's of my clients get back on track... I hope it serves you well too.  I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this topic and my other podcasts.  Also, if you have found this useful, make sure you share it with your friends. I know they will be thankful you did.
July 23, 2020
#8 - Conflict Resolution
In this podcast I share a simple, easy to understand and implement model that will help you to resolve conflict in any area of your life. The 3E Principle will give you a structure that you can work around to bring understanding, acceptance and create common ground to move forward from.
July 15, 2020
#7 Quality Questions
Our brain is a most powerful tool... Depending on what we feed it so determine what we get from it. In this podcast I share the importance of asking high quality questions to ensure that we get high quality results..... Join me as we dive into this subject with wonderment and curiosity
July 10, 2020
#6 Growing and Rebuilding Through the Coronavirus - Rubber Gloves
Rubber gloves lead us in to a false sense of life we very often feel unsafe and therefore play the small game. In this podcast I share a model of human behaviour that will help us recognise if we are playing safe and limiting our opportunities or if we are taking responsibility and going for it....
July 3, 2020
#5 Growing and Rebuilding Through the Coronavirus - Isolation
Isolation, Lock down... Whatever you want to call it has shown us the need for connection and significance as human beings. In this podcast I discuss ways that we can ensure that our connections are more meaningful and fulfilling by understanding the drivers that we must meet in order to have great lives.
June 26, 2020
#4 Growing and Rebuilding Through the Coronavirus - Toilet Roll
You will recall the shortage of toilet paper during the early stages of the Coronavirus crisis. People were panic buying to ensure that they could wipe away what was no longer required.... In life, how do we let go of what is no longer serving us?
June 18, 2020
#3 - Growing & rebuilding through the Coronavirus - The Mask
What masks are we wearing... What are those masks hiding and what is the cost to you, for wearing your masks?
June 10, 2020
#2 Fear
In this podcast I share the 3 Universal Fears of Human Beings and how they play out and impact in lives
June 6, 2020
#1 Motivation & why it will only get you so far!
Let's explore the subtle, yet extremely powerful difference between motivation and inspiration...
May 31, 2020