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IMM magazine serves as a bi-monthly, digital publication for Creatives, understanding that the plunge towards entrepreneurship doesn't just happen overnight. Specializing in branding and marketing, we have something for everyone who is looking to take, or even launch, their business to the next level.
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207. Brand Marketing Matters with Rachael Nicole Turner
The goal of brand marketing is to link your identity, values, and personality with effective personalized brand communication to your audience. Rachael Nicole Turner, Founder and Creative CEO of Rosemint Media, catches up on the IMM platform to discuss how she’s doing this with innovative brand marketing and forward-thinking for entrepreneurs, how she puts her clients first, and the Beast Your Business summit for June 2021. Tune in now!
May 31, 2021
206. Celebrating the Circle with Shannon Taylor
Being a mom and a CEO at the same time aint easy. CEO of I'm Book'd Box, Shannon Taylor, knows this first hand as she celebrates two years of her Mobile Book Boutique and her brand's first annual Bookchella event coming up! I’m Book'd Box is a monthly subscription for women that encourages creativity, growth and the promotion of purposeful living through books! See what this Creative Maven has to say about building a collective sisterhood through #LITerary.
May 21, 2021
205. Refining Your Craft with Khalia Harrison
IMM catches up with entrepreneur Khalia Harrison, a self taught wedding calligrapher and stationery designer residing in Bronx, NY. Khalia dishes on how she markets her brand “Signed By K,” her most interesting project to date, and providing her clients with a unique design experience while fine tuning her inner most talents.
March 16, 2021
204. Revisiting those Resolutions with Editor-in-Chief, Matia Johnson-Buggs
You might be asking yourself, “Are we seriously in Quarter 2 already?” And if you’re like me, you’ve already forgotten about some of the goals you set aside for yourself in January. IMM magazine Editor-in-chief, Matia Johnson-Buggs uses this special episode to talk about five resolutions that need to be revisited to help steer female entrepreneurs into greatness.
March 15, 2021
203. Taking Up Space with Create.Connect.Collab
One can put a thousand to flight, but three entrepreneurs collectively taking up space in the community and uplifting female brands? That’s just a whole TAKEOVER. Introducing the ladies of Create.Connect.Collab, Starla Kay Mathis, Martina Jackson, and Lateva Woolfork are based in Indianapolis, IN and out here dropping gems and providing monthly masterclasses to their members. We caught up to have a serious girl-talk sesh, dishing on everything from celebrity crushes to taking the female entrepreneurship world by storm. Tap in now to get some of that much-needed creative motivation!
March 07, 2021
202. Pouring in Positive Affirmations with Nicole Bristol
The power of pouring in positive affirmations should start young. That is why New York based, author and entrepreneur, Nicole Bristol, is dedicated to doing that very thing for her 2-year old daughter, Jurnee. She is the author of “Our Greatest Jurnee” which is a Self-Affirmation book for children, co-written by Nicole & Jurnee Holness. The seven affirmations detailed in the book can be read daily in its entirety or focused on one per day. The book hones in on the power of positivity and building up a child’s self esteem day by day.
February 23, 2021
201. Faith-Filled Pages with Shenelle Wallace
Brooklyn born, Creative Writer Shenelle Wallace is a CEO here on divine assignment. With a passion for God packed with a Christian upbringing, she is using her platform to share faith filled stories and consistently putting God at the forefront of her life. She is the Editor-in-Chief behind, an online faith based magazine highlighting everything from relationships to finances.
February 13, 2021
109. Developing Brand Identity with Blair Badenhop
On episode 9 of the IMM podcast, we connect with Blair Badenhop, Brand Mentor and Wellness Enthusiast, to discover what makes an engaging brand, how you can leverage your truth without falling prey to imposter syndrome, and how to develop a brand identity that stays true to your authentic self.
December 05, 2020
108. God-sized Faith & Fashion with Janel Lowers
God is in the business of doing BIG things, and for Co-Founder of Faith on Fashion, Janel Lowers lives by this testimony. This modern streetwear apparel line offers conversational pieces that speak for themselves, and in turn create an atmosphere to witness the goodness of God to others.
November 23, 2020
107. Generational Wealth Me, Please with Tameika Marrow
Need help on increasing your residual income? Stuck in a rut with no savings to your name? We all need help with money management, budget, and finances. That is why CEO of Urban Financial Advisors, LLC., Tameika Marrow is paving the way for generational wealth, and dropping gems along the way. Tune in for tonight’s episode of #IMM with this savvy CEO.
November 12, 2020
106. Catapulting Career Paths with Georgia Khoury
Landing that perfect job isn’t always the easiest. Good thing we have entrepreneur Georgia Khoury, CEO and Founder of Khoury Administrative Learning Institute, here to show us the ropes and then some. From everything to resume writing, right down to managing up, Georgia gives us the positive tools we need to succeed in the corporate world.
September 24, 2020
105. Nurturing Your Brand with Shenea Brown
HerCollectively CEO and Founder, Shenea Brown, speaks on what it means to be a dynamic woman, how to encourage and uplift, and how she keeps the faith greenlit when developing her brand.
September 16, 2020
104. Five Leadership Qualities Everyone Should Know
As well as good communications, confidence, commitment, and work ethic, there are a few other qualities everyone should know to be a good leader. Check out our top five!
September 12, 2020
103. All About “Boxville: Creating A Just World” with Asia Taylor
A candid conversation with Chicago Filmmaker, Asia Taylor, her inspirations, and how she’s helping to shed light for the African American culture with her current project, “Boxville: Creating A Just World.”
September 04, 2020
102. Seven Tips To Grow Your Following
It’s time to get inspired by posting online! In honor of the September/October 2020 Social Media issue, we are talking the seven tips to navigate you on your path to developing a loyal following for your brand.
August 19, 2020
101. Introduction into IMM: A CEO’s Story
An inside look of CEO Matia Johnson’s story on how she got started with creative writing, owning her purpose, and how IMM came to fruition.
August 07, 2020