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In Old News

By InOldNews
On a journey to better understood how information moves on the internet and beyond.
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2020 Video Camera Test
Is the quality of videos shot on phones good enough? I could refer to theses and projects to say that they are, but reading or hearing that is not the most effective way for all people. Some of you might like to see the difference for yourself. And that's why we decided to make a podcast, this newsletter and a video to present the argument in favour of using the phone as a primary video camera. To demonstrate this, we also did a blind camera test (inspired by MKBHD version of this experiment we covered in a previous newsletter). But this test is about video capabilities instead of photo capabilities, so we shot the same video of an interview setup using 4 phones from the last 2 years and a mirrorless camera. You can see the similarities here: And if you know which one's shot on which, fill out the quiz to let us know, we'll send you how well you did over the email address you provide. (We used a Nikon Z6 II, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy Note 20, Pixel 4 and iPhone XR for this experiment.)
December 28, 2020
101Reporters' Hemant Gairola on bridging the gap between the field and the newsroom
101Reporters has been helping freelance journalists across India get their stories placed in national and international publications. After 5 years in the business, the agency is now turning publisher while continuing to work with news organizations across the world. We talk to their News Editor, Hemant Gairola about everything from their process to the realities of freelance.  Find the full conversation's transcript here: Newsletters for freelance journalists:
November 9, 2020
Introducing In Old News
One of the biggest frustrations that journalists and creators share is that their work isn't being disseminated to their "audience" — that is, people who have liked and subscribed to their page or channel.  This is the challenge of building an audience o social media. On In Old News, we'll explore how creators and journalists are affected by algorithms, and how they're gaming them. But that's not all. This podcast is all about how information moves across the internet ad beyond. This podcast is brought to you by a team of journalists who have managed the channels of leading publishers around the world. Don't forget to subscribe. 
June 15, 2020