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Inside Shopify UX

Inside Shopify UX

By Gene Shannon
Shopify is building the future of commerce, but who are the people building it? Inside Shopify UX introduces some of the leaders of our UX team and asks them to explain the big commerce problem their team is trying to solve.

Listen to learn more about the meaty UX challenges our team is solving and how we're making it easier for independent businesses to thrive.
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Shopify Retail with Darrin Henein

Inside Shopify UX

Shopify Retail with Darrin Henein

Inside Shopify UX

Shopify Retail with Darrin Henein
The Shopify Retail team builds products for businesses that have brick-and-mortar retail stores, focusing on making Shopify the best commerce platform for these retailers. They invest their time on Shopify point-of-sales (POS) software and hardware, as well as cross-Shopify product work that disproportionately impacts retailers. In this episode Lola Oyelayo-Pearson speaks with Darrin Henein, the director of UX for Retail at Shopify. They talk about: The problem set the Retail team is involved in How industrial designers are part of the product design team The differences between working on hardware and software The team's rituals and processes How the length of the hardware design process has influenced the team's software design The types of problems the team is interested in working on in the future The full transcript is available at
January 5, 2021
Introduction to Ecosystem with Elizabeth McGuane
The Ecosystem team's mission is to help help merchants meet 100% of their needs through apps, themes, and services, and attract new merchants to Shopify to become more successful entrepreneurs. It also aims to help our Shopify Partners around the world make commerce better for everyone. Our host Lola Oyelayo-Pearson sits down with senior UX manager Elizabeth McGuane to talk about: What is the team's working hypothesis and what problems does it tackle? The different user groups the team builds for How the team works to maintain craft quality What the team's North Star is for merchant outcomes How the team thinks about international growth What makes people successful on the team
December 15, 2020
What's different about UX at Shopify?
In this kickoff episode, our host and UX director Lola Oyelayo-Pearson speaks with our head of UX Cynthia Savard Saucier. They introduce how the UX team at Shopify is set up and dive into a number of ways that the team is unique. Learn about: Our mission and merchant obsession Why we don't need to sell anyone on the value of design How we embrace radical ownership The multiplicity of career paths available to UXers Why we value an interdisciplinary approach What our "digital by design" approach means and how it's evolving Full transcript is available at:
December 1, 2020
Introducing Inside Shopify UX
Interested in learning more about Shopify's UX team? Listen to this introduction to our upcoming podcast series from our UX director Lola Oyelayo-Pearson.
November 6, 2020