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Inside The Distance with Ernie Green

Inside The Distance with Ernie Green

By Inside The Distance
Every Monday, Ernie is joined in the ring by one of his friends from the world of boxing, journalism, sports or comedy.

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Guest: Lee Groves (Boxing Expert)
Presented by Gratwick. Boxing expert Lee Groves goes Inside The Distance with Ernie Green. Lee explains how he went from the obscurity of growing up in a West Virginia town of 100 to be a boxing expert. How the traveling man blog got started. Favorite location Lee has visited. Randomly meeting Randall Cunningham. Lee’s involvement with CopyBox. Lee’s favorite fighters of all time. Biggest fight coming up Lee is looking forward to watching? Join Ernie Green for Inside The Distance live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord.
June 29, 2022
Guest: Abraham Gonzalez (
Presented by Gratwick. Abraham Gonzalez of goes Inside The Distance with Ernie Green. The two discuss Abe’s service and life in the military and how he manages to also find the time to pursue his love of boxing through his work with NYfights. Join Ernie Green for Inside The Distance live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord.
June 22, 2022
Guest: Coach Larry
Presented by Gratwick. Madison Wisconsin native Coach Larry goes Inside The Distance with Ernie Green. Coach shares his favorite moments from ‘The Chat’, how ‘The Japan’s’ started, why cats hate Coach, love for baseball and boxing, travel stories, terrorizing HR, best cities to go to a fight, twitter strategy, coaching in the miracle league, breakfast pics, drunk parents at little league and the history behind Larry Day. Join Ernie Green for Inside The Distance live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord.
June 14, 2022
Guest: Tim Boxeo (Club Boxing Expert)
Presented by Gratwick. Tim Boxeo goes Inside The Distance with Ernie Green to discuss club boxing and the overall outlook for the sport of boxing. Tim explains what club boxing is and how to watch it, the pride he feels when he sees a club boxer make it to the big leagues, favorite unknown boxers, what country produces the best club cards, where the name Big Punch Arena came from, favorite all-time fight, how Tim builds his boxing schedule on and what fights he’s looking forward to watching. Join Ernie Green for Inside The Distance live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord.
June 08, 2022
Gayle Falkenthal (
Presented by Gratwick. Journalist and Sports Reporter Gayle Falkenthal ( joins Inside The Distance to discuss her career in journalism, how she got started how to tell the difference between news and opinion, influencers vs. news, what fight inspired her love of boxing and favorite fights from 2022 so far.  Join Ernie Green live in the Gratwick discord every Monday night as he goes Inside The Distance with a new guest. 
May 25, 2022
War Stories From The Defunct Tonawanda News
A Gratwick production. This week Ernie Green is joined by former colleagues from the now-defunct Tonawanda News. Former Sportswriter Pat Murray and Ken Fox with former Sports Editor Dr Jack Karlis. The guys share stories of their favorite moments working for the small-town newspaper and how their story is a story that has played out across the country with the loss of hundreds of small-town newspapers and the profound impact that has had on current journalism. Best memories from the TNT high school football rivalry, colleagues lost but not forgotten along the way and what the legacy of the Tonawanda news is today. Join Ernie Green live for Inside the Distance every Monday night.
April 27, 2022
Matt Parrino and Jay Skurski - A Sports Editors ReUnion
Presented by Gratwick. This weeks guests are Western New York Sports Editors Matt Parrino and Jay Skurski. A Tonawanda News reunion, where are they now and the history of WNY sports all rolled into one show. Inside The Distance is a live, interactive show hosted by Ernie Green in the Gratwick discord every Monday night.
April 20, 2022
Grey Johnson (
Presented by Gratwick. Grey jumps in the ring with Ernie to go Inside The Distance on his love of boxing and how he made a career out of the sport. Grey shares his thoughts on the recent Wrestlemania and the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. As someone who grew up in Massachusetts without a lot of friends his age, Grey found friendship and community in the world of boxing. Many people in the boxing world know the name Grey Johnson, but they’re not familiar with him personally so it affords him a bit of anonymity he enjoys. The hardest challenge for is often verifying the legitimacy of foreign fights, something that social media and live-streaming have made a bit easier. Grey shares a little bit about how he got involved with the Boston Boxing Series and what it was like being a scorekeeper for the New Hampshire boxing commission. That gave him a unique perspective on how these smaller states can compete with the big 3 for major events and even smaller boxing events. The big question, is boxing a dying sport or is that only amongst the white fans? Join the show live in the Gratwick Discord every Monday night. Boxing's Official Record Keeper
April 05, 2022
Scott Hale (CEO
Presented by Gratwick. Long time friend Scott Hale is Inside The Distance with Ernie Green. Scott is the CEO of and he shares stories about his background in basketball, growing up in Detroit during the 80s/90s heydays of basketball in the city, what it’s like playing against an 8th grade Chris Webber and who his all-time favorite fighters are. Things turn entrepreneurial as Scott explains how he got involved with building from the ground up. He also gives some insight into what the future is for and beyond. Join Inside The Distance live in the Gratwick Discord every Monday night. 
March 29, 2022
Guest Armando Alvarez
This week Ernie Green goes Inside the Distance with former boxing writer and 5-time emmy winning producer Armando Alvarez to talk about his career and where his love for boxing originated. Join Ernie Green every Monday, live in the Gratwick discord server for another round of Inside The Distance. 
March 22, 2022
Dave Levinthal: From Tonanwanda News to Senior Washington DC Political Correspondent
Ernie’s debut episode features guest Dave Levinthal, senior political correspondent for Insider. The two discuss Daves journey from a small town paper where he and Ernie became friends all the way to his rise to senior political correspondent for the most powerful city in the world. Dave recalls how he cut his teeth early in his career and how breaking a big WWF story for the Daily Orange was all made possible thanks to a serendipitous conversation with a naked Rock (Dwayne Johnson). In New Hampshire Dave discovered his competitive advantage. The biggest story hes ever been a part of is a series of articles called Conflicted Congress and the biggest story he couldn’t print was a sex scandal of an extremely powerful politician that he fell just short of hard confirmation. Dave gives advice on how to find the positives when working in a political cesspool. Dave originally considered sports journalism but wanted to remain a fan so the next best thing was being a referee for politics. Dave keeps his DMs open and that has led to some very crazy messages. Ernie and Dave wrap up talking Bills fandom and trading Van Miller stories. Listen or engage with Inside the Distance live every Monday at 6pm pacific by joining the Gratwick Discord Server.
March 15, 2022