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Inside Data Series

Inside Data Series

By KDR Recruitment
Welcome to the Inside Data Series. On this podcast you’ll find innovative strategy, advice and tangible tactics that work, directly from data professionals. The content is a mix of our #insidedata episodes, along with interviews & fireside chats with data, tech & analytics industry experts.
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Inside Data - Season 1, Episode 6 - An interview with Abel Aboh, Data Management Lead, Bank of England
Mark talks with Abel Aboh, Data Management Lead at the Bank of England about Data Management, ED&I and everything in between! Learn Abel's perspective around social mobility within the industry, what the next hot trend for data will be and how to engage with stakeholders. This 30 minute episode is an engaging conversation around the power of data in society today. 
May 20, 2022
Inside Data - Season 1, Episode 5 - Paul Jones - The Data Garden And Other Data Allegories
Mark talks with Paul Jones, Author of The Data Garden and Other Data Allegories about Data Gardens, Data Zombies and Data Hospitals.
March 23, 2022
Inside Data - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Susan Walsh The Classification Guru
Here Mark and Susan discuss her latest book "Between the Spreadsheets" and share some valuable insights into methods for cleaning and using data, the common mistakes organisations make around data, what the costs of these mistakes might be and some fantastic wins when classification and data management is done well. 
February 10, 2022
Inside Data - Season 1, Episode 3, Data Means Business, Jason Foster & Barry Green
In this episode Mark interviews Jason Foster and Barry Green, Co Authors of "Data Means Business" and industry experts, helping people to level up how good they are at using data to drive incremental business benefits. A though provoking discussion around adopting start up mentality, gaining business buy in and smoothies!
December 08, 2021
Inside Data - Season 1, Episode 2 Leveraging Data For Sustainability - Morgan Sindall Interview
In this episode Mark chats with Phil Copperwheat, Director of Information Systems at Morgan Sindall around how data is being leveraged to assist change within the built environment. Phil and Mark discuss the Golden i project, net zero targets, data privacy, and the future of data within sustainability. 
October 19, 2021
Inside Data - Season 1, Episode 1
In this episode Mark interviews Scott Taylor, aka The Data Whisperer, who has spent over two decades solving Master Data challenges with large global enterprises as well as helping data content owners and innovative tech brands tell their data story. They discuss the concepts in his book "Telling Your Data Story" and uncover which key areas data leaders should focus on to ensure they gain business buy in and secure the funds they need to do their job effectively. 
September 01, 2021