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#207 Making Gummies w Fritz's Cannabis Company
Ari Cohen & Tabitha Fritz, Co-Founders of Fritz's Cannabis Company discuss their history of making cannabis gummies for the legacy market & how/why they transitioned over to the complicated but exciting legal market.  If you make gummies or just like eating them like many of us, this one's for you! Find them on social @fritzscanada or at their website
November 15, 2021
#206 Psychedelic Mushroom Research w Alexzander Samuelsson
Alexzander Samuelsson is HavnLife's Chief Research Officer, the company is "focused on standardizing extraction of psychoactive compounds, the development of natural health products, and developing innovative mental health treatment to support brain health and enhance the capabilities of the mind" He's also a super nice guy ;) Alex talks about the work they do & speculates about the possibilities of legalization, both in the medical & recreational arenas. I @alexthechemist
November 3, 2021
#205 Joel Brierre Discusses 5-ME0-DMT
Yogi, Spiritual Evolution Coach & Psychedelic Integration Specialist Joel Brierre talks about his psychedelic journey which led him to 5-MEO-DMT.  Joels explains what it is, what it's like & how one might benefit from experiencing the substance.   To find Joel online, check out:
September 15, 2021
#204 CanaWho Explained with Pedro Correia
It's not easy to start any business in the legal cannabis space.  Pedro Correia has big hopes for his start up app "CanaWho" Will he find success in his venture?  Only the future will tell.  Here's his story.
August 18, 2021
#203 Isadore Day, Former Ontario Regional Chief talks about his new company Red Market Brand
Isadore Day believes that there's still opportunity in the legal cannabis space for indigenous people.  He talks about the current situation & why he believes that if indigenous communities can get it right, they are poised to prosper. Find out more @
July 12, 2021
#202 Ultra Marathon Runner Avery Collins
Running isn't for everyone, long distance running appeals to an even smaller crowd Some runners choose to run distances that can only be described as "Ultra". Avery Collins, a professional ultra runner joined me to talk about what it takes to run 50, 100, 200 miles & everything in between! Avery is also a cannabis advocate, he talks at length about how he uses THC & CBD for training & recovery, and how how cannabis has become very common in the ultra scene. Super nice guy, great stories & a lot of great intel. Hope you enjoy!
June 10, 2021
#201 CaliSober Defined w Andrew DeAngelo
Andrew DeAngelo joins me to talk about the CaliSober lifestyle & movement.  It might have a different definition for you than for me but the goal is common, getting to that perfect place & enjoying life & experiences. This one's short but runs deep, I hope you enjoy!
May 5, 2021
#200 Chef Jordan Wagman Discusses Food, Cannabis & Life!
There's no better way to celebrate 200 episodes than with someone as cool as Chef Jordan Wagman! We talked about how to make infused foods (That goes without saying!), life, work & feeding that creative fire that both of us are grateful to have on a daily basis.  Life is all about living it to the fullest, Jordan is a shining example of how to follow your heart & being great at doing it. Don't forget to follow Jordan's new podcast as well called "In the Weeds" below or anywhere you stream your podcasts from! Check out Twitter: @WagmanJordan I Instagram: @chefjordanwagman
April 13, 2021
#199 The latest on the Psychedelic Industry w Lucas McCann CSO of PsyDelta
Lucas McCann, PHD & Chief Science Officer of CannDelta & PsyDelta discusses the latest in the Psychedelic space.  Where we're at in Canada, what substances are being looked at & where he sees the industry headed in the future. Super nice guys & highly intelligent, well worth it!!   Find out more about them @
March 22, 2021
#198 Optimizing Men's Health Beyond 40 w Dr. Myles Spar
Trying to live a healthy lifestyle gets more challenging the older you get.  Now that I'm in my 40's, I've personally noticed it more than ever. I invited Dr. Myles Spar onto the podcast to talk the many ways that men can optimize their lives physically & mentally as we age. Dr Spar has written 2 books on the subject & is the Chief Medical Officer of Vault Health, a US-based company that is dedicated to the optimization of men's health.  I learned a lot, I hope that you do too. Find out more about Dr. Spar at & or check out his TED Talk at
March 6, 2021
#197 Terry Booth Talks About His New US Venture Australis $AUSA
Terry Booth reflects on his time at Aurora Cannabis & his New US Venture Australis.  Terry's optimistic about the US marketplace, his company's position & experience, leading up to potential federal legalization South of the border.   Should you invest in $AUSA?  I'll let Terry tell you why he thinks you should. Find out more about Australis @ If you have a story that you'd like to tell, reach out to me: / @_insderspod
February 26, 2021
#196 Colin Bambury Explains How He Made a Career in Cannabis
The legal cannabis space is a funny place.  Full of restrictions while seemingly lacking in information.  Colin Bambury, a young but seasoned cannabis marketer & entrepreneur joined me to talk about how he found a way to make a career in cannabis.  While Colin's career may just have started, he's already respected for his insights & hustle. Follow Collin at: @colinbambury I @thc_canada I I
February 16, 2021
#195 Raine Maida & Ian Kwechansky talk Loop/Pool
Loop = Premium Cannabis Products Pool = Emerging Artist Support Our Lady Peace front man Raine Maida & Loop/Pool Founder Ian Kwechansky discuss this new initiative that will bring more great recreational cannabis options to consumers in Canada while donating a portion of the proceeds to Canadian emerging artists. Find out more at or check them out on Facebook & Instagram. You can also follow Raine online at or
January 26, 2021
#194 Former UFC Middleweight Elias Theodorou Talks Cannabis Therapy & Life
If you're a fight fan, or a cannabis fan, this one's for you!  Former UFC Middleweight & cannabis activist Elias Theodorou has found a new battle to fight.  Literally putting his career at risk, Elias has chosen to step up & be a leader for other athletes who use cannabis & may not have the courage to speak out for themselves. We talk a little fighting & have a little fun. I even asked him if his parents think he's crazy!  He's a great communicator & chatting with him was a blast.  I hope you enjoy! Follow him on social @eliastheodorou / Check out & of course Rise FC, Co-Promotors of his upcoming event!
January 5, 2021
#193 High Canada Magazine - Past, Present, Future & more :)
High Canada Magazine Founder Cy Williams & Ontario Editor Tammi Stanhope talk about what it's like to run the publication, the launch of new magazines internationally & their take of psychedelics.  This one covers a lot of ground & gives you an inside look at the people behind the brand. Check them out at or on social @highcanadamagazine You can reach me at Merry Christmas :)
December 23, 2020
#192 Mexico's Move Towards Cannabis Legalization w. Jorge Rubio
Just when you thought cannabis was going to be legalized in Mexico, it looks like you might have to put the breaks on for a bit!  Jorge Rubio, our resident Mexico/Cannabis expert tells us exactly what's going on & what he expects will happen in 2021. Follow Jorge on Twitter @jorgeru77 Follow Insiders Podcast @_insderspod
December 15, 2020
#191 PURE SUNFARMS' CEO Mandesh Dosanjh
PURE SUNFARMS has quickly become one of the "cool kids" in a world that seems jam-packed full of cannabis retail options.  Consumers seem to love their portfolio & continuously rave about their product line in the Twitterverse & beyond!  We talk to Mandesh Dosanjh, the man who's pushing the buttons behind the scenes, making PSF a leader in an ever crowded marketplace.   Find out how they handled 2020 & what lies in store for the company in 2021 & beyond. Mandesh Dosanjh I PURE SUNFARMS
November 27, 2020
#190 Caught Smuggling Cannabis, One Man's Story
Now a respected cannabis grower & family man,  Dano Willox's life wasn't always easy.    In dire need for money, Dano decided to take a chance on a "one time job" that would help him in a time of need.  Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned & Dano found himself in a US jail.  This is the unreal story of one man's crazy journey.
November 10, 2020
#189 CBD Research & Realities with Dr. Richa Love
CBD is all the rage these days, but what is real & what is not? Dr. Richa Love & her business partner Shekhar Parmar talk about the benefits of CBD use & some of the things to watch out for in a brand new & evolving industry.  Taking CBD may help you treat a wide variety of ailments, but understanding the research & realities before you head down that path is important.  Dr. Love & Shekhar take the time to discuss CBD use & why it may just change the health industry as we know it. To find out more about Bloom by Dr. Love, visit & To find out more about me, visit & @_distinctmedia on most social streams. -- CBD Research & Realities with Dr. Richa Love #CBD #CBDResearch #BloombyDrLove
October 28, 2020
#188 Tristan Connelly - One Chance Made Him Great
Most of us wouldn't dream of actually fighting with anyone, while others do it for a living.  At 155 pounds Tristan Connelly's body may not be "huge" but when given a chance to step into the octagon with a much larger opponent, Tristan proved that it's what's inside that counts. I remember watching the fights that night, as both men walked into the arena & thought "Man, that Vancouver kid is in over his head".   Literally minutes into the first round & I found myself on the edge of my seat, Tristan didn't show up just to lose, he was there to shock anyone who doubted his chance of winning! With just 5 days to prepare for his first fight in the UFC, Tristan became an instant home-town hero. He joined me to talk about that fight, his life & his future.  I hope you enjoy. Follow Tristan: @mmatristan /
September 22, 2020
#187 Marc Emery - The Culture of Cancellation
One of these things is not like the other! Trying to interview a man like Marc Emery has been one of the most frustrating experiences in my podcast life!  Trying to make sense of a man that so many people loathe, puts you into the crosshairs of public opinion, no matter the type of spin that you try to bake into it. Is Marc Emery all about the counter-culture movement, is he just a shit disturber, or is he just crazy? I recorded a 20 minute conversation with Marc, but decided that an editorial on the experience would be of more value to you than publishing the actual words he said. I hope you find this perspective interesting & I hope that you find it in you to be kind to one another.
September 9, 2020
#186 Largest Cannabis Retail Chain In Canada - Int w High Tide's CEO Raj Grover
Sure, we all shop at our favourite cannabis stores & we all have different reasons for choosing them. When you visit a larger retail chain, it can feel like that "personal touch" is missing..  Who are the people behind the brand & what's important to them? Today I spoke with High Tide's President & CEO Raj Grover who's chain of retail stores called Canna Cabana have recently acquired Meta Growth's retails stores called New Leaf.  If you buy legal cannabis, you would likely already know who the two chains are independently but now with the acquisition, they will become one & the biggest combined chain of stores in Canada. Raj talks about his own life, coming to Canada as an immigrant, working day & night trying to get his business off the ground.  He discusses other projects he's involved with & explains why they're important not just to Canna Cabana, but for consumers as well. It was nice to see the face behind the brand & to know that at Canna Cabana, they're real people who care passionately about the cannabis experience. Find out more: Twitter: @cannacabana_ / Insta: @canna.cabana / Interview arranged by
September 2, 2020
#185 The Restrictive World of Cannabis Marketing w Medipharm Labs CMO Sybil Taylor
Today's interview is with Sybil Taylor, who is a seasoned marketer with well over 20 years in the alcohol & now the cannabis space.  Sybil is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Medipharm Labs, she talks about her professional life & why her approach to marketing over the years has found success.  I've personally admired her work on social streams for about 3 years, trust me, she's really good! If you're a marketer, in sales, communications, or whatever.. This one's for you! Find Sybil on LinkedIn:
July 30, 2020
#184 How COVID Almost Killed My Friend
This story is both serious & amazing.  My friend & co-worker Jay Chowdhury contracted COVID-19 & spent almost a month on life support.  It's easy to dismiss COVID, or perhaps be annoyed by it, but in my case, I know someone who almost died.  This is his story, about a month after being released from the ICU.  I hope you enjoy.
July 21, 2020
#183 Could POPCANN Be The Future of Cannabis Retail?
Imagine going to see your favourite band in an out of the way spot & finding the perfect little cannabis store serving concert goers?! Jake Neiman & his crew at POPCANN are re-fabricating sea cannisters to make retail more accessible to consumers, aspiring store owners entrepreneurs & more.  It's a brilliant idea, the question will be whether POPCANN can navigate the red tape that surrounds this restrictive industry. To find out more about POPCANN & their many conceptual ideas, check out
July 15, 2020
#182 Keeping Children Safe with Dr Steve Webb
Dr. Steve Webb, Social Media Intelligence Expert, Police Officer & Founder of Safe School Systems talks about keeping children safe in an electronic World.  Dr. Webb has also published a book called Education in a Violent World, that gives insights on what children & teenagers must deal with & what their parents may not be aware of.   "Education in a Violent World" is available on Amazon or visit:
July 9, 2020
#181 Meditation - Total Embodiment Method w Richard L Haight
With everything happening in the World these days, being at peace with yourself & the World has never been more important.  Richard L Haight joined me to talk about meditation & mindfulness.  Richard tells his story & describes his on-going journey as a meditator, teacher, author & martial artists.  Fascinating guy, I hop you enjoy! You can find out more about Richard here:
June 26, 2020
#180 Alex Halperin of WeedWeek talks Cannabis Media
Alex Halperin is a long-time journalist who made the transition into cannabis media after attending MJBizCon in Las Vegas.  Alex recognized how big the industry was becoming & that it had very little credible media coverage.   Alex & his team created WeedWeek, which covers cannabis news & information in California, Throughout the US & in Canada as well.  Alex talks about what it takes to stay in the cannabis media game, when so many others try to cover it only to walk away.   Check them out at WeedWeek's Alex Halperin - Cannabis Media Insights
June 17, 2020
#179 The Comedic Journey w Dan Lamorte
Dan Lamorte is a young, handsome buck, who also happens to be a very funny comedian!  Dan also tells a pretty damn good story, so making this interview was a snap.  I asked a question, he responded with a crazy-ass story & I laughed.  Perfect! Like everyone else on the planet, Dan's life is currently on hold so there was no better time than now to have chat online, record it & play it for a world that's missing fresh comedy in their lives. I'm looking forward to watching Dan's career explode & hoping that one day, I'll be telling people over beers that I once interviewed the great & powerful Dan Lamorte!  (Don't let me down Dan!) Check him out: & Insta/Twitter @danlamorte
June 5, 2020
#178 Insights on the Cannabis Retail Game w Christina Michael
Marigolds Cannabis Founder & entrepreneur Christina Michael joined me to talk all things cannabis retail!  Launching 3 stores in the GVA & 1 in the GTA, Christina should have a huge year ahead of her.  Christina talks about what makes a great shop, how COVID is effecting business & tells a bit of her cannabis story as well. Check them out:
May 27, 2020
#177 Edible Realities & Fallacies w Scott Riefler
Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer of SorSe Technology talks about the good, bad & ugly truths of CBD/THC edible production!   Scott talks about & explains why misleading buzzwords & misleading packaging are bad for consumers!  He talks about why bioavailability should be a primary focus & why it's tricky to create consistent edibles with homogeneity, shelf stability & near perfect dosing.   Great insights, I hope you enjoy!
May 21, 2020
#176 Weed Comedy & Activism, Int w Ngaio Bealum
You ever meet someone for the first time but it feels like you've known them for a long time? That's what it was like talking to Ngaio for this interview. He's just a cool guy with great insights who loves to communicate. Oh.. He's also really passionate about cannabis too! Ngaio talks about his life, his work & how he's felt about the cannabis space over the years. Video version of this interview (which includes comedy clips) can be found on our YouTube Page as well. Follow Ngaio on Insta & Twitter @ngaio420 #176 Weed Comedy & Activism, Int w Ngaio Bealum
May 15, 2020
#175 Cannabis Queens - Doing Business Their Way!
Self described "Cannabis Queens", OBGYN Dr Leslie Apgar & entrepreneur/investor Gina Dubbe talk candidly about their struggles getting into the cannabis industry.  Together, they've opened up a legal dispensary called Greenhouse Wellness, they have a growing CBD product line & have coauthored a book about being women & business people in the cannabis space called High Heals. These guys are quite remarkable & tell a great story.  To find out more about Gina & Leslie, check out
May 12, 2020
#174 Mexico Cannabis Legalization Update w Jorge Rubio
Jorge Rubio joined us once again to talk about what's happening in the the world of cannabis legalization in Mexico.  With COVID-19 having an effect on the Mexican Parliament, the bill to legalize cannabis has been delayed.  Jorge also talks about some of the regulations within that bill that will have an effect consumers, patients & business as well. To watch the video version of the interview, check out our YouTube page:
April 27, 2020
#173 Going Global In the Cannabis Biz, w David Hyde & Barry Davidson
David Hyde & Barry Davidson are two well know & respected security & over all business advisors in the Canadian Cannabis Space.  Now they're on a mission to teach the rest of the world all of the lessons they've learned while being deeply involved in cannabis legalization in Canada.   David & Barry talk about the countries that they're focusing on, some of the lessons they've learned & even have a few laughs too. Don't forget to check out the video version of this interview as well @
April 21, 2020
#172 Contracting & Surviving COVID-19 - An Activist's Story
Darryl is an American cannabis activist who contracted COVID-19 while sharing a joint with friends.  He talks at length about what the early symptoms felt like & how the sickness because the focus of his life for 3 weeks.  While Darryl's story is fascinating, it also serves as a warning to others to be safe.  COVID-19 may change cannabis culture in the future if passing a joint becomes a custom that consumers begin shying away from.   Follow Darryl on Twitter @hemp4victory
April 15, 2020
#171 The Emperor Wears No Clothes E-Book Release
Ask any cannabis OG what books inspired them & they'll very likely say "The Emporer Wears No Clothes".  Written by the late & legendary Jack Herer, the book has been read by millions & is just as relevant today as when it was first published in 1995.   Jack's son Dan & his business partner Bruce Dietzen joined me to talk about taking this book from paper to digital for the e-book release.  Originally scheduled for 420, the release has been pushed ahead due to circumstances & is already available on Dan not only talks about why the book still matters but also opens the door to his past, telling stories about his father as well. Classic conversation about a classic  book.  I hope you enjoy.
April 6, 2020
#170 Industry Gossip & Insights w Nic Nedin & Friends!
Trying something a little different!  Nic Nedin, host of The Flower Hour Podcast joined me via Zoom to drop some industry gossip, insights & humour.  We were also joined live from Ryan Roch inside his shop to get the latest on how retailers are staying afloat during the COVID outbreak.  We'd love to get your feedback on this style of podcast too.  Hit myself and/or Nic up & let us know what you thought! @cannupdatepod & @IAMNedin
March 31, 2020
#169 UK Update w Nick Pateras of Materia Ventures
Normally, when I speak to anyone at Materia Ventures, we talk cannabis & CBD, especially now that they're making a big push into Europe.  For this interview, I spoke with Managing Director Nick Pateras about the COVID-19 situation in the UK & surrounding countries.  Nick graciously spoke to me from his living room, right in downtown London.  We talk COVID, Cannabis & even managed to squeeze a little business chat into the interview. Follow Nick on Twitter @Nick_Pateras 
March 25, 2020
#168 Trapped in Spain during COVID. Kiely Beaudry's Story
Kiely Beaudry is a well respected advocate & entrepreneur in the Canadian cannabis space.  She flew to Spain for Spannabis & ICBC knowing that it might be a bad decision but when she left, nothing was canceled.  When she arrived in Spain, everything changed.  Kiely tells her story of being stuck in a foreign country & trying to get home. Follow Kiely on Twitter @kieleybeaudry
March 23, 2020
#167 Corona Virus Chat w Dr Mike Hart
Yup, these are unprecedented times.  I'm pretty sure that none of us have ever gone through something quite like this pandemic & hopefully it will be the only time in our lives.  While I didn't want to add to the info overload out there, I didn't want to coast along & act like it's not on our minds either.  So I reached out to renowned doctor & medical cannabis advocate Dr. Mike Hart to ask a few questions about self care & what cannabis consumers should consider as this virus slowly reaches our borders. To follow Dr Mike Hart online, find him @drmikehart on social & at his website
March 18, 2020
#166 Testing Cannabis, an Int w Keystone Labs
Jodi Mcdonald, President of Keystone Labs joins me to talk about cannabis testing & analytics.  Because Keystone Labs works with small/recreational growers & large licensed producers, Jodi's able to address the things that they're most interested in & why.  We don't cover any COVID-19 topics in this chat & hope that you'll find this refreshing! More interviews will be published this week..  Stay safe.
March 16, 2020
#165 Honest Insights on CBD w Dr. Zora Degrandpre
Leafreport recently published a report called the CBD Market Consumer Research Study that was co-authored by Dr. Degrandpre.  She joined me to talk about the report, which covers over 3500+ products trying to make sense of what is legit & what products are pure marketing mayhem!   If you're new to CBD & curious, this is a perfect way to get some perspective on the massive number of products hitting the market place. Be safe & be smart..  This is a crazy time & the research is just starting to get underway. To read the full report, click here:
March 9, 2020
#164 Activist Keith Fagin - A Sensible Approach
Long-time Calgary activist & educator Keith Fagin joined me to talk about his life & the role cannabis has played in it.  Keith knew at a very young age, the healing potential of cannabis & that if consumed responsibly the benefit that it could have on society.  Keith believes in a sensible approach to his work in the cannabis space & his work over years has earned the respect of many OG's in the Canadian activist scene.   Recently in the hospital, Keith finally had the time to sit down with me to tell his story.  I hope you enjoy. Follow Keith on Twitter @KF420
February 25, 2020
#163 Connecting the Dots, an Int w Strainprint CEO Andrew Muroff
Strainprint is a well known & respected ancillary business in the legal cannabis space.  The Strainprint community loyally shares user experiences & information so that patients, consumers & industry players are better able to make sense of products in the marketplace.  Now, Strainprint has partnered up with TruTrace, which is a company that is able to scientifically analyze & verify cultivar & product information on a molecular level, facilitating Strainprint with better focused & more accurate information. CEO Andrew Muroff joined me to talk about the joint venture & to talk about the direction that his company is taking in this unpredictable world of legal cannabis.   Follow Andrew on Twitter @rockstar_inc or check out
February 19, 2020
#162 Business of Extractions w Nextleaf Solutions
Paul Pedersen, CEO & Co-Founder of extraction company Nextleaf Solutions talks about his business & why extraction technology is only in it's infancy in Canada & beyond.  As someone who doesn't know a lot of the extraction business model, I asked a lot of basic questions about how it works, so if you're curious but don't know a lot about this area, this interview's for you!  With "Cannabis 2.0" here in Canada, there's no better time to talk about extractions & why they may be the future of cannabis consumption. To follow Paul on social @paul_oils
February 11, 2020
#99 Psychiatrist & Drug Policy Advocate Dr. David L Nathan
One of my favourite interviews from 2019, Dr. David L Nathan is an outspoken drug policy reform advocate & psychiatrist.  Dr. Nathan talks at length about the philosophy of drug policy in the US & some of the ways in which the cannabis plant, in particular CBD, may be used (or not used) to treat patients with a wide variety of mental health issues. Make sure you follow Dr. Nathan on Twitter @DavidNathanMD, or just Google him!  Dr. Nathan has amazing content all over the internet!
February 6, 2020
#161 OG Kirk Tousaw Launches Great Gardener Farms
Revered Lawyer, activist & entrepreneur, Kirk Tousaw talks about his former life as a "Pot Lawyer" & where he's headed today.  Kirk has defended many of Canada's leading cannabis activists for many years & has many stories to share about his experiences.  Kirk was kind enough to talk about some of his cases & do it in a way that is quite revealing & authentic.  It was an honour to produce this conversation & I'm hopeful that Kirk will join me again to tell more of his amazing & often crazy stories!   Follow Kirk on Twitter @kirktousaw or check out his company
February 3, 2020
#160 You Can Grow Anywhere! Int w Dianna Donnelly
Dianna Donnelly is a respected home grower, teacher, blogger & leader when it comes to growing cannabis inside the home & on a small, personal scale.  A natural green thumb, Dianna decided to begin growing her own cannabis when she became a medical user & wasn't happy with the prices or selections offered by large-scale producers.  Dianna tells her story, talks about growing 25 plants in a small apartment & gives some solid perspective on growing & why it is so therapeutic. To find out more about Dianna, check out @finallyinsprired on Twitter, her blogs on the Boveda website or just Google her, she's everywhere! Enjoy!
January 28, 2020
#159 Grow Tech Labs Partners w ETC3 in Medicinal Plant Research
Today's interview features Barinder Rasode, who is the CEO of Grow Tech Labs & founder of multiple companies in the cannabis space.  Barinder talks about their recently announced partnership with ETC Labs, the first privately funded plant medicine research facility in Canada.  Barinder & I are old friends so there's a fair amount of chat & other insights thrown in for good measure!  I hope you enjoy :) Find Barinder on Twitter @barinderrasode
January 20, 2020
#158 Abi Roach Talks Ontario & More
If you really want to know about what's going on in the Ontario cannabis world, there's no one better to speak with than Abi Roach.  Abi gets you up to speed on what's really going on with government, lotteries & even gives some projections for what to expect in 2020.  As always, Abi is articulate & friendly so I personally just enjoyed hearing what she had to say.  Boil some coffee, sit back & relax.  Abi does not dissapoint! Twitter = @abiroach
January 13, 2020
#157 The Business of Cannabis, An Interview w Jay Rosenthal
If you listen to this podcast, you probably already know what The Business of Cannabis is all about as well.  Jay Rosenthal, Co-Founder of "B of C" joined me to talk about his start up & what it's been like to crack into the cannabis media scene.  Jay gets amazing access to many high level cannabis people, so you may think that it's always been easy but not according to Jay.  This like any other is a business and requires a lot of hard work & hustle.  This is a chance to get to know Jay a little better & to find out what it's like behind the scenes at The Business of Cannabis. Enjoy!
January 6, 2020
CUP Ep156 - Cannabis at Miss Universe, Alyssa Boston's Story
In life, most of us will never step onto a stage as large as a Miss Universe pageant.   Alyssa Boston is Miss Universe Canada & took to the stage wearing a cannabis inspired dress, not because she consumes cannabis but because she believes in legalization.  Alyssa took a big chance at the event & knew that by wearing a dress like she, there was also a chance it could be the difference between winning & losing.  Alyssa joined me to talk about the experience & to explain why she decided to fight the stigma on a World stage!   Follow Alyssa on Twitter @_alyssaboston
December 30, 2019
CUP Ep155 - The Other Side of Jodie Emery
Often polarizing, never shy, Jodie Emery joined me for today's conversation to talk about her past, present & future.   I hope that you discover a side to Jodie that you haven't seen before, she seemed to let her guard down for this talk & I was grateful to produce the interview. Enjoy!
December 24, 2019
CUP Ep154 Legal vs Legacy, Is It Worth the Fight? Int w Travis Lane
Is there such a thing as good vs evil in the world of cannabis?  I reached out to Travis Lane originally to talk about an article that explained why some licensed cannabis shops would like the government to crack down on unlicensed competition.. Makes sense right?  Not according the Travis who explains some of the history behind these stores & why many legal stores are not as pure as they would like consumers to think they are!  Travis is a respected cannabis OG, craft grower, consultant & business person based out of Vancouver Island, BC.  He's a well spoken "old soul" & we covered a lot of ground in this conversation, I hope you enjoy. Follow Travis @beardedgreenley
December 19, 2019
CUP Ep153 - Andrew Deangelo Gets Philosophical About Cannabis & Life :)
Andrew & his brother Steve Deangelo have been outspoken & very well respected cannabis activists for many decades.  When the rest of the World was ignoring the cannabis prohibition issue, Andrew & Steven were out fighting to break cannabis stigmas, educate & break down archaic prohibition laws that were quite literally hurting people from all walks of life, all over the World.  Andrew joined me to talk about his life and to discuss his theories & perspective on the plant. He was thoughtful, gracious & very open hearted, they type of qualities that make people great leaders. This was another bucket list interview for me, one I won’t forget & one that I’ll listen to time & time again. I hope you enjoy.. Twitter = @Andrew_DeAngelo
December 16, 2019
CUP Ep152 - To CBD or Not to CBD.. That Is the Question! Int w Dr. Manpreet Bajwa of Balance CBD
Balance CBD's Co-Founder & Head of R&D Dr. Manpreet Bajwa joined me on today's podcast to talk about CBD & why his company may be able to lead the pack in a sea of competitors.  CBD research & knowledge is no doubt still in it's infancy & Dr. Bajwa talks not only about his company but many of the ways in which CDB is now being administered & for what ailments.  This interview features talk about the CBD business, CDB research & some insights into the potential future of the industry.
December 10, 2019
CUP Ep151 The Evolution of Gooey Rabinski
Curt Robbins is certainly not a stereotypical stoner.  On the contrary, Curt is one of the most prolific technical writers, lecturers & photographers in the cannabis space.  A lot of people know him & identify with his work through his former pen name Gooey Rabinski.  He kindly tells the story behind that name & why he's transitioned back to Curt Robbins.  Interviewing Curt was truly an honour & his insights were educational & entertaining.  I know you're gonna like this one!  Enjoy :)
December 3, 2019
CUP Ep150 - Cannabis Legalization in Mexico / The Latest w Jorge Rubio
Lots of things going down in Mexico these days, one thing's for sure though, they aren't rushing into anything!  Jorge Rubio, the "Official Mexico Correspondent" of this podcast fills us in on what the Mexican government is up to & way federal legalization may still be far away.   To follow Jorge on Twitter @jorgeRU77
November 29, 2019
CUP Ep149 "The Art of Reviewing Cannabis" w Vape The Bud!
Shane, AKA Vape the Bud is a Canadian-based Cannabis reviewer. People like Shane are taking on this work, systematically reviewing everything that comes across their desks so that regular cannabis users like you and I can gain insights on what might be good & what may not be!  Shane tells his story, talks about how he does his reviews & eludes to what his future may hold.  Amazing guy, I really enjoyed this conversation, I hope you do too. @vapethebud
November 26, 2019
CUP Ep148 - Using Rick Simpson Oil to Treat Cancer, An Interview w Sheriann Baker
Sheriann Baker is a fighter.  Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a few years back, Sheriann decided not to give up, but to go to war.  Sheriann walks us through her life, before cancer, when she found out & now.  Sheriann is also a staunch believer in to healing power of cannabis oil, more specifically Rick Simpson oil, otherwise known as Phoenix Tears.   Can cannabis oil cure cancer?  That's a question we can't answer in this conversation, but it sure seems to give Sheriann a better quality of life than many patients who choose chemo as a treatment.  This is her story, I hope it inspires you as much as it did me. Contact Sheriann on Twitter @Sparkiestgerm
November 19, 2019
CUP Ep147 A Conversation about Cannabis in India
This episode is just 2 friends sitting down over cha & talking about cannabis in India!  This is not meant to be an authoritative overview, but casual perspective about what it's like to grow up in India & have signs of cannabis all around you.  This interview is perfect for a Friday, relaxing, fun & great insights.  I hope you enjoy. You can follow Rishi on Twitter @rishiknagar
November 15, 2019
Home Cultivation Basics - An Interview with Danny Danko
Danny Danko... Need I say more? Danny was kind enough to speak about his new book, his life & tips on how to get into home cannabis cultivation. Danny is a true superstar & I was honoured to interview him. 100% amazing interview, not to be missed :)
November 14, 2019
CUP Ep146 Navigating Social Media in the Cannabis Space - Int w Jacqui Childs
You may Jacqui Childs from her online profiles, she's everywhere.  Her profile says "Social Media Influencer", which is a pretty bold statement, but what does that actually mean.  For one, it means a lot of hard work & hustle.  It also means being so passionate about something that it makes people want to hear your story.  Jacqui was kind enough to have a chat with me at Hempfest in Calgary this year before taking the stage to be one of the judges at the Cannabis Cup.  She's a fun woman & full of spirit, I hope you enjoy.
November 7, 2019
Cup Ep145 Making Home Growing Easier w Skinny Piranha
If you grow, then you know all about trimming too.  Matt from Skinny Piranha makes products that makes cannabis trimming and sorting easier for those who want to save time.  If you grow your 4 plants at home or perhaps you are a medical grower with more plants, the insights and benefits that Skinny Piranha products can give you might just be exactly what you're looking for.  Enjoy
November 5, 2019
Cup Ep144 - Cannabis Show & Royal Ascension Founder Amy Lafleche
Amy Lafleche might be a bit of a mystery woman, however her work is anything but.  Amy's the founder & creator of the trail blazing web series "The Cannabis Show" & now co-founder of the canna-media company Royal Ascension.  While Amy is normally behind the cameras & microphones, it's because of her work that you get to see her team that has become so well known in the cannabis space. Amy talks about what they're up to & where they're headed while telling us a few stories about her life & work with the Hart, Basil, Kate, Evan, Chris & more.  I hope you enjoy! Follow them on Twitter @thisisRoyalA & subscribe to their podcasts "Royal Ascension"
November 1, 2019
CUP Ep143 - Dana Larsen talks about Cannabis 2.0, Micro Dosing & More
This is simply a candid conversation with Dana Larsen who gives his latest perspective on the Canadian Drug landscape.  Dana's a smart guy & his insights are unique.  This was recorded & broadcast live at Hempfest for all to see & hear, I hope you enjoy. Follow Dana on Twitter @danalarsen
October 28, 2019
CUP Ep142 - Calgary Cannabis Club Elections Are Coming Up
John, the current President of the Calgary Cannabis Club joined me to talk about the executive elections that they have coming up soon.  A new board could mean changes, Jo graciously explains what's happening and where he expects the club is heading.  We also chat a little about legal vs home grown & I'm sure that Jo's insights won't surprise you at all! To find out more about the club:
October 24, 2019
CUP Ep141 - Running a Legal Cannabis Shop, What it's Really like w Ryan Roch or Lakecity Cannabis
This is another interview recorded at Hempfest in Calgary (Thanks to them!) Ryan is a well known cannabis influencer, reviewer & legal shop owner.  Ryan knows the business from the retail level better than most & he took the time to talk about what he's seeing from customers & in the market in general.  Ryan is always a ham & we definitely shared a few laughs too. I hope you enjoy! Ryan can be found on Twitter @lakecitycanna or
October 23, 2019
CUP Ep140 - An Inside Look at the Canadian Cannabis Retail Market
Greenline POS is a company that has played a large part in the Canadian Cannabis retail space since legalization took place a year ago.  Albert Kim, CEO & Co-Founder of the company joined me on this podcast to talk about what they're seeing from their clients (the shop keepers) & as an extension, retail customers.  We all speculate on the retail space, however Albert & his team have real data.  Albert talks at length about consumer patterns & explains why Greenline POS is making it easier for legal stores to do business in this highly regulated space.   Find out more at
October 21, 2019
CUP Ep139 - Craft Cannabis Start Up, What it takes. Int w Kieley Beaudry
There are many ways to try to make a living in the cannabis space but it's not always just about money.  Kieley Beaudry is the co-founder of craft cannabis start up Parkland Flower & she joined me on this podcast to talk about what it takes to start a viable business in such a complicated environment.  If you're an entrepreneur, this interview's for you!  We also had a little fun chit chat in the end, so there's a little bit of something for everyone.  I hope you enjoy! Find Kieley on Twitter @KieleyBeaudry or check out
October 17, 2019
CUP Ep138 - Flower Hour Podcast's Nic Nedin talks Cannabis Live at Hempfest Calgary
When you set up a booth at Hempfest & you can interview virtually anyone you'd like, who do you call on first?  Nic Nedin of course!  Nic's a gem, he knows the cannabis space, he's an amazing speaker & he's also a funny guy!  Nic kindly Skyped in last Friday night from his home in Windsor Ontario & gave the fine folks at Hempfest Calgary some amazing perspective & banter live on Skype for all to see & hear.   This is the first of 8 live interviews that were recording at Hempfest in Calgary, stay tuned for more :) Follow Nic on Twitter @iamnedin or his podcast @flowerhourpod
October 15, 2019
CUP Ep137 - Can One Be a Cannabis Sommelier? Andrew Freedman say's yes!
Sitting down with Andrew Freedman is always fun.  The man loves to communicate & the man knows his cannabis.  We spoke at length about the trials & tribulations of putting on canna-friendly events,  our thoughts on alcohol vs cannabis in social settings, Some of the latest tech in the cannabis space as well as the upcoming Cannabis Cup event happening this weekend in Calgary.  The Cannabis Sommelier is never without perspective on any subject & this conversation really opens the doorway into Andrew's mind & ideas about cannabis, alcohol & cuisine. Enjoy!  Find Andrew online @thecannabissomm or
October 7, 2019
CUP Ep136 - Will Mexico Have The Next Green Rush? An Int w Michael Lavergne / Twitter's Ethical Grasshopper)
There are some people you follow online & never meet, but you just know they'd be an amazing person to interview sometime if given the opportunity.  A while back, I did an interview with Jorge Rubio about the hemp situation in Mexico, that's when Michael reached out with some of his own perspective!  Like a true "podcast hunter", I saw my opportunity & went for the kill!  I asked Michael to join me on the podcast & he graciously agreed.   I always show up with notes & questions, but this conversation just kinda flowed naturally, so I decided to just let it go wherever Michael chose to travel.  We cover a lot of ground & I really learned a lot.  Michael really is an Ethical Grasshopper, I hope you enjoy! To follow Michael on Twitter @thecanadianmike
October 3, 2019
CUP Ep135 - Cannabis Investing Update w Steven Feldman
Steven Feldman is a seasoned investor & has kept his finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry for quite some time.  Steven is also the host of a radio show that discusses the cannabis business, so his perspective runs deep.  In this interview, Steven talks a little about investing in cannabis pre-Oct 17 2018, what he sees now & what he anticipates might happen in the near future.  If you invest in PotStocks, this one is not to be missed!  Enjoy. Follow Steven on Twitter @canadapotstocks
September 26, 2019
CUP Ep135 - The Art of the Cannabis Review w Twitter's @PanCakeNap
When you have a chance to interview a guy like Brad Martin, you take it!!  Lucky for me, Brad lives in my city so he graciously agreed to meet up for an interview.  Brad (AKA PanCakeNap) is an online cannabis product reviewer & his work is extremely respected & appreciated by countless Canadians.  Brad talks about what he does & why he does it.  If you haven't yet, check out his websites & or follow him on Twitter @pancakenap :)  Enjoy!
September 16, 2019
CUP Ep133 - Treating Tourette's Syndrome w Freedom of Green Movement
Turette's Syndrome is probably something that most of us don't know a lot.  Ryan Treadwell, co-founder of Freedom of Green Movement spoke about his experience with Turette's and his life-long struggle to get off of Pharmaceuticals.  "Like an itch you can never scratch" is how Ryan attempts to explain what it's like, Cannabis has not only helped Ryan treat his symptoms, it has also allowed Ryan to get off the drugs that have plagued his life since he was 7.  The Freedom of Green Movement is a manifestation of Ryan's dream to spread his knowledge & destroy the stigmas surrounding the use of cannabis.  Enjoy! Follow on Twitter:  @freedomofgreen & @treadwellryan
September 10, 2019
CUP Ep132 - Hemp in the Clothing Industry, an Int. w Dope Kicks
I had a chance to sit down with Bernardo Carreira who is the CEO of a Hemp made shoe company called Dope Kicks.  Now these shoes really are "dope", if you check out their website, you'll see what I mean!!  Bernardo tells the story of the young company & explains where Dope Kicks is heading.  He also speaks about the drug laws in Portugal, it was a great interview.  I hope you enjoy! Website: Instagram: @weardopekicks Facebook:  WearDopeKicks Indiegogo:
September 4, 2019
CUP Ep131 - A Conversation w the Hempfest Cannabis Cup's Creator
If you haven't been to a Hempfest event yet, you really need to check one out.  So many cool vendors, great speakers & this year for the first time in Calgary, they're hold the Hempfest Cannabis Cup.  Growers from all areas of the industry will compete in different categories for bragging rights! Jamie Kembel spoke with me about the event & I'm super stoked to be there and check it out.  If you want to find out more about Hempfest Canada or the Cannabis Cup, check out these links: &
August 29, 2019
CUP Ep130 - Cannabis Print Media's Pot Leaf News. The Story
There are countless business opportunities in the cannabis space.  Today & spoke with Russell & Sean from the Pot Leaf News about their paper, which is available locally all across Canada.  Russell & Sean talk about the business & of course give us some light hearted perspective on the state of the industry so far.  This one is pretty relaxed & was a lot of fun to record, perfect as we head into the weekend.. To find out more about Pot Leaf News, check them out on Twitter @potleafnews
August 23, 2019
CUP Ep129 - The Latest on Cannabis Legalization in Mexico w Jorge Rubio
When it comes to legalizing cannabis, everybody seems to be watching Canada these days.  Most countries probably won't want to miss out on potential tax revenue streams from cannabis & hemp, Mexico is no different.  Jorge Rubio, who came to Canada 2 years ago to study the cannabis legalization rollout & has returned to Mexico to participate in talks as Mexico gets closer to coming up with their own version of legalization.  Jorge gets us up to speed on what the Mexican government is considering, the general consensus of the Mexican people & the potential of business should Mexico take the next step.  I hope you enjoy! Follow Jorge on Twitter: @jorgeru77
August 20, 2019
CUP Ep128 - Mark Spear, CEO of Wildfire Collective Talks About Starting His Organic, Outdoor Grow Business
Mark Spear is leading a movement towards outdoor-organic cannabis in Canada.  His company Wildfire Collective, already has 3 farms involved in the group with plans for more.  Wildfire Collective is now making it possible for all Canadians to get involved by introducing a crowdfunding initiative, but I'll let Mark explain more about that himself! Mark is a wealth of knowledge & was truly a joy to interview.   Find out more at
August 16, 2019
CUP Ep127 - Is Cannabis God's Plant? Natalie Gillespie of God's Greenery say's yes.
These days, if you haven't discovered the health benefits of CBD, it's likely that you know someone who has.  God's Greenery is a US-based organization who's mandate is to open dialogue about the possible medical benefits of hemp-based CBD in the Christian arena.  While we don't get overly religious in this conversation, we do discuss some of the reasons why Christians may have ignored the plant for all of these years.  This conversation is between two people with different perspectives, but a respect for one another allowing us to have open dialogue about something that we have a common appreciation for.  I hope you enjoy! Find out more about God's Greenery:
August 13, 2019
CUP Ep126 - Cannabis Media! Gill Polard of The Her(b) Life & Pasha Brands Tells Her Story
Continuing on my with my summer canna-media theme, I sat down with Gill Polard in what might be the most beautiful place that I've ever recorded a podcast.  As we sat on the dock and sipped our Americanos, gill spoke about her professional life in the cannabis space.  Get up to speed on The Her(b) Life, her new social gig at Pasha Brands, as an instructor at Mount Royal University & more.  Gill & I just sat and spoke like old friends, I hope you enjoy! Find Gill on Insta @gill_polard
August 7, 2019
CUP Ep125 - Hart Steinfeld of The Cannabis Show Discusses Where His Crew is Heading
Well.. What can I say?!  Hart's a well known figure in the Cannabis media scene as well as a respected representative for leading cannabis companies.  He's been one of the key players on the Cannabis Show, he speaks at conferences Canada wide, he's a medical & rec cannabis advocate & quite frankly an all round nice guy!   Hart speaks about his relationship with HEXO & his new employer Sundial Cannabis.  He also brings us up to speed on what's happening with The Cannabis Show & tells us about a few of his latest projects as well.  This one's amazing, enjoy :)
July 25, 2019
CUP Ep124 - Cannabis In Hawaii, Here's The Latest
In this interview, I had a chance to sit down with medical cannabis advocate Teri Gorman from Maui Grown Therapies.  Teri discusses the current state of medical cannabis in Hawaii, gives a little Hawaiian history and explains the current political situation as it pertains to medical & rec.  If you're traveling to Hawaii, or you're just interested in seeing how legalization is unfolding in another US state, this podcast is for you!  Enjoy :) Find out more about Maui Grown Therapies here:
July 16, 2019
CUP Ep123 - Rachel Colic of Cannabis TV & Marketing Expert Tells the Tales of Advertising in the Space
Rachel Colic is someone who has been very active in the cannabis space for a number of years.  She brings a background in marketing & media into a very complicated world with rules & regulations.  Rachel speaks candidly about her experience navigating Cannabis Act marketing restrictions, she opens up about her personal life & even gives some tips on optimizing your cannabis experience.  If you want to find out who Rachel Colic really is, this podcast delivers!  Enjoy
July 10, 2019
CUP Ep122 - Legendary Activist Hilary Black, CAO of Canopy Growth Tells Her Story
When you have an opportunity to interview someone like Hilary Black, you take it.  Hilary has been a soldier in the fight for cannabis legalization and medical consumption since the 90's.  Founder of the Vancouver Compassion Club, Hilary walks us through her life, her struggles & her dreams in this interview.  Hilary's perspective is perhaps deeper & more passionate than most & now she's taking her thoughts & convictions into the boardrooms of some of the most powerful organizations in the cannabis space.  Some accuse her of turning her back on the legacy scene, but I for one couldn't think of a better person to represent advocates in this quickly evolving, corporate world of cannabis.  I hope you enjoy. Follow Hilary on Twitter @mzblack & check out the new website she's spearheading:
July 3, 2019
CUP Ep121 - Int w Sarah Hanlon, Pot/Pop Culture geek & so much more!
Sitting down to interview someone like Sarah Hanlon is easy.  She has so much to say & has been around the legacy & legal cannabis space for ages.  Sarah walks us through her media journey from Big Brother to her new gig with the team at PRØHBTD  Still at a young age, Sarah's already an icon herself.  Enjoy Modern Grower Canada can be watched here: Follow Sarah on Twitter & Insta @flatshanlon
June 26, 2019
We're Rebranding!
Not much to say.. We're still in business, just making a few changes :)  Listen for details!
June 25, 2019
CUP Ep120 - Seed Technology CEO Matthew Cutone's Plan to Lead Cannabis Retail into the Future!
The legal cannabis marketplace is full of entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, looking for new & unique ways of innovating this new space.  Matthew Cutone is one of those entrepreneurs, taking technology that he's successfully implemented in other industries & bringing it to cannabis.  Matthew & his company Seed Technology are now partnering up with Canadian company Cannvas Med Tech and are focusing on the retail space.  There are other products like theirs already in the market, but none that offer retail integration quite like what they're proposing.  Enjoy.
June 11, 2019
CUP Ep119 - Surpreme Cannabis CEO Navdeep Dhaliwal Explains why His Company's Not Looking Back!
Supreme Cannabis may not have the physical size of some of the other Licensed Producers in Canada, but they certainly have one of the biggest & most respected brands.  In this interview, I spoke with CEO Navdeep Dhaliwal to find out just what exactly Supreme is all about, recent acquisitions & business moves & how Supreme has managed to stay on top of the marketing game is a sea of competition. I hope you enjoy!
May 31, 2019
CUP Ep118 - An Introduction to CFAMM w Peter Thurley
Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana AKA CFAMM are, as you might expect an organization that fights for the rights of medical cannabis patients across Canada & beyond. In this interview, I had a chance to speak with Board Member Peter Thurley, who talks about the organization & their search for a new Exec. Director. I hope you enjoy.
May 23, 2019
CUP Ep117 - RNMKR PR's Corey Herscu Talks about Representing Cannabis Companies
Everyone seems to have a business in the Cannabis space these days!  Whether you're big or small, we all need to define ourselves in a world full of competition & change.  Corey is the founder of RNMKR PR, a company that helps organizations to exactly that!  Corey talks about discovering your "X-Factor", gives perspective on the industry & opens up about the man he is & where is company is headed. I hope you enjoy!
May 22, 2019
CUP Ep116 - An Inside Look at Cannabis Retail w Spirit Leaf CEO Darren Bondar
Inner Spirit Holdings / Spirit Leaf CEO Darren Bondar took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his vision for the recreational cannabis market place in Canada.  Darren reveals his life leading up to Spirit Leaf, the company's current status & his vision moving forward.  Whether you're a consumer, investor or just curious about the business of legal cannabis, this podcast has a little bit of something for everyone!  Enjoy.
May 16, 2019
CUP Ep115 - HEXO's CBO Adam Miron Explains his Company's Vision for the Future
When you get an opportunity to speak with a man like Adam Miron, you take it!  Adam is the Chief Brand Officer & Co-Founder of one of Canada's most exciting LP's HEXO.  When this was recorded, Adam was stuck in traffic but was still graceful enough to answer all of my questions and provide some details on the direction that HEXO is heading in 2019 & beyond.  I great when you get a chance to speak to one of the biggest players in the game & they turn out to be a genuinely nice person.  Thanks to Adam & his team for doing this! Enjoy #HEXO
May 6, 2019
CUP Ep114 - Cannabis Themed Weddings, An Interview with Mary J Brides
Getting married?  Love cannabis? Mary J Brides is a company that specializes in cannabis themed wedding planning & consulting.  I sat down with Founder Laureen to talk about the business & why it just might make an impact on the neo-wedding scene :)  Enjoy! For more info:
May 1, 2019
CUP Ep113 - legendary Activist & Entreprenuer Abi Roach Tells Her Story.
Imagine trying to fit all of the water from Lake Ontario into a single pop can, that's what it's like trying to fit everything Abi Roach has to say into a single podcast! Abi's a bit of a legend and if you look for her, she's everywhere. While interviewing Abi, I discovered a wise, thoughtful and endearing person. This is her story, told in a different way, I hope you enjoy :)
April 29, 2019
CUP Ep112 - Cannabis Social Media Tips with Matthew Lunde
Matthew Lunde is a veteran social media wizard.  Moving his skillset into the cannabis space, Matthew now spends his day creating cannabis content & finding clever ways of navigating the rules & cutting through the clutter.  Hear his insights, tips & tricks!  Enjoy!
April 24, 2019
CUP Ep111 - The First Person to Buy Legal Cannabis in Canada, Ian Power Tells His Story
On October 17th 2018, recreational cannabis was legalized across Canada.  At midnight, Ian Power stood outside in the cold at a legal shop in St. John's Newfoundland, waiting to buy the first legal gram of cannabis.  Ian tells the whole story in this interview & proves why he's more than deserving to receive this honour!  Enjoy.
April 20, 2019
CUP Ep110 - James West of the Midas Letter Tells His Story
Most of us watch industry giants with admiration, James West sits down with them & has fun! If you watch his shows, you'll know that while they can be funny, they are always full of rock-solid intel. In this interview, James answers questions with honesty and gives you an inside look at his World! Enjoy :)
April 17, 2019
CUP Ep109 - 420 Vancouver Event Review with Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen explains what you can expect if you head down the the 420 Vancouver event this weekend!
April 17, 2019
CUP Ep108 - 420 Toronto Preview with Mark Harrison
If you're in the Toronto area & want to check out the 420 Toronto event, Organizer Mark Harrison explains what it's all about.  Enjoy
April 11, 2019
CUP Ep107 - How to Cook Infused Foods with T H Sea Creations
Neil is a self described Chef & THC connoisseur. Neil founded T H Sea Creations, which is a company dedicated to teaching others how to cook wholesome meals infused with THC. Learn how he works & what his vision is for the future of home-made edibles in Canada.
April 11, 2019
CUP Ep106 - Strainprint CEO Andrew Muroff Tells His Story
Andrew Muroff, (AKA @rockstart_inc on Twitter) is not your typical CEO & neither is the company that he runs. Strainprint stands alone in a world filled with companies trying to find success in the cannabis space. Andrew starts off by telling his story, then explains what Strainprint is & why the company is making a real difference. Enjoy.
April 8, 2019
CUP Ep105 - Finding Canna-Love with Cannamatch!
These days, many adults have tried online dating websites, Glenn Wells did too but decided that he wanted more. That's how he came up with the idea to create CannaMatch, an online dating website that caters to cannabis friendly Canadians. In this interview, Glenn tells us what CannaMatch is all about! Enjoy.
April 5, 2019
CUP Ep104 - 420 Music & Arts Festival, Calgary
If you're close to Calgary & love anything 420, check out the 420 Music & Arts Festival, taking place 18-20 April 2019. Music, Food, pinball, beer & of course a little 420 action mixed in, there's something for everyone.   Enjoy!
April 5, 2019
CUP Ep103 - Mike Zmuda - Cyber Security Guru & Twitter Influencer Tells His Story
Mike Zmuda is no doubt a very interesting dude.  He's been involved in the cannabis space in a number of different roles for a few years now & his story is still being written.  Mike talks about his life & gives his perspective on the legal cannabis industry past, present & future. Enjoy!
April 4, 2019
CUP Ep102 - Cannabis in Mexico - An Interview with Jorge Rubio
Jorge Rubio moved to Canada from Mexico to study our policies & witness first hand how legalization is rolling out. Eventually, Jorge plans to return to Mexico with enough knowledge & first-hand experience to assist Governments there with legalization. This interview is his perspective on the past, present & future of cannabis in Mexico. Enjoy.
April 3, 2019
CUP Ep101 - Introducing Neo-Cannabis Royalty Deepak Anand
If you've been anywhere near the legal cannabis scene in Canada over the last few years, you make think you already know who Materia CEO Deepak Anand is. Well, most of us have heard him speak, watched him on Youtube or follow him on Twitter, but does anyone REALLY know who Deepak is? In this podcast, we attempted to cut through the surface and get personal. We talk about growing up in India, coming to Canada, his family, his experiences & dreams. Sure, we through a little policy in for good measure, but if you've heard Deepak speak before, I promise you've never heard an interview like this! I hope you enjoy :)
April 2, 2019
CUP Ep100 - Getting to Know Canna-Activist Legend Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen. To some this name means a whole lot, while other's may not have heard of him.  Dana's been a cannabis legalization advocate for decades, helping to pave the way towards legalization in Canada.  Personally, I've seen Dana in the news for years but outside of the fact that he's been an activist, I really didn't know much about him.   You can't really interview Dana without getting his perspective on drug policy & this interview has some of that however, what I really wanted to accomplish here is just getting the know the man.  Dana kindly helped me peel away some of the layers so that we could see the "engine under the hood" & I for one really liked what I saw.  He's kind, thoughtful & not just "hardcore"... He's human. I left this conversation feeling a whole new level of respect for Dana Larsen as a person, I hope you will too.  Enjoy.
March 25, 2019
CUP Ep99 - Growing Craft Cannabis In California, An Int. w Mendocino Generations
Chiah Rodriguez & Jamie Beatty are not your typical legacy growers. In the "business" for many years now, upon migrating into this new world of regulations, they realized that they were living a real-life David & Goliath story. They soon formed the craft growers alliance called Mendocino Generations and they now represent a large number of craft growers in their area. This is their story. Enjoy.
March 25, 2019
CUP Ep98 - Canndora Club & Marigold PR Founders Talk about Canna-Marketing & Promotion
Michael speaks with Bridget Hoffer & Katie Pringle about starting their companies Marigold PR & Canndora Club. Marigold PR helps companies navigate the complicated world of cannabis marketing, while Canndora Club provides female-focused cannabis accessories to the Canadian market. Hear how they approach marketing, get industry perspective & find out what they have planned for the future. Enjoy!
March 21, 2019
CUP Ep97 - Blockstrain CEO Robert Galarza Expains his Business Model
Blockstrain is a company that may change the way consumers look at their products. Based out of Vancouver, Blockstrain's CEO Robert Galarza talks about the need for a company like his in this new and evolving industry. Enjoy :)
March 20, 2019
CUP Ep96 - Will Canna-Tourism be a Thing? Toronto Toke Tours says yes.
In this interview, we speak with Ed from Toronto Toke Tours who has started a company that gives locals and tourists an opportunity to explore Toronto, while enjoying cannabis. Enjoy For more info:
March 13, 2019
CUP Ep95 - Making Canna-Infused Desserts, An Int w Botanical Brownie
The Botanical Brownie is a Calgary-based edibles start up. Jennifer & Danya discuss their business vision, some of their challenges & victories! This interview proves that "if you can dream it, you can do it", and Danya & Jennifer are quickly putting the pieces together for their anticipated formal launch later this year. Enjoy.
March 13, 2019
The Medical Marijuana Podcast - Interview with Psychiatrist Dr. David L Nathan
In this podcast, Host Michael Pedersen speaks to MD & Psychiatrist Dr. David L Nathan, based out of New Jersey. Dr. Nathan discusses some potential breakthroughs, as well as how he believes the cannabis plant may be utilized to benefit one's health. Dr. Nathan also discusses situations when he believes cannabis should not be used for medical reasons and provides some great examples of each. The use of CBD as a health product is discussed & what Dr. Nathan has to say may actually surprise you. This interview was originally recorded and published by the Canadian Cannabis Update Podcast. This version of that interview includes just the medical related content from the original. To hear the whole interview, which also dives deep into cannabis & drug policy, click here: The Medical Marijuana Podcast - A Search for Answers is published by Distinct Media. For more info:
March 6, 2019
Interview with The Cannabis Sommelier
Andrew Freedman is a a wine & cannabis expert, and he's made it his mission to share his knowledge with the World. You can watch his daily videos on YouTube where he dives deep into the qualities of cannabis & wine as well as reviews countless legal cannabis products. Andrew is bursting with perspective & I enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with him to hear what he had to say. Enjoy :) Ep91 Find out more about The Cannabis Sommelier here:
March 5, 2019
Interview with MediPharm Labs' Co-Founder Keith Strachan
Get the latest update on Medipharm Labs & the extraction business! Co-Founder Keith Strachan walks us through his world, provides perspective & tells the story of MediPharm's humble beginnings. He's a solid guy & a great communicator. I hope you enjoy :)
March 2, 2019
An Interview with Cannabis At Work CEO Alison McMahon
If you're looking for a job in the cannabis space, this interview is not to be missed. (Ep86)
February 28, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep102 - Interview with Blockstrain CEO Robert Galarza
Blockstrain is a company that may change the way consumers look at their products. Based out of Vancouver, Blockstrain's CEO Robert Galarza talks about the need for a company like his in this new and evolving industry. Enjoy :)
February 28, 2019
An Interview with High Values HR Founder Erin Gratton
Erin Gratton has a long history of working in HR, recruitment & policy creation. Like many, she's also an entrepreneur & she's taking her knowledge to the cannabis space with her company called "High Values". Erin talks about her experiences, gives perspective and chats candidly about being involved in the new world of legal cannabis. Enjoy.
February 27, 2019
C-45 Quality Summit - Event Information
The C-45 Quality Summit is in Winnipeg from 23-25 April 2019. Stephanie Ostrander discusses the event, outlines the schedule & speaks about some of the speakers who will be presenting at the event. For more information:
February 22, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep98 High Values with Erin Gratton
Erin Gratton has a long history of working in HR, recruitment & policy creation. Like many, she's also an entrepreneur & she's taking her knowledge to the cannabis space with her company called "High Values". Erin talks about her experiences, gives perspective and chats candidly about being involved in the new world of legal cannabis. Enjoy.
February 13, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep97 MNP Q&A - Calgary
There was a panel Q&A put on by MNP and moderated by Scott Laluk from MNP Calgary. There was a rockstar panel of guests including: Tony Loria - Principal Managing Director & Head of Investment Banking of Eight Capital. Trevor Fencott - CEO of Fire & Flower Adamn Miron - Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer of HEXO Tenille Burdz - Risk Advisor with Iridium Risk Services Inc Greg Leavens - Chief Financial Officer with Edmonton Based LP Atlas Growers Sound isn't great on this one (sorry), but the content is solid. Enjoy!
February 11, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep96 Cannabis in Mexico w Jorge Rubio
Jorge Rubio moved to Canada from Mexico to study our policies & witness first hand how legalization is rolling out. Eventually, Jorge plans to return to Mexico with enough knowledge & first-hand experience to assist Governments there with legalization. This interview is his perspective on the past, present & future of cannabis in Mexico. Enjoy.
February 7, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep95 An Interview with StrainPrint CEO Andrew Muroff
Andrew Muroff, (AKA @rockstart_inc on Twitter) is not your typical CEO & neither is the company that he runs. Strainprint stands alone in a world filled with companies trying to find success in the cannabis space. Andrew starts off by telling his story, then explains what Strainprint is & why the company is making a real difference. Enjoy.
February 4, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep94 Toronto Toke Tours Interiview
In this interview, we speak with Ed from Toronto Toke Tours who has started a company that gives locals and tourists an opportunity to explore Toronto, while enjoying cannabis. Enjoy For more info:
January 31, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep93 Advertising on Facebook
I had a chance to get a Facebook "Marketing Expert" on the phone to talk about marketing my podcasts in a World where cannabis related posts are not allowed! It was a good conversation with lots of tips & tricks on things to try! Hopefully, I won't land in Facebook jail for this one! Enjoy :)
January 28, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep92 The Botanical Brownie Interview
The Botanical Brownie is a Calgary-based edibles start up. Jennifer & Danya discuss their business vision, some of their challenges & victories! This interview proves that "if you can dream it, you can do it", and Danya & Jennifer are quickly putting the pieces together for their anticipated formal launch later this year. Enjoy.
January 24, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep91 The Cannabis Sommelier Interview
Andrew Freedman is a a wine & cannabis expert, and he's made it his mission to share his knowledge with the World. You can watch his daily videos on YouTube where he dives deep into the qualities of cannabis & wine as well as reviews countless legal cannabis products. Andrew is bursting with perspective & I enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with him to hear what he had to say. Enjoy :)
January 21, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep90 MediPharm Labs Update with Keith Strachan
Get the latest update on Medipharm Labs & the extraction business! Co-Founder Keith Strachan walks us through his world, provides perspective & tells the story of MediPharm's humble beginnings. He's a solid guy & a great communicator. I hope you enjoy :)
January 17, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep89 - Elevated Signals
Amar Singh, CEO of Elevated Signals is a bit of a super human! Not only does he have more academic credentials than most people on the planet, he also runs a company that makes business possible for Canadian LPs. Oh, did I mentioned he's also a father & a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt? Yep, he's an impressive dude & a great speaker too. I hope you enjoy :)
January 14, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep88 Interview with CannaMatch's Glenn Wells
These days, many adults have tried online dating websites, Glenn Wells did too but decided that he wanted more. That's how he came up with the idea to create CannaMatch, an online dating website that caters to cannabis friendly Canadians. In this interview, Glenn tells us what CannaMatch is all about! Enjoy.
January 12, 2019
CUP Ep87 - Activist Ted Smith Tells The Story of the Victoria Cannabis Buyer's Club
Ted Smith is a man who's gone to war for the rights of cannabis users and medical patients for decades. He talks about his life, he tells some crazy stories, he discusses his loves & his dreams. It was my last interview of 2018 & I couldn't think of a better person to have spent that time with. Thanks to Ted for welcoming me into his home & opening up. I learned a lot during this interview, I hope you do too.
January 7, 2019
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep86 - An Interview with Cannabis At Work
The first podcast of 2019 & the new Cannabis Media Collective is up :) This one features Alison McMahon, CEO of the Cannabis at Work. If you're looking for a job in the cannabis space, this interview is not to be missed.
January 1, 2019
Ep85 VIVO Cannabis - An Interview with CSO Shekhar Parmar
This is a detailed conversation with VIVO Cannabis' CSO Shekhar Parmar about the company. There are so many things happening & this podcast will help you get up speed with VIVO's history, where there are now and where they're headed in the future. A long-form, detailed conversation, my favourite kind of interview :) Enjoy & Merry Christmas everyone.
December 21, 2018
Ep84 Earn Startup Capital - An Interview with Leaf Forward
Alex Blumenstein, CEO of Leaf Forward talks about his company's system of identifying intelligent start ups, then backing them financially. Leaf Forward wants to find the next cannabis space entrepreneur to invest capital into. Could it be you?
December 20, 2018
Ep01 Introduction to Medical Marijuana - Interview with Dr. Richa Love, Founder of CannU
Welcome to our brand new podcast series called "The Medical Marijuana Podcast - A Search for Answers" featuring Dr. Richa Love of Harvest Medicine & Founder of CannU. Michael & Dr. Love talk about using cannabis as medicine from a very basic and inclusive perspective. If you're curious about medical marijuana but just beginning your search for answer, this conversation might be just perfect for you.
December 14, 2018
Ep83 Aquaponics Explained - An Interview with Warren Bravo of Green Relief
Warren Bravo has a dream: to grow the best medical cannabis & to do it in an environmentally sustainable manner. Green Relief is the first company to grow cannabis on a large scale using a system called Aquaponics. Warren explains how it works, why it's a great system & how Green Relief is able to give back to the community at large because of aquaponics. It's a fantastic story, enjoy!
December 10, 2018
Ep82 Cooking with Cannabis - An Interview with T H Sea Creations
Neil is a self described Chef & THC connoisseur. Neil founded T H Sea Creations, which is a company dedicated to teaching others how to cook wholesome meals infused with THC. Learn how he works & what his vision is for the future of home-made edibles in Canada.
December 7, 2018
Ep81 Canadian Cannabis Awards - A Look Inside
I attended the Canadian Cannabis Awards on November 29th, produced by Lift & Co. This is an inside look at the event with perspective provided by many of attendants. Enjoy.
December 3, 2018
Ep80 Vitalis Extraction Technology - Interview with Founder Joel Sherlock
Joel Sherlock is the founder of a company called Vitalis Extractions Technology, a company that builds large-scale extraction devices that many of the biggest cannabis companies in the world rely on. Joel recognized a need in the industry and built a company around it. Enjoy.
November 30, 2018
Ep79 Cannabis Impaired Driving - An interview with Lawyer Kyla Lee
Vancouver-based Defence Lawyer Kyla Lee is a very busy person these days. Her practice specializes in cannabis impaired driving, perhaps a new area of law, but area that is destined to require a lot of work. Kyla brings us up to speed what's happening in Canada. I learned a lot, I hope that you do too :) Enjoy
November 26, 2018
Ep78 Rolling Papers - An Interview with Canadian Lumber's Beau Cleeton
Beau Cleeton is a self described artist, marketer and entrepreneur. With cannabis legalization nearing, Beau recognized a need for a high end rolling paper product that Canadians could be proud of. This is the story of a start-up business with big dreams that may just become a reality. Enjoy.
November 23, 2018
Ep77 Treating MS with Cannabis - An Interview with 3 Carbon Extracts CEO Phil Kwong
Philip Kwong is a pioneer of sorts. When diagnosed with MS, he began his search for a way to treat his symptoms using cannabis. This lead to opening his extraction company (3 Carbon Extractions) and becoming a leader in both the MS and cannabis space. This is his story.
November 21, 2018
Ep76 Cannabis for Mental Health - An Interview with Ryan Purvis
Ryan Purvis was a dedicated hockey player with aspirations of going pro. When that didn't happen, Ryan found it difficult to adjust. That's when Ryan realized that his struggles might actually be due to his mental health. Ryan is now an advocate for sports & responsible cannabis use, this is his story.
November 18, 2018
Ep75 Lift & Co Explored - An Interview with CEO Matei Olaru
Matei Olaru was already successful business person & lawyer, when he decided to change course and become the CEO of Lift & Co. The company is currently involved in the cannabis space in a growing number of ways and is well positioned to have a bright future with Matei steering the ship. If you're not clear about everything that Lift & Co does, this interview will get you up to speed. Enjoy :)
November 14, 2018
Ep74 Blockchain Tech. In Cannabis - An Interview with Rubikon's Joel Semczyszyn
Rubikon's Joel Semczyszyn might be a bit of a maverick. While most people are just trying to figure out a way to survive in this new legal cannabis space, Joel is already defining new ways of enhancing it using blockchain technology. If you don't know what blockchain is and just want a basic lesson, Joel does a great job of it. He also explains why he might already be a game changer, in this new game that's only just beginning.
November 12, 2018
Ep73 Cannabis Biz Security - An Interview with Barry Davidson
Barry Davidson from David Hyde & Associates is a bit of a security expert. Not only has he worked at over 100 cannabis related sites in Alberta alone, he's been in the security business for decades. Barry explains what it takes to apply for business license in Canada and tells some of the tales about what he's seen working closely with hopeful business applicants. Enjoy
November 9, 2018
Ep72 James West - An Inside Look at The Midas Letter
Most of us watch industry giants with admiration, James West sits down with them & has fun! If you watch his shows, you'll know that while they can be funny, they are always full of rock-solid intel. In this interview, James answers questions with honesty and gives you an inside look at his World! Enjoy :)
November 7, 2018
Ep71 Her Story - An Interview with Abi Roach
Imagine trying to fit all of the water from Lake Ontario into a single pop can, that's what it's like trying to fit everything Abi Roach has to say into a single podcast! Abi's a bit of a legend and if you look for her, she's everywhere. While interviewing Abi, I discovered a wise, thoughtful and endearing person. This is her story, told in a different way, I hope you enjoy :)
November 5, 2018
Ep70 The Science of Cannabis - An Interview with Keystone Labs
Jodi McDonald is an amazing person, period. A "science geek" who has taken her passion and made it her life. President of Keystone Labs, a facility that tests not just cannabis but also pharmaceutical products, Jodi leads a team of dedicated professionals that safeguards products for Canadians. I'm pretty sure that I only scratched the surface with this interview, hoping for another soon! Enjoy.
November 1, 2018
Ep69 Access for All! - An Interview with Save The Drive
Chanel Graham, CEO of Save The Drive, talks about her business vision to help those with mobility issues. It's a neat concept and one that's already taking off in California. Enjoy :)
October 28, 2018
Ep68 Branding without Advertising - An Interview with Cult Collective
Owen Reader, Chief Engagement Officer at Cult Collective talks about his marketing ideas in the legal cannabis space. Cult Collective is an audience engagement firm that is focused on helping their clients achieve a "cult following" in their respective markets. Owen offers great perspective, if you're interested in marketing, this one's for you!
October 26, 2018
Ep67 Medical Cannabis Options - An Interview with Jesse Bartlett
A pro boxer discovers CBD for pain relief and it changes his life. This is the story of Jesse Bartlett who is now the CEO of Herbal Relief Centre, a medical clinic focus on patient care and service. Jesse's story is unique in so many ways, but becoming quite common as well. He found CBD and that set him on a new path, now he wants to spread the word :) Enjoy
October 23, 2018
Ep66 Cannabis Investing - An Interview with Scott Trades
In this interview, recorded live at Hempfest Calgary, Scott Trades walks us through his perspective on trading in the cannabis space. Scott had a lot to say & if investing in cannabis is your thing, there's lots to learn in this one :) Enjoy. *Original video of this interview is here:
October 21, 2018
Ep65 Calgary Cannabis Club - Their Story
Recorded at Hempfest Calgary, Jo & Pat from the Calgary Cannabis Club speak candidly about the club's role in advocacy, culture and education. Jo & Pat show us why they're leaders in this young & energetic club :) *Original video recording of this interview is here:
October 19, 2018
Ep64 Cannabis Media Explored - An Interview with The Cannabis Show
Hart Steinfeld & Basil Kelly, 2 members of The Cannabis Show team sat down & spoke frankly about being in cannabis media. They discuss their show's vision and approach, while providing a lot of solid advice for someone who may want to get into the cannabis related media business. Enjoy :) *Original Video of the interview is here:
October 18, 2018
Ep63 David vs Goliath(s) - An Interview with LakeCity Cannabis
The Second interview in our Hempfest series, recorded over Oct 13&14 2018. Ryan Roch, hopeful licensed dispensary owner and YouTube Vlogger talks about trying to get into "the game" in Alberta. What does it take for a "Mom & Pop" applicant to survive in a World of Giants? Find out :) *The video of this interview can be found here:
October 16, 2018
Ep62 Cannabis Media for Women - An interview w Gill Pollard
The first interview in our Hempfest series, recorded over Oct 13&14 2018. Gill Pollard, who runs the cannabis media company The Her(b) Life was kind enough to join me & talk about what it's like to be in the media biz in the cannabis space, specifically for women. Gill is very knowledgable & a great communicator, enjoy :) *You can see most of the interviews from Hempfest on our FB page:
October 15, 2018
Ep61 California Legalization in Perspective - An interview with Justin Marshall
Does anyone know what to expect on Oct 17th? To get some perspective, I spoke with Justin Marshall, a dual citizen living in California. Justin speaks at length about what it was like in California and what Canadians might experience when recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada.
October 11, 2018
Ep60 Perspective on Medical Dispensaries - An Interview with Jamie Shaw
Jamie Shaw from Groundwork Consulting (And about 10 other organizations!) is one of the best communicators in the cannabis space. We started off by discussing medical dispensaries in Canada, then our conversation took on a grander scope with perspective on legal cannabis in general. Fantastic interview! Enjoy :)
October 6, 2018
Ep59 The Extraction Business - An Interview with Pat McCutcheon CEO of MediPharm Labs
Pat McCutcheon, Ceo of MediPharm Labs speaks candidly about his company and their impending IPO on Oct 3rd 2018. Extractions are expected to be the second wave in cannabis legalization, find out why Pat claims MediPharm Labs is positioned to lead the pack! Enjoy :)
October 2, 2018
Ep58 Edibles As Entrees - An Interview with Adam Osborne from Earth's Edibles
Adam Osborne, President and Founder of Earth's Edibles explains his approach to preparing foods with THC and CBD. Earth's Edibles is taking a slightly different approach to the edible arena and they might just know what it takes to be successful. Enjoy :)
September 30, 2018
Ep57 Namaste Technologies Explained - An Interview with Kory Zelickson
Kory Zelickson, Co-Founder of Namaste Technologies talks about his company, what they do and why he feels you should invest in it. We discuss the company's history & the direction they're going upon legalization. There's also a chance to learn about about Kory himself. Enjoy!
September 27, 2018
Ep56 The Little Book of Cannabis - An Interview with Author Amanda Siebert
Respected Cannabis Journalist Amanda Siebert talks about her new book called "The Little Book of Cannabis - How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life". Learn about Amanda herself, the book & find out what her plans are for the future. She's an amazing woman and this interview is not to be missed :)
September 23, 2018
Ep55 Denver's Legal Vape Lounge - An Interview with the Coffee Joint
Rita Tsalyuk, Owner of Denver's "The Coffee Joint" speaks frankly about her experience getting a licensed consumption lounge & trying to make a go of it. This is a great conversation with perspective on the realities of actually owning and operating a lounge. Will lounges in Canada be next? Enjoy :)
September 20, 2018
Ep28 Terpenes for Beginners - An Interview with Alex Samuelsson
Originally recorded on May 07th 2018, this interview covers terpenes. What are they? How are they used and how they contribute to your overall experience. Alex graciously walks us through the topic and adds his own unique perspective on the industry as well :)
September 18, 2018
Ep54 Home Cultivation Basics - An Interview with Danny Danko
Danny Danko... Need I say more? Danny was kind enough to speak about his new book, his life & tips on how to get into home cannabis cultivation. Danny is a true superstar & I was honoured to interview him. 100% amazing interview, not to be missed :)
September 16, 2018
Ep53 Perspective on Starting an Ancillary Cannabis Business - An Interview with Simon Greganis
CEO of BRNT Designs, Simon Greganis speaks about his experiences starting a legal cannabis focused business. Still in his 20's, Simon has already proven to be an industry leader and innovator. This podcast illustrates what it takes to make it in the cannabis space. Enjoy :)
September 14, 2018
Ep52 Pot Stock Summer Recap & More - An Interview with Scott Trades
Scott Trades joins us to talk about cannabis trading in 2018. We explore a little past-present-future in the space, plus Scott gives a lot of great tips for new investors. Not to be missed :)
September 8, 2018
Ep51 Cannabis Legalization - One Municipality's Story
Hundreds of municipalities across Canada are getting ready for cannabis legalization, each in their own way. In this podcast, I spoke with two employees in charge of preparing the City of Airdrie, Alberta. It's likely that something this big will happen only once in a lifetime, this is their story so far. Enjoy :) **Reposted without music
September 3, 2018
Ep50 Medical Marijuana Basics - An Interview with Harvest Medicine
Shekhar Parmar, CEO of Harvest Medicine in Calgary explains how the Medical Marijuana system in Canada works. Whether you are already a patient, or just want to know more, this #podcast is for you :) Enjoy
August 28, 2018
Ep49 Cannabis Education Options - An Interview with Deepak Anand
Deepak Anand (Cannabis Compliance) might be the busiest man in the Canadian cannabis scene, he has a wealth of knowledge and has written University courses for the legal cannabis arena. In this podcast, Deepak discusses higher learning option in the cannabis business upon legalization and beyond! Enjoy :)
August 25, 2018
Ep48 Pot Stock Investing for Beginners with Steven Feldman
This podcast features a conversation with Steven Feldman AKA @CanadaPotStocks who is a seasoned investor, Social Media Guru & Broadcaster about what it means to invest in the Canadian cannabis space. Steven provides an overall pictures of the industry, provides historical comparisons and even a few thoughts on what to look for moving forward. If you invest in cannabis, you need to hear this. Enjoy!
August 17, 2018
Ep47 CBD for Pets - An Interview with Brad Pattison
Curious about using CBD for your pet? This interview discusses many of the questions and observations that pet owners have when it comes to considering CBD use. Brad Pattison discusses pet wellness from his perspective and his experiences with a variety of animals that have tried CBD for a wide range of therapies. Enjoy :)
August 14, 2018
Ep46 Making Cannabis-Infused Drinks
In this episode, I spoke with Karen Hamilton from Lagunitas Brewery in California. They make a cannabis infused beverage called "HIFI"!! If you want a sneak peak into what might be appearing in Canadians shops in the near future, this podcast is for you! Enjoy :)
August 8, 2018
Ep45 A Conversation with MADD CEO Andy Murie
In this podcast, we speak to MADD Canada about their concerns of driving while under the influence of cannabis. With legalization around the corner, MADD CEO Andy Murie speaks frankly about the situation.
August 2, 2018
Ep44 Cannabis Legalization - The Basics
This podcast is for anyone who just wants to know what the heck is going to happen once cannabis is legalized. Who will buy it? How will drivers be protected? Will people smoke it in public? Many more of the basic questions are answered in this podcast! Enjoy :)
July 25, 2018
Ep43 Women in Cannabis - An Interview with Ellementa CEO Aliza Sherman
If you're a woman & interested in the cannabis space, this interview is for you. Aliza Sherman discusses women in the cannabis business, cannabis resources for women and explains some of the challenges women have in business generally. Aliza is also an Alaskan & tells us about how the cannabis space works there. It's a great one, enjoy :)
July 17, 2018
Ep42 Vaporizers - A Discussion with Green Tank Technologies
In this podcast, I sit down with one of Canada's leaders in vaporizer technology, Corey Koffler of Green Tank Technologies to discuss the facts about oil-based vapes, their growing popularity and what the future will likely hold once cannabis is legalized in Canada. I learned a lot with this one, & I hope you do too! Enjoy :)
July 6, 2018
Ep41 - Modern Leaf - An interview with Preston Drummond
On this podcast, we spoke with Preston Drummond who is the founder and Executive Chairman of Modern Leaf. Preston talks about his company, their vision and aspirations. Preston is a great communicator and was quite inspiring. Enjoy :)
July 1, 2018
Ep40 Industry Perspective - An interview with Barinder Rasode
This podcast is a real treat! I had the pleasure of sitting down with a very buy Barinder Rasode, CEO of NICHE Canada to ask about her perspective on the cannabis space, predictions, insight and a bit about herself personally. Listen carefully, this ones full of great info. Enjoy :)
June 28, 2018
Ep38 Cannabis & Sports - What's the Link?
In this podcast, we discuss our own experiences with cannabis & running, as well as how cannabis is used in professional sports. This one has a lot of clips featuring a lot of perspective from a wide range of experts and athletes. Enjoy:)
June 21, 2018
Ep35 Pot-Stock Investments - An Interview with Scott Trades
Today's Podcast is a special interview with Scott Trades. Scott is a Cannabis Investment, YouTube Vlogger and quite active on Twitter with his thoughts on the Cannabis sector as well. We talk about some of the craziness that happened in May as well as a few thoughts on what to look out for in June. Enjoy :)
June 1, 2018
Ep26 Scott Trades Interview - Cannabis Investment Vlogger :)
Today's Canadian Cannabis Update is a special interview with Youtube Vlogger & cannabis investor Scott Trades. You can also find him on Instagram & Twitter @scotttrades. Enjoy :)
April 25, 2018
Ep01 Virginity lost, let's do this :)
Weekly cannabis update for 02 January 2018
January 6, 2018