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Inside Talent with Craig Fisher

Inside Talent with Craig Fisher

By Inside Talent
The future of talent, today. The show that takes you inside the minds, behind the scenes, coolest tools, and best practices of some of the coolest people in the employment industry. We explore job searching and hiring and the connection between employers and job seekers. The Inside Talent Podcast is is hosted by Craig Fisher and presented by
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Jim D'Amico, Celanese: Business Lessons From the New Normal with Craig Fisher Inside Talent

Inside Talent with Craig Fisher

20: Joel Cheesman with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
Joel Cheesman and I go way back.  He spoke at some of the very first TalentNet Live conferences and was a friend and fellow blogger back in the early days of  In this episode of Inside Talent we discuss Joel's new venture, that performs daily sentiment analysis for your company, or of any competitors you, as an employer, might target for talent acquisition purposes. We also discuss Joel's swag marketing strategy How to save time recruiting from competitors when the iron is not and how to know when it's not The current talent shortage that includes companies like Uber and Lyft Stimulus checks, IRS refunds The current high cost of Indeed Smart job title strategy The return of in-person events Clubhouse And much more.
April 21, 2021
Amy Butchko, SAIC: Building a Recruitment Marketing Program with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
Amy Butchko had a dream to transform the talent attraction and employer brand at a legacy government contractor IT company to a modern blend of funnel marketing to augment sourcing, creating a better and more accurate flow of job candidates and available talent for it's very specialized, often top-secret clearance jobs.  When we met in 2017 after my presentation at the Recruit DC conference, she told me, "I am trying to do at SAIC what you are doing at CA Technologies."  And she told me it would take about 4 years.  With creativity and determination, Amy made it happen and has a really cool story about that journey. What you'll learn: Digital Transformation for talent acquisition in a legacy brand The hurdles of branding and attraction at non-consumer companies What is the perfect team mix of recruitment marketing, sourcing and recruiting How much recruitment tech is too much or too little Much much more. Catch Amy at the TalentNet Live Spring 2021 Virtual Recruiting Conference 3.21.21 - Register HERE
March 1, 2021
Dai Strong Cisco Meraki Talent Leader with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
Cisco Meraki Talent Acquisition leader, Dai Strong, talks with Craig Fisher about how Cisco Meraki is attempting to scale global work with distributed teams while centralizing recruiting processes. The company is addressing everything from it's technology stack to it's employer value proposition in order to better compete for talent. About Dai: Dai Marie Strong: Subject Matter Expert in Recruiting, Management, Talent Scout, Project Management, People Development. As a member of the Talent Acquisition Team, I am devoted to hiring the right talent, for the right job and best career. Specialties: Building Relationships, Project Management, Networking, Recruiting, Diversity & Inclusion, Assessments (BHI, DDI & HireVue) and Management. System Knowledge: Taleo, PeopleFluent, Peoplesoft, Kenexa, HR Workways, iCIMS, SAP, Greenhouse, Avature, Success Factors, Newton, ADP and Salesforce. Who my company hires: Talented people who love the idea of making technology simple. We are headquartered in San Francisco with an additional US office in Chicago. For more information, visit our career site - For Fun: I am a true foodie, so you will find me at the local farmers market picking up items to cook for the day. I am often watching the FoodNetwork or HGTV. So if I am not cooking, I am creating home projects for myself. I bleed green and gold... Go Pack Go!!! #PackersFan #NFL
November 19, 2020
Jay Denton, LaborIQ: U.S. Labor Market Update by ThinkWhy with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
How big is the Texas labor market really getting?  The U.S. new corporate and tech hub grew more than the bottom 37 states over the last decade.  In this episode of the #InsideTalent podcast, I talk with VP of BI at ThinkWhy  |  LaborIQ about: -Worker migration in the U.S. -Employers relocating to Texas and what they should know -The salary discount -Demand Recovery -TalentNet Live Dallas Virtual Nov. 20th (Register: code:laboriq -and much more #events #hiring #futureofwork #hrtech #talent #recruiters
November 6, 2020
Angie Verros: Diversity Sourcing, Twitter, and Tools with Craig Fisher on Inside Talent
How do you know what tools to use for #Sourcing, #Recruiting, and #Marketing?  On the latest #InsideTalent podcast I chat with 👋  Angie Verros 👋 about how to keep track of and test your tools and extensions. We also discuss the upcoming Talent42 (11/9-11/10) and TalentNet Media #TalentNet (11/20) conferences coming up next month. and to register In the full podcast, we also discuss: -Diversity Sourcing -Twitter's mighty resurgence -Much more Inside Talent is presented by
October 27, 2020
Jason Roberts, Accenture, and Craig Fisher talk sourcing, trends, and shifts on Inside Talent
Accenture's Global Talent Acquisition Capability Leader, Jason Roberts and Inside Talent's Craig Fisher talk global sourcing, COVID's impact on the global talent market, the winners and losers, corporate trends, and significant shifts that are the outcomes so far.   We also break down #GlobalTADay and preview TalentNet Live's Virtual conference coming up on November 20th on the Hopin platform.  Details and registration at This episode is brought to you by, where you can crowdsource sourcing to a community of 4000+ global sourcers - humans powered by intelligent matching and ai.  View the video of this episode here 
September 10, 2020
Rory O'Dougherty: The Implications Of GPT-3 On The World Of Talent with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
This episode is part of our Talent Sourcing Series presented by Visage.Jobs where you can crowd-source sourcing The Implications Of GPT-3 On The World Of Talent Talent Acquisition Technologies are changing the way that employers are sourcing candidates. GPT-3 has been hailed as the most powerful language model ever built and is expected to have major implications on the future of talent acquisition. Join Rory O’Doherty, Founder of and me to learn how this new technology will change the future of hiring top talent and what you can do to prepare.
August 27, 2020
Joss Leufrancois, Visage.job: Rebuilding vs. Rehiring with Craig Fisher on Inside Talent
Craig Fisher and Joss Leufrancois, CEO of Visage, discuss the difference between rehiring and rebuilding your workforce when jobs come back.  We are looking at likely the largest re-hiring event in history.  But many of our former employees will have found other work or will not be interested in their former employer's post COVID-19 opportunity, which may have changed substantially.  Likewise for the employer.  If your needs change from in-person to an online experience you may need to rebuild vs. thinking about rehiring. We discuss how to do that with a newly limited recruiting and sourcing team.  What efficiencies can be found via automation?  We have the answers for you in this very enlightening episode. This episode is sponsored by  Visage crowd-sources Sourcing to a community of 4000 global sourcers making it simple to enter a job and await qualified candidates with full contact info to populate your inbox.   View the full video of this episode at
August 18, 2020
Rhonda Merchant talks DEIB with Craig Fisher on Inside Talent
Craig Fisher and Rhonda Merchant of BNSF Logistics talk Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Bias.  DEIB in Human Resources, conferences, and more.  How to reach outside of your comfort zone to make a difference in peoples' lives.   We discuss: Inherent Bias of Hiring Managers The fallacy of "culture fit" and how to dig deeper Bias camouflaged at compliments Southern culture and inclusion Being guarded in job interviews Your name may cause bias And much more
August 12, 2020
Jim Schnyder talks sourcing and CRM tech with Craig Fisher on Inside Talent
In this episode, I speak with 2-time SourceCon Grand Master Champion (Sourcing/Recruiting) and Founder/Principal Consultant for “Recruiting Advisors,” a strategic consulting firm providing training and technology best practices to the sourcing and recruiting industry. In this episode we discuss the upcoming TalentNet Austin Virtual Conference happening on July 17th at  Jim was one of the original organizers of TalentNet with me and we discuss it's rich history. We also talk about -Jim's business, Recruiting Advisors, where he helps employers create custom CRM strategies, with tools like Avature, to source and attract great talent. -SourceCon DFW, ATAP and DFWTRN -Working with customers virtually -Other sourcing and CRM tools like ZapInfo (amazing for data enrichment), Loxo (an end-to-end CRM) and Loxo Source (which you can try for free). -Finally we discuss building a true two-way talent community filled with events and worthwhile conversations
July 2, 2020
May 28, 2020
May 28, 2020
Diana Meisenhelter: Job Search and Candidate Experience in COVID-19 and Beyond with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
Hey, it's Craig Fisher, host of inside talent. In this episode I speak with Diana Meisenhelter who is the former head of talent at FedEx office. And we're going to discuss job searching during the COVID 19 pandemic. This is a great episode for both recruiters and job seekers to understand how to communicate properly through the hiring process during a situation like this and always and how to avoid being the ghost in the machine. And I think this is a, some really valuable stuff. So enjoy.
May 28, 2020
Jerome Ternynck, SmartRecruiters CEO: Recruiters as Change Agents in COVID-19 with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
On this episode of Inside Talent, Craig Fisher talks with Jerome Ternynck about how recruiters can reinvent themselves and be change agents when the world needs them more than ever. Jerome is the Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters and Published Author of "Hiring Success: How Visionary CEOs compete for the best talent", Lioncrest Publishing (February 11, 2020) - You can view the video at We discuss *What Talent Acquisition leaders should be thinking about right now *How recruiters can be change agents for themselves and society during the COVID-19 epidemic *Hiring people and hiring great talent isn't always the same *Most employers don't measure hiring success properly *Quality metrics for hiring *Now might be a great time to plan your ATS upgrade *Lessons from Jerome's new book, Hiring Success  *Jerome's time leading paratrooper boot camp in the French Army
May 5, 2020
Jim D'Amico, Celanese: Business Lessons From the New Normal with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
Jim D'Amico is a globally recognized TA Leader, specializing in building best in class TA functions for global organizations. He's a speaker, author, and mentor, with an intense passion for all things talent acquisition.  He's currently Global Head of TA for Celanese and President of ATAP.  He's also a military veteran as well as a stand-up comedy veteran of Second City. In this episode, Jim and Craig Fisher discuss what happens AFTER this new normal.   Topics: Future of work - is remote work or choice the way of the future, more freedom of schedule, back to BAU? Future of Talent Acquisition - What happens to recruiters and TA professionals, video interviews, gig shifts, candidate experience and how ATAP in the community is helping Best lists / challenges from social media Ultimate podcast list (Jim and Craig's favs), Quarantine music list Side hustles and gigs to get us through this Warhammer, craft beer, and comedy
April 22, 2020
Kerry Noone, CVS Health: Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing COVID-19 Best Practices with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
In this episode Allegis Global Solutions' Craig Fisher talks with Kerry Noone, Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing at CVS Health. Employer branding and candidate communications in COVID19 crisis mode. -What types of things do we want to communicate at a time like this? -Do we stop the culture marketing and focus more on being part of the solution? -Should we look at our job descriptions with a more critical eye? -If we are hiring, how do we get the word out? We also discuss CVS' role in distributing healthcare to those in need through this crisis, how CVS is helping it's employees and new hires to stay healthy, and avoid disruption.   Finally we talk about programs that partner with client companies like Hilton and Marriott to fill some many of CVS Health's 50,000 recently announced openings with furloughed employees from those companies.
March 26, 2020
Lars Schmidt: #CoronaVirusHR COVID-19 Resources for Employers and HR with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
In this episode Craig talks with Lars Schmidt, The man behind the #CoronaVirusHR Comms & Resources Guide for HR and Employers. The link to the #CoronaVirusHR Comms & Resources Guide for HR and Employers is: The video and transcript for this podcast are on the Inside Talent blog: You can find information about the guide and how you can help on Twitter. Just search #CoronaVirusHR or click here: The #CoronaVirusHR Comms & Resources Guide for HR and Employers includes: -Coronavirus Response Plans -Articles & Resources -How Companies Are Responding w/Remote Work & Children @ Home -Employee Support Resources -Remote Work Resources -Coronavirus Legal & Employment -How Recruiting is Adapting Law Resources -Travel Impact -HR Communities and Support -Hosting Virtual Events -Activities with Kids at Home -Podcasts: Coronavirus Business Response Coverage -Alternatives to Layoffs -Companies That Are Hiring -How You Can Help -Case Tracking & Statistics -Retail, Service, and Hourly Employee Updates -Companies Giving Back/Supporting Community -Publicly Announced Hiring Impact -Conferences, Travel Restrictions + more
March 23, 2020
Melissa Van Dyke, Recruitics: Social Media Advertising with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
In this episode, Craig Fisher discusses social media advertising with Melissa Van Dyke, social media marketing strategist from Recruitics, a data-centric recruitment marketing agency.  Whether you're trying to build your brand or attract prospects, social media advertising should be an essential part of your strategy.   Craig an Melissa break down the basics and advanced practices of targeting and messaging in social advertising as well as recent issues with Facebook and vertical advertising. Melissa will join Craig and 20+ thought leaders at the upcoming TalentNet Austin conference at Vrbo HQ.  Join them by registering at Recruitics and Allegis Global Solutions recruitment marketing team, IGNITE Consulting, partner to bring AGS customers amazing best practices in programmatic advertising and the analytics behind it. To learn more about Recruitics, check out Here's what we discussed: - What should we know about the differences between organic social and paid social ads? - How can we use social ads to target candidates and get more applications? - Are there "best" social channels when it comes to recruitment marketing? - What kind of content should I promote via social ads? (could also be a question about types of campaigns to help recruitment efforts - lead gen, informational content pages, etc). - What are some of the best practices for social advertising for recruitment marketing & employer branding? - How do we measure performance on social recruiting campaigns? - How can you use social ads to help support high volume hiring vs specialized roles? - Should my company invest in careers-focused social channels? - How can we get employees & recruiters involved in our social recruiting efforts? - How has Facebook's targeting restrictions on employment ads impacted recruitment marketing efforts?
March 6, 2020
Matt Plummer, ZipRecruiter's Head of Product Strategy with Craig Fisher inside Talent
I chatted with Matt Plummer, VP Product Strategy, ZipRecrecruiter. ZipRecruiter is a premier sponsor of the 2019 TalentNet Live Recruiting conference taking place at Toyota North America HQ in Plano, Texas on December 6th. With over 40 speakers and a total of 300 participants, this will be TalentNet's largest event yet. It's fitting as TalentNet Live is celebrating 10 years of hosting these rather intimate yet highly impactful recruiting events. It is one of the largest and longest running regional recruiting events in America and the largest in Texas and the Southwest. ZipRecruiter's Brian Carillo will join me on stage at TalentNet this year to chat with the audience about the state of job boards and ZipRecruiters innovative AI approach. Below are excerpts from my conversation with Matt Plummer. Matt, catch us up on ZipRecuriter Two thousand and ten is when we got started. And then about twenty fifteen, we started to really look at some of the problems with that model are the sort of post and pray model if you will. And a lot of it came down to discover ability. We've really just learned that for the most part job seekers aren't really good at searching for jobs. They don't understand skill transfer ability too. Well, and then recruiter spent much time trying to do Boolean based searching to find people with the right skills and everything. So that's when we set about, to build sort of our first real major technology innovation around our base, matching built out a great team. And Tel Aviv Israel, so to build that up. So our second way, it was really more discovery based recommendations. If you think about like a Netflix model, where you can sit down and fire up your Netflix app on your Apple TV or whatever it is. And you're recommended content, and a lot of the Netflix consumption comes from that model. So we kind of took a queue from that. And then we really think about the third wave that we're getting into, not just discovery on the jobs at your side, but really creating human connections between recruiters and job seekers or candidates. Because right now, both sides of the marketplace are complaining about effectively a black hole. We've always known about the job seeker, black hole where they apply, and they never hear back. But now a lot of recruiters are complaining about not being able to get a hold of job seekers. So they find a good candidate in their. They try and reach out and they're not getting anything back. So we look at that is real material problem to try and solve for. And we think that using oddly enough using a artificial intelligence, we can actually create more sort of actions between recruiters in candidates and that's what we're really excited about. And I think we continue to sort of keep that differentiation between the, you know, traditional job board model. Yeah, so I I think the the regular communication that a little bit of automation can help employ on the candidate communication side is is a game changer. It really does assist in sort of the human connection. And it's because recruiters are are too busy and active job seekers are are really busy and it's difficult without a massive spreadsheet or some sort of. You know, really good system to even keep track of all the jobs that you're applying for when you're active. Passive job seekers, you know, they have jobs. Right? I mean, so it's very difficult for them to even respond in real time most of the time. And so, you know, a little bit of that automation goes a long way when you start to understand and learn Windows passive job, seekers are responsive. Yeah, totally agreed. And there's this whole process that happens today. That is pretty transactional. Right? You've got maybe a recruiter posting a position a job seeker discovers that applies to it, but there's no real connection there. And then the recruiter's back in their eighty s, and looking at a list of candidates and so we By Craig Fisher
December 5, 2019
Lou Adler, Dean Da Costa, Amy Miller, Alan Fluhrer: Mythical Hiring Managers with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
According to Jobvite's 2019 benchmark report, job candidates are less willing to change jobs than ever. In 2018, the average number of candidates per open requisition was the lowest ever, at just 29 (down from 36 in 2017 and 52 in 2016).  This might seem counter-intuitive to the job-hopping free-for-all stories we've told ourselves over the last few years of this growth market. The reality is, although employers often receive a plethora of applications for many job requisitions, many highly skilled and niche positions are still a struggle to fill.  And as organizations attempt to flatten, yet still grow, more middle managers are created.  I have a theory that these managers, who often find themselves in a position where they, themselves, need to hire for difficult roles, are ill-equipped to do so. Managers end up managing because they were good at their old jobs, which often were individual contributor roles, not because they are particularly good managers.  The hope is that a high percentage of new managers will be naturally good at managing.  It would be some pretty sweet icing for those in recruiting and talent acquisition roles if those managers also turn out to be good at hiring.  But since most organizations don't give new managers much training in either managing or hiring, the odds are probably on the low side. I posited this theory a group of recruiting experts at the recent LAX TechRecruit conference in Los Angeles.  You can listen to the conversations I had with Lou Adler, Dean Da Costa, Alan Fluhrer, and Amy Miller.  We debated whether good leaders are born or taught (or both).  We asked if "hiring managers" are even a real thing. And we discussed how best to help managers by being good partners in recruiting. View the experts top tips for managing your relationship with hiring managers here:
August 30, 2019
Mike "Batman" Cohen: Top Sourcing and AI Tools for Recruiting with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
 Craig Fisher chats with Mike "Batman" Cohen about some of the sourcing tools in his utility belt.  His recent research compares some of today's top sourcing, A.I. (artificial intelligence), and recruiting tools like HireTual, HiringSolved, EngageTalent, Seekout, ZapInfo, HumanPredictions, and more.  You can view the video version of this podcast on our Youtube channel at
July 1, 2019
Bob Lehto, BRD: Inside Cryptocurrency HR with Craig Fisher Inside Talent
In this episode, Talent Insider Craig Fisher talks with Bob Lehto, HP HR of the largest decentralized bank in the world, BRD.  We talk Crypto, Bitcoin, HR for startups, Fortnight and other multiplayer games and how they relate to the crypto world, digital natives, what keeps a VP HR up at night, the complex nature of remote work (1/3 of BRD employees are remote), onboarding, Summer vacations, and Unleash 2019 Las Vegas.
May 31, 2019