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Inspirado Projecto celebrates process of creation, riffs, USSU, dreams, epiphanies, interviews, manifestation of reality, improvisation, fringe theories, synchronicities and other surprises. Dr. Demento + National Lampoon + Alan Watts = Inspirado Projecto
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Inspirado Projecto celebrates process of creation, riffs, USSU, dreams, epiphanies, interviews, manifestation of reality, improvisation, fringe theories, synchronicities and other surprises. Dr. Demento + National Lampoon + Alan Watts = Inspirado Projecto

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Dog Clones and More Astounding Tails
Director Spencer McCall (“The Institute”, “In Bright Axiom”) discusses more weirdness, a crazy story by unexpected celebrity Hugo Cary, an amazing chance encounter in Las Vegas with Crewpie Mongomedic, and more! Plus Maria Humphreys, Man Behind The Machine, and Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks make guest appearances!!!
November 10, 2019
KaPow IFF - The Midas Arcade
KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival 2019! Q&As with filmmakers of "Chromo46" and "PASSAGE" from the Unordinary Block, Sept 19. Also, Q&As after the Midas Block with filmmakers of "Make A Film Foundation",  "Masheenee Alcketiara", "Last Christians", "Millicent, Me and The Apple Tree", "Roya", "Terms & Conditions", "Diablo", "Double Entendre", and "As The Crow Flies" on Sept 19. We also have a fun interview with co-founder Chris Kooreman and a few wonderful filmmakers after the Awards After Party outside of Player One Arcade Bar. Plus, some fun sentiments from: Micky Dolenz from the Monkees, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, and Awesomesauce Radio! 
November 8, 2019
Animal Yachtleys
Yachtley Crew plays at a private Halloween auction fundraiser party for animal welfare, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul podcast calls in about KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, Pauly Shores/Tommy Buoy/Stoney Shores from Yachtley Crew call 561-203-9179r outside of Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach before their gig,  Awesomesauce Radio Podcast calls in with a sweet message, curious idea about scooter-hacking, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hello and LOTS MORE!!!! 
November 3, 2019
Unusual Sunspace
Comedian Craig Spivek from CraigCast talks about high value spikes, excerpts from “Unusual Tuesdays” at Sunland Sunspace (from two different days), Man Behind The Machine makes a guest appearance, Mad Shelley Productions introduces the episode and lots more surprises!
October 31, 2019
Yächtley Geekout Cosmos
Before Yächtley Crëw plays at a private party, we geekout about sound engineering w/ Willie and Arturo. Simultaneously, we Interview two bright 12 year olds about the cosmos: Aidan and his best friend Nathaniel, along w/ his Mom Candice. Plus, Man Behind The Machine poses interesting questions, Robert Broski from Twin Peaks shows up, and more!!
October 28, 2019
Inaugural SoCal Podcast Explosion
10-23-2019 SoCal Podcast Explosion at Grafton Hotel with Los Angeles podcasters! It was amazing to meet other podcasters who met through and mutually appreciate eachother's work! This episode contains music by Karolina Rose, interviews with: organizer Teniecka Drake from  "God's Gift Through His Word",  Martha Michelle from "Martha's Place", musician Karolina Rose, Yovy D from the "Yovy D Show", Amber 'Smiles' Jones from "Professionally Silly", and Maria Humphreys from "Strong Body Strong Soul"!!!! Plus, a wonderful live recording of one of Karolina Rose's songs! A marvelous event that will continue to unfold each year, no doubt!!! 
October 24, 2019
The Bold and The Beast - KCHUNG 10-21-2019
Director/Writer of feature "BEAST MODE", Spain Willingham and Actor/Writer Stephanie Maura Sanchez join in the KCHUNG 1630am Studio for a chat about the creative process, acting, directing, writing and 80s tv reruns on this 10-19-2019 episode of Inspirado Projecto from the 1630am KCHUNG Studio in Chinatown Los Angeles!!!!!  Spain Willingham's IG @sultankingspain  Stephanie Maura Sanchez "Truth Be Told"  Every 1st and 3rd Mundee, Inspirado Projecto broadcasts from 1630am KCHUNG Chinatown, Los Angeles Studio, between 1-2pm. You can listen here as it happens LIVE: 
October 22, 2019
KaPow IFF - Shatner Universe and Other Masterpieces
KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival 9-17-2019. My Q&A about "Mi O Le Ku", (played during: Foreign Findings block), an interview with John Liggett of Shatner Universe, and also Q&A after feature "LIMBO".  9-18-2019 Q&As after Dramatica block about films "Faith Ties & "Breaking News",  plus Q&As about feature "Blank Frank"! 9-19-2019 Q&As after Unordinary block about "Vanessa Atalanta" and "Lucifer: Infernum Monologue"! Lots of intriguing information on this episode by talented filmmakers! Stay tuned for more! 
October 19, 2019
The Crewpie Simulator
Interview with Yachtley Crew "Crewpies" before a fundraiser in Huntington Beach, Man Behind The Machine poses a question about simulations, a piece of an interview with Spencer McCall about The Latitude Society featured in his documentary "In Bright Axiom", Richard Wilson and his production team Mad Shelley Films gives us a shout out, plus lots more revelations!!!! 
October 12, 2019
KaPow IFF- Day Of The Western Sun and Other Stories
9-16-2019 KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Q&As after the “Contemplative Block” w/ Dave Uchansky, the feature documentary “Day of The Western Sun”, and stories by Ema Shah . Plus, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello and Man Behind The Machine poses a smart question!
October 10, 2019
Awarding Yächtley
Mad Shelley promo, riding to Ventura County Music Awards, soundcheck w/ Yächtley Crëw, Uber interviews, a meeting w/ Andy Gould from Spectacle Entertainment, and more!
October 5, 2019
KaPow IFF - "Dark Reel" And Other Surpises
Sept 15th - KaPow IFF - Q&As with filmmakers during Sci-Fi Bazaar, Unique Block, a fun story by Josh Eisenstadt after his "Dark Reel" 10th Anniversary screening, and a fun interview with the organizers of the NOT Film Festival! Also, we get some wonderful words from Maria Humphreys from the Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast. We can't wait to see the projects you submit for KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival 2020! 
October 3, 2019
Nerginshfargle Finaglers
A wild sound collage of powerpacked perspectives! Pauly Shores on a pennywhistle, Mom & Jenny At Gladstones in Malibu, peanut butter pancakes, Leonard Bernstein geekery, wonderful violinist in Santa Monica, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks, and so much more!!!!
September 27, 2019
Maria Humphreys KaPows Full Moon Palindrome
Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, interviews Nas about KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival! Also, astounding revelations about Andy Kaufman, today being a Full Moon on Friday 13th, Yachtley Crew's show at The Viper Room and Discovery Ventura, AND bigtime enlightening Palindromes !!! Also Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks stops by to say hello! 
September 13, 2019
iHeart Mom Farewell Milwaukee
Part 3 of the World Championship Chili Cookoff: My Mom from Illinois and a woman w/ a unique wedding experience, Max from iHeart, Farewell Milwaukee, Robin Ryder & Shaggy, lots of synchronicities and so much more!
September 10, 2019
Mississippi Gang, 311 Cruisers & The Oasis
Part 2 from the World Championship Chili Cook Off: Jim Lewis with the Mississippi Chili Gang, a surprise encounter w/ 311 Cruisers, interview w/ The Oasis creative space, appearances by Yächtley Crëw ‘s drumtech Robin Ryder & Max from iHeart radio and much more!!
September 10, 2019
Yächtley Chili Cookoff
Yächtley Crëw was invited to play the World Championship Chili Cook Off in Ankeny Iowa. Former owner Carol Hancock interviewed, a palm reading at the airport, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks says hi, my attempt to make the rain clouds disappear, Maria Humphreys says hi and more. This episode is dedicated to my Aunt Gloria Montgomery Clendenin who passed while I was in Iowa.
September 10, 2019
Mortality & Organizing A Film Festival
Organizing KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, impeding death of my Aunt Gloria Moore Clendenin, Mobile Mariachi, Jay Asseng from Twin Peaks, smart scooters. Also podcasters: Clay, Maria Humphreys and Mr. Tourettski. Lots of new revelations and much more!
September 6, 2019
Boggled Synchronauts
Journey to Santa Monica Pier for Josh Eisenstadt’s Birthday, MAD Shelley Films says hi, revelations about Gumbo, synchronicities on the subway, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival call for podcasters Sept 13-19, and much more!
September 2, 2019
KaPow Of Blythe Spirits
An essential Blythe Baines interview about amazing synchronicities, Jay Asseng of Twin Peaks says hello, lots of riffs. We dig into the inner workings of 2019 KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Sept 13-19, and invite Los Angeles podcasters to join us at this annual event !!! Filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, all kinds of industry folks, including a screening for Josh Eisenstadt’s 10 Year Anniversary screening of “Dark Reel” shot on 35mm! See it on September 15th!!! Plus more shenanigans! Http://
August 31, 2019
surReality Sculptioneers - Spencer, Blythe & 311 Cruisin'
Giblets of interview soundscapes, starring: Musician/Alchemist Blythe Baines discussing how she weaves cosmic knowledge into her musicwaves with astonishing synchronicity stories (including meeting Lana Del Rey) AND Director Spencer McCall ("The Institute")reveals the magical Latitude Society village from his film "In Bright Axiom". We also get to hear more audio adventures from the 311 Caribbean Cruise w/ a story about Drunk Satan, some quick improv riffs, brand new epiphanies involving the Dead Letter Office, AndyKaufmanLives in the Wayback Machine, Zombie Yacht Rock ("Rot Yuck" or "Yacht Rot" ?) idea, the beginnings of Eye-Gee Theme Song, MAD Shelley Production Team gives you a very big supernatural hug and MORE!!!!!!!  Thank you Spotify for sponsoring us! 
August 29, 2019
Yächtley Lakesides & Lakeshores
Another carnivale of Yachtley Crew behind-the-scenes at KUSI News on "Good Morning San Diego",  Lakeside Country Club AND Lakeshore Hotel & Resort!  Plus an appearance from Micky Dolenz, a new dream, a selection from "Waging Heavy Peace" by Neil Young, 300mg caffeine experience, Clay says hello, Nick Nolte calls Inspirado Hotline, lots of epiphanies, MAD Shelly Pictures stops by to give you some love, and so much more!!!! 
August 27, 2019
311 Cruisin w/ Spencer McCall
Spencer McCall, director of “The Institute”, “Bright Axiom”, “The Esquire” and many others, shares what it’s like to be a manager of perception (first part). Plus a FunFact by Henry D. Horse, a piece from the 311 Cruise w/ Yächtley Crëw and more!
August 22, 2019
Late Night Surprises at KCHUNG
A longtime question is finally magically answered: “Who started KCHUNG?” on this 8-19-2019 evening at KCHUNG Studios. Earlier during the day, we broadcasted live (1-2pm PST) returning on a secret mission to retrieve a file. Plus Gregorio DiCapprio calls synchronistically at the same moment I attempt to go live on the air, accidentally becoming a radio telephone interwiewee. -check out to hear the KCHUNG episode w/ Craig Spivek, Connor McCrory and Phil Donlon -
August 21, 2019
Craig The Carmedian
Comedian Craig Spivek and I simulcasting our podcasts (his is called “CraigCast”), on our way to KCHUNG 1630am for the 1-2pm PST slot, Mundee, 8-19-2019! Also we unravel another enlightening segment about open mics, on our way back! Plus, Tilli and her song “26th Floor w/ Dave Grohl makes an appearance! Thank you Mad Shelley for the endorsement!
August 19, 2019
Strong Yächtley Soul
Yächtley Crëw plays SAILED OUT shows at The Canyon in Agoura Hills and Alex’s Bar in Long Beach! Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul visits, Philly Ocean gets a phlat tire, we learn about the miracle of Lenz & Spectacle, Nick Nolte has a few words of wisdom to w/ us via Inspirado Hotline 561-203-9179, and MAD Shelley Films gives a MAD endorsement (check out their series “Under The Flowers” sometime)!!!
August 19, 2019
311 Cruisin’ And Relay Racin’
This features 311 Caribbean Cruise audioscapes, when Yachtley Crew was invited to play their ship in 2019. An interview with my pool relay race team, "Plan B Survivors" on Belize,  moments leading up to our first performance on the pooldeck, and other revelations!!!! We met many wonderful 311 Familia and I recorded only a few hours during my time there, as I was involved with meeting new joyful cruisers. I've included bits of these recordings in past episodics of Inspirado Projecto, and will continue to add more in future episodics!  If you ever want to feel the true meaning of "Carpe Diem", go on a 311 Cruise sometime! 
August 16, 2019
Escape Room Fire Frenzy
Inspirado Projecto, third responder to a big fire!!! Our documentation of this startling event, new Henry D. Horse funfact, bright epiphanies, Vinnie Barbarino has a word, Mad Shelley makes s guest appearance, Gary Busey calls the hotline 561-203-9179r, and more!!!
August 15, 2019
Riverly Yächtley Reveries
3 day tour w/ Yächtley Crëw- Big Bear, Santa Clarita, Newport Beach- interviews w/ 2 Uber drivers of different nomenclatures, extraordinary contribution from Robert Wilson and the talented cast/crew of “Under The Flowers”, bts w/ Yächtley Crëw members , a new guitar riff, and a tsunami of more hijinxx!
August 13, 2019
MAD Spivek
Craig Spivek gives us a DOOZIE of a synchronicity on the hotline, a reading from Robert M McCammon’s book “Boys Life”, Micky Dolenz says hi, Henry D.Horse w/ a Funfact, Catsa Claws, new riffs, your biggest mistakes, epiphanies, and lots more!
August 9, 2019
Crosstown Traffic Stories
Lots of epiphanies, stories, synchronicities and other none such during a car ride back from dropping my Sister off at the airport. Thank you Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks for saying hello!
August 8, 2019
On The Rox And Other ANIMA
ANIMA, Second City, The Blues Brothers, Sheldon Patinkin, Jeff Cahill, Columbia College in Chicago, Thom Yorke’s wisdom about creativity, dreams, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks says hi, and lots more...are found within the layers of this episode!
August 8, 2019
Sudden Reveals
Quadrophenia findings, new 561-203-9179 hotline voicemails (Gary Busey appears), a spontaneous guitar riff, disturbing homelessness, fun with vocabulary, the Final newsstand version of MAD Magazine #9 and much more!
August 7, 2019
Manifestation Apparitions - 1630am KCHUNG
8-5-2019 KCHUNG 1630am Chinatown - An enlightening discussion between Blythe Baines, Sterling Mire and Captain Nicholas about synchronicities, ghosts, music and other curiousities! Also, a Celebrity Afterlife Report podcast, musicalities by Blythe Baines, Gray (Dyllan Bernard), and Bing Crosby! 
August 6, 2019
Del Coronado and The Gang
Part 2 hiking w/ Pauly Shores of Yachtley Crew, messages from the Hotline 561-203-9179, Blythe Baines says hello, a trip to the post office, a curiousity concerning Sting, and much much more including a ninja sighting in Chinatown!!!! 
August 6, 2019
Arrival of Sterling B-52s
Sterling Mire enlightens bright attitude adjustments, a new guitar riff emerges, Pauly Shores takes us on a hike, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello, the B-52s rockin Loveshack on their 40th Anniversary (thank you Dina Kourda), new revelations, Man Behind The Machine talks FaceApp, and much more!!
August 5, 2019
Lazerscopic Resonance
Tribute bands, the new hit song “Boo Yah”, a synchronicity involving Christine from The Alley, Fun Fact from Henry D. Horse, Maria Humphreys says hello, the coffee cup anomaly continues, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks stops by, a new riff, and so much more! 
July 30, 2019
Morphogenetic Fields
Robert Broski from Twin Peaks says hello, a movie idea about jury duty, backstage with Yachtley Crew at Coach Housee in San Juan Capistrano, Uber driver interview, a street performance artist, guitar riffs, new revelations, Man Behind The Machine pops in, and much more! 
July 28, 2019
Blythe Baines Reality Transurfer
An extraordinary conversation w/ oracle Blythe Baines about synchronicities, music, writing, Snoop Dogg & “White Rabbit”, and lots of epiphanies!
July 26, 2019
Yächtley Intelligence - Y.I.
Yächtley Crëw behind the scenes at Saint Rocke, interviewing a harmonica player, Blythe Baines says hi, Hawkins USSU, Pauly Shöres reads from “Captain Awesome #1”, new riffs, True Intelligence With Man Behind The Machine, Gonzo at vet, Pie Is Love, Yächtley Crëw And GRACEBAND At Starlightbowl promo and more!!
July 24, 2019
Hypnalogical Neurocatch
Real life Superhero, James Bond and Batman synchronicity, revelations onto the post office, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees, “They Live” and “Parallel” movies, new improv riffs, Eye-Gee story epiphany, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, Aye Eyes - Detective Agency, unexpected celebrities, and more!
July 21, 2019
Rodëo Of Yächtleys
A cosmic soup of what’s where and how to get there . Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks stops by, Bored of The Rings by National Lampoon, Ghosts at Viper Room, Yächtley Crëw shenanigans, Uber interview about cooking, Grayson, Nicoletta and The Gang l. On the ways to: Surf Rodeo and KCHUNG, Gaslamp Attic Fire, and more in the big top of bizarrity!
July 19, 2019
Hyperwarp Dimension Curios
The idea book is opened and revelations are presented. Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks stops by to say hello and much much more!
July 16, 2019
Birthday And The Youth
Hanging out w/ Dori on her Birthday, a slew of epiphanies, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks says hi, riffs, Inspirado Hotline - 561.203.9179r - Man Behind The Machine, Clay & Forgotten Tales. Quantum Leap revelations, helicopter synchronicity, ”Open Letter To The Youth Of Our Generation” - Hunter S. Thompson, poisonous bug collector, “You’ve Been Unlocked”, and more!
July 11, 2019
Yächtley’s Believe It Or Yacht
Desert Diamond Casino w/ Yächtley Crëw, epiphanies and incantations w/ Dori, musician Anthony Herr from Stitch Ink., feeding a bird Tardis, interviewing Progressive Universal Society, new videogame delivery app, Wyndham Earle hijinx, Christmas carolers, Maria Humphreys says hi, singing w/ Elvis In The Wind and more!
July 11, 2019
Dessert Yächtley Diamond
Yächtley Crëw visits Desert Diamond Casino In Sahuarita, Richard Wilson of Mad Shelley says hi, tracker attackers, library snot , looking for Jenny in the Walmart Vortice, Uber w/ Baba Buoy & David Buoy, meeting Heather from Manhattan Dolls Doppleganger, revelations w/ Dori and much more!!!
July 10, 2019
Yächtley Porthole Portal
Yächtley Crëw’s journey through “Good Morning San Diego” on KUSI, sailing out MUSICBOX and Discovery Ventura! A real-life Superhero, Padres’ Swingin’ Friar, percussion made w/ leaves, Miss Ruby Tuesday says hi, epiphanies & synchronicities, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul and more!
July 3, 2019
Yächtley Cola
Skateboarding to LA Grip, some new riffs, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello, Obi sings his Coca-Cola song, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, a Funfact by Henry D. Horse, Yächtley Crëw arrives to Hampton, Mike Schlie talks about being a clown, epiphanies and more!
July 2, 2019
Youniversal 311 Cruise Language
311 Cruise giblets w/ Yächtley Crëw, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees says hello, a new riff, The Universal Language - Robert Grant, interview w/Uber, Fun Facts - Henry D. Horse, Pauly Shores Careful Whisper, Costume Party Deck and more!
June 26, 2019
Octagons Merging Hexagons
Running into Ana Marte from an Uber ride a few months ago, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hi, The Death Of Dentistry - Russell Edson , Good News Bears, Ukraine Fest, Inspirado Hotline - 561.203.9179r - featuring John Wayne, Relationship Talk Podcast, And Maria more!
June 25, 2019
Value Maleability
Real Life Superhero, new riffs, Man Behind The Machine has a question, Values & Definitions , Inspirado Hotline - 561.203.9179r, Insomniacs video productions, “Let’s Get Riders Love to Love” - a song created w/ many various riffs, and much more!
June 24, 2019
311 Cruisin’ With Bowie
Our first 311 Cruise segment, a new guitar riff, Man Behind The Machine ponderings, giving berth, intriguing David Bowie info, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks, new epiphanies, Maria Humphrey’s says hi, a song by Gray and lots more!
June 22, 2019
Soundsourcery Society w/ Sherriel and August
Soundscapes, philosophies and selections with Nutrition Consultant Lawrence August ("Give It All Away") and Composer Namon Sherriel ("AIYK") are explored. Musician Blythe Baines and Woodsman Robert Broski from "Twin Peaks" give endorsements, podcasters: Awesome Sauce, Man Behind The Machine and Mr. Touretteski stop by to say hello, we reveal the Inspirado Hotline 561-203-9179r theme song, and so much more is found! 
June 20, 2019
Mario Lopëz and Yächtley Crëw
Rancho Simi Community Park w/ Yächtley Crëw, new guitar riff, behind the scenes w/ Yächtley Crëw at the Mario Lopëz Gölf Tournament for Saint Joseph Hospital, Man Behind The Machine peeks out, new epiphanies, Crispin Glover Slide Show, a whole ‘nother unruly perspective and...lotsa moré!
June 20, 2019
Sterling Mire and The Art Of Manifestation
Michael Schlie and Sterling Mire converse about connecting best with the universe and how to manifest our dreams. She also gives us a brief history about Laurel Canyon and some startling synchronicities concerning Leonard Cohen and Jim Morrison! We dive deep into what it really means to be responsible for our actions, and how our language directly reflects the happenings in our reality experience! Also, Henry D. Horse gives us some Fun Facts, Micky Dolenz stops by to say hello, and much much more!  You can order Michael Schlie's book "Infinity Diet" HERE!. You can also submit your masterpiece HERE to Domino Interactive Film Festival! Click HERE to book a consultation with Sterling Mire!
June 19, 2019
Yächtlëy Stëw
Yächtlëy Crëw behind the scenes at a couple different gigs, interview w/ lighting technician Tanner, BATMAN ‘66 theme song w/ Pauly Shores, interview w/ The Swansons band, an Uber painter and much more than anticipated!
June 15, 2019
Certifiable Sanities
Investigating fires at Tokyo Delves, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, Founder Of Domino Interactive Film Festival Michael Schlie brainstorms about vitamins, a new iPhone 8 discovery and more!
June 13, 2019
Composer Extraordinaire Namon Sherriel
An intriguing interview with Namon Sherriel in Downtown Los Angeles about his music composing process and where he derives inspiration. He's been a guest on 1630am KCHUNG Chinatown and a song of his is featured at the end of the interview, so make sure to stick around!  Thank you Anchor for sponsoring us!
June 7, 2019
August Tuesday Wishing To Float
Dimensions are multiplied in this continuum, starring: Man Behind The Machine with some DEVO revelations, Lawrence August and the National Fittest School Challenge, Miss Ruby Tuesday and her observance of Fun Fact by Henry D. Horse about Hollyweirdland!  We hear the "Operation Tone Up" theme song by Beat Royalty, Vie Le, Lawrence August & Curt Clendenin. We get to hear a caller referencing an Instagram Story, experience a song by neurowavenaughts Wishing To Float, and many more synchronistic nuggets!  Thank you Anchor for sponsoring us! 
June 5, 2019
Sandbox Island
We focus on the joys of creation process and in this episode, there's an island-full! We've got riffs-a-plenty, quick epiphanies (including an improvised #SaveTheTick song), synchronicities, bizarre reality circumstances, messages from 561-203-9179 Hotline (including Lady Enigma, Man Behind The Machine and a Po Boy Sammich-maker),  an olde recording of Jean Shepherd pondering "generations" on WOR, clips recorded recently/weeks ago, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello, and so much more! 
May 30, 2019
Send A Letter #SaveTheTick
Yachtley Crew epiphanies, marine mammal recovery w/ Michael Schlie, Inspirado Hotline w/ Man Behind The Machine, Maria Humphreys and Clay Hill. Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hi, a guitar riff, Tommy Buoy interview, FunFacts - Henry D. Horse, #SaveTheTick at Post Office and more!
May 29, 2019
KCHUNG Saves The TICK on 1630am - Hurwitz Arneson, Mire and Finn
5-20-2019 A.E.G.I.S. KCHUNG 1630am Studio - A superteam composed of: Susan Hurwitz Arneson (Wordsmyther of "TICK" & Executive Producer of "PREACHER"), Sterling Mire ("Get Your Life Now" Lifecoach and Founder of "Intuitive Life by Sterling") and Jeff Finn (Creator of docu-series "Before The End" about Jim Morrison), gather in manifesting a harmonic new network for "TICK" to call home... (recent news has Amazon Prime discontinuing "TICK" Season 3)*  P L E A S E  S I G N   T H E   P E T I T I O N * and let's experiment with the idea of at least 5 more seasons of this witty, positive, exciting, moral, puntastic, collaborative-encouraging, superhero series, by also tagging #savethetick everywhere on the internet! SPOON! We also get to hear a Celebrity Afterlife Report Podcast, an interview with Orson Welles & Andy Kaufman, discussions about the creative process & essential elements for ideal collaboration...also... Micky Dolenz makes a special appearance! Curt E. Clendenin says, "Stay tuned to the Inspirado Projecto Youtube Channel for in-studio video footage recorded by Michael Schlie (Author of "Infinity Diet" and Founder of Domino Interactive Film Festival) coming soon and thank you to our Sponsor Anchorfm! "
May 22, 2019
Dali in Dizzyland
Dizzyland by Lawrence August, 561-203-9179r, thoughts about Salvador Dali thanks to Man Behind The Machine, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul, Nigerian fundings, a new jibberish riff, Monkee Beatles and more!!!
May 15, 2019
Dominoes of Collaboration
A media-filled audioscape w/ Fun Facts by Henry D. Horse, Mike Schlie gives us insight into Domino Interactive Film Festival, a new riff, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hi, some new epiphanies, Man Behind The Machine talks about catfishing & stories from the Dark net, Giant Steps w/ Pauly Shores and more!!
May 13, 2019
Sëaing Is Yächtlëy
Attack of the Yächtlëygulls, Micky Dolenz says hi, epiphanies, wonderful sentiments from Enigma, a new riff, Domino Interactive Film Festival, interview w/ an Uber driver and more!
May 11, 2019
Fallopian Juggernauts
Viper Room shenanigans w/ Yächtlëy Crëw, a series of synchronicities, Man Behind The Machine makes a request, Richard Wilson from Mad Shelley says hi, an interview w/ an Uber Lawyer, Fun Fact by Henry D. Horse, a new riff, and MORE!
May 8, 2019
Mirthy Mayhaps
A journey to the post office brings up all kinds of surreality. Funfacts from Henry D. Horse, Interview w/ an Uber drummer, a fun message from Man Behind The Machine, epiphanies about delusions, Robert Broski From Twin Peaks speaks, and lots more unexpected happenings!
May 3, 2019
Present Hindsight
Our friends in Niceville, Brand new medicine called Zanadu, interview w/ an Uber driver, Sister Golden Hair remake, message from a wineguzzler on Inspirado Hotline, and more!
May 1, 2019
Howlers Strike Again
Eddie Vedder sings the Inspirado Hotline - 561 203 9179r, Terence McKenna talks freakery, Man Behind The Machine has questions, a new uke riff, Midnight Howlers by Nico VLoo, Mr Touretteski makes an awesome poster for Eye-Gee, an Uber driver interview and more!
April 27, 2019
Crypto Ionosphere
Sister Jenny relates her UFO Sighting, Eddie Vedder Inspirado Hotline song 561 203 9179r, time traveler John Titor answers obscure questions and more!
April 26, 2019
Twin Temple w/ Robin Ryder
Interview w/ Robin Ryder from Twin Temple in Ventura before a Yächtlëy Crëw gig, Rob Broski the Woodsman from Twin Peaks says hi, Funfacts from Henry D. Horse, interview w/ an Uber Basketball player, Man Behind The Machine talks music, Inspirado Hotline - 561 203 9179r ...and... John Hudson’s book about the actual history of Shakespeare!
April 25, 2019
The Real Shakespeare
Epiphany about Manchester Jamaica, an interesting theory about Shakespeare by time traveler John Titor, Blythe Blaines says hello, Man Behind The Machine w/ Galaxy World stories, Inspirado Hotline - 561 203 9179r, FunFact by Henry D. Horse, Carl Sagan’s Important PSA and more!!!
April 25, 2019
Icebergs & Past Lives
Dick Halloran discusses past lives, CEC contemplates an iceberg village, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hello, we meet an Uber Screenwriter, and many more surprises!
April 24, 2019
Yachtleyland & Magicruises
Interviewing TAPE at Saint Rocke before their show w/ Yächtlëy Crëw, 4RG Girls Division and Talking Animals have a word w/ Man Behind The Machine, Choose Your Quest, Truesday, “Baby Come Back” Synchronicity, Mötley Crüe billboard of “The Dirt” on The Viper Room w/ Yächtlëy Crëw On the marquee playing there the same night, and more!
April 24, 2019
Wilderness Children
Manchester Jamaica Celebration, Fun Facts by Henry D. Horse, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, Pauly Shores of Yachtley Crew Plays Star Wars, a crazy story about my car in a pond, victims of Carpool Tunnel Syndrome, an Uber Climber and more!
April 24, 2019
Modes & Codes
We talk with Mike Schlie about all kinds of intriguing information, from Annunaki to Bible codes.
April 22, 2019
Tampa Temporals
Micky Dolenz of The Monkees • Yachtley in Tampa • Yachtley Journal • Yachtley Sqwaking.
March 1, 2019
Discombobulated Discoveries
Hanging w/ Jeff Finn of “Jim Morrison doc “Before The End”, Intriguing revelations, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, and a riff w/ water!
February 28, 2019
Russian Westworld
Greeting from Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, “Russian Doll” sentiments, epiphanies, and a few ideas from the Cosmic Idea Book!
February 26, 2019
Yachtley KCHUNG
After KCHUNG w/ Mike Schlie, Crockett Bottleson, Lee Bootee and The Wizard of L.A., a fun uke riff, a horse-riding Uber driver, new epiphanies, Micky Dolenz says hello, thoughts from Man Behind The Machine, hanging out w/ Yachtley Crew on Stage 17 and more!
February 23, 2019
ASMR Yachtley
Uber Painter interview, Yachtley Crew at StillWater, James Brown synchronicity, ASMR about chewing acrobatically and a message from Rob Broski from Twin Peaks! Plus Inspirado Hotline Theme Song - 561.203.9179r !
February 18, 2019
Grilling Ed Forman
Jon Gillette talks about “The Second Coming” Movie, Ed Forman on Hollywood Blvd, trek to Glow Getter, a fun CCR synchronicity, Man Behind The Machine memories,, the Sidewalk King, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks and more! Plus- Inspirado Hotline - 561.203.9179r !
February 14, 2019
Aliens Zombies and Stoners with Jon Gillette
Actor/Director/Musician Jon Gillette talks “Aliens, Zombies & Stoners” his upcoming sci-fi. We discuss his UFO experiences, songs and found footage movie “The Light”. Travolta stops by, we get a message from Man Behind The Machine”, plus we hear the Inspirado Participado Theme song - 561.203.9179r . Stop by the AZ&S page and let them know you heard Jon’s interview here-
February 10, 2019
Operation Time Travels
Mr Tone with Operation Tone Up on the way to visiting El Monte schools, Danny Devito & Charlie Rose talk Andy Kaufman, metric systems, Inspirado Hotline Participado - 561.203.9179r, Man Behind The Machine info, and John Titor the Time Traveler from 2036!
February 9, 2019
Historical Dominoes - Ryan Thorpe
Ryan Thorpe unravels our historical trail of shape shifting cosmicality and its influences. During Super Bowl Sunday 2019 in the McGonagle kitchen, many epiphanies are revealed, along with a message from Carl Sagan!
February 6, 2019
Reality Gription Tactics
Worlds from Micky Dolenz from The Monkees, hanging with Yachtley Crew, Philosopher and Historian Ryan Thorpe offers some intriguing insight into how religions were formed, interview with an Uber karaoke singer, Japanese CNN, and MORE! 
February 5, 2019
Hallway School w/ Kelinda & Jerrel
In this episode, Jerrel O’Neal & Kelinda White discuss the art of collaboration, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks shows up, Fun Facts w/ Henry D. Horse, Inspirado Hotline Participado 561.203.9179r, plus Tamagotchi w/ Man Behind The Machine, Landscape Cheerleaders, and other stuff!
February 3, 2019
ET Phones Video Goblins
Interview w/ Uber Musician, improv mania, Man Behind The Machine talks video games, Hellier Goblins, musical thespian Megan Rotunno talks Phantom of the Opera on the bus, Inspirado Hotline Participado theme Song - 561.203.9179r, Fun Facts from Henry D. Horse, Yachtley Crew Viper Room show tonight February 1st, some wise words from Robert Wilson creator of "Under The Flowers"...and more!
February 2, 2019
One Fleeting Thought of You
Grandma's Original Inspirado Projecto theme song from KCHUNG Radio, a question from Man Behind The Machine, an astounding synchronicity w/  avocados, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast drops by with wisdom, an improvised riff, some insight into the idea of being missed when we're "gone", an adventure to find oats, a Fun Fact by Henry D. Horse, and more! 
January 31, 2019
Our Laughing Visitors
Interviews with Yachtley Crew bandmates Pauly Shores, Baba Buoy and David Buoy at Moonshine Beach. Fun Facts from Henry D. Horse, the new fun Inspirado Communicado Hotline Theme song for 561.203.9179r w/ fun messages from Eddie Ganz of Yacht Rock Radio and Russian Costume Designer Vika! New riffs, Man Behind The Machine PSA, Joe Rogan & Billy Corgan talk about process, an old song by CEC (sound engineered by Lawrence August)...and more! 
January 27, 2019
Obi & Jenny Ponder Existence
Obi explains artistic endeavours in Nigeria, a couple riffs, words of wisdom from both Superhero and musician Blythe Baines, a new voicemail from the Inspirado Participado Hotline 561.203.9179r, startling stories, plus more unexpected surprises and revelations! 
January 27, 2019
Victorious Grace
Yachtley Crew at Gaslamp in Long Beach, Uber Podcaster, Philly Ocean - Disney Rabbithole, Tequila w/ Pauly Shores, Mike Stoller Songwriter, Inspirado Projecto Hotline 561-203-9179, Graceband & Setzer , Maria Humphreys talks Pinocchio, and more! Check out Graceband sometime!
January 24, 2019
Quirk Faction Overload
Man Behind The Machine New Year message, late night cola, last words before death, the Consciousness Matrix, epiphanies and other surprises!
January 24, 2019
Scott Ryan from Blue Rose Magazine Pt2
Part 2 of Scott Ryan's interview about Issue #8 of Blue Rose Magazine with Sheryl Lee (available now), his Dale Cooper theories and book "The Women of David Lynch". We hear Fun Facts by Henry D. Horse, a song by Kim Cascone (as "Heavenly Music") Plus some words of wisdom from Jay Aaseng, Rob Broski and Stew Strauss! We also hear readings from "My Life My Tapes" by Dale Cooper and "Catching The Big Fish" by David Lynch. We also receive the first voice message on the newest HOTLINE sensation: Inspirado Communicado 561.203.9179 
January 24, 2019
Godzilla vs King Kong with Phil and Noelle
1-21-2019 is the day after a Full Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, a truly cosmic event. Inspirado Projecto broadcasted on KCHUNG 1630am in Chinatown, Los Angeles. On the way there, thoughts about our 'default' modes are recorded. After the show, Noelle Ewing joins CEC and Phil Donlon with their stories about one of the greatest practical jokes in the World, involving Godzilla and King Kong in Chicagoland. Plus, an old song by CEC called "Great Unknown", Rob Broski makes and appearance, and a Fun Fact from Henry D. Horse! 
January 22, 2019
Happy 70th Birthday Andy Kaufman
Happy 70th Birthday Andy Kaufman! This is chock full of surprises! Stories by Larry King, Judd Hirsch, Jim Carrey, Sheldon Patinkin and Orson Welles. Original songs by Curt Clendenin & Jacque Babb. Andy’s SNL Audition, Tony Clifton’s Joke, a piece of Kaufman’s Carnegie Hall Show, a monologue from Andy’s college days, Andy’s appearance on Bob Pagani’s Slycraft Hour doing a Russian accent for the first time publicly. Plus, Andy’s ex-lover Miss Ruby Tuesday leaves a message, and so does Maria Humphreys!
January 18, 2019
Popular Alignments
Orson Welles & Gary Graver talk UFOs, pipe detectives, Miss Ruby Tuesday and Anchor, Darth Vader discovery, Kim Cascone’s Drone Cinema Film Festival - Jan 19, 2019. Walking in the rain and The Real Jack Handey !
January 17, 2019
Little Wing Jimi Hendrixplosion
Celebration of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” release on January 15, 1968 in America. Monkees’ Mike Nesmith stories from "Infinite Tuesday", Hendrix & Curtis Knight UFO sighting, “Little Wing” uke cover - Jimi's Ghost & Curt Clendenin, Kevin Burshtein & Hendrix interview segments, Frank Zappa talks Jimi, Eddie Vedder wisdom, the time I met Hendrix, Karaoke Celebrity Starz sing a favourite classic, Micky Dolenz says hello and lots more! 
January 15, 2019
Yachtley Gibraltar
David J. Diaz from the Gibraltar Live Music Society lets us know what it's like being the Official Music Ambassador of Gibraltar, working with MTV and his joy of band King Calaway. Also, Yachtley Crew behind the scenes at Discovery Ventura, a new uke riff, Kim Cascone's promo for the Drone Cinema Film Festival 1-19-2018, plus Micky Dolenz stops by!
January 14, 2019
Paranormal Karaoke
A secret location, a Howling Moon, Drone Cinema Film Festival - Jan 19, 2019, singing karaoke classics, Red Dead Redemption In South Park, Dizzy D Vinyl Archive, and more!
January 13, 2019
Arizona Rabbithole
Part2 w/ Dizzy D, from an undisclosed location. Micky Dolenz appears, Phasmabox recordings w/ Dylan Durward & Bob the ghosts, Fun Facts w/ Henry D. Horse, a riveting story about a Devil Dog, a promo for Kim Cascone's Drone Cinema Film Festival - Jan 19, 2019...  and more!
January 13, 2019
Blue Rose Magazine Interview 1
Scott Ryan from Blue Rose Magazine discusses the history of his magazine, his experiences with interviewing his favourite actors/writers from Twin Peaks, and his never before published theories. Rob Broski The Woodsman, also makes a guest appearance, plus more!
January 8, 2019
Groovewich Verbsies
“Purple Line” song, Uber Ghost & UFO experience, • Tape - Grayson after KCHUNG, Subway Starship, Where Did My Microphone Go? AND more!
January 8, 2019
Yachtley Crewpons
Uber Lady Macbeth, Yachtley Crew At StillWater, Viper Room and at a Charity For Borderline victims. Twisted Gypsy soundcheck, Michael Saltz Music Lawyer, and more!
January 8, 2019
Yachtley UFO
Yachtley Crew at The Viper Room Behind The scenes, amazing Mammoth synchronicity, Uber interview about UFO, Drone Cinema Film Festival and more!
January 5, 2019
Rambunctious Corporeal
Hip-Hop Horror Cannibals, Marissa Humphreys photobomb, Drone Cinema Film Festival - Jan 19, 2019, MEAT Clown dynamics, cosmic moment w/ Mike Nesmith & Johnny Cash , Jay Aaseng of Twin Peaks, exciting news about Yachtley Crew, riffs and more!
January 4, 2019
Welcome To 2019!
New Year Eve w/ Yachtley Crew, spontaneous riffs, Drone Cinema Film Festival - Jan 19, 2019 promo, The Man Cursed w/ Seeing UFOs, “Listen To You” by Lawrence August and Curt Clendenin, and more cosmic ponderings!
January 2, 2019
Mom The Aerobic Instructor
Richard Wilson of Mad Shelley , wonderful sentiments from Carl Paoli, Drone Cinema Film Festival - Jan 19, 2019 by Kim Cascone, Mom's stories of sweatin w/ The Oldies , examining the idea book..... and....How To Make A Professional Million Dollar Song In 5 Minutes
December 31, 2018
Comedy From The Belly
Merry Christmas from Awesome Sauce Radio , live Craig Spivek Comedy at HaHa Cafe, afterthoughts with Frank the Tank, maintaining integrity in Police States w/ Tina McCrory,  DeLeon Richards, Prince Ali, and Cory Hauger. Kim Cascone’s Drone Cinema Film Festival Jan 19, 2019 promo. German & Norwegian Fishermen stories by Terri Clendenin, a uke jam riff, visiting a tailor for the first time, Paul Pate Saxolectric and more!
December 30, 2018
The World We Integrated Into
Kim Cascone’s Drone Cinema Film Festival 1-19-2019 promo, Carl Sagan & Iggy Pop make a guest appearance, a cat Christmas, Venice Beach shenanigans, Jimmy Osmond sightings and more!
December 28, 2018
Christmas Starchilden
Unleashed improvised characters emerge, a blossoming song pronounces, new epiphanies swim, Micky Dolenz wisdoms, and synchronicities on Christmas Eve whilst wrapping presence!
December 25, 2018
Roving The Grove
Exploring The Grove and Farmer’s Market w/ Mom and Jenny, meeting Julian and Carol’s goat from, magical words from Superhero, a wonderful rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” from unexpected carolers, a Funfact from Henry D. Horse, investigating amazing Taschen art books, and more!
December 24, 2018
Hollydaze At Disneyland
California Adventure w/ Jenny and Mom for our very first time (thank you Nicoletta!), words from Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, an improvised Krampus song, shopping at Target, Bradley Cooper Sighting, Target discoveries, and miraculously running into my friend Cassandra from “Black Pumpkin”! 🌲 🎅 🐭
December 21, 2018
Dollop of Magic Vapours
Unstable woman on subway, DMV revelations, Wisdom from Stew Strauss of Twin Peaks, embracing the unexpected, and delightful synchronicities!
December 20, 2018
Wild Nature
Returning from the DMV, interviews w/ Uber drivers, Richard Wilson offers wisdom, news about batteries and more!
December 19, 2018
Yachtley Privates & Pirates
Yachtley Crew at Noor Corporate Party, Carnac the Magnificent, Richard Wilson wisdom, surprise BDay for Grayson Brooke, and lots of surprises!
December 17, 2018
Everything Is Connected To My Knowledge
Yachtley Crew’s Private Party At Noor, Mike Allred revelations, synchronicity w/ David Buoy, helping Tommy Buoy’s guitar gear, Jordan and the Last Airbender, Victor The Uber driver and lots more!!!
December 14, 2018
Jim Morrison Breakfast
John Garside hears a ghost, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks appearance, a mysterious letter, Colonel Sanders dessert items, and a wonderful conversation w/ Jeff Finn of “Before The End” documentary!
December 11, 2018
Tape - Fabulouz
The band Tape, at Saint Rocke In Hermosa Beach, before opening for Yachtley Crew. Words from Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks, epiphanies w/ Jenny Clendenin after the show, and other unexpected surprises!
December 10, 2018
Nature Bleeps Train Bloops
Beatboxing w/ nature, Richard Wilson from Mad Shelley Films, an interview while waiting for the train, Man Behind The Machine soundscape, synchronistic moments, an Uber driver who makes commercials and more unexpected happenings!
December 9, 2018
The Living Beats
After Light Up Lantana, w/ Jaimie-lee Wise stories about collaborating on “Balm In Gilead” during Columbia College Chicago (Joan Cusack said it was her favourite version of the play she’d ever seen), words from Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, and wonderful surprises!
December 9, 2018
Light Up Lantana
Light Up Lantana Film/tv industry networking event 12-6-2018. Also words from Micky Dolenz, interviews w/ daredevils Kuteur, screenwriter Dolan Sharpe, and Natalia the outbreak detective. Funny anecdotes from Maria Humphreys and guest appearances by Jaimie-lee Wise and Tracy Hough!
December 8, 2018
KaPow IFF Awards and Eyes
Part 3 of KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Awards Ceremony, a couple of Uber interviews, Miss Ruby Tuesday Wisdom, my first eye exam ever, a promo from Superhero and more!
December 6, 2018
The Earth Meal
Ana Marte interview in Uber, Micky Dolenz Wisdom, Chris M. Gordon talks about Alan Smithee, a robot cooking show, a Funfact by Henry D.Horse, and more!
December 6, 2018
Rudolph Yachtley Arena
Hanging w/ Yachtley Crew at The Arena in Simi Valley, Rudolph synchronicity, talks w/ Phillip Daniel and the Gang, a new motivational speaker, and insight by Tommy Buoy.
December 5, 2018
Yachtley Frisco Porsche
Yachtley Crew adventures through San Francisco, a Porsche party, synchronicities, a thrilling story w/ Thomas Gardner Jr about nearly missing a train, crazy talk w/ David Spangler, and the aftermath of an accident.
December 5, 2018
Peter Beckett and Yachtley Crew
Yachtley Crew At Moonshine Beach In San Diego, a synchronicity at the grocery store, soundcheck w/ Peter Beckett from Player at The Arena, and some epiphanies,
December 5, 2018
Miss Ruby Tuesday and Andy Kaufman
Miss Ruby Tuesday came out to Yachtley Crew’s Nov 30 Borderline Benefit Show At The Arena In Simi Valley. She talks about wrestling Andy Kaufman on 1-29-1981 at Smokey Stovers. Pauly Shores provides a unique promo and fun beatbox on a straw!
December 5, 2018
Sergio Pinheiro 4EVR
Sergio Pinheiro interview about filmmaking and his psychological film 4EVR.
November 27, 2018
Bonanza Jiffies
Yachtley Crew stuff, an interview w/ an Uber driver, ideas and surprises.
November 27, 2018
Loopular Rationales
A vanished mural, Beatles on the subway on the way to Chinatown, a promo from Paul Pate, journeying through Walmart on Thanksgiving Eve, a uke riff and a talk w/ Ginny Uchansky after Thanksgiving.
November 24, 2018
Yachtley Crew at Discovery Ventura
Interview with Tommy Buoy as David Buoy enters the room, conversations with Pauly Shores and his first intentionally haphazard sax riff, wonderful sentiments from Northside Radio, Philly Ocean and Tommy Buoy practice "Steal Away" before the show, Baba Buoy and Pauly investigate a unique video, and a fun uke riff!
November 24, 2018
Lean Into It NOW
We feature an astounding conversation with Alyssa Flowers who was hit by lightning, about synchronicities! Fun Facts from Henry D. Horse, revelations about letting go, a promo from Superhero, and a Thanksgiving song by Curt Clendenin titled "Iam Thankfull"!
November 21, 2018
Umbrage Statics
Hanging w/ Yachtley Crew at Discovery Ventura, uke riffs, words from Richard Wilson and Part 2 of the KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Awards Ceremony!
November 19, 2018
Shock Excellence
KaPow Intergalactic Film Fest Awards Ceremony Part1, some riffs, an Uber driver interview, and some words from Richard Wilson of “Under The Flowers”,
November 18, 2018
Mind Yolks
Exploring MAD Magazine records, ideas w/ Yachtley Crew, uke riffs, a piece from the documentary “Grizzly Project”, curiosities and conundrums! 👁
November 14, 2018
Broadways of Signs
Fun Facts from Henry D. Horse, epiphanies about accents, MEAT Clown advice, uke riffs, cat explorations and unexpected connections!
November 13, 2018
Formulae Ville
Synchronicities abound, Micky Dolenz, epiphanies glow, and a talking uke.
November 13, 2018
Peace Frog & Stan Lee
“Peace Frog” Doors tribute band antics, a word from Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, a Funfact from Henry D. Horse and the awesomeness of Stan Lee!
November 12, 2018
Veterans Day Ponderings
Freedom of choice puzzle, Veterans Day, and commonalities of Twin Peaks, The Prisoner and LOST. Happy Veterans Day!
November 12, 2018
Lamplight City
Today we review “Lamplight City”, a clever point-and-click adventure game by Grundislav Games! Thank you Emily Morganti for facilitating this exchange!
November 9, 2018
Gauche Mandlebrot
Yachtley Crew hijinx over the course of a few days in the tour van ! Yowzah!
November 9, 2018
Yachtley Varietals
The TSA surprises John Wayne. Plus, a road trip w/ Yachtley Crew during the “Batten Down The Hatches” Tour!
November 8, 2018
Wandering Fierce
On the way to KCHUNG w/ Brian D’Vil, epiphanies, pre-game thoughts w/ CrystalsArtLove and Formerly Alien w/ MEAT Clown Representative #CRM114 .
November 6, 2018
Formerly Crystal Alien Love
KCHUNG 1630AM - 11/5/2018 - “Formerly Crystal Alien Love” - On this show from the secret underground KCHUNG Studio of Chinatown! Stars- Event Specialist Brian D’vil of Holly Wood World, #CRM114 Consumer Relations Drone From MEAT Clown Buttons, Crystal Wizards Vael & Gem of , A + B of philosophical space band Formerly Alien, and the Station Manager Captain Nicholas who holds it all together. We discuss synchronicities, the Nov 4 “Bloody Bobby” screening at Sun Space, artistic process and a Fun Fact from Henry D. Horse. We also experience a very special live performance by Formerly Alien, for the first time ever on Inspirado Projecto!
November 6, 2018
Funkadelic Yachtley Clown
Bloody Bobby and hanging with Yachtley Crew
November 5, 2018
Happy All Hollows
Hunting for Halloween masks & decorations w/ Brian D’Vil of Hollow Wood World, for the Nov screening of “Bloody Bobby” at Sun Space! Marvelous guest appearances by Undies Funded, Strong Body Strong Soul & Man Behind The Machine Podcasts. Plus a rare song titled “I Wish I Did”.
November 2, 2018
Happy Halloweve!
Yachtley Crew shenanigans, Wisdom from Mad Shelley Films, Bloody Bobby Nov 4 Halloween horror at SunSpace in Sunland CA on Halloween Eve, and a whole lot more surprises!
October 31, 2018
Unusual Tuesdays
Interviewing Brian D'vil from Hollow Wood World about booking bands, conversations with the creators of Sunspace, and some of the craziness that ensues on "Unusual Tuesdays". Also a word from Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks!
October 26, 2018
Quazars In Prizmlands
Some new revelations about trains & mermaids, synchronicities, a word from Superhero, some new insight from Maria Humphreys, Man Behind The Machine gives us some found audioscapes, the November 4 "Bloody Bobby" screening at Sunspace, and hanging out with Yachtley Crew...
October 23, 2018
StillWater With Yachtley Crew
Interview w/ an Uber Opera singer, a synchronicity involving Darin Toonder and hanging out with Yachtley Crew at StillWater in Dana Point!
October 22, 2018
Triforium Moonstone Pt 2
10-19-2018 at the Triforium in Los Angeles Part 2... The Wizard of LA and friends say goodbye to Reggie Watts and voyage to an artist party, to meet up w/ Michaelangelo for his Birthday... We also meet Hannah Rae a spirit medicine enthusiast from , in addition to amazing jewelry-crafters from who we share amazing discussions about Alan Watts and synchronicities!
October 20, 2018
Triforium Watts Pt1
From 10-19, visiting the Triforium w/ The Wizard of LA, Reverend Marc, Michaelangelo, Tara and other Wizards. Jherek Bischoff + Quartet plays a horror-esque song, Reggie Watts talks about his performance at the Triforium, Superhero gives us an introduction, and astounding synchronicities occur.
October 20, 2018
The Midas Present Eater at KaPow IFF
Broadcasting 10-4-2018 at KaPow IFF w/ the masterminds of "Bed Eater" and "The Present." We also get Q&As for the Midas Block featuring: "Lazer Town", "The Circle" "KATY", "4EVR", and "Rockstar"!! Henry D. Horse also gifts us a new Funfact, the scoop about the Nov 4 screening of "Bloody Bobby" at Sunspace, cosmic data from Alan Watts, and revelations while hanging out with Yachtley Crew.
October 19, 2018
Masterclass Mindblast
Upcoming Bloody Bobby screening Nov 4 at Sunspace in Sunland. Plus, ideas strike the antenna w/ Yachtley Crew in Cordevalle, Maria Humphreys calls in through the quantum field, The Woodsmen: Stew Strauss & Rob Broski from Twin Peaks give advice, and MEAT Clown unveils the cosmic curtain!
October 18, 2018
Posters and Wine
Part 2 of Matt Jones at KaPow IFF on 10-4 talking about the importance of a good movie poster, Funfacts w/ Henry D. Horse, plus Yachtley Crew at Cordevalle w/ wine barrels and at Sealegs in Huntington Beach.
October 16, 2018
The Open Stream
The journey to KCHUNG Studio for 10-5 broadcast of Inspirado Projecto Radio (including an interview w/ an Uber driver and synchronicities), mixed with audio of Yachtley Crew creating fun Eagles and Michael Jackson acapellas, a word from Jay Aaseng, new riffs, a Funfact from Henry D. Horse, MEAT Clown discoveries and Maria Humphrey's keen reaction!
October 16, 2018
Tee Times and Movie Posters
Matt Jones talks at KaPow IFF on 10-4-2018, about the importance of dynamic movie posters (Part 1), hanging out with Yachtley Crew & Paul McCartney on the golf course, uke riffs, Fun Facts w/ Henry D. Horse, and an unexpected visit from the TSA!
October 15, 2018
Cold Super Flowers
KaPow IFF 10-3-2018 coverage of Perspectives Block w/ "Under The Flowers", "Cold" and "Portrait of a Superhero"! A message from John Wayne from Forgotten Tales, hanging w/ Yachtley Crew, Funfacts by Henry D. Horse, synchronicities w/ a Wedding video/Infinite Self audio, MEAT Clown history and wild turkeys on a golf course!
October 13, 2018
Artistic Superheroes
10-3-2018 KaPow IFF coverage during the Artistic Block Q&As with "Bed Eater" and "Silent Love Stories". Also, a fun message from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, a Funfact by Henry D. Horse, some words from MEAT Clown, hanging w/ Yachtley Crew, wisdom from Stewart Strauss from Twin Peaks, a promo by Mr. Touretteski, and an interview with a real-life Superhero!!!
October 11, 2018
Nowhere To Hide Couples At KaPow IFF
More KaPow IFF coverage, from 10-2-2018 with Q&As from "Nowhere To Hide"! Also Q&As from 10-3, after the "Families and Couples" block w/ "Family Pipes" and "Good Business Sense"! Behind the scenes w/ Yachtley Crew, an entry from Forgotten Tales Podcast, a word from MEAT Clown, a song about Doctor Who w/ Kelsey Wailes, and a Funfact by Henry D. Horse!
October 10, 2018
Curious Mysteries of KaPow IFF
Oct 1, 2018 - Filmmaker Q&As at KaPow IFF with Feature "13 Mysteries". Also: "Landlocked", "The Most Splendid Episode" and "Booster Mom" from the Curious Block. Alsoalso: Henry D. horse w/ Funfacts, John Wayne from Forgotten Tales, important wisdom of Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks: The Return, and an imperative PSA from MEAT Clown Button Product Solutions. We also feature a behind-the-scenes moment w/ Pauly Shores during the recent "Batten Down The Hatches" Mini-Tour.
October 8, 2018
Splendidly Unusual KaPow IFF
On 9-30-2018 at KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, we conversate with luminaries: A.J. Tedesco and Julian Olariu, present Q&As after Feature film "Ghost Squad", The Unusual Block: "Furco", "Color of the Chameleon", "Before Jelly Fish", "Portal Fuel", and also from the Splendid Block: "4EVR" & "Control C.E."! Also layered in are Fun Facts from Henry D. Horse, a promo from Man Behind The Machine Podcast, a celebrity sighting of Rob Broski from Twin Peaks, and important propaganda from everyone's favourite Sponsor, MEAT Clown Industries!
October 7, 2018
Family Friendly and Black Pumpkin
KaPow IFF - Sept 29, 2018 - Q&A with Family Friendly Block movies "Planeman", "John Foley: Motivationally Speaking", "Fanman's Basement" and "Brother's Day Out"! in addition to the "Bloody Bobby" and "Black Pumpkin" screenings!
October 1, 2018
KaPow Intergalactic Film Fest 2018
KaPow Intergalactic Film Fest First Day, Sept 28th, 2018. Lots Of Unexpected Surprises! A Q&A with the makers of "In This Gray Place", an interview w/ Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, and all the crazy hubbub after the "Black Pumpkin" premiere! Dave Uchansky Q&A of the Comedy Block w/ "El Exorcista", "Voodoo Vanessa", "Female Friendly", "Down To Earth," "I Think I Need A Drink", "The Box", and "Michael Half-Life" !
September 29, 2018
Yachtley Crew Lobster Rock
Yachtley Crew at Lobster Rock in Redondo Beach, cat congas, Dr Spore the Wizard, and Man Behind The Machine!
September 24, 2018
Yachtley Crew & Celebrities
A deeper investigation into Yachtley Crew and talking w/ celebrities like Pal Reno! Also, a sweet message from Horns & Halos Podcast!
September 21, 2018
Conjunctioned Yachtley Knots
Hanging w/ Yachtley Crew in Reno and the intriguing surprises contained therein!
September 20, 2018
Reno w/ Yachtley Crew
A crazy parallel universe Beatles' song (and Bashar's transmissions about it), Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, roadtrippin with Yachtley Crew to Reno, Funfacts w/ Henry D. Horse, and a funny message from Diego McCloud
September 19, 2018
Yachtley Crew In Mammoth
Yachtley Crew Adventures Through June Lake.
September 15, 2018
Reading Future Stories
Twin Peaks' Robert Broski advice, extraterrestrial theorems, robust fiction writing perspectives, decision-makings for black holes and icebergs, the Dolores Cannon film, and the art of predictions.
September 13, 2018
Satisfied Kaleidoscape
A beautiful message from Martha (of the World-Renouned Podcast, "Martha's Place"), an EP of uke soundscapes, curious puzzlements, bushels of spider monkey mayhem and Jack Nicholson.
September 13, 2018
Freedom Performances
A great message from Forgotten Tales, some insight while shopping, Alan Watts wisdom, an interview w/ a guy in the laundry room, a conversation w/ Ryan McGonagle and more!
September 13, 2018
Triangle Amplification Device
We get a wonderful message from John Garside of Forgotten Tales, a Fun Fact from Henry D. Horse and an astounding story from Mike Schlie about the baffling history of Earth!?!?
September 11, 2018
Connecting Constellations
John Garside from Forgotten Tales impersonates himself, Pagan-related adventures w/ Mike Schlie and an intriguing excercise called a "Constellation".
September 10, 2018
HollyWeiorld History
A sweet message from Martha of "Martha's Place", uncanny stories about the movie business w/ Mike Schlie, and secret codes by Doctor Gonzo.
September 10, 2018
Spooky Action At a Distance
Great question from Maria Humphreys, the Max Neptune theme song by Luis Narino, thoughts from Mr. Touretteski, my ideas about sarcasm, a great message from John Garside of Forgotten Tales, and subway revelations!
September 9, 2018
Cosmic Yachtley Peace
An Uber cook, a fun message by Forgotten Tales, Yachtley Crew soundcheck, meeting the masterminds of Cosmic Eye & Peace Frog, some nice folks at Rock & Reilly's, talks outside before the Viper Room show, and after show exhaustion.
September 8, 2018
The Parallel Beatles
"Black Pumpkin" trailer released before 9-29 Double Feature screening at KaPow IFF 12pm, an unreleased Beatles song from a parallel universe, Elle Yeah sends a wonderful message, and a synchronicity-filled conversation w/ John Garside of Forgotten Tales!
September 7, 2018
Poetic Epitaphographers
Contemplations about epitaphs, curiousities about "Banish-mints", new "Black Pumpkin" trailer, unexpected jam jazz with David Buoy and Pauly Shores backstage after Yachtley Crew, a great promo by Maria Humphreys, a song about a possible gathering, and a very lovely message from Mary from Mary's Place Podcast!
September 5, 2018
Cosmic Tourguides Too
Our Lost Angles adventure w/ Tara & Reverend Marc after our KCHUNG 1630am broadcast in Chinatown! Maria Humphreys also delivers sage advice, and Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks Season 3 stops by to say hi!
September 5, 2018
Cosmic TourGuides1
Cosmic Tourguides, Marc & Tara, go on an adventure through LA, after our KCHUNG 1630am show in Chinatown. Forgotten Tales leaves a sentiment about the recent quake, then CEC begs you to help him solve the answer to a burning question.
September 4, 2018
Your Wish Is Granted
Pre-Yachtley Crew journey through Ventura w/ Philly Ocean and his Mom Brenda, encountering great fortune from Zoltar, a fun message from Mr. Touretteski, and GIANT SQUIDS!!!
September 3, 2018
Yachtley Crew & Surprises
Theme song by Forgotten Tales, unexpected grocery store interviews, a wonderful message from Digital Wild West, soundcheck w/ Yachtley Crew and Thomas Gardner Jr,
September 1, 2018
Perpetuate Aghast
A message from Forgotten Tales, dreaming big, a promo from Man Behind The Machine and one of the most magical synchronicity moments yet!
August 30, 2018
Conjure Happy
Discoveries by Maria Humphreys, unique revelations, a song by Thomas Gardner Jr, and Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks Season 3 shows up!
August 29, 2018
Craig Spivek Comedy Gems
Weird Al's star, Forgotten Tales, Craig Spivek comedy, Jamie Kennedy and Jack's history of HaHa Cafe.
August 28, 2018
Absurdity Eyes Reality
"Different Strokes:The Return Part 4", lots of unexpected guests, Neville Goddard wisdom about Imagination, Funfacts by Henry D. Horse, a marvelous song by Daniel Figurelli, a crazy message from Mr. Touretteski, and more! We're also on Inzduhgramm. BAMM!!
August 27, 2018
Aye Aye Know U8U
Ever heard of the Aye Aye? Big epiphanies, character ideas, riffs, celebrity guests, U8U stories and a wonderful contribution from Forgotten Tales, will rumpapumpum your eardrumdadrumdrums!
August 26, 2018
Yachtley Crew At StillWater 8-25-2018
An interesting thought from Maria Humphreys, some Scientology info, an interview w/ an Uber driver, and lots of backstage antics w/ Yachtley Crew!
August 26, 2018
Powerful Cankles
Frank Darabont's dog, Uncle Ankle epiphany, Fun Facts about Hollywood from Henry D. Horse, special words from Willy Nelson, inspiring news from Undie's Funded Podcast, and an unexpected appearance by Ice-T.
August 25, 2018
U Is In The Mirror
The Hippo named Critt leaves an educational message, we talk about water/Jesus, "The Archivist: Twin Peaks VR Experience news, U8U high fives and more!
August 24, 2018
Infinitum Yabyums
Exciting KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival insight, a new Sit-com, a magic message from The Guru, stories of Mother Nature & Associates, Fun Facts by Henry D. Horse, car wisdom from Forgotten Tales, AND Earth sounds?
August 24, 2018
Cloudbending w/ The Son
We learm about email scam artists, talking to "The Son" during cloudy skies, fun with numerology and the Language of USSU. Plus we get a surprise visit from the TSA.
August 23, 2018
Responsible For U
Special appearance by Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul, theories about art response-abilities, a song by Lawrence August and CEC, plus more!
August 22, 2018
Accents And Happy Accidents
An extraordinary endorsement from Undies Funded Podcast, a promo from Man Behind The Machine, and a conversation w/ Author James Scott Byrnside and Screenwriter Jaimie-lee Wise about the process of writing! Unexpected nuggets emerge!
August 21, 2018
Echoing Through Echo Park
This Journey happens after our KCHUNG show, throughout Silverlake, Echo Park and Los Feliz w/ Author James Scott Byrnside and screenwriter Jaimie-lee Wise.
August 21, 2018
U Are Mystical Media
Ponderings about last nights Wizard Walk adventure, a lovely message from LL Walton, a promo by Man Behind The Machine, and curiosities of KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival!
August 20, 2018
Wizard Walking Success
A Wizard Walk through Los Angeles w/ The Wizard of LA, Reverend Marc and Loomy the All-Seeing Eye. We encounter musicians LordCoopa and C4 on the street, artist Tigre Fou, in addition to unexpected revelations!
August 19, 2018
YOUnique Visitors
A new mantra to consider, a crazy business venture, a fun sentiment by Spidey Hec, an original sing about Andy Kaufman, a Fun Fact by Henry D. Horse, Joshua Eisenstadt reads Twin Peaks poetry, and a unique interview w/ Pal Stanley from rock band KIZZ on KCHUNG 1630am Radio!
August 18, 2018
While Fathoming
A great message from Caleb Durbois, ideas about harmony, cosmic Carl Sagan insight delivered by Man Behind The Machine, an unexpected invention idea and a surprise visit from the TSA!
August 17, 2018
Backyard Levitation w/ Birds
Shooting Black Pumpkin scenes guerilla-style, "Different Strokes Revival" by Forgotten Tales, unique Andy Kaufman information, eating at Wahlburgers with Ryan McG and Dave Uchansky, warm messages from Mr. Touretteski, and much more are packed into this episode!
August 16, 2018
"Unavowed" and Supernaturalized
Emily Morganti from Wadjet Eye Games gave us a copy of "Unavowed" point-and-click videogame to play and review. We do the best we can, without revealing any spoilers! Man Behind The Machine delivers a very special message too! 👁 "Unavowed" is created by Dave and Janet Gilbert, Ben Chandler and Francisco Gonzalez.
August 15, 2018
Mayor Morrison of Each One Village
A conversation w/ filmmaker Jeff Finn about "Before The End: Searching For Jim Morrison, a fun promo by Man Behind The Machine, great sentiments from Biggie Smalls, a song "Each One Village" by Wishing To Float...and more!
August 14, 2018
Jaunty Halogenic
Dream traveling w/ Robert Moss, a wonderful message from Tim Ereneta, 50 Shades of Grey book club, Robert Broski from Twin Peaks, an interview w/ Joshua Eisenstadt at One Eyed Jacks on NYE, a new riff and much more!
August 14, 2018
Exploration to House of Blues San Diego
Yachtley Crew Adventures and interviews through the fame-ed Gaslamp District of San Diego! Also a sweet message from Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast!
August 12, 2018
The Gaslamp District
Hoofing it through the Gaslamp District in San Diego w/ David Buoy while waiting for Yachtley Crew's 5:30 load-in time at House of Blues.
August 11, 2018
Good Space Formulas
Deuce Wesley Antics, revelations about you seeing yourself, an Uber interview, ideas about a reality show, wonderful facts about Dengar, a promo from The Wizard of LA, hanging out w/ Yachtley Crew and more!
August 11, 2018
Explorative Etiquette
A crazy series of synchronicities w/ Forgotten Tales, a subway journey back from the Holy Fire, new revelations, David Lynch talks about Ideas, a wonderful promo by Man Behind The Machine, and More!
August 10, 2018
Holy Fires of California
The McGonagle Family during the "Holy Fires" breaking out in mountains around their home. Thank you Man Behind The Machine for the awesome promo and Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast for the beautiful sentiments.
August 9, 2018
Visiting Corona
Children wisdom, mountain fires, an interview w/ Kya the artist, an intriguing dream, and more unexpected findings.
August 8, 2018
Examining WeSelf
KCHUNG Aftershow conversations w/ David Spangler and Sma Litzinger, Bashar wisdom, UFO dream idea, a visit from TSA, and dog sounds!
August 7, 2018
Precipitating Predictions
A visit from the TSA, Edgar Cayce thoughts, a new friend on the bus, a wonderful promo by Man Behind The Machine, and Today's 1630am KCHUNG show 1-2pmPST on
August 6, 2018
Tipping Ourglass
Unique Radiohead postcards, deep cleaning, inspiring sentiments from Crypto Kid, absurd ideas, the secret to never catchimg a cold, Dengar's new business venture, an unexpected visit from the TSA, and more!
August 4, 2018
You Met James Brown?
The most supernatural trains of thought ever Passenger-ed! A PSA, revelations about frogs and toads, my Mom meeting James Brown, artwork ideas, a clutter supervisor, Braco and memories never before shared! The streaming online visual of 👁nsp👁rado Projecto Rad👁o coming soon!
July 31, 2018
Last Day In Chicagoland
Visiting our Family Relatives in the cemetary, an idea for a social experiment, airplane sounds, a wise piece of prose, a wonderful message from Dr Dee of BOOM Factor, and airplane sounds!
July 31, 2018
Howling and Historying
A magical story about a robot from John Garside of Forgotten Tales, Chicago history, games with the kids and a perplexing discussion about Yacht Rock, are all packed into this episode!
July 30, 2018
Finding Carol Stream
Your host Dr Dee leaves a beautiful message, plus some new insight hatched at The Reunion about Carol Stream!
July 29, 2018
Walkie Talkie Nostalgia
Blimey Cow Fancast leaves an intriguing message, plus conversations about walkie talkies emerge at The Reunion !
July 29, 2018
Veterans and Videogames
Intense conversations continue at The Reunion centering around videogames and Veterans. Also, John Garside from Forgotten Tales reports a synchronicity!
July 29, 2018
Blasts From The Pasts
A wonderful message from Joshing Around Podcast and the beginning of our Carol Stream Reunion in Pottawattomie Park, St Charles Illinois.
July 29, 2018
Ghosts and Coolers
Ghost adventures w/ Mom, a wonderful message from Martha's Place, and an adventure to Target.
July 29, 2018
Beers, Parks and Kids
Wonderful sentiments from Fuel Your Soul, playing with Ella in the park, investigating cars and trucks, an adventure through a grocery store and a bizarre story about a neighbour!
July 28, 2018
More Time For Play
A series of conversations about growing up and playing with kids!
July 27, 2018
Chicago Journey
A couple of plane flights to Chicago, an Uber interview, talks w/ the Family and more!
July 27, 2018
Within The Firmament
Wedding guest matchmakers, riffs, epiphanies, sentiments from Forgotten Tales, LuLu Island and We Live On A Planet Podcasts, laughing cats, sidewalk conundrums and more!
July 26, 2018
Children Casting Spells
Maria Humphreys advice, "The Whatever" w/ Dr. Harridan, open call for talent for "The Awards Ceremony", and a new training video for my new company "Retroactive Intros".
July 24, 2018
Orange Cat Dreams
Jay Aaseng "The Drunk" from Twin Peaks, new riffs, startling robot news, highlighting "The Dangerous Book For Boys", plus a wonderful message from Celestria, a song about doughnuts, and Man Behind The Machine transmissions!
July 24, 2018
Opening Your Presence
Readings drom the idea book, revealing titles, characters, theories and concepts! Plus, an extraordinary message from Lulu Island!
July 23, 2018
Night Terrors and Lemonade
Interviews w/ Uber, Laurel Canyon Love Street Festival, pretzel deliciousness, lime strawberry lemonade cucumber mint beverage, unexpected Viper Room news, Strong Body Strong Soul poscast, Forgotten Tales additions and more!
July 23, 2018
Viking on the Wall
Ray Manzarek stories, exemplary Maria Humphreys insight, Neo-Tech info, Tractor flyers, muse discoveries, Micky Dolenz, gut-busting laughter from Craig Spivek and surprise riffs!
July 22, 2018
Yo Joe!
Strong Body Strong Soul contributions and an in depth discussion w/ John Garside from Forgotten Tales about GI Joe cartoons/comics/action figures!
July 22, 2018
Elastic Neutron Sloops
We Live on a Planet, Carpool's Talk Show, Undies Funded and Man Behind The Machine all contributed extraordinary bits to this episode! Plus wedding videos, riffs, synchronicities, movie ideas, Edward Gorey and other epiphanies!
July 22, 2018
Life Happens, Get On The Bus
Andy Kaufman intrigue w/ Stephen Maddox, celebrity guests, cosmic riffs, Jenny's story about the Surf Rodeo Incident, a message from Undies Funded Podcast, Tommy Frost A1 Superspy Theme Song, and much more!
July 20, 2018
Land Mimes, Inc
Celebrity guests Michael T. Justice and Rocanne, cosmic happenings with Forgotten Tales, serendipity w/ Louis MacGruder, and more cat petting!
July 20, 2018
Excelsior Giants
Captain Pickard gives good tidings, gratitude amplitude, Alan Abel talks about SINA pranks, new videogame reviews, Golden Boy w/ Phil Donlon, riffs and other unexpected discoveries !
July 19, 2018
Ubiquitous Serendipity Serendipitous Ubiquity - U8U
USSU = Everything happening all at once everywhere at the same time always = U8U
July 19, 2018
Whiddling Sculptures
Talking Animals, Northside Radio, celebrity endorsements, West Side Story, revelations, synchronicities, Andy Kaufman's Exhumation and mind-expanders!
July 19, 2018
Crescent Grades Included
Lisa McG's "Green Orb" story from Mundee-16th's radio version on KCHUNG 1630am, Neville Goddard, Crypro Kid, Forgotten Tales, some riffs, a reading from "Infinity Diet" by Mike Schlie, connecting Bloody Bobby w/ Black Pumpkin, and a mysterious happening w/ "The Hanged Man"!
July 19, 2018
Stamp Stenographers
SEW, Mr Tourretteski, Steven Wright, surprising epiphanies, riffs, fun facts with Henry D. Horse, and philosophical theoreticals!
July 18, 2018
Weird Al Sherlock Jones & Associates
Frogotten Tales word acrobatics, revelations, Stan Lee comic book announcement, Reshad Radio contributions, Kaleidoscope Jesus theme song by John Garside, and much more!
July 17, 2018
Our Cosmos - Podcast Version
We simultaneously recorded on Periscope, on Anchor, and broadcasted from the KCHUNG Studios on 1630am! We talk about dreams, ghost sightings, and read from "Convoluted Universe Book IV"!
July 17, 2018
Hexopod Geode Heirographiques
Coverage of Yachtley Crew at Surf Rodeo, unexpected dramaticals, seeing through whats there, riffs, Man Behind The Machine, Forgotten Tales, Bow Wow Wow and Richard Brautigan!
July 16, 2018
How Many Fingers Are There?
Abraham Hicks wisdom, backstage antics w/ Yachtley Crew, USSU, an Uber Driver interview and more anomalies!
July 15, 2018
Hangin W/ Yachtley Crew
Mostly everything you ever wanted to know
July 14, 2018
Academe of Madcap Summits
Has the key been found yet? Behind the door, filing cabinets filled with intrigue, delight, sparkling waterfalls and hollering coconuts .
July 13, 2018
Wizardry School 3
Mr Touretteski and The Wizard of L.A. talk miraculous magickalities! Plus, a fun message from Forgotten Tales, a song in its process mode and more!
July 13, 2018
Your Truth Sets Us Free
Full-blasting AC situations, epiphanies galore, Wordland, a message from Man Behind The Machine, magickal arcades, wandering ponderings.
July 12, 2018
Stretching Springs
Next Door Neighbour curiosities, an unexpected riff, bathtub experiment, Kaleidoscopic Jesus and other possible anomalies
July 12, 2018
Beacons Burn Brightly
If a wildebeast played a gorgonzola basson at mignight, would a tree hear the music?
July 12, 2018
McG Manour Mayhaps
Horns & Halos Podcast messages, Black Pumpkin Edits, before and after Alex Griffin re-shoots, epiphanies-a-plenty, and a windy and unexpected interview w/ @so_cal_kid on the Thought Train Speedway !👁!
July 12, 2018
Wizardry School 2
The Wizard of L.A. and Mr. Touretteski gather with me for another cosmic School of Thought!
July 11, 2018
Xylem Phloem Plantastics
New market store epiphanies, wonderous theories, riffs, ideas for movies and more!
July 11, 2018
Your Personal Story
A riff co-created by Curt and Daniel Figuerelli, a whopper of a story involving creatures and other insights!
July 10, 2018
Seahorse Carriage
July 13 Yachtley Crew promo, an art project, improvisation, "Fooled Around and Fell In Love" by Elvin Bishop covered by Yachtley Crew at The Viper Room, a riff and a great message from Cannabis Conundrum Podcast!
July 10, 2018
Wizardry School 1
The Wizard of LA, Mr. Touretteski and Curt discuss the merits of creating realities smoothly!
July 9, 2018
Greet You Now
Mr Rogers influences us, Madeline Zima queztion, Rochelle Battat sings about "The Greeter", and unraveling other Majestickles Inc.
July 9, 2018
You Are The Greeter
A story of The Greeter, riffs, backstage w/Yachtley Crew, contribution from Talking Animals, grocery store epiphanies, singing plants and a delicious meal!
July 8, 2018
⚓️🚢Yachtley Spirits🚢⚓️
Mr Rogers Commencement Speech at Dartmouth, behind the scenes with Yachtley Crew and nuggets of absurd wisdom! 👽👁👽👁👽👁
July 8, 2018
Yachtley Crew at Viper Room
Roxanne contributes, Soundcheck, some ideas about Laurel Canyon and a riff!
July 7, 2018
Folk Alligator
A dream about a spaceship, Richard Brautigan poetry, a riff, plus Forgotten Tales and Michael T. Justice contributions !
July 6, 2018
Downtown Uptown All Around
New York, clean bills of health, the best version of U, very special messages and a song about a Bluebird.
July 5, 2018
Zonkers and Zesties
Horns & Halos July 4th message, a riff, a celebrity sighting, and an idea for a videogame film .
July 5, 2018
Day of Independence
Today's July 4 celebration w/ Michaelangelo and The Wizard of L.A. in Grand Park. Contributions by Man Behind The Machine, Mr. Touretteski, and more synchronicities!
July 5, 2018
Yachtley Crew Private Beach Party
Yachtley Crew plays for a 4th of July beach party in Santa Monica!
July 4, 2018
Happy UFO Day!
Messages from Pete McHugh and Man Behind The Machine, a look into World UFO day, an Uber driver and some insight from the idea book!
July 3, 2018
Hollywood Carcast 1
Curiously surreal content from Hip Hop Radio, Spidey Hec, 7-11 encounters and observations on the way to Best Buy. Compelling?
July 2, 2018
David Lynch Book Signing 3
"An Evening With David Lynch" at the Ace Hotel. This punctuates the end of the night after an extraordinary conversation of synchronicities with Roxanne Knouse and Douglas Clarke. Included are: Undies Funded Podcast greetings, words from David Lynch himself, a message from Mr. Touretteski, and a great promo from Jay Aaseng (plays the drunk in the Twin Peaks jail of Season 3).
July 1, 2018
Night and Day People
Contributions from Forgotten Tales, Man Behind The Machine, We Live On A Planet Podcast, Jean Shephard's "Night" and "Day" People, a fun riff, and Micky Dolenz!
June 30, 2018
Gorgeous Ocean Breezes
Yachtley Crew in Marina Del Ray, Agent Cooper, 1966 Batman, Tam's World, Forgotten Tales, yawn puns, and other anomalies
June 29, 2018
Your AI Assistant Might Behave
Amazon's Return Policy, great contributions, new riffs, and a startling David Lynch-related find in the idea book!
June 28, 2018
David Lynch Book Signing 2
Part 2 of David Lynch's book signing w/ Roxanne Knouse and Douglas Clarke, Awesome Sauce Podcast, John Garside From Forgotten Tales, a marvelous Radiohead song in the subway after the event and a surprise endorsemen from a Twin Peaks actor!
June 27, 2018
Baywatching Barnyards
Wonderful Collaborators, idea book readings, a new riff, and insights about old folks homes
June 27, 2018
Especially With Campfires
A delightful collaboration betwixt a few unusual suspects, plus a wonderful campfire scent in the Summer night!
June 26, 2018
David Lynch Book Signing 1
David Lynch and Kristine McKenna signed copies of their book, "Room to Dream". This is one part of a three part series of this extraordinary synchronicity-filled event, on the longest day of the year, 6-21-2018, at the ACE Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles! Featuring Douglas Clarke and Roxanne Knouse!
June 24, 2018
Yachtley Crew and Pasadena
A journey to tonight's Yachtley Crew Show and pleasant synchronicities found in Pasadena
June 24, 2018
Wandering DTLA
After David Lynch's book signing I misplace myself. Then place myself.
June 22, 2018
On The Way To See David Lynch
We get to meet an interesting Uber driver on the way to David Lynch’s book signing
June 22, 2018
The Annunaki
How the Annunaki wrote our history and Nibiru brought on the Great Flood. This episode was thought to be lost, but somehow survived!
June 21, 2018
Black Pumpkin's Last Day
Our 20th day of shooting horror film, "Black Pumpkin". The nature around here is beautiful!
June 21, 2018
Uber Religion
We learn about the bible.
June 21, 2018
Uber Confessions
Uber driver and passenger on the way to shoot Black Pumpkin
June 20, 2018
Iam One With The Force
A great promo by The Wizard Of LA, sounds by Man Behind The Machine, ozonated water and The Force
June 19, 2018
Comedy With Craig
We follow Craig to his open mic night and learn a lot of hidden secrets about comedy!
June 19, 2018
Curt and Craig Talk Process
Process, copyright and comedy
June 18, 2018
The Wizard Walk
The Wizard of LA, Lumie The All-Seeing Eye, The Reverend and I went on a "Wizard Walk" through Los Angeles, playing music and enjoying the crowd. A weird twist ending ensues.
June 17, 2018
Mirror Adjustments
When an acorn grows, who hears the sound?
June 16, 2018
Heliotope Victory Lap
War Of The Worlds, new discoveries and 160mg of caffeine
June 16, 2018
Movement In C Major
See yourself unfolding yourself. Featuring Man Behind The Machine, and ideas never before shared publicly
June 16, 2018
Hydrogenated Colloquialisms
We've stumbled upon a buried trove. Featuring "Let's Build A Tree"!
June 16, 2018
Boo Yah Chortles
Its like being at the beach drinking beverages with a shiny Farmer Tan.
June 15, 2018
Lego Castle of Media
An unexpected song, ponderings about media, curious illusion investigations
June 14, 2018
Operatic Stairwell Gypsies
The Management is shapeshifted during a surprise inspection by Apparition Personae.
June 14, 2018
Discoverable Tranquility Gateways
Man Behind The Machine, spellcasting from the "Imagination Totem", cat situations, white noise invasions and acrobatic epiphanies !
June 14, 2018
Max Neptune and Beach Bears
Stew Strauss Celebrity Endorsement, peculiar riffs, voicemails, and synchronicities with John Garside!
June 13, 2018
Featuring Art Wizard Allen Panakal
Allen Panakal is an artist, writer, digital painter, go-getter, a longtime friend, fellow collaborator, and all around great guy. He's a Wizard of Colourcasting, a Sci-Fi Fantasy Factorian, Teacher of USSU, and Imagineer of the upcoming graphic series "Ancient Ones". You can find him touring the Artist Alleys of various conventions across the United States! Check out his art sometime . . .
June 13, 2018
The Cloud Watchers Know All
Astounding sound concoctions tap dance their paws across a quantum spectrum of notes, spells, and harmonics. Sounds from the old west, resurrected riffs, improvised melodicas, enchanted fantasies, haunting wooshes, and seasonal feelings are explored. Plus, unexpected celebrity appearances?!
June 12, 2018
Danny Matthews From Podyssey
Danny Matthews from is interviewed about his awesome app, enabling podcasters to see what podcasts their friends are listening to! Also featured, are riffs, a voicemail from "The Red Room" and unexpected surprises!
June 11, 2018
Integral Capillary Cities
We hear Abraham wisdom, more riffs, accidental ideas, news, and other oddities of intrigue!
June 11, 2018
Yachtley Crew At StillWater
Our journey to Dana Point for tonight’s Yachtley Crew Party at StillWater
June 10, 2018
Yachtley Crew at The Viper Room
A journey to and through The Viper Room show with Yachtley Crew
June 9, 2018
Episode 83
The igloo has landed
June 9, 2018
Metropolitician Subway Giants
We hear an interview with a time traveler, a bus journey to audition for a diabetes commercial, some riffs and epiphanies!
June 8, 2018
The Chimichanga Cooking Show!
The first ever cooking show of Inspirado Projecto. Riffs, surrealism and other happenings become familiarized in real-time.
June 6, 2018
Formations of Morphies
Riffs, new startling information, seeing the brighter aide, pitching Inspirado Projecto to radio stations, and a review of point-and-click videogame, "Unforeseen Incidents"!
June 6, 2018
Character Driven Musics
A famous song is shared, a Forgotten Tale is revealed, some shapeshifters float past in a Thought Cloud, and riffs sprout like a Miracle Grow Redwood Forest .
June 5, 2018
Weaving Yarn Paintings
More uke riffs than ever before! CEC explores vision quests, John Garside from Forgotten Tales, and another selection from the Original Incarnation of Inspirado Projecto!
June 5, 2018
KCHUNG Radio Journey
Forgotten Tales, riding on the subway, inside KCHUNG Studios and synchronicities.
June 4, 2018
The Creative Farces
Yachtley Crew at Cronies, surprise interviews and some fun Black Pumpkin behind the scenes
June 4, 2018
Startled Zeitgeist Gems
An adventure for white shorts, riffs, voicemails, cb soundwaves, and Rob Browski from Twin Peaks.
June 2, 2018
As Coins Flip We Redefine
Man Behind The Machine, a series of riffs, unexpected voicemail messages, heaps of coffe and life doodlings are investigated with fervent magnificence.
June 1, 2018
Melodic Surreality Circuits
A guest appearance by Robert Paterson, a series of riffs, answering machine messages, Forgotten Tales, and imagination.
May 31, 2018
Ergo Saturae Diem
Neville Goddard, celebrity guests, riffs, interviews with John and Liam, a Fun Fact, and antennae bleepbloops.
May 29, 2018
Kaleidoscopic Vibrances
Conversations about a rave experience, Man Behind The Machine sound collage, sudden epiphanies, a song written by Lawrence August, Jack Kerouac stops by, and much more!
May 29, 2018
Bloody Bobby Behind-The-Scenes
Interviews with Chris LeKooreman, David Uchansky and Vie LeKooreman. Man Behind The Machine, Forgotten Tales and a riff are also featured
May 28, 2018
Reggae and Synchronicities
We enciunter a reggae band, and a series of mind exploding synchronicities!
May 28, 2018
Mountaineers of Los Angeles
We climb a mountain, eat delicious vegan meals and interview a lover of synchronicity.
May 27, 2018
Angel of The Arts
Some of The Getty, an Uber interview, startling surprises and more artistic fun with beer!
May 27, 2018
Getty Adventure
Celebrity guests, Yachtley Crew news, and a trip to the Getty
May 27, 2018
Operation Tone Up Challenge
Hanging out with Lawrence August and doing camera work at "The 2018 Operation Tone Up National Fittest School Challenge" in Hermosa Beach. We also hear interviews with the kids, teachers, parents and the Founder of Operation Tone Up himself, Tony Lamka. (Lawrence narrates the beginning of a song you'll hear at the end)
May 26, 2018