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Inspirado Projecto

Inspirado Projecto

By Inspirado Projecto
Inspirado Projecto celebrates process of creation, riffs, USSU, dreams, epiphanies, interviews, manifestation of reality, improvisation, fringe theories, synchronicities and other surprises. Dr. Demento + National Lampoon + Alan Watts = Inspirado Projecto
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UFO Abductee 11-11-21
Our Guest is a UFO Abductee. On this magical 11-11 Gateway, we learn about Extraterrestrials she met through decades of visitations. Also Micky Dolenz and LuLu from LuLu Island Podcast say hello! Send your message to the hotline 561-203-9179 and we will upload it to an episode!
November 11, 2021
Roadtrip from Villa Park Illinois to Nashville Tennesse w/ Dylan the Cat! Epiphanies, synchronicities, weird characters, funny words and concepts, improvised songs, and lots more! Plus, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees and Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks say hello! Also artbook “Wonder Wander {U DRAW}”, and blank book “Magical Magnet {U WRITE}” by CEC are now on Amazon!!! Http://
November 04, 2021
Cosmic School Bus
Reverend Marc talks about his UFO experience and recounting it to UFOlogist Bob Dean. Plus, Micky Dolenz from the Monkees and Pauly Shores from Yächtley Crëw say hello !
October 30, 2021
Cross Country Roadtrippin’
Driving from Carol Stream Illinois to Nashville Tennessee w/ my Mom’s cat, and these are some of my revelations! Plus, Man Behind The Machine and Jay Aaseng say hello!
October 25, 2021
October Yächtley Whisky
Yächtley Crëw played Whisky-a-gogo Oct 23 and this episode is full of interviews from bartenders, Crëwpies, security, Kyle Colada and others! Plus Micky Dolenz and Pauly Shöres say hello!
October 25, 2021
Jellumination Gigowatz
Dos Lagos Film Fest, a mysterious honk, going to Chicago, my new book “Wonder Wander (U DRAW)” on Amazon, pondering existence. Plus Steve Peters and Nick Tierce from say hello, and Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast leaves a message!
October 25, 2021
Corporal 13 of Varelse Bridge Society and Hue of CRYZTORCH - Deep Dives Into Crystore Inc
2-27-2021 : Corporal 13 from Varelse Bridge Society was interviewed during the KaPow Intergalactic Virtual Film Festival, about his association with Crystore Inc, and all things related to Nonchalance. Hue from the rival company, CRYZTORCH, unexpectedly hacks into the phone call where everything goes haywire! If you'd like to see the video in motion picture format, search for "CEC Interviews Crystore Inc and CRYZTORCH" on Youtube . For further investigations, check out "The Institute", "In Bright Axiom" (about the Latitude Society), SYGNYL Podcast, Varelse Bridge Society Podcast, "Grand View Blvd", and "Dispatches From Elsewhere". Thanks to Micky Dolenz for your endorsement, Atlas Dragon for your contribution, and the man who called the hotline 561-203-9179!  In Radiant Dictum! 
October 15, 2021
Blue Beams & Super Kings
An intriguing dream, a new funfact from Henry D Horse, a drawing, blue beams, an Uber interview and more! Plus Pauly Shores from Yachtley Crew, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks, and Man Behind The Machine say hello!!!
April 22, 2021
Mandalorians & Theatres
A crazy dream, epiphanies, a Mandalorian on a skateboard, and more unexpected situations! Plus Man Behind The Machine, Nick Tierce and Steve Peters say hello!
April 21, 2021
Vintage Arcade
ET Meeting dream, Rife Machine, arcade games, Christmas memories, siren howling, epiphanies and more! Plus, Rob Broski a “Twin Peaks” Woodsman and a real Superhero say hello!!!
April 15, 2021
Synch Into Vortex Vibrancy
UFO sightings, NFT art, synchronicities, experimental music and more! Plus, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, Jessica, Tumultuous, and Mad Shelley Production stop by to say hello!
April 07, 2021
Atari Boats
Love Boat epiphanies, viewing “Invincible”, Mad Shelley Production Team says hello, Funfact by Henry D Horse, Maria Humphreys and the Facebook podcast promotion community, Robert Broski from Twin Peaks, Man Behind The Machine talks video games, and lots more!
April 02, 2021
Love Boat Batarang
Batarang and Joker secret, my Love Boat obsession, another news perspective, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees says hello, Tumultuous Entropy offers magic, funfact by Henry D Horse, Maria Humphreys’ Insighttimer Meditation App, and lots more !
March 25, 2021
Sidewalk Glamping
New ideas blasting the antenna, tents everywhere, Jay Assang from Twin Peaks says hello, Man Behind The Machine talks about the Internet, the Mad Shelley Production team stops by, and lots more!
March 17, 2021
Grandiose Gravitar
KaPow Intergalactic Virtual Film Festival, Micky Dolenz says hello, some whispers through the walls, Funfacts by Henry D Horse, Nick Nolte calls in, new revelations, Man Behind The Machine talks AI., billionaire action star, Maria Humphreys talks about meditation, and Blythe Baines and lots more!!
March 11, 2021
Twin Peaks and Day!
Celebrating the anniversary of when I moved to California, KaPow Intergalactic Virtual Film Festival and Twin Peaks Day !!! Man Behind The Machine asks a very important question! Jay Aaseng, Rob Broski and Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks say hello! Plus join us FREE in The Lobby of Filmocracy, Feb 27 Saturday, 11am PST, for a special interview with the founders of Crystore Inc! Make new friends and learn about a unique ARG game all at the same time!! HTTPS://
February 26, 2021
Astral Terrestrial
KaPow Intergalactic Virtual Film Festival, Rob Fronabarger’s Son Avery meets w/Tesla during astral travel, Jane Kim recalls seeing an extraterrestrial, Midnight Gospel memories, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul AND the Mad Shelley Production team say hello! Come visit us at and see lots of amazing movies!
February 23, 2021
Sam & Max Save The World - Review
I review “Sam & Max Save The World Remastered”, a fun and surreal poetry layered videogame! Also Man Behind The Machine” calls in about Reality TV! A real life Superhero and Steve Peters stop by to say hello and more! Thank you Publicist Emily Morganti for making this possible!
February 09, 2021
Binary Blissness
Yächtley Crëw at a rehearsal space, synchronicities, Man Behind The Machine talks AI music, laundry room shenanigans, following your bliss and more! Plus, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees and The Mad Shelley Production team say hello! 👽
February 09, 2021
Artificial Jurassic Intelligence
Jurassic Park, Bazooka Joe and OkGo Synchronicities... Charles Hall and “Walking With The Tall Whites”, taking Sophie for a walk, Artificial Intelligences, funfacts by Henry D Horse, Micky Dolenz says hi, Mad Shelley Production Team says hello, Man Behind The Machine contributes wonderful questions and lots more!!
January 27, 2021
Bolster Bound
Epiphanies about A.I. , trusting what is real, a new Funfact from Henry D. Horse and more! Plus Micky Dolenz, Man Behind The Machine, Blythe Baines, and Nick Nolte, stop by to say hello!
January 19, 2021
Elvis Bowie Birthday Stardust
Elvis Presley and David Bowie Birthday synchronicities involving The Beatles’ parallel Youniverse album “Everyday Chemistry”. Robert Fronabarger from TikTok contributes a unique OBE adventure by his 9yr old Son Avery, a funfact by Henry D. Horse, Man Behind The Machine reminisces about Van Halen, Blythe Baines and Mad Shelley production stop by to say hello and lots more!!!
January 17, 2021
Galactic Federation Friends
The Galactic Federation, 180 days until UFO disclosure, “V” tv series, and all kinds of extraterrestrial news are featured on this episode with Man Behind The Machine! Plus... Superhero, Maria Humphreys and Crystore Inc make guest appearances! Do you have UFO stories? Call the voicemail and you’ll be included on the next episode! 561-203-9179
January 06, 2021
Hollydaze Hustle
Our intuition, the happy hollydaze, walking dogs, hustling, epiphanies, and more! Plus Man Behind The Machine, Maria Humphreys and Blythe Baines say hello!
December 29, 2020
Great Conjunction Dec 21
The Great Conjunction of December 21 happening, Dolores Cannon’s QHHT, synchronicities, TikTok and more! Plus Micky Dolenz, Tumultuous Entropy, Blythe Baines, Man Behind The Machine and Maria Humphreys call in to say hello!
December 22, 2020
Yächtley Beacon
Yächtley Crëw conversations behind-the-scenes at the Ventura Country Fairgrounds, becoming the beacon, epiphanies about Dolores Cannon, stories of Vietnam Veterans, Tony Clifton tells a joke and more! Plus, Maria Humphreys, Awesome Sauce Radio and Man Behind The Machine call in! Micky Dolenz From The Monkees and Mad Shelley Films say hello!
December 07, 2020
Yachtley Pumpkin
My Halloween horror "Black Pumpkin" arriving December 8 on VOD and DVD, Yachtley Crew behind the scenes at Nov 25th Del Mar drive-in show, an Uber driver interview, Micky Dolenz from the Monkees says hello, some ideas about being "that guy" and more! Plus, Man Behind the Machine and Maria Humphreys stop by and the Mad Shelley Production team calls in!
November 27, 2020
The Yächtley Elves
A.I., Ram Dass, an interview with a non-stop Uber driver, behind-the-scenes at a Yächtley Crëw wedding, astounding synchronicities and lots more are revealed! Plus Rob Broski From Twin Peaks, Man Behind The Machine and Blythe Baines stop by! Other happenings involve: Kyle Fitzgerald Noble Grizwald and Higuera, Willie Love (of Archive Studios and Audio Wizard) from Badleaf, Beers Brothers, and Mandex, Scotty Beatz from Kyle Smith band, and also Paul Edward Pate from Yachtley Crew, Lane29, The Fallwater Project, Fidelity Afro Beat, The Dynamics, Uva Ursi, The Speak Easy Spies, The Peculiar Pretzelmen, Soda and His Million Piece Band, United World Orchestra, Brendan McMullans Modern Repertory Orchestra, The Lenny Stack Orchestra, Mexico66 and Danielle Bisutti band.
November 18, 2020
Alternate Realitymasters
Steve Peters and Nick Tierce from Mesmer & Braid discuss the dynamics of running alternate reality games, collaboration vs competition, puzzles, Pokemon Go, Batman, Harry Potter and a whole lot more! Please take the collaborator test at to experience the magic they've created, AND download the innovative neon game HoloVista by Aconite at ! Also included this episode, is a Funfact by Henry D. Horse about your favourite galaxy far far away and a special visit by Tony Clifton! Visit Steve Peters' website and Twitter ! Find Nick Tierce on Twitter and his website 
November 12, 2020
Tales From The Garside
Director John Garside of "Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid" and "Forgotten Tales", shares the crazy feedback he receives from his docu-series about Whittier history. We also learn of the oldest living Indian White Wolf John Smith (Ga-Be-Nah-Gewn-Wonce), who named his Grandmother. We also learn about creativity and so much more! Here's some more history about John Smith - . Check out retro sci-fi  "Max Neptune" here - . Check out Forgotten Tales here - 
November 04, 2020
Mesmerized and Braided Into HoloVista
Steve Peters and Nick Tierce, mischievous masterminds of the Mesmer & Braid alternate reality game (ARG) are interviewed about their creative process of making such complex realities . We learn how Mesmer & Braid's mythology ties in with the new HoloVista game, Steve & Nick's history of creating hjinx for humans, some ideas about their future projects, and lots more! Plus, Henry D. Horse surprises us with a new Fun Fact!  You can follow Steve Peters and his tweets - . Browse his Official Website - . Follow Nick Tierce's tweets  - . Browse his Official Website - . Sign up for the Official Collaborator Test and investigate the Mesmer & Braid ARG here - . The deeper you go, the more you'll discover (particularly on their Discord channel). Check out the curious quest of Blurbex49 on TikTok - . And lastly, make sure to download and play the wild and soft neon World of HoloVista , to see why we're so enamoured with it!
October 29, 2020
The Untortured Artist
If a hippy artist playfully and joyfully makes a painting within an hour and is satisfied, is it any less worthy of praise or adoration than a painting that took a tortured artist 23 years to create? Is a project made w/ “Hard Work” and “A Lot Of Effort” entitled to rewards, because the creator went through mental anguish during the process? Who is the authority of measuring which psychological mindset is worse or better off? ( “I went through decades of retaining focus in order to make this project and didn’t win an award. That guy was inspired by his scrambled eggs and retained focus long enough to write/record a song in ten minutes and somehow it reached the hearts of millions.”) . Thank you to special guests: Man Behind The Machine, Gary Busey, A Real Life Superhero and Blythe Baines!
October 19, 2020
Zounds, Sights and Sounds !
A cavalcade of participators including Pauly Shores from Yachtley Crew, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul, John Garside from Forgotten Tales, MBTM from Man Behind The Machine and Singer Blythe Baines. Plus an echo feedback notebook, Funfacts by Henry D Horse, questions leading to quests, and more! 
October 18, 2020
Scaramanga With The Golden Silk
DJ Scaramanga Silk reveals the secret meaning of “Designer Scribble”, what makes Crystore Inc so unique, the Disney Method (Dreamer, Realist, Critic), cheap thrills, and more! Plus Maria Humphreys and Man Behind The Machine say hello! Henry D Horse gives us another Fun Fact! Stay ‘till the end, for a very coded message by Atlas Dragon from the Texas Branch of The Varelse Bridge Society! Find Scaramanga's album "Designer Scribble" here- . Check out Varelse Bridge Society here-  . If you'd like to indulge in Silk's improv comedy, check out his tweets - . His cleverly curated page dedicated to performance art pranksters KLF is here - . Check out DJ Scaramanga Silk's personal website for a treasure trove of info-
October 14, 2020
The Being Is Revealed
Nina Rubin, Coactive Lifecoach discusses dreams, our relationship to our body, a strange being that one of her clients encountered, and much more! Plus, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul opens the show, Man Behind The Machine calls in and ponders life,  Henry D Horse has a Funfact, and Richard T. Wilson from "Under The Flowers" says hello! Visit Nina Rubin on her website or on IG  . Call into the hotline voicemail at 561-203-9179r
October 12, 2020
Pendragon Varelse
“Pendragon” videogame review,  revelations about nature, our Youniversal Mindset and impactful choices, Texas Ambassador Atlas The Dragon from The Varelse Bridge Society gives us a secret message, and much more! Plus Micky Dolenz from The Monkees, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks Season 3 and Man Behind The Machine say hello! Visit Crystore, Inc and all of its magical wonderments here- Pendragon can be bought on STEAM-
October 08, 2020
3D Printing The 5th Dimension
Exploring my new Toybox 3D printer, epiphanies, a current of currants, Henry D Horse fun fact, Pauly shores calls in, a new TSA PSA from Forgotten Tales and more! Plus Stew Strauss From Twin Peaks and my Grandma say hello!!!
October 07, 2020
Varelse Institute of Tolls
Wylie Herman from The Varelse Bridge Society discusses the benefits of “Yes;and” teamwork, giving birth to inspirations, sculpting connections between his creation “Grand View Blvd” and The JeJeune Institute (by Jeff Hull & Spencer McCall), epiphanies, Cystore shenanigans and more!!! Plus special appearances from: Man Behind The Machine, Pauly Shores of Yachtley Crew, Henry D Horse w/ a new Funfact, Singer-Songwriter Blythe Baines, and The Texas Ambassador of Crystore Inc! If you'd like to experiencee this world..... ... Also if you are friends w/ Namon Ferrial and want to contribute to his funeral please visit....... 
October 05, 2020
Yächtley Rubidoux
Yächtley Crëw bts from Oct 2nd show in Riverside at Rubidoux Drive-In!!! Sean Billingsley from Jungle Fire and Metalachi is interviewed by Tommy Buoy. Plus Pauly Shores expands cosmic epiphanies, Man Behind The Machine calls in, Richard Wilson from Mad Shelley films says hello and lots more!
October 04, 2020
Poli-Side Story The Musical
Poli-Side Story the musical, solving unemployment issues, a crazy conversation w/ an Uber driver from the Armenian Army G.I. Joe, epiphanies and more! Plus Mad Shelley Production Team and a real life Superhero say hello!
October 01, 2020
Scaramangas of MuMu
DJ Scaramanga Silk took a break from writing his autobiography for an interview. We discuss the intelligent antics of KLF, the merits of pranks, Crystore Inc, what having an "Identity" really means, the joys of synchronicities and more mind-bending items of intrigue! Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon to a podcast named Inspirado Projecto near you! Plus, Pauly Shores from Yachtley Crew, Man Behind The Machine, and Micky Dolenz from The Monkees all say hello! Check out- for a fun ARG with lots of surprises and of course DJ Scaramanga Silk's cosmic synth sounds are here-  . His personal website- . If you want to brainstorm w/ him immediately - . If you're a fan of KLF, make sure to stop by - . Thank you for listening! 
September 30, 2020
Yächtley Güard Düty
Review of Guard Duty videogame, hooking up a new Minilab MK2, hanging out w/ Pauly Shores from Yächtley Crëw at our last Viper Room show, epiphanies and more! Plus Man Behind The Machine, Maria from Strong Body Strong Soul and Blythe Baines drop by! Check out “Guard Duty” and other videogames by Sick Chicken Studios, by visiting
September 25, 2020
Solving Dreams
Coactive Coach Nina Rubin analyzes her clients’ dreams, a new FunFact from Henry D Horse, the Ambassador of Varelse Bridge Society calls in, Man Behind The Machine inquires about the secret UFO meetings w/ Steven Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group. Plus guest appearances by Pauly Shores from Yächtley Crëw, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks, and lots more! We invite you to hire Nina Rubin for her cosmic services, visit or friend her! Call 561-203-9179 vm, or email your audio to be featured on the show...
September 23, 2020
Puzzley Paradiso
Pauly Shores the World’s Most Daring Saxophonist from Yächtley Crëw makes some surprise appearances, Man Behind The Machine talks recycling, revelations about COVID, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees says hi, the Randonautica app, Henry D Horse gives us a new fun fact, Emoto and water crystal experiments, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello and more!
September 20, 2020
The Grand View Tolls
Writer Wylie Herman talks about co-creating “In Bright Axiom”, “The Tolls”, “Grand View Blvd”, Crystore Inc and how they all blend together with the Jejeune Institute! Plus Henry D. Horse gives us a fun fact, and Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast & Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks say hello. Checkout- and for more info about the Nonchalance world!
September 14, 2020
Furtive Techtronics
A peculiar Randonautica adventure, theories of sharing ideas vs ego, and more! Plus special guests: Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, Nick Nolte from 48 Hours, Musician Blythe Baines, Man Behind The Machine, the TSA from Forgotten Tales, and a synchronicity w/ Comedian Craig Spivek!
September 13, 2020
Opulent Molluskia
Randonautica curiosities, dating during quarantine w/ Pro-Dater, nifty synchronicities, dramatic news enactments, corona virus epiphanies and more! Plus Richard Wilson and a real life Superhero say hello, while Man Behind The Machine asks a question .
September 11, 2020
Yachtley GODism
Tommy Buoy from Yächtley Crëw talks about his upcoming EP, Mark Webb and I find something alarming at Universal, new epiphanies, interviews w/ Uber drivers about Planet of The Apes & gambling, Tufti The Priestess by Zeland, and more! Plus Blythe Baines, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks and Man Behind The Machine say hello!
September 08, 2020
Full-On Radical
Revelations about dreams, theories about Twin Peaks Season 3, newfound horizons, peering into Dimension 5 and more! Messages from Maria Humphreys, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, Alien Ele, and Special Agent Hassle! Plus a Fun Fact by Henry D Horse! Give Us A Voice Message on the Inspirado Projecto hotline : 561-203-9179
September 06, 2020
Coactive Coaching
Nina Rubin discusses Coactive Coaching, her unique method of lifecoaching! We hear about dreamwork, mental barriers, how to manifest reality, and a whole lot more highly vibrational information! Also, the Mad Shelley Production team and Micky Dolenz from the Monkees say hello! To reach Nina, visit her website to schedule a session and friend her .
September 03, 2020
Chico Loco Trippin’
My road trip to Chico, CA. A fun fact from Henry D. Horse, epiphanies about: teledentistry, spellbooks, pumpkins, energy glasses and more! Plus an interview w/ an Uber driver, and guest appearances from Maria Humphreys of Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, the Mad Shelley Production Team, and Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks!
August 31, 2020
The Conversation Sea See?
Roadtrips, revelations, Crystore Inc, Heather Frase plays “All Together All The Time “, a Fun Fact by Henry D. Horse, Han Solo jokes. Weird Al parody, House In The Middle Of Nowhere, Man Behind The Machine, Blythe Baines, Maria Humphreys and Micky Dolenz say hello, and more! is where you unlock the 24hour Zoom chat w/ cosmic-minded folks! Music industry: Heather is reached here-
August 29, 2020
Scotty And The Beatz
Drummer Scotty Beatz of the Kyle Smith Band, discusses reality manifestation, meeting his heroes, synchronicities and other cosmic wonderments! Also joining us are: Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, and Richard Wilson film Mad Shelley Films! Find Scotty here-
August 23, 2020
Dispatches From Crystore Inc
Spencer McCall shares the Jejune Institue Universe, including: Crystore Inc,  “In Bright Axiom”, “Grand View Blvd”, “Dispatches From Elsewhere”, and many more projects! Search for “Spencer McCall INSPIRADO Projecto” to find more episodes about his surreal life with dog cloning and working other unexpected jobs! DJ Scaramanga Silk can be found on Twitter. Plus Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul, and a real life Superhero stop by and say hello! 
August 21, 2020
Tarot Divination
Feather shares her UFO stories, working w/ tarot cards, divination pendants, crystals, Renaissance Faire, and lots more!!! She’s another bright soul magnetized to ! Feather is reached at . Micky Dolenz from the Monkees says hi and so does Rob Broski from Twin Peaks
August 19, 2020
Star People And Past Lives
Heather Frase describes her past lives, encounters with UFOs, acupuncture, healing those with trauma and lots more! She can be reached at Join the conversation with cosmic minds, at
August 15, 2020
Dispatches From The Institute
Director Spencer McCall’s world of “Dispatches From Elsewhere,” “The Institute”, “In Bright Axiom”, dog cloning, Jason Segal, Jeff Hull, the quarantine and more! Plus, MAD Shelley Productions and Blythe Baines say hello! Check out where they also mention the Varelse Bridge Society. You can view the documentary "The Institute" on Amazon Prime, "Dispatches From Elsewhere" is on AMC, and "In Bright Axiom" is currently on Vimeo. "Grandview Blvd" is not yet available, but you can check the info on IMDb
August 10, 2020
Unacknowledged Turkeys
Yachtley Crew plays at Ventura Country Fairgrounds for the "Concerts In Your Car" series, UFO documentary "Unacknowledged", Absurdist Comedienne Ellie Patrikios reports about local animals (check out her- or ), Zeland's Reality Transurfing, mysterious helicopters appear, the GAIA Network programs, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul says hello (check out her podcast- ), Micky Dolenz from The Monkees stops by, new video store news, the Mad Shelley Films crew surprises us, and much much more! 
August 09, 2020
Quantum Energy Healing
Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall talks about her personal interactions with the real "Don Juan" of the Carlos Castaneda books, devising the Quantum Energy Healing technique, the rollercoaster of traumatic events inspiring a GoFundMe page and a new petition to help the disabled, evolution of the New Earth, and much more! Thomas Valentine Holick, familiar to us from recent episodes, also contributes his perspectives of being a healer in Hawaii. VISIT ELIZABETH’S ONLINE HOME 🔹 . WATCH VIDEO AND READ THE FULL CROWDFUNDING STORY, DONATE, SIGN THE PETITION, SHARE THE CAMPAIGN AND VOLUNTEER ”Donald’s Law” 🔹 . Valentine is findable on Facebook at on Instagram  @goldensunvalentine and videos of him on this Youtube channel
August 05, 2020
MooseHeart Valentine
Thomas Valentine Holick is “called in” to heal an assortment of people across the globe, describes a close encounter w/ a moose, exorcises demons in Denmark, and much more! You can find him on Facebook at on Instagram @goldensunvalentine and find videos of him on this Youtube channel 
August 04, 2020
Sommer Astral UFOs
Adele Sommer travels via frequencies at Monroe Institute, Selenite synchronicities, experiences with orbs, various ghost meetings, the Harmonic Convergence stories, and much more! Plus musician Blythe Baines & Micky Dolenz from the Monkees stops by! You can find Adele online at: . The Monroe Institute is found here:  her Instagram is @sommertravel . Videos of the Harmonic Convergence can be found here: The DeClassified CIA document can be read here: Send your UFO contacts/abductions/fringe theories to: or call the hotline! 561-203-9179
August 03, 2020
Transurfing With Deirdre and Blythe
Blythe Baines & Deirdre Coval reveal their experiences with “Reality Transurfing” methods taught by Vadim Zeland. Also: astral travel, UFOs, synchronicities, remote viewing and all kinds of science fact-ion stuff you never realized was possible! Check out: Blythe Baines music on Spotify, Brian Scott meditations on Youtube, and “Transurfing in 78 Days” (free on . Also, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees says hi!
August 02, 2020
Yächtley Stargates
Yächtley Crëw plays “Concerts In Your Car” at Ventura County Fairgrounds, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul kicked out of Twitter, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hi, Orangutan Chiliscapades, a Real Life Superhero, and lots more possible celebrity sightings!
July 30, 2020
Selenite Fairy Sims
Mark Sims investigates Mari Paz on Zoom, MAD Shelley Productions say hello, Jenny’s Selenite Dream, Man Behind The Machine says hello, Redacted Top Secrets, Blythe Baines says hello, and lots more! Check out the saved videos on for high-vibrating content (this episode was recorded awhile ago, and Nicki LeMarbre’s interview about Selenite is available)!
July 28, 2020
Valentine Golden Son
Thomas Valentine Holick and his Golden Rainbow Soul, shares highly vibrational stories of healing Humans, predicting his neighbours' ailments, being nominated for the "Flower of Life Peace Award: 2019-2020",  24 Inspirational Videos on his Youtube, his book series: "Warrior Women With Angel Wings", and "Warrior Men With Angel Wings."  plus lots more mind-boggling info! Valentine is found on -Facebook as Thomas.Holick.37  -Instagram  as GoldSunsValentine and through email- . Also featured: Lincoln Rob Broski from Twin Peaks, Fun Facts by Henry D. Horse, and a hello from musician Blythe Baines, 
July 27, 2020
Cosmic Wonders Of Selenite
Nicki LeMarbre enlightens us about the benefits of Selenite crystals, Angels, healing bowls, pyramids, art and much more! Visit her magical website to dive deeper- . To watch videos of the Harmonic Convergence, visit-
July 23, 2020
Zooming With Mark Sims
Mark Sims from the Harmonic Convergence describes the chart Tezjbar the ET gave him, during their insightful 13 day Communion. Mari Paz The Cosmic Butterfly experiences a bigtime revelation on Zoom! Micky Dolenz of the Monkees and Rob Broski of Twin Peaks say hello too!
July 18, 2020
Last Day Of The Harmonic Convergence , Mark Simms Talks Justice, New Paradigm College, Daniel Sheehan& Mark Sims, Jyoti Ma - Native Grandmother, Whitley Strieber - Communion, Blythe Baines says hello
July 15, 2020
Harmonic Convergence UFOs
Harmonic Convergence w/ Mark Simms, Alien Child - Willard George Van De Bogart, Blythe Baines says hello, UFO sightings by Noelia and Marjorie Vargas, and much more!!! Join us to help call in the Worldwide UFO sightings, July 14, 3:33am wherever you’re time zone is!!! Find out the details on
July 12, 2020
Believing Is Seeing
Who really is a trusted news source, a real life Superhero, behind the scenes w/ Yachtley Crew livestream, Jack Webb talks about current times, Man Behind The Machine says hello, epiphanies about broadening our horizon, and lots more!!!
July 09, 2020
Independence Daze
4th of July celebrations, PAC Man stories, cats & squirrels, Man Behind The Machine says hello, making your own holiday, Blythe Baines says hi, new synchronicities, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks and more!
July 05, 2020
Videogame Intrigue
Erin Valenti mystery, fun facts from Henry D. Horse, Man Behind The Machine calls in, videogame ponderings, Woodsman Rob Broski from Twin Peaks says hello and lots more!!!
July 02, 2020
MAD Pandemic Patience
Jack Bristow sends me some old MAD Magazines from eBay, Man Behind The Machine poses an intriguing question, the old Broadway musical “The MAD Show”, crossing paths w/ a new graduate, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hello, new ideas about the quarantine, Uillillia and his Platform Master videogame, Richard Wilson from Mad Shelley Films says hi. And lots more!!!
June 25, 2020
Quantum Quarantine
We receive lots of ideas, have a trip to the grocery store, meet the gibberish juror, talk with Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks, singer/songwriter Blythe Baines says hello and lots more!
June 20, 2020
Gonzo’s Transition
After I got home
June 16, 2020
A Strange Turn
A miraculous message about my cat Doctor Gonzo, revelations about the creation of life, Micky Dolenz from the Monkees says hello, and lots more! Plus messages from Kenneth Lear, Describing a Rock Podcast, and Forgotten Tales Podcast!
June 14, 2020
Doctor Gonzo & Other Stories
COVID Revelations strike my antenna on en rout to the bank, hanging out w art cat Doctor Gonzo. Also, IG Story Series: “Earthquake House”, my new online carnivale w writer/director Samantha Light called: . Plus, Jay Asaang from “Twin Peaks,” Man Behind The Machine and a real Superhero say hello!
June 09, 2020
Quarantine Quantofolios
Yachtley Crew Rehearsal For May 30 at Whisky, Uber interview, artistic power, Blythe Baines says hello, Tommy Banana Summer Collection by WISEFINGER, the weather by David Lynch, crazy revelations, Craig Spivek’s fake laugh, Samantha Light’s message, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks, Man Behind The Machine w/ games and lots more!!!
June 02, 2020
Quarantine Ovaltine
I just realized Ovaltine ought to be making a mint off a special “Quarantine Ovaltine” brand. KaPow IFF and Filmocracy superpowers, a visit to the post office,, sending COVI the Quarantine Vampire, a Fun Fact from Henry D. Horse! Plus Man Behind The Machine, Micky Dolenz, Blythe Baines, and lots more surprise epiphanies!!!
May 24, 2020
Popular Pandemics
Inner workings of WISEFINGER LAB are opened for investigation. Plus the TSA, Micky Dolenz, Forgotten Tales and Gary Busey stop by...and a lot more!!!
May 17, 2020
Quarantine Quality
During this Coronavirus craziness, revealed are the elements I’ve been contemplating and considering whilst remaining creative! Plus the WISEFINGER LAB on Threadless where my art is being sold on skateboards. A real Superhero, Blythe Baines, and Maria Humphreys stop by to say hello and much more!
May 12, 2020
Pandemic Participle Parcels
We philosophize about digital Yächtley Crëw shows, diving back into drawing w/ and the joy of collaborating w/ Samantha Light on . Man Behind The Machine, Ms Drake, and Clay gift messages. Henry D Horse w/ funfacts. Blythe Baines says hello, an orange cat interview and lots more!
May 03, 2020
When We Went MAD with Alan Bernstein
Alan Bernstein, documentarian of “When We Went MAD”, speaks about what it was like to meet his favourite writers and artists of MAD Magazine, the tribulations of whittling down hours of footage to fit into a perfect flow, the history of Alfred E. Neuman and lots more! Plus, Rob Broski of Twin Peaks, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees and Henry D. Horse also make special appearances!
April 30, 2020
The Pandemic Detectivus
Micky Dolenz preamble, Fun Facts w/ Henry D. Horse, MAD Magazine art ptheorieticals of COVID Coven Covenance, cyclops PEEPS, the blizzard snowglobe of Ourglass, Man Behind The Machine demonstrates the gears, open antenna plug-in parcels. a Real Superhero, and more noun-sense.
April 21, 2020
Quarantine With Mort Drucker
Theories about COVID, Yächtley Crëw Youtube live-streams, fun facts by Henry D Horse, Alien Ele and Man Behind The Machine say hello, my first Instagram livedraw, a Gordon Cole montage, Rob Broski of Twin Peaks stops by, and much more! Mort Drucker of MAD Magazine, RIP, April 9, 2020.
April 16, 2020
COVID Numbdrum
More COVID epiphanies abound, an amazing synchronicity w/ Melanie Fernandez from Cosmic Eye, a funny run-in w/ “Sexy Daddy”, Mad Shelley Films says hello, Yächtley Crëw streams a pre-recorded show on Youtube April 11, a beautiful sentiment from Foxxy Lady from Awesomesauce Radio, artificial intelligence w/ Man Behind The Machine and more!!!
April 09, 2020
COVID Revelations
An interview w/ Melanie Fernandez from Cosmic Eye about an amazing synchronicity! Lots of revelations about COVID, which by now, most of you have also heard from other sources even though this episode was originally started on March 18. Plus Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, a real life Superhero, and Man Behind The Machine say hello!
March 28, 2020
LUNA: The Shadow Dust - Beidi Guo Interview - Part 2
Art Director, Beidi Guo, created an amazing visual palette for the game, "LUNA: The Shadow Dust by Lantern Studios". This is part 2 of an interview we shared a month ago, about the fun, wonderfully crafted, intricately detailed world she's created with her teammates. Thank you actor Rob Broski from Twin Peaks and musician Blythe Baines, for your contributions!
March 26, 2020
Unusual COVID
Recorded intermittently between March 10-13, Unusual Tuesdays w/ a wonderful song by Chicken Joanna (“Contraband”), funstuffs from Maria Humphreys, Interview w/ a cartoon composer, sing-a-long w/ friends after livestreaming Yachtley Crew’s Midnight At The Oasis show, ideas about the pandemic, Mad Shelley says hello and more!
March 20, 2020
Yächtley Battens Down The Hatches
Yächtley Crëw plays the Marquee Theatre, the same place where we recorded the Micky Dolenz promo, synchronicities involving a couple met long ago, Midnight At The Oasis car show in Yuma, interview w/ sound technician Chris Husted, Mandela Effect, Corona Virus Mixtape, Mad Shelley Production Team says hello and lots more!!!
March 15, 2020
Yächtley Wisdomes
Spanning days, we hear behind the scenes w/ Yachtley Crew’s “Batten Down The Hatches Tour”. We learn of the Wisdome from Brian D'vil, training to have a baby, interview w/ the Mom of Maya from The Voice, Pauly Shöres thoughts of AZ Tour, Happy Birthday to Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, and lots more shenanigans!!!
March 06, 2020
Dispatches From Elsewhere
The last part of Spencer McCall’s Interview concerning his movie “The Institute” (and now “Dispatches From Elsewhere” ). Plus, the art of pure satisfaction, news about Operation Tone Up and their campaign for “Accept The Challenge”, Robert Broski from “Twin Peaks” says hello. Messages from School For The Dogs, Forgotten Tales, Strong Body Strong Soul Podcasts. Pal Stanley says hi and much more!!!
March 04, 2020
Gary Busey & Tattoos
Pondering the value of celebrity, a fun TSA skit from Forgotten Tales podcast, synchronicities, epiphanies, new ideas, calls on the 561-203-9179r hotline from: Gary Busey of 24hours, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks. Also a new fun fact from Henry D. Horse,  a strange town with no faces allowed in photographs, and lots more insight! 
March 02, 2020
Emoto Frequencies
Doctor Emoto and his water vibrations, Anthony Holland talks about a very special cancer-killing frequency he discovered, Intriguing calls on Inspirado Hotline 561-203-9179r from Panning The Stream, Over The Thread, and Kenneth Lear Podcasts! Plus, a lifeblood oath,  post office journeys, a Real Life Superhero says hello, and lots more! Also, please submit your motion picture/podcast/screenplay project to KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival for a chance to be celebrated: January 29 - Feb 4, 2021 in Hollywood California! 
February 28, 2020
KaPow IFF 2019 Creators Series 2
KaPow IFF 2019 —- Tony Oliver (“Initiation 21”), Dave Penak (“High Five”), Maria Humphreys (“Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast”), Bruce Nachsin (“Lunchtime Is Over”), Shannan Leigh Reeve (“Chromo46” and “Passage”), and Ed Hartman (“As The Earth Turns”) discuss their projects and philosophies at LA Grip Studios on 9-16-2019 during the week of KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival. Microphones are donated by KCHUNG 1630am. This is part 2 of the same day’s conversation. Part 1 is found in the Inspirado Projecto Podcast archives. Mad Shelley Productions ("Under The Flowers"), John Garside ("Forgotten Tales"), and Jay Aaseng ("Twin Peaks") stop by and say hello as well! Submissions are now open to screenplays, films, music videos, podcasts, PSAs, and social media movies (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc) for KaPow IFF 2021! Visit to submit your masterpiece! Send your 3 minute audioscape to the Inspirado Hotline Voicemail 561-203-9179r to be included on future episodicals! 
February 27, 2020
Kazoolapalooza Yard
The Clendenins (Jenny and Curt) played at Harvard Yard Bar, Feb 20. They opened for Monty O'Blivion of KBOR Records and The Dark Roads. It was an extraordinary time and this episode captures behind-the-scenes madness! A man tells us his vivid dream, We also hear synchronicities, a call from Pauly Shores of Yachtley Crew from the Inspirado Projecto Hotline (561-203-9179r), various epiphanies, a fun hello from a real-life Superhero, an unexpected interview with a security guard of the tv show "The Rookie", a call from Maria Humphreys of Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, songs by Monty O'blivion and The Dark Roads, and lots more!!!! 
February 23, 2020
LUNA: The Shadow Dust - Part 1
Beidi Guo describes the 4 year process of creating "LUNA: The Shadow Dust", a new videogame by Lantern Studio. In this first part, we hear about the dynamic brainstorming meetings, how the original story idea morphed, the evolution of the characters, and lots more! Plus a fun fact from Henry D. Horse! Micky Dolenz of TheMonkees, and Rob Broski from Twin Peaks say hello!
February 22, 2020
Valentines Day and The Middle of Nowhere
Hanging out w/ Twisted Tall Tale Team exploring a location for “House In The Middle of Nowhere”, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast Says hello, interviewing a man on the subway on Valentine’s Day, new epiphanies, Man Behind The Machine voices concerns, Henry D Horse w/ a new Fun Fact, a real life Superhero and more!!!
February 19, 2020
Daralyn Kelleher Multi-Mega Talent
Comedienne Daralyn Kelleher expands upon her views about synchronicities, being true to herself, Comedy in NYC, allowing herself to be excited, her Youtube channel and a whole lots more! Recorded on Valentine’s Day, 2-14-2020. Also, Richard Wilson of Mad Shelley Films and musician Blythe Baines, both say hello !
February 15, 2020
Madmen & Madmagic
Another piece of Spencer McCall’s interview, Mad Shelley Production Team gives great vibes, new synchronicities w/ Ru, Blythe Baines and magic, Use Me Darling Song - Lawrence August, Nick Nolte calls in, Man Behind The Machine and Sims, and lots more!!!
February 13, 2020
Bus Intentions
Talking with cats, who has loved you into being - Mr Rogers, hanging out w/ Yächtley Crëw, cosmic help from Maria Humphreys, new short cinema “Bus Intentions” on IGTV, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello, and lots more!!!
February 10, 2020
Wisdom Prog Initiated
A riff w/ Pauly Shöres after a show (kinda sounds like “oompa loompa”), interviewing Crewpies who drove all the way to Morro Bay from Fresno to sea Yächtley Crëw play, indulging in your own extraordinary, Quantum pockets, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hello, Man Behind The Machine gives a Unix story. Plus lots of unexpected happenings as per usual!!! You can call the free vm and give us your fictional/factual stories to be shared on the podcast! 561-203-9179r
February 05, 2020
KaPow IFF Creator Series Part 1
9-16-2019 Creators: Shannan Leigh Reeve ("Chromo 46"),  Ed Hartman ("As the Earth Turns"),  Bruce Nachsin ( "Lunchtime Is Over") and Maria Humphreys ("Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast"), met a few hours before KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival opened its doors to the very first screenings of the day. Their creative process, tribe mentality, influences, and a whole lot more ideas are discussed. Many synchronicities, harmonic epiphanies, and connections are bridged within this short segment. Sponsored by L.A. Grip Studios (location), KCHUNG 1630AM (microphones), and Beat Royalty Group (FB videostream & sound engineerings) Shot on location at L.A. Grip Studios. Chris Kooreman from Beat Royalty provided recording technology.
February 04, 2020
Grammy Awards 2020 Adventure
Grammy Awards 2020 Behind the scenes, new predictions for the future, Man Behind The Machine google finds, Umbrella Academy amazement, Billie Eilish plays, new synchronicities, Aerosmith and RUN DMC play, Annihilatiion epiphanies, Micky Dolenz of The Monkees says hello and lots more!!!
February 01, 2020
What Did Lynch Do?
Epiphanies about cats, David Lynch shenanigans, roving video games, Blythe Baines says hi, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Opens submissions for January 2021, a country named Taured, Man Behind The Machine pondering digital jail, new IGTV video and more!!!
January 26, 2020
Patternal Repertoire
Revelations about relative time, Pauly Shöres adds an intro, a new Henry D. Horse fun fact, new riffs, erotic “Duck Dynasty” fan fiction, portable octopus, epiphanies about felines, Man Behind The Machine in digital prison, a real life Superhero, and more!
January 20, 2020
Dad’s L.A. Adventure
My Dad Chuck adventures from Florida, visiting Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge in STAR WARS land, hiking all the way up to Griffith Park Observatory, stories from Vietnam, Micky Dolenz says hi, Man Behind The Machine Behind Bars, and more!!
January 19, 2020
Reinfaction Zibultar
Talking w/ 311 Cruisers before Yachtley Crew’s SAILED OUT SHOW at The Viper Room on Sunset Blvd. Interview w/ Uber driver, my Dad talks about the Air Force, and much more! Plus a real life Superhero AND Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hi!
January 14, 2020
Congress of Unusuality
Another bushel of synchronicities w/ Blythe Baines at Bob’s Big Boy, traveling to Unusual Tuesdays to screen our latest supernatural ecological scifi thriller (NOW VIEWABLE on IGTV- @inspiradoprojecto), Man Behind The Machine contributes mysterious curiosity, and lots more!!! Plus Mad Shelley Productions gives us a wonderful endorsement!
January 10, 2020
Parapurveyor Listening
Spencer McCall discusses intriguing materials, behind the scenes w/ Yächtley Crëw, Henry D Horse gives a Fun Fact, screening the new supernatural cinema at Sunland, the TSA stops by, Man Behind The Machine discuses Facebook, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks says hi and MORE!!!
January 07, 2020
Quizzical Quanderers
A time machine episode taking place somewhere on, before, or after Dec 31. New riff, reading from the idea book, bts with Yächtley Crëw’s Philly Ocean & Pauly Shöres, epiphanies, Man Behind The Machine gets censored, fun w/ a slidewhistle, Blythe Baines Says hello, and more!!!
January 04, 2020
2020 A New Perspective
Starting off a brand new year and decade of 2020 !!! Lots of characters, revelations, precipitations and nutritions! Also: Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast says hello and so does Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks!!! Another secret special guest!
January 03, 2020
Earthlings On A Plane
Important safety features, special message from Tony Danza, hanging out w/ cats, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello, Fun Fact by Henry D. Horse, and lots of other unexpected happenings!
December 31, 2019
Family Familiarities
Interview w/ my Brother Josh about Patterson Dental, a game of Simon Says, Al Pacino’s new merchandise, slimy Ooz-os experiment, a strange dream, Blythe Baines says hello and lots more!!!
December 28, 2019
Wandering Nashville
Wandering along Broadway in Nashville w/ Mom, Josh and Jenny. Looking through old family photos, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks, visiting the Dukes of Hazzard Museum (Cooter’s Place) a wonderful message from Teniecka Drake, and much more!!!
December 28, 2019
Merry Christmas Families!!!
Christmas in Nashville w/ a cavalcade of stars!! Josh tells us the months of the year, Ella shows us her faerie kingdom, we find mysterious objects in the yard, fun w/ walker talkies, and much more!! Plus Richard T. Wilson and Mad Shelley Films gives a wonderful introduction!
December 26, 2019
Christmas Eve Jenanigans
A journey on an adventure to Tennessee to visit the Family for Christmas. Jenny and I fly out on Christmas Eve for the festivities! Plus, Clay and Teniecka Drake make guest appearances, along w/ a real-life Superhero!!!
December 25, 2019
Surfboards and The Jedi
Interview w/ Comedian Craig Spivek at HaHa Cafe, Christmas carolers in BigBear, Maria Humphreys says hello. Robin Ryder of Twin Temple and Yachtley Crew talks about painting surfboards w/ Pauly Shöres & Tommy Buoy, an Uber driver conversation, Micky Dolenz from the Monkees says hello, and lots more!!!
December 23, 2019
YächtleySpace and Santanatas
Pauly Shöres, Robin Ryder and Tommy Buoy from Yächtley Crëw, discuss their favorite green room experiences. Comedian Craig Spivek raps about creation process, Abby Shachner reads a pome and we hear about new dinosaurs at Unusual Tuesdays. Plus, a journey to teach Darin Toonder’s improv class. Richard T. Wilson and Mad Shelley Films says hello and much more!!! New IGTV Short Cinema Coming Soon from the creators of Inspirado Projecto Podcast... “Santanatas: A Christmas Movie” . Screening 12-21 at 12 High Noon PST. The World’s First Christmas Detective Thriller Sci-Fi. Do you have your magnifying glass ready? Can YOU solve the mysteries?
December 20, 2019
Censory Vitalization w/ Sam Light
Samantha Light comments on the L.Ron Hubbard exhibit for human awareness, behind the scenes w/ Yächtley Crëw, a new guitar riff, Man Behind The Machine says poses an intriguing question, steep camping, Interview w/ AprilBunny82, Woodsman from Twin Peaks Rob Broski says hello, and much more!!!
December 17, 2019
Samantha Lights Up Cafe 101
Samantha Light, director/writer/actor/dancer/producer/etc and I, explore the cosmos and humanity as we know it, at historical Cafe 101! Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks, and Man Behind The Machine, add their own special intrigue. L.R. Hubbski & Tony Danza Make guest appearances and more!!’
December 12, 2019
Sanctuaries & Yachtleys
Some fun w/ Yächtley Crëw, Jenny talks about animal sanctuaries, a Funfact by Henry D. Horse, Furbies, a real-life Superhero and more!
December 09, 2019
311 Cruisin and Blythe Baines
We feature a piece of an interview w/ songwriter Blythe Baines! A real life Superhero says hello, a “Gonzo Journalism” adventure During the 311 Caribbean Cruise... Special appearances by Man Behind The Machine about the Church of AI, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul, and Teniecka Drake about the Dec 14 Podcasters Holiday Party! Plus more!!
December 03, 2019
Poetical Thanksgiving Belation
Comedian/Author Abby Schachner has Craig read her poetry during a wonderful Post-Thanksgiving feast! Plus, Spencer McCall of “The Institute” talks about working for the Jejune Institute, Mad Shelley says hello, and lots more revelations!!!
December 03, 2019
Actor Mike Provenzano Interview
We investigate Mike Provenzano’s ( process and history w/ acting, upcoming projects, wearing facial prosthetics, and lots more! Words from T Drake about the upcoming LA Podcast Explosion, a new Fun Fact from Henry D. Horse, a closeup of Doctor Gonzo eating! Also a guest appearance by Rob Broski Woodsman and Abraham Lincoln Impressionist from Twin Peaks!!! Special Thanks to: Columnist Jules Lavalee for introducing me to Mike (read the wonderful article here—- ) . He’s repped by Mindy Meriweather Morton from Elysium Talent ( )
December 02, 2019
Yächtley Thanksgiving Eve
Yächtley Crëw played live on KUSI “Good Morning San Diego” , Nov 27, on the eve of Thanksgiving. Later that night, we played a “SAILED OUT” show to The Musicbox (w/ Synchronicity Police Tribute opening)! This episode contains an interview w/ an Uber driver, some new riffs, a talk w/ Erica Runzel from KUSI, plus lots of other Yächtley shenanigans & synchronicities! AND Micky Dolenz from the Monkees says hi !!
November 30, 2019
My Birthday & Molecularwavicles
Jenny and I name “The Curt Clendenin Table” At Hugo’s while eating Vegan burritos. Rob Broski Lincoln Impersonator from Twin Peaks, Henry D Horse -Fun Fact. T Drake and the podcasters holiday party, Morpheus meets Keanu Reeves and more! Plus Maria Humphreys gives wisdom!
November 27, 2019
Sunspace-tacular w/ Craig Spivek
Interviewing Comedian Craig Spivek and owner of Sunspace, Noel, before Unusual Tuesdays. A paleontologist sand newly discovered dinosaurs, a curious one from Man Behind ThecMachine, plus a fun question from Maria Humphreys, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hi and more!!!
November 26, 2019
Unusual Yächtleys and Other Onsense
Yächtley Crëw in Huntington Beach, fun riffs, epiphanies. Interview w/ Craig Spivek and Abby after Unusual Tuesdays. Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello. Insight from Man Behind The Machine, news about LA Podcast Explosion from: Strong Body Strong Soul, Guru Warrior, Walk In Truth Radio and God’s Gift Through His Word. Plus other unknown happenings!!!
November 21, 2019
Yächtley Landyacht Cruise
Yächtley Crew’s roadtrip to Tucson Arizona for the Catalina Foothills Wine Mixer sponsored by the Moonchild Foundation! We get to hear a soundcheck, talk w/ wonderful Crewpies Barb and Hank while eating breakfast w/ Pauly Shöres, experience fun anecdotes w/ Tommy Buoy and lots of other intriguing surprises!!! Plus, Micky Dolenz from the Monkees, Maria Humphreys and Man Behind The Machine make guest appearances!!!
November 18, 2019
Franken Stain & Associates
Power packed w/ absurdity! An opener by Richard Wilson’s Mad Shelley Production Team, an Interview w/ Willi Love from Arkive Studios about his various projects, Gonzo journalism from the 311 Caribbean Cruise, Maria Humphreys and Man Behind The Machine say hello, plus lots of unexpected epiphanies!!!
November 16, 2019
Dog Clones and More Astounding Tails
Director Spencer McCall (“The Institute”, “In Bright Axiom”) discusses more weirdness, a crazy story by unexpected celebrity Hugo Cary, an amazing chance encounter in Las Vegas with Crewpie Mongomedic, and more! Plus Maria Humphreys, Man Behind The Machine, and Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks make guest appearances!!!
November 10, 2019
KaPow IFF - The Midas Arcade
KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival 2019! Q&As with filmmakers of "Chromo46" and "PASSAGE" from the Unordinary Block, Sept 19. Also, Q&As after the Midas Block with filmmakers of "Make A Film Foundation",  "Masheenee Alcketiara", "Last Christians", "Millicent, Me and The Apple Tree", "Roya", "Terms & Conditions", "Diablo", "Double Entendre", and "As The Crow Flies" on Sept 19. We also have a fun interview with co-founder Chris Kooreman and a few wonderful filmmakers after the Awards After Party outside of Player One Arcade Bar. Plus, some fun sentiments from: Micky Dolenz from the Monkees, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, and Awesomesauce Radio! 
November 08, 2019
Animal Yachtleys
Yachtley Crew plays at a private Halloween auction fundraiser party for animal welfare, Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul podcast calls in about KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, Pauly Shores/Tommy Buoy/Stoney Shores from Yachtley Crew call 561-203-9179r outside of Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach before their gig,  Awesomesauce Radio Podcast calls in with a sweet message, curious idea about scooter-hacking, Jay Aaseng from Twin Peaks says hello and LOTS MORE!!!! 
November 03, 2019
Unusual Sunspace
Comedian Craig Spivek from CraigCast talks about high value spikes, excerpts from “Unusual Tuesdays” at Sunland Sunspace (from two different days), Man Behind The Machine makes a guest appearance, Mad Shelley Productions introduces the episode and lots more surprises!
October 31, 2019
Yächtley Geekout Cosmos
Before Yächtley Crëw plays at a private party, we geekout about sound engineering w/ Willie and Arturo. Simultaneously, we Interview two bright 12 year olds about the cosmos: Aidan and his best friend Nathaniel, along w/ his Mom Candice. Plus, Man Behind The Machine poses interesting questions, Robert Broski from Twin Peaks shows up, and more!!
October 28, 2019
Inaugural SoCal Podcast Explosion
10-23-2019 SoCal Podcast Explosion at Grafton Hotel with Los Angeles podcasters! It was amazing to meet other podcasters who met through and mutually appreciate eachother's work! This episode contains music by Karolina Rose, interviews with: organizer Teniecka Drake from  "God's Gift Through His Word",  Martha Michelle from "Martha's Place", musician Karolina Rose, Yovy D from the "Yovy D Show", Amber 'Smiles' Jones from "Professionally Silly", and Maria Humphreys from "Strong Body Strong Soul"!!!! Plus, a wonderful live recording of one of Karolina Rose's songs! A marvelous event that will continue to unfold each year, no doubt!!! 
October 24, 2019
The Bold and The Beast - KCHUNG 10-21-2019
Director/Writer of feature "BEAST MODE", Spain Willingham and Actor/Writer Stephanie Maura Sanchez join in the KCHUNG 1630am Studio for a chat about the creative process, acting, directing, writing and 80s tv reruns on this 10-19-2019 episode of Inspirado Projecto from the 1630am KCHUNG Studio in Chinatown Los Angeles!!!!!  Spain Willingham's IG @sultankingspain  Stephanie Maura Sanchez "Truth Be Told"  Every 1st and 3rd Mundee, Inspirado Projecto broadcasts from 1630am KCHUNG Chinatown, Los Angeles Studio, between 1-2pm. You can listen here as it happens LIVE: 
October 22, 2019
KaPow IFF - Shatner Universe and Other Masterpieces
KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival 9-17-2019. My Q&A about "Mi O Le Ku", (played during: Foreign Findings block), an interview with John Liggett of Shatner Universe, and also Q&A after feature "LIMBO".  9-18-2019 Q&As after Dramatica block about films "Faith Ties & "Breaking News",  plus Q&As about feature "Blank Frank"! 9-19-2019 Q&As after Unordinary block about "Vanessa Atalanta" and "Lucifer: Infernum Monologue"! Lots of intriguing information on this episode by talented filmmakers! Stay tuned for more! 
October 19, 2019
The Crewpie Simulator
Interview with Yachtley Crew "Crewpies" before a fundraiser in Huntington Beach, Man Behind The Machine poses a question about simulations, a piece of an interview with Spencer McCall about The Latitude Society featured in his documentary "In Bright Axiom", Richard Wilson and his production team Mad Shelley Films gives us a shout out, plus lots more revelations!!!! 
October 12, 2019
KaPow IFF- Day Of The Western Sun and Other Stories
9-16-2019 KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Q&As after the “Contemplative Block” w/ Dave Uchansky, the feature documentary “Day of The Western Sun”, and stories by Ema Shah . Plus, Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks says hello and Man Behind The Machine poses a smart question!
October 10, 2019
Awarding Yächtley
Mad Shelley promo, riding to Ventura County Music Awards, soundcheck w/ Yächtley Crëw, Uber interviews, a meeting w/ Andy Gould from Spectacle Entertainment, and more!
October 05, 2019
KaPow IFF - "Dark Reel" And Other Surpises
Sept 15th - KaPow IFF - Q&As with filmmakers during Sci-Fi Bazaar, Unique Block, a fun story by Josh Eisenstadt after his "Dark Reel" 10th Anniversary screening, and a fun interview with the organizers of the NOT Film Festival! Also, we get some wonderful words from Maria Humphreys from the Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast. We can't wait to see the projects you submit for KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival 2020! 
October 03, 2019
Nerginshfargle Finaglers
A wild sound collage of powerpacked perspectives! Pauly Shores on a pennywhistle, Mom & Jenny At Gladstones in Malibu, peanut butter pancakes, Leonard Bernstein geekery, wonderful violinist in Santa Monica, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks, and so much more!!!!
September 27, 2019
Maria Humphreys KaPows Full Moon Palindrome
Maria Humphreys from Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast, interviews Nas about KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival! Also, astounding revelations about Andy Kaufman, today being a Full Moon on Friday 13th, Yachtley Crew's show at The Viper Room and Discovery Ventura, AND bigtime enlightening Palindromes !!! Also Stew Strauss from Twin Peaks stops by to say hello! 
September 13, 2019
iHeart Mom Farewell Milwaukee
Part 3 of the World Championship Chili Cookoff: My Mom from Illinois and a woman w/ a unique wedding experience, Max from iHeart, Farewell Milwaukee, Robin Ryder & Shaggy, lots of synchronicities and so much more!
September 10, 2019
Mississippi Gang, 311 Cruisers & The Oasis
Part 2 from the World Championship Chili Cook Off: Jim Lewis with the Mississippi Chili Gang, a surprise encounter w/ 311 Cruisers, interview w/ The Oasis creative space, appearances by Yächtley Crëw ‘s drumtech Robin Ryder & Max from iHeart radio and much more!!
September 10, 2019
Yächtley Chili Cookoff
Yächtley Crëw was invited to play the World Championship Chili Cook Off in Ankeny Iowa. Former owner Carol Hancock interviewed, a palm reading at the airport, Rob Broski from Twin Peaks says hi, my attempt to make the rain clouds disappear, Maria Humphreys says hi and more. This episode is dedicated to my Aunt Gloria Montgomery Clendenin who passed while I was in Iowa.
September 10, 2019
Mortality & Organizing A Film Festival
Organizing KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, impeding death of my Aunt Gloria Moore Clendenin, Mobile Mariachi, Jay Asseng from Twin Peaks, smart scooters. Also podcasters: Clay, Maria Humphreys and Mr. Tourettski. Lots of new revelations and much more!
September 06, 2019
Boggled Synchronauts
Journey to Santa Monica Pier for Josh Eisenstadt’s Birthday, MAD Shelley Films says hi, revelations about Gumbo, synchronicities on the subway, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival call for podcasters Sept 13-19, and much more!
September 02, 2019
KaPow Of Blythe Spirits
An essential Blythe Baines interview about amazing synchronicities, Jay Asseng of Twin Peaks says hello, lots of riffs. We dig into the inner workings of 2019 KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Sept 13-19, and invite Los Angeles podcasters to join us at this annual event !!! Filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, all kinds of industry folks, including a screening for Josh Eisenstadt’s 10 Year Anniversary screening of “Dark Reel” shot on 35mm! See it on September 15th!!! Plus more shenanigans! Http://
August 31, 2019
surReality Sculptioneers - Spencer, Blythe & 311 Cruisin'
Giblets of interview soundscapes, starring: Musician/Alchemist Blythe Baines discussing how she weaves cosmic knowledge into her musicwaves with astonishing synchronicity stories (including meeting Lana Del Rey) AND Director Spencer McCall ("The Institute")reveals the magical Latitude Society village from his film "In Bright Axiom". We also get to hear more audio adventures from the 311 Caribbean Cruise w/ a story about Drunk Satan, some quick improv riffs, brand new epiphanies involving the Dead Letter Office, AndyKaufmanLives in the Wayback Machine, Zombie Yacht Rock ("Rot Yuck" or "Yacht Rot" ?) idea, the beginnings of Eye-Gee Theme Song, MAD Shelley Production Team gives you a very big supernatural hug and MORE!!!!!!!  Thank you Spotify for sponsoring us! 
August 29, 2019
Yächtley Lakesides & Lakeshores
Another carnivale of Yachtley Crew behind-the-scenes at KUSI News on "Good Morning San Diego",  Lakeside Country Club AND Lakeshore Hotel & Resort!  Plus an appearance from Micky Dolenz, a new dream, a selection from "Waging Heavy Peace" by Neil Young, 300mg caffeine experience, Clay says hello, Nick Nolte calls Inspirado Hotline, lots of epiphanies, MAD Shelly Pictures stops by to give you some love, and so much more!!!! 
August 27, 2019
311 Cruisin w/ Spencer McCall
Spencer McCall, director of “The Institute”, “Bright Axiom”, “The Esquire” and many others, shares what it’s like to be a manager of perception (first part). Plus a FunFact by Henry D. Horse, a piece from the 311 Cruise w/ Yächtley Crëw and more!
August 22, 2019