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Secret Sauce Of Leadership & Life

Secret Sauce Of Leadership & Life

By Binuwick
Secret sauce of inspire bee is a series of podcasts aimed at adding value to managers, students, leaders in various arena. Enjoy the quick tips and make a better version of yourself now.
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Let the Words not affect you
If you have emotional reaction to every Word spoken to you, you will have a difficult life.
April 28, 2022
Animals have better intelligence
Intelligence is not a collection of knowledge but an alignment with nature
April 26, 2022
Life is tough or easy?
Stop taking yourself serious and make your life joyful and light.
April 19, 2022
Change Mindset Change Personality
It's all in the belief system. U change your belief system , you will change your personality.
October 26, 2021
Box your Time to manage to do list
Making a long list of to do tasks could derail your priorities. So box your Time and you will see a stress free life.
October 22, 2021
Clarity of destination determines the beauty of the journey.
Destination drives your journey.
October 22, 2021
Motivate yourself for a Job Hunt
We often need the push to search for a new job. Here are a few tips to get you that start.
October 22, 2021
Empower Awareness Over Emotions
Our awareness is always in us and we keep empowering our emotions. Let's give awareness an I Take Charge role.
October 22, 2021
Sex is Not intimacy, Life is.
Intimacy is everything in life. It is the foundation of all human relationship be it with anyone or anything.
September 14, 2021
Handling bosses - stress reduction by prioritisation
Time management may be a problem but not a solution. Listen to this podcast on how to deal with loads of tasks when given by bosses.
July 09, 2021
Immune System and Emotions
Our immune system is expected to take care of our health fighting sickness and viruses. But unfortunately it gets influenced by many things, emotions being the key influencer. Hear this podcast to manage emotions to a healthier immune System.
May 07, 2021
Managing perpetual pessimists
We all face employees who are chronic pessimists or those who have complaints and issues about anything and everything. Handling them is a leadership challenge. Listen to this podcast on a few steps to handle such employees.
April 18, 2021
Women's Day - they are not equal nor different.
Why dun we consider women as just another dimension of life. The moment you look at them as beautiful creation of life, you wouldn't have to think about equality and inequality.
March 09, 2021
Gaps in Resume - turn it into a Value
Most gaps in resume attributes to some reasons which could be nothing to do with work. You can turn that to a strength by knowing how to express it to your future employers. Learn a few things here in this podcast.
February 27, 2021
Small Talks - a leadership tool for work climate creation
Move away from structured meetings and induce meetings be it actual or virtual with small talks that could be very informal and you can see how the culture of organization gets better with it as positive vibes will be seen in team.
February 27, 2021
Bounce back from set backs
Build your resilience from the network of people you have. This is the time that you must make a list of those people who you can go to for bouncing back.
February 13, 2021
Mindfulness - a result of Consciousness
The higher the consciousness, the higher the act of mindfulness in you. Its life's littlest acts.
February 01, 2021
Self Compassion - a success tool for life
Be kind to yourself for you to be kind to others. Practice self Compassion, use kind words in your monologue and see how radiant you become.
January 23, 2021
Ask Questions - Magic of Leadership
Focus on asking questions and not giving answers. You will see your leadership taking a magical phase in your organization. In today's World, leadership is all about collaboration, team sense, sense of ownership and what better way to get to a participative leadership than asking questions instead of giving answers.
January 23, 2021
Leadership by inducing Significance
Try making your team members significant every moment and see how your leadership experiences success.
January 18, 2021
Art of Mirroring - better your communication
Master the art of Mirroring your counterparts nd see how fruitful your arguments are turning out for you.
January 02, 2021
THE MORE , a driving force of Life.
The only driving force in life is the need for the more. Every moment of human life is a moment in search for more. When humans attain a path where the more is the more for proximity to the source of creation, one attains liberation.. until then its a life that is in the World's materialism.
January 02, 2021
Focus on what You are becoming in a job or relationship than what you are getting out of it.
Don't be in a job for what you get but be there for what you become. Similarly don't be in a relationship for what you are getting. But be in it for what you are becoming. A relationship where the basis is only of what is in it for me leads to agony. But a relationship that shapes you to be a higher conscious human being, a lovable person, a genuine person, a positive person, a broad minded person, a successful person, then u are becoming something extraordinary in that relationship. This means u are shaping yourself and not shaving your inner personality and inner potential off yourself. Same goes for job. Think now are u in a job that gives you something or are u there because you are becoming something.
December 27, 2020
Gratitude Leadership
Stress brings poor relationships and morale around in an organisation. The best and simplest way to change that is to have a leadership of gratitude. Create an atmosphere of appreciation within one's self as well as within the team.
December 19, 2020
Shift your focus from Finance to products and customers
Finance is a result of your focus on your customers and products. As leaders change your focus from numbers. Focus on value that the product gives and customer gets.
December 16, 2020
Is compassion an impediment for leadership. How can you be compassionate yet tough?
In this podcast you would know a small tip in leadership that you have to be compassionate yet tough. You need to be practical and direct but never fall into one side approach. Happy listening to this podcast of Inspire Bee.
December 15, 2020
Tips for presentation for Leaders
Secret sauce of inspire bee is here to add value to those aspiring managers, leaders and young talents live a meaningful life in this Universe.
December 11, 2020