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Inspired Souls with Helen Pinkett

Inspired Souls with Helen Pinkett

By Helen Pinkett
If you like all things wellbeing, spiritual and personal growth then you are in the right place!

In these episodes you will find talks from inspiring souls on everything from business to past lives.

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Healing Anxiety Through Holistic Methods with Jennifer Mckenzie
Jennifer Mckenzie is The Conscious Living Coach, the owner of Lunar Spirit Wellbeing & is also an Anxiety Specialist. In this episode Jennifer shares her journey, how she hit rock bottom after turning to drugs and alcohol to self medicate her anxiety but then had a massive breakthrough and completely turned her life around. Jennifer now helps others using her lived experience and holistic methods and is a great inspiration for anyone feeling they are stuck. Find Jennifer online at: Lunarspiritwellbeing | YouTube, Facebook | Linktree
September 14, 2022
Inspired Souls Podcast with Helen Pinkett - Human Design with Shari Thompson
Shari Thompson is a Human Design expert who I have been in a Mastermind with for the past 6 months digging deep into the workings of this system. Human Design is based on your date and time of birth its your souls blueprint, an energetic roadmap to support and guide you through your journey of life. Shari brings together HD & business beautifully marrying up the HD system with her in depth marketing and business knowledge, in this episode the conversation flows around Human Design (we are both 5/2 Generators!) Enjoy!! You can connect with Shari at - Get your own HD chart at -  Human Design Chart – The HD Biz
August 26, 2022
Money Talk with Rachel Jensen
Rachel is super passionate about supporting women with finances and works in wealth management to advise not only on investing but also on money mindset! Loved talking about the energetics and beliefs around money in this episode. Find Rachel at - 
June 09, 2022
Body Image & Why Its Important With Tamsin Broster
Tamsin Broster is a Food Freedom & Body Acceptance Coach helping you to quit the binge for good In this episode we hear about Tamsin's journey, intuitive eating & how our relationship with food is part of our self care & self worth stories  Contact Tamsin:  Website: Email:
May 24, 2022
Heart Work With Ryan Hartley
Ryan Hartley helps heart-centred leaders bring their heart-work into the world. Through his coaching, community and podcast he creates an environment where people grow and become better than they were yesterday. Connect with Ryan.....
March 29, 2022
Deep Breath. Strong Body. Powerful Mind with Jen Albano
Jen Albano in her own words......... ''I'm a women's health coach with something really different to offer.   All of my coaching is based around a ground breaking breathwork and movement method called Hypopressives.  I'm one of the top qualified instructors in the UK and I am getting life changing results with my clients. It's bloody amazing because it  POWERFULLY ticks soooo many essential health care boxes in one enjoyable flow of movements that becomes a daily habit supporting body and mind for life....literally, we can still be doing this to keep us strong when we are 80 and beyond! Take the decision making out of how to......  ✔️ Build deep core strength and improved tummy tone ✔️ Maintain a strong protected spine and posture  ✔️ Strengthen and protect the pelvic floor ✔️ Discharge harmful stress from the body everyday - prevent overwhelm & burnout  ✔️ Enjoy better sex!   I run a 12 week 1:1 programme -The R.E.S.T Routine and I run a free group The Living Room-  Finding calm in the chaos for busy Mum's'' Facebook: The Secret Core Club  and Jen Albano
March 24, 2022
Empower Yourself Meditation
Empower Yourself Meditation - will do just that!  Listen to recordings regularly for most impact  Enjoy!  Helen x
March 16, 2022
Emotional Wellbeing With Rosie Withey
Rosie Withey is an Emotional Wellbeing Coach & Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor who helps her clients step out of their story and into their authentic life (among other things!)  In this episode we explore Rosies work, what actually is emotional wellbeing and learn how to really feel your feelings. Rosie has a fab free 'Congruence is key to emotional wellbeing masterclass' for you to download on her website! Get in touch with Rosie...........
March 08, 2022
Full Moon Release Meditation
Full Moon Release Meditation to support you in letting go of what no longer serves you
February 15, 2022
The Inner Coach Meditation
Connect with and deepen trust with your inner coach with this recording, designed to improve self belief & self trust
February 10, 2022
Chakra Cleanse Meditation With Helen Pinkett
Relax & enjoy this chakra cleansing meditation, designed to cleanse & clear your chakras leaving you feeling relaxed & energised.
January 10, 2022
How Reiki Changed My Life With Natalie Walker
Hi Im Natalie, a reiki master teacher, of Usui and Holy Fire. I'm also a reiki drum master teacher, and meditation teacher.   My journey started in 2018, when I was looking looking answers about what I should be doing with my life. I have 2 young children, and wanted to be the best mum I could be, but the guilt about taking time for myself was consuming me.    I attuned to reiki and found that being able to heal myself on many different levels was what I needed, so I kept learning and became a master teacher, being able to teach and help others on a deeper level.  The drum came into my life this year and took both mine and my clients healing experiences to a different level.   Find Natalie at.....
December 16, 2021
Inspired Souls Chat - Rock Your Life with Karin Bruere
Karin is an Animal Communicator, Certified Crystal Energy & Angel Guide, Certified Oracle Card Reader and Reiki Healer for both humans and animals. She is passionate about combining Angelic and Shamanic energies and is a devoted practitioner of healing drumming. Since 2020 Karin also offers courses in Animal Communication (in English and German) and loves to offer her guidance in an insightful, open and compassionate way. Email Website Rock Your Life Facebook Group Instagram
December 07, 2021
Plant Medicine (Part 2) With Lindsay Banks
Lindsay Banks Shamanic Practitioner & Founder of Temple Woman is back for a 2nd chat with Helen to catch up on her journey with plant medicine! Lindsay has been experimenting further with herbs & plants as well as opening her own apothecary. Find Lindsay at 
November 29, 2021
Future You Meditation with Helen Pinkett
Visualise your future so you can start to manifest your goals & dreams! E: W: FB Group: The Inspired Souls 
November 17, 2021
Connect to your spirit guide meditation with Helen Pinkett
Connect to your spirit guide meditation. FB Group: The Inspired Souls 
November 17, 2021
Attract Money Activation with Helen Pinkett
Shift your vibration into the frequency of abundance & open up to receiving more money!
November 17, 2021
Higher Self Meditation With Helen Pinkett
Connect to your higher self during this relaxing meditation.
November 17, 2021
Meditation, Motherhood & Creativity with Katerina Newbury
Katerina found her passion & purpose following her own life changing experience...... I'm Katerina, founder of MindCraft, meditation and creative art therapy workshops for children. In my work with children, including children on the autistic spectrum, I use respectful and compassionate approach, seeing children as whole beings, looking at the world through their eyes and focusing on their gifts and talents. It is my aim to help children connect back to their inner selves, find their centre and navigate this, sometimes challenging, world. I teach children meditation using heart-centred approach and my intuition to support their individual needs. I am increasingly moving towards working with the parents too, especially Mums, to help them realise they are their children's medicine - by healing themselves they will help heal their children too. MindCraft's motto and tagline is: 'peace – joy – freedom'. It is my mission to help children and their parents to live life from a place of inner peace, joy and finding inner freedom. I work in groups and on 1:1 basis and have a FB group supporting Mums on their journey of self-discovery. I love spending time and connecting to Mother Earth and its energy in nature, through essential oils or whilst running. I love to dance. I live in Chippenham with my husband, our 2 boys and 4 cats :-) Links: FB Insta FB Group for Mums Finding Your (True) Self: Linktree:
November 09, 2021
EFT & Healing with Rachel Stacey McKay
Rachel is a good friend of mine so I was really happy when she agreed to be a guest on the Podcast, we do love a good chat about all the weird & wonderful modalities we have used for healing!  ''My business journey has been born from the healing path of myself, my children and our family. I have learnt so much along the way and I continue to do so. I hope that you enjoy looking at what I can offer you. ​Family Wellness is at the core of what I do. This is such a vast area, and one solution does not fit all. We are unique individuals, as is our family make up and family dynamics. Because of this, I have a bespoke approach to individuals and family wellness. I have a toolbox of different skills, qualifications, techniques, and approaches that I use with my clients. ​I have 5 pillars within my toolset that I feel support family wellness. Each one covers a huge number of issues, as well as solutions. These are Dealing with Life’s Hurdles, Food and Vitamins, Rest and Stress Management, Movement for Mental Health, and Connection and Communication. We will all be out of balance at some time within our life, and these areas can be affected negatively for us as well as for our families. Looking at the different pillars can help us find solutions to making us feel more in control of our wellness'' Holistic health | EFT | Rachel Stacey - McKay
November 03, 2021
Human Design With Louise Howard
Louise is a human design reader and also runs an aromatherapy wellness product busienss called Louisa B Apothecray. Her passion is helping people to know thier soul self and truly connect to their highest purpose, ease, flow & abundance using human design. She is a mindset nerd (profile 5/1) studying psychotherapy and psychology and a true multi passionate manifesting generator. Dog lover and a course in miracles student she has an on-off relationship with yoga and is a true spiritual seeker. Connect with Louise at..... Join us in the facebook group
September 10, 2021
Creating A Direct Line With Spirit with Jessica Paschke
Introducing Jessica Paschke..... My name is Jessica(she/her) and I'm an intuitive guide and medium currently living by the sea on the beautiful Outer Banks in North Carolina. I act as a bridge, connecting you directly to your Angels and Spirit Guides, helping you to access greater clarity and experience deeper joy in life.    One of my passions is to help you discover your own inner truth and knowing, empowering you to move forward with confidence and co-create an authentic life based on your own personal truth, experience, and wisdom. We do this by having a conversation with Spirit where I hold space for you to connect directly to your Spirit Guides and Angels.  My hope is that through our work together, I am able to help you usher in a deeper connection to Spirit and to your own inner truth. I aim to pique your curiosity and help you gain clarity on your life and your Soul's Journey, leaving you feeling empowered and grounded in the knowledge that you are worthy of amazing things. My prayer for you is that you fully embrace your joy and, in return, create more joy to all those you meet. Find Jessica at.... Insta: @intuititvebythesea Email:
July 24, 2021
Embodying Your Spirituality with Jennifer Love Feminine Embodyment Coach
Introducing Jennifer Love... Hi, I’m a passionate, authentic intuitive who uses divine guidance to help people love themselves and live fully in their bodies. Working with your guardian angels, ancestors, and spirit guides, I have created the Body Love Goddess™ method to customize intuitive readings using all my years of training and serving clients. I combine angelic guidance, energy work and crystal therapy to give you an incredible embodied healing experience you will not find anywhere else.  I have several metaphysical certifications including Certified Angel Guide™, Angel Intuitive™, Certified Angel Tarot Reader™, Certified Crystal Energy Guide™ and Certified Assertiveness Coach™, among others. I am a Crystal Reiki Master and Usui Reiki Certified.  I am also a S Factor® instructor, a feminine movement practice which incorporates dance, stretching, muscular work and pole fitness (at its most soulful and intuitive style) that is designed to open the female body into her fullest, freest, erotic expression. At the Body Story Studio®, my goal is not only to teach feminine movement but how to love your body more. My formal education includes a Master’s degree in Public Health from UCLA. Find Jennifer at... FB: iamjenniferlove Insta: Email:
July 15, 2021
The Love Coach - TJ Gibbs
TJ Gibbs, founder of The Love Coach has developed an array of innovative services and products to support both men and women through the full cycle of love and relationships. TJ has helped clients worldwide uncover and resolve issues related to dating, making up, breaking up, through to amicably moving on and establishing the next chapter in life and love. As a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Relationship and Life Coach, TJ’s love changing work is delivered via Masterclasses, 121 Therapy and Coaching, Books and Audio offerings,  Through her work as a Love Therapist and Coach TJ continues to be dedicated and passionate about helping people move on from heartache or get ready for love Find TJ at...
July 13, 2021
International Yoga Teacher Lily Allen-Duenas with a Big Backpack and Big Dreams
Lily Allen-Duenas is a holistic health and wellness coach, and international yoga and meditation teacher. She helps overwhelmed individuals reduce their emotional overload, and find balance, breath, and space for self-care. Lily is the founder of the Wild Yoga Tribe, and has taught yoga classes and wellness workshops all over the world. Find Lily at....
July 03, 2021
Life Is Not A Rehearsal With Deb Morgan
Deb Morgan, the REAL Relationships Expert, is a speaker, podcaster, coach and author who knows a thing or two about the wrong relationships. She also knows what it takes to create strong, healthy and robust relationships.  With 25+ years of ‘research’ into domestic abuse, combined with her psychology and drama  training, Deb’s unique expertise and experience drives her to help women Worldwide, to overcome historic relationship beliefs and patterns to create strong, healthy and robust relationships that last.  Her over-riding mission being to reduce the prevalence of domestic abuse globally. She created her coaching practice, Not A Rehearsal, as a reminder that life really isn’t a rehearsal and that whatever you want to achieve is possible. Find Deb at:
June 27, 2021
Intuition, Forgiveness, and Deep Embodied Listening - a Path to Greater Freedom With Maria Baeck
Maria is a Swedish expat with a curious mind. A guide for soulful leaders, she has 30+ years of corporate experience and started her spiritual and personal development journey more than 15 years ago. Since 2005, she has developed non-linear techniques and practices that have transformed her life. This includes self-awareness, forgiveness, intuition, and deep embodied listening. The biggest realisation or learning that she wishes to impart to others is that it is possible to combine linear and logic in business with spirituality and soulfulness. We don't have to choose one over the other. Find Maria at: Email:
June 27, 2021
You Are Worthy - You Are Destined By The Stars With Raven Scott
Raven Scott is a survivor of an abusive relationship with a narcissist, she has written a book, is a certified meditation teacher & destiny coach helping clients gain clarity on their next step in life with human design & astrology north node medicine Ravens new book ''Empath & The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers'' is now available  Find Raven at: Email:
June 22, 2021
People Pleasing Is Killing Your Business With Tammy Whalen Blake
Tammy Whalen Blake is a Personal Development & Mindset Coach as well as the Founder of Go To Yellow. Tammy talks to me in this episode about people pleasing & the effect it can have on your business. Find Tammy at
June 15, 2021
You Don't Have To Be Perfect To Be Confident with Super Confidence Coach Martha Mok
Martha Mok guides women who may have had a similar experience as she did, being in an abusive marriage, bullied at school since a young age and sexually molested by someone she trusted. To find themselves again by not letting their past hold them back. She create super confident woman. Martha is known as the super confidence coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, multi-award-winning International makeup artist & hairstylist and author. She coach in the areas of; life, business, self-worth and relationships. Her speciality is empowering new coaches to run their profitable coaching business. By using her knowledge and personal experiences, her empower others to improve their life situation to achieve happiness, by unlocking their potential from within. With opting different strategies to unlock their fear and barriers, allows them to find the strength to face their challenges. Her mission is: No women should suffer in silence Find Martha at:
June 15, 2021
EFT (Tapping) With Brad Yates
Brad Yates is an EFT Practitioner sharing the power and benefits of Tapping. Brad has had the privilege and pleasure of working with a diverse group of clients, from CEOs to professional and NCAA athletes, from chiropractors and psychiatrists to corporate and federal attorneys, from award-winning actors to residents at a program for homeless men and women in Santa Monica. For several years he taught a weekly class using EFT and guided imagery at Sacramento Drug Court. Brad has also been a presenter at a number of events, including several International Energy Psychology Conferences and the Walk On Water (WOW) Fest in Los Angeles. He has presented at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success event, and has done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale. Brad has also been a featured expert in every Tapping World Summit. Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book “The Wizard’s Wish”, the co-author of the best-seller “Freedom at Your Fingertips,” a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution” (along with Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Bruce Lipton), and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows. Find Brad at Tap with Brad ( or search him up on YouTube for his extensive collection of tapping videos
June 10, 2021
Rising From Trauma, Grief & Loss With Emotional Resiliance Coach Debi Richens
Debi Richens is an Emotional Resiliance Coach specialising in trauma, grief & loss. Through her own healing journey Debi transformed her life and now helps others to release grief so they can move forwards to an abundant, happy and fulfilled life. Connect with Debi at:
June 08, 2021
Exploring The Use Of Plant Medicine With Lindsay Banks
Lindsay Banks is an award winning Author, Microdosing Mentor, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Guide. Lindsay shares her inspiring journey and explains how she now works with and uses plant medicine Find Lindsay at 
May 24, 2021
Why There is Never Enough Time With Tammy Whalen Blake
How often do find yourself saying there's not enough hours in the day? Time is a precious commodity, Personal Development Coach & Founder of Go To Yellow shares why there doesn't seem to be enough of it and how we can find more of it!  Find Tammy at Life Coaching & Self Development - Go To Yellow
May 23, 2021
Finding Yourself After 40 With Vix Aguilera
Vix Aguilera is a Coach, Health & Wellness Consultant & runs a Dog Training & Walking Business. PLUS she is a Dog Mum to 9 gorgeous Huskies!  Vixk transformed her life in her mid forties and hasn't looked back since, now she helps women over 40 find themselves and make changes in their lives with her inspiration Journey Women Coaching Programme. Find Vix on Social Media or Google by typing in Vix Aguilera or #VixHuskyMum
May 18, 2021
Reconnect With Your Innate Serenity With Geraldine Crane - Spiritual Serene Empowerment Guide
Introducing Geraldine Crane.... ''I am a Spiritual Serene Empowerment Guide, in other words I guide heart centred, sensitive professional women to stop apologising, connect with their spiritual self and embrace their true magnificence.   After a career in probation and domestic abuse services, I trained as a hypnotherapist to enable me to set up my own business using coaching and hypnotherapy to help people struggling with anxiety, as I had had extensive personal experience with it. In addition, I loved to help people recovering from toxic relationships, as not only had I worked in domestic abuse, but I had also recently cut my own mother out of my life after realising how toxic that relationship was for me. As I started on this journey, I could not ignore the importance of my spiritual side and gradually brought it into my work more and more. I also began to understand how being an empath had made me so vulnerable to anxiety and narcissistic abuse. So now I am putting together services using the hypnotherapy, mediumship and coaching to help other empaths and sensitive women to empower and protect their energy, to reconnect with their true magnificent selves and explore their spirituality, so they can feel their innate serenity and the unconditional love of the universe.'' Connect with Geraldine: Facebook: @GeraldineCraneSerene Instagram: @geraldinecrane_serene
May 14, 2021
How We Can Create A More Soulful Relationship With Food With Rebecca O'Reilly
How we can create a deeper, more soulful relationship with food, and use food as a powerful medicine in an increasingly toxic world. Rebecca is a holistic nutritionist and naturopath, health coach and creator of divine healing food. Through her online practice, Rebecca combines her background in science and natural medicine in order to empower women to overcome chronic health problems, using food as medicine. She also teaches women how to create a more soulful and harmonious relationship with food. Through her own healing journey and work with clients, Rebecca has gained a deep understanding of how we can best become an expert of our own bodies to generate healing, inner peace and thriving health. And although Rebecca’s expertise is focused around women, the healing information she presents is relevant and applicable to everyone. Website: Email: Instagram: @rebeccaoreillyhealth Facebook:
May 11, 2021
The Benefits of Reflexology With Hayley Holden
Hayley Holden is a Reflexologist who also offers Distant Reflexologist & describes herself as a Peaceful Parenting Advocate.  Listen in to hear all about how distant reflexology works & how Hayley works with parents and children to create deeper connections. Find Hayley on social media.... www.instagram/fernreflexology/
May 04, 2021
De-Cluttering For The Mind Body & Soul With Tanya Slater
Tanya Slater, spent a decade decluttering her home and her entire life. In doing so she overcame her crippling mental health and improved her human experience exponentially. The Girl Who Simplified condenses 40 years of life challenges, learning, and experience, and is now a work of passion transforming people’s lives with her proven transformation formula and simplify to succeed message. Tanya now teaches busy women how to take control and grow into their true authentic self by teaching them how to remove everything that is no longer serving them in their home and their life.  Passionate about women having a fair chance at business success, Tanya ensures that the journey she takes her students on is a whole family affair, resulting in everyone being responsible for the home so that everyone has time and energy for what they love. It’s a beautiful and magical journey to go on. Connect with Tanya Instagram: @thegirlwhosimplified
April 27, 2021
Talking Anxiety With Zofie Lloyd Kucia
Happiness coach, speaker, and founder of Relax Me Happy, Zofie Lloyd-Kucia is on a mission to help the world relax. Having taken the journey from angst to joy for herself, she’s passionate about sharing what she’s learned and helping others do the same. Self-care is a topic close to her heart as she’s seen its transformative effects bring joy to hundreds of clients during her fifteen year career. As a happiness coach and speaker Zofie helps her clients overcome issues such as anxiety, overwhelm, sleeplessness, and low self-esteem. Her light-hearted approach is popular with everyone from children to people in their 80s, and she’s proud to have been referred to as warm, approachable and irreverent! Find Zofie at
April 22, 2021
The Akashic Records & Past Lives With Melissa Amos
Recorded for Helen's Inner Circle Membership listen in to hear about The Akashic Records & Past Lives. Melissa is a Soul Coach & Spiritual Mentor offering 1:1 sessions, group events & workshops. Find Melissa on Facebook at: Melissa Amos Intuitive Guidance and Healing 
April 19, 2021
The Power Of Positive Affirmations
Positive affirmations are a super powerful for changing your mindset and how you feel about yourself. You can use them to break self limiting beliefs, increase confidence and boost your self belief and esteem. The audio has been taken from my guest spot in The Wellness Hub where I am the resident 'Self Love Coach' 
April 16, 2021
Self Limiting Beliefs With John Freeman
In this episode I am a guest on John Freeman's show (Stress Buster For Women) where we are talking about self limiting beliefs.
April 14, 2021