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Inspiring Careers: The Podcast!

Inspiring Careers: The Podcast!

By Jérémy Chevallier
Conversations with people doing inspiring work.

Entrepreneurs, innovators, hiring managers, job seekers, freelancers, you name it—as long as the conversation is interesting and career-related, it’s fair game.
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The magic formula for job applications
I’ve been racking my brains for months on how to really move the needle for job seekers who want to be taken seriously. And recently, I came across an email had I sent to the cofounder of, which got a great response and earned me time on the phone with him. (Listen to hear what the email said, or go here) Andy’s not the only one — I got the same results for almost every email I sent. So what’s the magic formula for job outreach? Here it is: A simple, timely email, focused on your shared vision/purpose (what you have in common with the company) A link to a thoughtful “pitch” sharing more about yourself & why you fit the role (this is the one I sent) An easy way to connect further (like a free Calendly link) Sent directly to the founder or primary decision-maker In my experience it converts nearly 100% of the time, even if they were already in the final stages of interviewing other candidates, like in this case. It just. Makes people. Want to know you. 😀 How helps you with this As some of you know, I’m really trying to productize & gamify this formula to give us all a better way to form strong career connections. The first version is live at — every application you submit on the website turns into an email similar to this one! But, I think now I need to turn applications into Notion pages instead, to simplify the email. It’s really important that the email body itself is very simple. (And, I’m guessing, the video thumbnail image I included probably helped!) So if you’re considering your next career move right now, and want to build your network, drop an application at and I’ll be in touch very soon. Have a great week! 👋
October 01, 2021
Making Your Art/Passion Your Career (Long-Term) with Rob Hardy of Ungated
Join me for this transformative conversation with Rob Hardy, the founder of Ungated.Media — a website and community dedicated to helping creators attract their “1,000 true fans,” a concept coined by Kevin Kelly in 2008. Rob wants to “make the Internet weird again.” 😁 Ungated and Inspiring Careers are both in similar places right now, and this conversation was incredibly therapeutic for me. I hope you get as much out of it as I did. Topics we cover: 90% of business/marketing/career advice out there is complete bullshit — and most of us feel that way Avoiding get-rich-quick schemes, courses, coercive methods of marketing, etc. and instead being be generous and simply making better things because we care. Gaining a deeper relationship with our selves, our intuition, our feelings of what’s good and true and meaningful — and being pleased with the results when we act on it (thinking less and feeling + doing more) Creating meaningful change in the world, and letting the money come (if it does) Finding the people for whom your work would be a missing puzzle piece in their life! Rather than making mediocre, mass-market stuff that comes out of the traditional marketing advice Building a business from your own weird, that you love running, that feels easy and genuine and authentically you — and being compensated accordingly by these people who want to reciprocate that value back to you Immersing yourself into online spaces where you find these kinds of people, although you may not find a specific community or subculture that perfectly reflects what you believe or resonate with Developing a good enough idea of the type of person you want to reach — their values, desires, fears, dreams… creating for them, and seeing how they respond to your work… and making friends! Understanding what you do that makes you feel alive, and doing more of it and so much more Basically, Rob‘s current advice to creators is: Don’t jump into full-time creatorship at first. Don’t rely on it to make a living. Make cool shit—whatever you want—without worrying about how it earns money, and meet your financial needs in other ways. Earn your income from a job or clients or something else. Then, over time, if you play the long game and if what you make is valued enough by “the others,” the money will come—and it’s truly sustainable. It just takes time. Connect with me at or anywhere on the web @rarelyJeremy, and connect with Rob at
September 03, 2021
Experimenting With Your Career with Mike Amato (plus, his vision for the future of EdTech!)
This episode, like many, came out of a spontaneous career discussion with a close friend of mine, Mike Amato, who is currently launching his career as an early-stage product manager kinda professional. He’s really good at helping entrepreneurs figure out what to build via user research, experiment design, and prototyping. He is highly empathic, and knows how to work with designers and engineers to build the truly minimum viable product to validate a hypothesis. BUT… Mike has a hard time communicating this value to potential employers or clients. Any innovative company would be lucky to have him, but the traditional talent filters suck at seeing people like Mike for their potential. If you’ve struggled with this problem yourself, definitely listen to this episode. In this conversation, we discuss: How bad the current hiring filters are at hiring relatively unproven people with extremely high potential, and how we get around this Treating yourself as a consultant, a company of one, “You, Inc.” Going above-and-beyond on the job hunt to catch employers’ attention Focusing your job hunting efforts on specific companies you find interesting Focusing on solving problems and adding value to their work, and how it’s 10x more effective at turning into a job than the classic job application method Building projects to invest in yourself, and to impress potential employers The concern about being “too different” with your approach to applying for jobs, and how it’s actually a great measurement of workplace culture! Mike’s vision for the future of EdTech (education technology) How having your own vision, mission, and processes helps you stand out from every other candidate and be seen as a trusted partner by companies and much more 🤯 Connect with Mike on LinkedIn and check out his portfolio at Check out Tract at Subscribe to the podcast if you like what you’re hearing and want more! And check out to discover awesome companies, apply to them in a convincing way, and get access to more awesome tools for building an inspiring career. 🎊
August 09, 2021
Combining Yoga & Music Therapy to Create More Peace & Happiness in the World — Strategy Session with Ryan Fowler
If you don’t know Ryan Fowler, he is a yoga teacher and (soon to be) licensed music therapist in the Phoenix area. He’s also an incredibly kind, warm, generous human being! Highly worth knowing. 😉 This conversation about combining yoga with music therapy first began when I met Ryan at A Consciousness Rising’s legendary first Summer Solstice weekend in June 2021! He mentioned this idea to me, and I immediately got excited—not just at the idea of combining practices into something new, but at the incredible impact potential this combination has on mental and physical health! In this discovery session/idea jam, we talk about: what music therapy is and isn’t how it helps conditions like burn scraping that drugs, physical therapy, etc. cannot how it could be combined with yoga in some kind of program how Ryan thinks about designing the playlists for his yoga classes action items for Ryan to begin validating this amazing idea Connect with Ryan @ryanfowleryoga on Instagram and me @rarelyJeremy. If you’d like to have a session like this with me, or have any other questions/comments for me, you can email me at! And find free tools and resources for job hunting, freelancing, and business-building at
July 23, 2021
Cameron Laird: Irish Voiceover Artist, Sound Designer, Podcast Host & Producer (Impromptu Career-Launch Story)
Cameron is a fully remote, self-employed voice & sound professional building his career in this world. He tells me about taking out a loan to invest it all into audio recording & production equipment to get his studio off the ground, and his goals as an audio/sound career enthusiast.  What started as a get-to-know-you quickly turned into my favorite kind of career launch story: one where the person is doing something they’re not passionate about, which leads to them burning out, and finally decides to re-launch their career in the trade or industry they’ve always been interested in.  Such is Cameron’s story, and it’s an excellent one! Not to mention the perfect studio quality sound and pleasant Irish accent 😀 Enjoy! And you can connect with Cameron at /
July 15, 2021
Demaris Parker on Eliminating Body Pain by Building a Performance-Enhancing Body Work Training Program!
In this episode, I sit down with Demaris Parker (@demarisparker), a performance-enhancing body worker who combines several kinds of body and energy work including qigong, reiki, massage therapy, and personal training into a very unique and effective method for eliminating pain and increasing our physical, mental, energetic, emotional, sexual and spiritual health. It’s fucking wild. When he told me he wanted to train body workers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers on his method, I knew I had to get involved. His big vision is to make the world a radically healthier and happier place by eliminating physical pain entirely. Demaris & I will be building this training program over the coming weeks, and if you’d like to participate just hit one of us up on Instagram! I’m @rarelyJeremy. Shoutout Smooth Brew in Phoenix for the delicious food & coffee! HUGE shoutout to Angel Cancino (@yoga_with_angel) whose SD cards and generosity made this recording possible 🙏 Other brief community cameos include Ryan Fowler (@fowlaaa) & Michelle Donovan (@mlovelyshel)! *** DISCLAIMER *** Towards the end of the episode, my lavalier microphone batteries died for a few minutes which made my audio much worse. Please bear with it, it only lasts about 5 minutes and then I fix the problem.
July 10, 2021
A Dive into Adam French’s Super Productive Goal-Setting & Weekly/Daily Planning Process
In this episode I sit down with my great friend Adam French of, who is masterfully focused and disciplined in his life. Because I’ve struggled with my own focus and discipline in my work & business, I needed Adam’s guidance and I wanted to share it with you all! You’ll hear Adam describe how he sets and tracks his goals, how he plans his days and weeks, and how it all plays within his vision for his work and life. We talk about: Yon’s Mamos Café in Phoenix: and his Adam’s vision article: The 12-week year book & framework: The 12-week year Notion template:
July 06, 2021
How to Start Conversations with People You’d Like to Work With – Coaching Session Excerpt
This segment is from a coaching session with a client who will remain anonymous for now — I wanted to press Record because it’s such a common question my clients & friends have when working with me! I tell people, “don’t just apply to job postings. Start conversations with human beings.” This process works 100x better for winning jobs & clients. Naturally, the follow up question is,   “How do I start conversations?” Here was my answer today. 😋
June 29, 2021
Eliminating Re-incarceration & Recidivism with Eli Rivera of The Way Out
Want to help build a better world for formerly incarcerated people? The Way Out is one organization making a critical difference. Thanks to them, more people can actually dig themselves out of the mistakes they made in the past — instead of being stuck in a never-ending cycle that benefits nobody except private prison owners.  Eli Rivera is a cofounder of The Way Out, which solves recidivism through job placement. Specifically, they connect formerly incarcerated folks with employers that hire based on who you are, not mistakes you’ve made, and that are willing & able to pay a living wage.  You can learn more about The Way Out & Eli Rivera at
June 29, 2021
A Career in Scrum Project Management with Aritro Majumdar
This is Aritro’s second coaching session with Jérémy!
June 25, 2021