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By Sifu Z
Original music and delightfully intriguing conversation with visiting guest cohosts engaging on fascinating topics - art, kung fu, social media, history, psychology, dogs, hiking, homelessness, entrepreneurship, skepticism, Daisy BB guns, and much more.
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Episode 4 Season 6 - Man Bear Pig
It has come to fruition
June 04, 2022
Episode 3 Season 6 - Fighting The Covid
In this episode three season six of Integrity Radio your host Z keeps you up-to-date with all the hip cool fancy in smart. We try to hunt down the elusive Tom Kane And as usual we serve up a healthy dose of original music recorded and performed by Z just for you here on support an actual starving artist visit and or make a one time donation for any amount at
May 04, 2022
Episode 2 Season 6 Integrity Radio Opening The Gates Of Hell
In this episode two season six of Integrity Radio we open the gates of hell and of course visit integrity radio blast from seasons passed call in and join the fun at integrity radio. Visit our sponsors at And listen to more original music from Z at and check out the artwork of Z at contribute directly to the show at
April 19, 2022
Episode 1 Season 6 Integrity Radio - Happy New Year 2022
Episode one premiere brand new season six of Integrity Radio happy new year 2022 broadcasting from Quartzsite Arizona and in attendance to the RTR also known as the rubber tramp rendezvous 2022. Call into the show join Z at the RtR event. This episode brought to you by the patrons over at patreon visit for more
January 01, 2022
Episode 9 Season 5 - 5 Years of Integrity
Integrity Radio’s Season 5 Finale revisits the past 5 years of seasons greets posts from decembers gone past. Really funny and lots of original music by Z. Help feed the artist at
December 27, 2021
Episode 8 Season 5 Integrity Radio Music of Covid Fires Homeless
in this episode of integrity radio episode eight season five new content and throwback from previous years of integrity radio Synth noise original pop music insulate on vanguard commentary regarding the state of the world 2021 covid Delta on the rise smoke covering the globe homelessness and violence abound as authorities shrink into their fortifications cities and towns turn to ghost but yet it is still a good day to be alive call Lynn the show and participate in the integrity and be sure to share the integrity with your friends and family this show is brought to you from the wild and from the streets from the surface and from the depths with an atheist fascination with the mystery of life in the feelings of humanity that forces Ford to go on weaving in and out of human and animal instinct logic struggles for popularity skeptics are held in contempt the losers last stand threatens to kill us all in the opposition and the heroes are those that have long broken from the status quo and lead lives like animals pissing and shitting in the streets for no one cares to provide for the human animal as if we are broken from the symbiosis of life we are the cognizant holders of the symbiosis as a holy grail if you will of modern living closely vetting the technology as the artificial world develops into the superficial to the supernatural we are the gods that create the gods that will destroy the gods and the Satanist does not deny the existence of God but just simply does not believe in her. on the run from the fires and the heat and the smoke and the Covid and the violence and the complacent and the dim wit answers coming from the mouth of a nitwit causes suspicion in doubt I am humbled by the love and the consciousness that are found dispersed throughout our world and disgusted by the lazy brain of the status quo monsters that embrace the philosophy of what it takes for good people to do bad things by doing nothing but enriching their own coffers has the answers but they only are provided to those that ask the right questions we now live in an era where answers are available but very few are asking the right questions and even fewer are qualified to understand the answer education has failed in the conventional sense as it has failed to call less with wisdom the door Audi in the homogeny insist upon the division so the two shall never meet and love is nothing but a possession a ruling over and they controlling of the human spirit and some even trade places just to keep the ball rolling between them The end grouping is maddening and causes more retardation than treasure it is the engaging and the communication and the rambling and the moving on that provides the sort of education required to survive a modern world. You can listen to my music by searching for Sifu Z music you can view my art by searching for uncertain art by Z and of course you can always train in Wing Chun going You can follow me on Twitter @Sifu_Z
August 10, 2021
Episode seven season five integrity Radio contact to the outside world
Episode seven season five of integrity radio with your host Z reporting to you from the front lines of wilderness livin art Music and creative free thought Sifu Z Larry Maguire not Jerry Maguire but Larry Maguire this is a man/alien response to an alien to the Maguire to the Jerry Maguire to the Larry Maguire Tyler Maguires I am a Scotsman from Scotland and I watch James O’Connor Sean O’Connor Sean Connery James Shawano Connery and there’s talk there’s a lot of talk that’s one thing it’s a lot of talk that’s what these guys like to do you see they like to drink their beer and talk nonsense his nonsense is next to godliness I like the Scotland and I also would like to go back and consummate my for bidden pleasure with an Irish girl that was very visiting Hawaii she was visiting Hawaii and I who is being faithful I think her name was Maddie I’m not sure Maeve I think it was Maeve I wonder what would happen if we bought her a child me being Scottish origin and her a native Irish woman yet there may have been common bond in blood for we know not how much Viking was within each of us the Viking spirit may have created a whole world the Irish and the Scottish uniting and oh what would become the English German and Hawaiian bits of my DNA Scottish world around her Irish succulents but we must focus not on me for she is the past and perhaps never our paths will cross not to mention the ages of time back to Larry Maguire which is not Jerry Maguire which is not conversation because who knows why people say and wish upon one thing yet do another who knows perhaps I’m a choir knows but perhaps we have to look towards McQueen like the greatest scape like and acrylic paint painting it’s self portrait with me wearing a hat no one where it’s at #JerryMaguireSundayLettersAreUsedToBeTheLabButIThinkHeGotTiredOfAnsweringTheQuestionToWhatIsALarge? larva larva Larob sometimes voice to text just doesn’t work Lucky for us we have artistic literary considerations and the restriction of editing allowing for the mistake to be the art learn Wing Chun going forward see my art by searching for uncertain art listen to my music by searching for Sifu The music contribute to the show call Lynn to the show Share the Integrity
July 10, 2021
Episode 6 Season 5 Integrity Radio - Like That Daddy
E6 S5 IR in this episode features the underground pornographic musical sensation “like that daddy“ by Z so there I was looking for something on the Internet to pleasure myself to and I find a young beautiful buxom blonde he’s probably old enough to be my granddaughter so as I get to work on my 120 minute commitment to myself and humanity hi position the digital device in such a manner as to be able to commit to the pleasuring hand no normally I would turn the volume down but on this particular occasion I had forgotten so there we are taking care of the ancient work at hand and then all the sudden I hear you like that daddy do you like that daddy does it feel good well needless to say I chose the wrong medium for the job however the artistic use of this soundbite within a song was not going to escape me so I am mediately put the Henry Johansson back into the voodoo butter underpants and begin working on yet another porno pop rock Electro Synth hit sensation with all the energy from my Don TN going right into this oral art piece arrow audio oral The pumping and the throbbing of the base and the sense are indicative of the spirit for which was endeavored this piece may be the perfect soundtrack for those wishing to start an orgy with their next-door neighbor with a bag of meth and a bottle of whiskey like an old guitar and a cowboy hat riding towards Tennessee I really miss the hardware of playing real instruments but I will not stop being thankful for all the virtual instruments available on my pocket super computer when the artistic push comes to shove in the jobs got to get done and the sound hasta be recorded and archived and published for your beautiful ears for your human soul and spirit to fake Tate in the low a rainbow colors beyond the light spectrum waiting dissipate and unfold and pass-through like Adam and neutrons and electrons the world a solar system of space between the components of Adams pushing through what was thought to be solid relative only to your atomic attitude what’s your flavor do you like that daddy do you like that daddy is that feel good plasma bacteria mold molecule Adam ether divisive words for divisive times otherwise 01 all two from being squared to being routed from a square perspective to a rooted perspective from duality we add the variable the ever so potent and under estimated placebo respect another persons delusion for a placebo may be keeping them alive perhaps the main faux pas of the atheist but the spiritual are so tainted and disgusting with ask done in the name of spirituality in the name of God how dare anyone bastardize the human spirit the purity of soul do use the concept of God to make sport of the concept of duality enter prostitute the Almighty for your personal non-symbiotic Jane with the flowers so beautiful and so yellow and the ocean so blue because the sky is blue it makes me sad to be glad to be happy it’s true that happiness is a naked body in a hole but who is willing to stay alive to receive The joy the impoverished fantastic the stupendous pestilence dirt blood sweat tears bronze Joyce statue jealous stone monuments with missing limbs and the color gone from the rise and body parts pond off to fair skinned buyers and collectors moral authorities expressing immorality through their patronage cash money train in Wing Chun going fool@ check out original art add uncertain search for my music at Sifu Z music
June 02, 2021
E5-S5 Moog, Brute, AUv3Stack
episode five season five of integrity radio we are listening to Z playing the moog the brute and some aUV3 stack virtual instruments tip jar: The Tuning Ave., Kelela is my dog has fleas somehow there’s a phonetic match but my three leg Legget dog would disagree for she does not have fleas but rather harbors undocumented migrants The Moog synthesizer apps are free and now the wonderful mug synthesizer is available to anyone hi am able to stack a mug synthesizer on top of other sense and other virtual and nonvirtual instruments what’s nice is being able to sequencer randomize sounds from various instruments and then tweaking the LF owes and Hipas parameters and play with multiple isolators along with further equalizations and delay and reverbs tape loop fax destructive looping and what not although I prefer using the digital to manage the analog I admit to enjoying The two-way street which affords great mobility and access in other words software fits in your pocket hardware requires a room electrical outlet all my music could be seen as nearly 100% soldier Solar generated music the first time ever played music in front of an audience I was in elementary school and asked to play for an assembly I play drums to the song brick house my punk and metal is routed in funk a funk rock punk rock Prague rock trinity to the core For musicians especially musical artist such as myself these are the best and worst of times that’s to say that any sound and any recording is available to anyone with a pocket sized super computer also known as the iPhone or the android garage band is a free app so in essence anyone with a phone can produce any kind of music regardless of skill Talent or industry connections however I think there’s still a certain amount of counting accounting that is due for this process everyone refers to as mastering Of course I’m a long-standing critic the high definition producer and a long standing low phi producer as a pirate through the musical landscape torn by my anti-capitalist perspective of my youth living like an animal being the butt of the night not so funny joke being a musician is synonymous with being homeless yes indeed the best and worst of times for the musical artist and perhaps for artists of all sorts and as we are doomed to repeat history decoration takes precedence over artistic expression homogenizing that less than 1% of unique perspective that we all innately possess as birthright oh yes the best and worst of times no better time to be alive then today no better time indeed but perhaps the worst time to die than ever but let’s not miss construe this last statement as deep philosophical content to die alone to be divorced of significant relationship or relevance wisdom being wasted and lame stupid mistakes needlessly being repeated in a world they can hardly bear the brunt of our existence much further the best of times in the worst of times where are the baby in the bathwater we are rid of both as the pot continues yes continues to call the kettle black indeed we take our place in the universe in the galaxy in the world in our so-called civilization as masters of limitation yet we are the culmination of all known elements in there universe the whole galaxy and Eunice universe Multiverse culminates as far as we know in us or at the very least a small amount of us within what we perceive as a very large amount of space yet as millionaire and trillionaire‘s and billionaires are made millions struggle to eat and access adequate healthcare which creates the huge Chaz him of human existence which drives and thrives in his guided by artistic motivation both the spice and the substance revenge nearing Applied science and progressive psychology touting the emotional emotionally intelligent as the heroes I have a sustainable humanity how many civilizations people are concerned as a soap bubble giving over their self proposed souls to the social media gods known as Facebook
May 21, 2021
Episode Four Season Five integrity Radio original music by the Z master get it got it growing Smoke
It’s an upside down potato head season five episode four episode for potato head season five take nine little piece sticker moist beaver tank lever in the weaver glass pipe in the Bunkie hall metal shards oh flank Stanky Bunkie passcode bigger digger bang bang foggy oh my goodness in a little at a lower Stangl steric all hate little boo-boo and my lemon stunk and Ube cake or Frank and stack I live in now but all on Alton Alton no I said all four and all five I said all bored all 54 legs good to legs bad at all give it give it get it you know who it is you know who you are you know what you be get what you got you get what you have you have what you want and all I ask is just for a little flavor favor come on give it 10 I want all the characters at 105670132158 you got me 32518 I said 32518 and the N8 is good 15 are eaten eight and six take on 914 now you give it to me I said I wanna and you give it to him give it particular tickled pink Lovins tackle fresh now if you get the stack of fresh and you getting the staff gone now stencil go and get it to me now all right you got Bayudan you got the Trump you got to harass you got the Kamala you got to Hawaii you got the German yeah I got some knob see you got the Covid you got this in sexing climate change in it and paint jobs on your freckles stat I can’t see how you don’t wanna ever ever wanna go back to anything so rough sandpaper brown shaving Rama moist pickle pickle a green pickle pickle oh hairy there shortly I got the burning man and you got all the free love and festivals naked when fresh clean pink sublimated win nickel nickel man nickel men in the rise given the science all the science all the psychology all of it all of the philosophical physiological hobnob and elite scientific cognitive science psychology with the biological twist of lime yeah who you gonna call come on give it to me do you want your psychic reading yeah I got the barn load I got the Indica the sativa Bon low whistle blow ass every bit of a kung fu wingchun Wiffle Blast karate chop Jiu Jitsu breaking in no who with zoo I like a dog I like a pitbull pitbull‘s great dog that’s better than a great big old pitbull oh and the good big dick and the great good big Vansville band in the Banville band players featuring a good big band field I’ve been on the road for so long I got the tire tracks in the snow snow bar mountain climb Pacific crest Trail hiking along with the soul burning souls burning with your feet feet stink in like a flower flowers and a flower to bake your flower flower bacon bacon flour salt sugar with cinnamon lots of cinnamon OK so you get the idea here we are we’re on the social medias with the anchor were making it all happen this is season five episode four it’s cranking out something crazy we are talking cranked like methamphetamine were talking crank like Wang boo Ya caccia Julia baba baba Hindi didn’t gotcha job or Zara Gerar Nora Astruc yeah Jean Rosta far I dinky dinky Jed jagged Natty Jack come on Binky Jenkee Nam yo ho renegade chill with a bang your Dunkee recall what we’re talking Wu-Tang clan with the Shaolin kung fu master we’re talking to Chris Chan we’re talking the amazing Randy with a dick grow you know the Dickie Dickey grow we’re talking national outdoor leader ship is Amanda his dizzy dizzy come on give it to me Godsmack in love Satan bring in the angel wings of fire with Vaseline oh my goodness we’re talking King Crimson we’re talking Jimi Hendrix we’re talking Led Zeppelin we’re talking Bjork we’re talking Snoop Doggy Dogg California 2021 may all the Internet action with an outback lunatic clean water fresh clean clean water super sexy put it in you five times in and out goody goody bang bang I got a pumpkin did the sweets secular corn on the cob watermelon fresh garden salad organic in your mouth orgasmic and you ain’t seen nothing until you read it all and you need to put it in your hands and wash your face with it bite off the ends of your hair keep it clean
May 02, 2021
Episode 3 Season 5 - Another Amazing Randi Story
in this episode three season five of integrity radio your host Sifu Z delivers another amazing Randy story plus lots of live music from the new one man band mobile set up currently stationed in El Dorado county California in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Pollock Pines. integrity Radio continues on through thick and thin the show is currently being produced in the mountains where kung fu training and extreme social distancing is being practiced. getting the rhythm finding the time to do things out in the wilderness takes a certain skill set there’s always being refined. this season much like the previous seasons will mostly be about my music and my martial art practice. due to COVID-19 it’s been hard to train in either Wing Chun kung fu or Brazilian jujitsu. of course playing live music has also been greatly stifled. so I put a lot of effort into continuing all of these things online over the Internet. I begin as a protégé to the worlds greatest magician the amazing Randi whom has recently passed away. I have more stories to share with you in future episodes. if you enjoy the show please favorite it and give it a review in iTunes. also please share this Episode with your friends and family. make a one time contribution for any amount over at and be sure to fulfill all of your kung fu needs over at sifu Z is a disciple of the legendary grandmaster Chris Chan a cohort of Bruce Lee whom both trained with the late great grandmaster Ip Man. sifu Z also trained for many years in Brazilian jujitsu in Hawaii with the Gracie clan. sifu Z is a martial artist actor Fight choreographer multi instrumentalist and musician vintage BB gun enthusiast a painter in oil‘s acrylic pastels charcoal and multi medium. he’s also a long time web designer. sifu Z travels the world performing his music and teaching Wing Chun gone through and as a company by his three legged pitbull Luna. on rare occasions Z also continues to perform magic I’ll be at mostly through virtual means. Z is also an early proponent the virtual reality and augmented reality. Buckminster Fuller is one of his primary influences. he is a graduate of the national outdoor leader ship school a long distance hiker of the Pacific crest Trail a graduate of the grove school of music and an associate degree holder in classical music studies. his grandfather was a world war two pilot and a movie actor opposite of Humphrey Bogart and appeared in the victory at Sea movie series. Enjoy!
April 06, 2021
Episode 2 Season 5 - Creative Vortex Machine
in this episode number two season five of integrity radio your host Sifu Z brings you wing Chung kung fu sounds direct from the artist to your ears this episode features noisica Piano incense improv improvisational drumming pieces include the titles Kearsarge and a rose by any genre would be electronica noisica piano bass and drums original wing Chun kung fu sounds Music for meditation and doing kung fu forms emotional intelligence stories about the amazing Randi. podcast being broadcast from the western Sierra slope of the sierra Nevada mountains out in the forest at the Black rock creative vortex Wing Chun kung fu Mecca and heaven and to the free thinkers of the world join us on Facebook at integrity Radio. also on Facebook join us at Wing Chun world. learn Wing Chun right now at contribute to this show at
February 18, 2021
Episode 1 Season 5 Integrity Radio - Winter Soundscapes and Coyotes Howling
on this episode one season five of integrity radio your host Z brings unique original music noise jazz power pop punk psychological introspective contemplative always joyful and loving a little bit of talk radio a lot of original music from the creator himsef Z. integrity Radio first began in 2017 it’s hard to believe we’re in season five it seems just like yesterday when we all used to call each other using the app. get the anchor app and call Lynn become part of the show be sure to favorite and like and share the integrity. Visit also check out the vintage BB collection at pickinga if you would like to contribute to the show you can make a one time donation for any amount over at You can hear more of my music at
February 06, 2021
Episode 19 Season 4 Finale Nektar Kendall Scott Amazing Randi
Z and Luna are your mobile hosts in this Episode 19 Season 4 finale
December 15, 2020
Episode 18 Season 4 Integrity Radio Wing Chun Panda
Host Z and Guest host Gabriel try to stay on kung fu point
November 29, 2020
Episode 17 Season 4 Integrity Radio Happy Thanks Giving 2020
Z as host on this 2020 Thanksgiving
November 26, 2020
Episode 16 Season 4 Integrity Radio Living Randi Rare Todd Flashbacks
Z is you host this episode 16 season 4 of Integrity Radio
November 10, 2020
Episode 14 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Cancel Culture & MGTOW
Episode 14 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Cancel Culture & MGTOW Z and Johan talk about air quality and wild fires in Colorado and California, fire tornado’s, touring with bands Tinklepotty. Just finished shooting video for featuring the Crosman 392ps multi-pump pellet rifle. Aliens visit and play Mexican terrorist music. Talking about being viewed as both a minority and a racist. Growing up in Mississippi as a kid, cancel culture and the imbalance that is being experienced, confusion over what political left and right is. Being hopeful of a progressive future where conservatives and liberals actually represent the term they define themselves as. The left is banning the right for not being left enough which is very right wing. Suppression of the word is what gives it power. Lenny Bruce. Creating imbalance by suppressing bad ideas. Like Hitler being rejected as a painter. The balance between racism and physical abuse and the difference between Hawaiian vs Southern racism. The power of human expression. Fear motivation Nature and nature wealth resist poverty. Bringing up the bar for almost all humans to benefit most. Denver Colorado architecture being amazing castle like designer with Frank Loyd Wright, Denver history of printing money. John Denver from back in the 70’s. Getting harassed by Denver Mexican gang style dude. Describing a weird type of sound terrorism using sonic extremes with a slight hint of Mexican genre. It’s very non descriptive and painful to hear. Playing a song by Z titled “Good From The Bad” a hard heavy rocking sassy piece. Hear more music over a Discussing when “Good From The Bad” was recorded. This version was recorded live in Los Angeles in about 1990. Pre Nirvana and Sound Garden Seattle bands Bam Bam, Hoi Polloi, and various bands. Selling cassette tapes in the early days to get you music heard in the 80’s. Spearheading a genre doesn’t often mean being popular or successful. Hollywood’s influence on our culture. Thespianism music and being an Anchor OG. The possibility of being shadow banned, Hitler and art school. The profound negative effects of suppressing expression. The French salon era spawning Impressionism. Various methods of expression and having a wide understanding of various points of view. Homogenizing in order to be accepted into a community. Comedy as a vehicle of dealing with contrary points of view. Contemplating the ratio between truth and funny. Unscripted rant. Cancer culture and the most recent YouTube videos with Stephen Pinker. MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way is discussed with Cancel Culture. Perving on the Youtube MGTOW girl. Polarization and being disenfranchised. Woman catching up to mens inappropriate behavior and third world people catching up to consumerism, not hurting people because of different views. Chappelle as a grand wizard. Living through multiple riots east coast race wars of the 70’s and the Rodney King riots in LA. The data on mental health in America and Sweden. Prison populations, opioid epidemic, having doom in your genes Germanic, Norwegian roots, Engage with others and resist fearful actions. The value of wing Chun training through it all at Contribute over at Talking about wanting to get out into the mountains and doing the show out on the road in a couple weeks… hopefully. Outro song is titled “Darla” by Z #sifuz #integrityradio #mgtow #cancelculture #shadowbanning
August 17, 2020
Episode 13 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Quantum Physics & Heaven
Contribute here More info on Wing Chun at  Episode 13 Season 12 of Integrity Radio with Host Z and guest host Johan. Broadcasting out of Denver Colorado. Flash back to August 2019 piano/drum solo improv on the Chickering from 1910. This piece is titled “Leave My Flying Monkeys Out Of This” by Z recorded in the Mauna Kaua training center in Pollock Pines California. Z talks a little back story on how he and Johan started working together and how they both experienced possible covid sickness early on in the pandemic. They developed the Colorado Kwoon which broadcast lessons and classes worldwide. Today’s talk centers around public perception to what quantum physics actually is or is not. Z makes an intriguing observation that many quantum physics theories strangly sound like sociological axioms. Z explains what Flying Monkeys are in relation to Narcissists. Introducing todays most recent recording of Peter Gabriel’s song “Here Comes The Flood”. Recorded solo performance vocal piano. Making light of the tragic situation we find ourselves in. The laymen’s approach to quantum physics. Richard Feynman, Neil Degrasse Tyson and other mainstream science educators on macro and micro science ie astro physics and quantum physics. Making the parallel between quantum entanglement and human love and relationships. Leonard Suskind. Entanglements can be destroyed by making measurements. Multi-verses and the potential of heaven. Entanglement build space and time. Quantum physics discoveries emulate and mimic human behavior that is thought to be subjective.Setting up Wing Chun headquarters in Denver in just a week starting in May 2020. Recap the New Mexico/Florida story and the covid challenge. Wing Chun crisis or opportunity. The common situation that elderly men are going through in the US. Dodger’s manager story out of Nevada and rough times. Reporting on the apocalypse. Luna the elderly 3 legged pitfall is still hanging in there and healthy. Science as the most recent understanding. Religion and James Randi concept of religion being the first science attempt. Z theorizes that science came first and was infiltrated by science. Scientific understanding is dynamic and different from belief. Here Comes The Flood is a relevant song for the times. Z talks about wanting to cover this song in music college at the Grove School of Music. Trying to sing the song for vocal class. The efficacy of scooters for a whole body safer workout. Talking about the various music, video and kung fu projects going on keeping us busy and looking forward to each day. Electric scooters and pro scooters and trying to do new tricks. Bars pins tail whips board grinds and getting air.Possible welding job to make one ourselves. Bailing on a scooter vs a skate board. Jiu Jitsu and snowboarding injury recovery and switching sports for health sake. Considering doing forward and backward flips. Aka flairs. Astro physics and chaos and nature and balance for humanity. Humans as emotion. Neuro physical response between murderous forces. Balance between chaos and the nature of man. Dealing with chaos and nature to find balance. Harmony is scrutinized. Components of music theory are codeified. Know who and where you really are in order to best progress. Mapping out the method of maintaining balance toward the future. Skeeter goes nuts protecting the kwoon. Post apocalyptic or pre/post? Think big start small - and other axioms and memes. Inspiration from the general gist of a concept. The parallel wing Chun concept that precisely mirrors great potential.
August 03, 2020
Episode 12 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Turtle Neck and Pandemic
Contribute at Learn kung fu at pick up all your wing chun gear in our merch section.   In this episode 12 season 4 of Integrity Radio your host Z and guest host Johann talk about living through the covid-19 pandemic in Denver Colorado. Scooters both electric and manual kick scooters as practical forms of communication and method of exercise. Learning new pro scooter tricks to develop greater neuro-plasticity. The key to greater health or quality of life may lie in always pushing beyond your comfort zone to learn new challenging things that require both mental and physical exertion. Z features his new composition/recording titled "Turtle Neck" and plays last years recording from this time of year titled "Do You See What I See". All music is original and conceived, composed and recorded by Z. Pro Scooters vs Skateboardings tricks and safety.
July 24, 2020
Episode 11 Season 4 - Exploitation vs Exploration
In this Episode 11 Season 4 - Exploitation vs Exploration your host Z and cohost Johan talk about the current event in Denver Colorado on the eve of the 4th of July. A musical journey to the songs and music from this time of year from previous seasons. Contribute Info on Kung Fu at with lots of cool merch. Get a Vintage Daisy BB gun over at Join Integrity Radio on Facebook. 
July 04, 2020
Episode 10 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Relationships Ugh
Episode 10 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Relationships Ugh Denver has nice folks and pretty smiles awesome city with a country mountain flair. The protests/riots/desert topping/floor wax is out and popular as ever. Are the pitchforks out or is this a mild repeat? Only a paradigm change can tell. Z and Johan talk about the pain of breaking up a relationship especially when kids are involved. How Wing Chun Kung Fu has helped them through emotionally difficult times. We need your help to get Johan his first computer so he can start doing video editing. Contribute any amount at You can also purchase merch from our website Currently we have sexy Mauna Kaua long sleeve shirts. We will have more products up soon all hand chosen and tested by on our show and in training. Thanks for listening to Integrity Radio. Stay Tuned!
June 15, 2020
Episode 9 Season 4 - Apocalyptic Audio
Z and Johan bring you E9S4 of Integrity Radio podcast and desert topping. Plan A and Plan B, Short shorts, old and new paradigm change, police brutality, Dead Kennedy's, Jello Biafra, history, Denver Colorado riots, protests, scooters, new A/V gear, merch and new music from Z coming soon. Contribute here for more info go to Train in Kung Fu at Listen to Z's music at 
June 09, 2020
Episode 8 Season 4 Scooter Madness & Protests
To scooter or not to scooter that even a question? Z talks about scootering during the BLM protests in Denver Colorado. Long hair vs short hair. Training in Wing Chun Kung Fu one on one with Sifu Z's Dragon Program from Contribute any amount to Training during COVID-19, Racism vs humanism and more answers to most of the questions asked by most today and every day here on Integrity Radio now going on it's 9th episode and 4th season. Rescue and be rescued by a pit bull. Train in the greatest self defense in the world Wing Chun with Sifu Z online daily. A program is available for all budgets. Do the right thing and take responsibility into your own hands to become the strongest person you can possibly be. Ip Man - Chris Chan - Sifu Z - You. Protege of the Amazing James Randi, Dick Grove School of Music Graduate, National Outdoor Leadership N.O.L.S. Graduate and PCT Thru-Hiker and student of Grand Master Chris Chan. We will be improving our audio over the next month so stay tuned! Listen to Sifu Z music at   
May 17, 2020
Episode 7 Season 4 - Rocky Mountain High
In this Episode 7 Season 4 of Integrity Radio Johan joins Z as the new co host. A new piano, a blast from the past last year this time and getting to know the Denver Colorado area and Wing Chun Kung Fu of course. Visit Contribute to the show at
May 12, 2020
Episode 6 Season 4 - The Beginning of Civilization
In this Episode 6 Season 4 The Beginning of Civilization your host Z reemerges from the ashes to give the latest on his travels and exploits. A call from Good Vibes Jason, a song from last year around this time titled "The Quip" a jazzish free improvisation and more on it's way. Also in this episode music by Bach, Beethoven, Z's music - The Man with the Bald Head, Iquisit and more. Facebook censorship in the guise of "hate speech".  Call in and join the show by downloading the app for free and favorite Stay tuned for more of episode 6! Join Integrity Radio on  To support the show and Z's travels you can contribute any amount to Thanks.
April 07, 2020
Episode 5 Season 4 - You're My Girl premier
In this episode 5 season 4 of Integrity Radio your host Z releases a new song. Call in with the app and join the show. Contribute to the show here
February 25, 2020
Episode 4 Season 4 - The Desert Sessions with Chad n Z
Chad visits Integrity Radio as host and jam partner. Contribute to the show at and call in the show with the app
February 14, 2020
Episode 3 Season 4 - Trip Black performs Janis
This episode 3 season 4 of Integrity Radio your host Z brings you the sounds of living on the road throughout the Sierra Nevada's with Hobos a singin and gypsies dancing! Contributed to the Z and Luna Travel Fund at thanks! Call in before this episode is capped and reap all the fun and joy from your magnificence!
January 24, 2020
Episode 2 Season 4 - Lots of New Orginal Music
In this Season 4 Episode 2 of Integrity Radio your host Z plays a bunch of new music from his new thrift store find - a keyboard straight out of the 80’s sold at a K-Mart near you... four decades ago. A few blasts from the vaults all the pleasure none of the heartache. Contribute any amount at This show brought to you by vintage Daisy’s from 1899 to 1940!
January 15, 2020
Episode 1 Season 4 - 2020 Vision and a Bad Judge of Character
Happy 2020 Anchor from Z and Integrity Radio. Is the world getting bad at judging the character of others due to short form social media communication? Integrity Radio goes mobile. Call in and join Episode 1 of Season 4 to start the year off proper.
January 03, 2020
Episode 24 Season 3 - I Did Everything Right
In the episode 24 season 3 of Integrity Radio your host Z jams out on some noise jazz with limited mouth hole action talking Nick Diaz and free will, God Humans Morality and good mornings. - like - pay - explore - follow MK - follow Z - ask Sifu Z - business MK - collaborate musically - radioshow - listen to music - love MK - love Z - play - collect Daisys - train with Z - buy clothes - buy art - view art - Larry interviews Z
December 06, 2019
Episode 23 Season 3 Finale - Pantyhose Cigars and Meth (are not mentioned)
This is the season 3 finale of Itegrity Radio with host Z. A new season marks a new chapter in the day in the life of Z and company. The Chickering 1910 is played one last time before departing Mauna Kaua and moving onwards. Lots of coffee this last segment ho brah. If you like noise THIS is the episode for you. I anticipate listening to this episode myself. For a good time call Integrity Radio! Happy New Year Ya'll
December 04, 2019
Episode 22 Season 3 - Brain Diet Click Bait
In this Episode 22 Season 3 of Integrity Radio "Brain Diet Click Bait" your host Z talks about the biggest challenge facing society today, noise, time, attention span, youth culture, the song Rise, long form vs short form, trolling, narrative vs lies, monetizing anger and division while playing the piano. Learn kung fu at support the show at Listen to Z's music at
November 17, 2019
Episode 21 Season 3 - Fat Chicks n Love
Episode 21 Season 3 of Integrity Radio with host Z expressing concern for obese woman, the Pacific Crest Trail, Doug Hilsinger, unconditional Dog love, drama vs comedy, Dems sounding Trumpish, 3rd world protests, history of Nationalism, exceptional people in martial arts, podcasts and shut the fuck up, the ease of gratification ingratiating, Germanic Islamism, the KKK and using children as the voice of reason, BJJ, Fat chicks... and more.
November 11, 2019
Episode 20 Season 3 - We Got Snow
Episode in progress call and join in!
September 18, 2019
Episode 19 Season 3 - Newz and Eventz
All the newz thatz fit for Integrity Radio more blasts from the past, Motif and The Mermaid by Z original music, opinion cause we all have asses. oh yeah religion and politics and puppet shows. Call in and join the show!
September 14, 2019
Episode 18 Season 3 - Music like Magic with Z
Episode 18 Season 3 - Music like Magic with Z. A piano improv inst rendition of Mccartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed, some shouts to my peeps, flashback all the way back to Jan 2018, the song Hurricane by Z and accepting call ins for this episode. What’s up!?!?
September 09, 2019
Episode 17 Season 3 - The Wizard of Odd
The dilemma of our biology nature and other topics of wonderment with your host Z.
August 26, 2019
Episode 16 Season 3 - From a Wave to a Particle
Z performs a solo improv. Flashbacks from previous episodes. African folk singing and various sound bites. Give yer hard earned cash to so I can keep doing this and do it better!
August 12, 2019
Episode 15 Season 3 Internet Flames and California Fire
Z Ben and Dan talk about dealing with internet flames and California wildfires plus art and other stuff.
July 29, 2019
Episode 14 Season 3 - Endless Summer in the Sierra's
Just another manic Monday on a Wednesday with super guest host Adrianne, Sifu Atto from Hawaii and your delicious host Z. Talk art politicking, massage - there was no discussion regarding salmon cream cheese. Merchandising was implied via this text. Guns were used prior. Skateboarding check. Climbing more than just social ladders, yo. The taco-ria in Diamond Spirings rocks. Live your life for the dogs. Stay hydrated and don't accept advice from podcast and always remember a lady takes a seat when she smokes a cigarette - only whores walk the street with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Beans are high in fiber low in in fat bet you didn't know about that. Try to forget that we are all dying... the vote is still not in on sun block. I used to be gay now I'm just pence. Thanks for lisping. A very low ha.
June 20, 2019
Episode 13 Season 3 - Burning Man with Ace and Max
Z Adrianne and Max name drop and talk Burning Man. Fun episode!
May 07, 2019
Episode 12 Season 3 - Mauna Kaua is Training Center in Pollock Pines for Super Heros Big and Small
This episode of Integrity Radio is being brought to you from the Mauna Kaua Training Center in Pollock Pines California dedicated to Heart Mind and Body practice of many sorts. You can visit us on the web at and be sure to connect with us over on You can always find us here on Stay tuned for more discussion on martial arts for kids adults and seniors. We now offer meditation, stretching, fitness, wing chun kung fu, and grappling. We will also be bringing in high level jiu jitsu, yoga, and mma guest instructors. Mauna Kaua also offers guided hiking treks and rock climbing instruction. Opening up a gym is... well, like starting a business. There are so many moving parts and things that have to be done. But this location and the energy of the town folks is very heart warming and receptive to what our training center has to offer. Pollock Pines has only a scattered population of about 6,000 people. The business district of the town has fallen to disarray but much like Diamond Springs, Shingle Springs and much of El Dorado County - there seems to be an upswing in business development. Several businesses are signing long term leases and making substantial improvments to the commercial environment. I have been pleasantly surprised by the kind reception I've gotten from my daily meet and greets. I sort of feel like a politician. Stay tuned there's more to come! Follow us on and
April 29, 2019
Episode 11 Seson 3 - Being An Asset with Z and Ben
Z and Ben talk about the challenges of being an ass or an asset to any given social situation. Ben comments on Z's singing voice in comparison to his speaking voice and on what Wing Chun feels like. Train in kung fu at Check out Z's bb gun collection at
March 29, 2019
Episode 10 Season 3 Kung Fu and Substace Abuse
Z and Ben talk about the cycles of substance abuse and secrets learned from training in Kung Fu. #theartofintegrity #sifuz #integrityradio
March 23, 2019
Episode 9 Season 3 - BB Gun Fights & Philosophical Quandaries
Integrity Radio host Z and co- host Ben Jacobsen discuss the beautiful work that his father put into restoring a beautiful vintage Buzz Barton bb gun, a regretful airsoft story, and discussion onnwhat makes a good question.
March 04, 2019
Episode 8 Season3 - The Sky Is Falling with Z and Ben
Discussion with Z and Ben on politics religion and psychology with original music written and recorded by Z.
March 01, 2019
Episode 7 Season 3 - Funny Thing About Love
Original music and commentary by Z... love love love.
February 26, 2019
Episode 6 Season 3 - Making Music with Humans
Z jams with other musicians using the bandlab app.
February 15, 2019
Episode 5 Season 3 - Bandlab is a Game Changer
Z introduces his fave new app called Bandlab out of Singapore. Mindblowing game changer for the social audio world. Make music, collab, and publish all in one web based app. For free on any web enabled device. And it actually works and is easy to use right away. Make music as easy as posting on Twitter. Wow. Just wow.
February 11, 2019
Episode 4 Season 3 - Z One Man Band Performance
Your host comes to you solo with a One Man Band performance on piano, guitar, and whobbleiegoo. Get a bb gun at Hear more music by Z at join us on Facebook #pickingadaisy and #integrityradio learn kung fu at htts:// dontaento the cause over at
February 08, 2019
Integrity Radio Episode 3 Season 3 - Russian Interference ❤
Integrity Radio Episode 3 Season 3 - Russian Interference with cohost Ben Jacobsen joins Z on discussion on, failure, celebrity, bb guns, 1800's, industrial age, tech age, militarism, antigun police, space colonization, the Yankee Marshall, and Russian Interference. Kung fu: BB Guns:
January 31, 2019
Episode 2 Season 3 Integrity Radio with Z and cohost Ben Jacobsen
Z and Ben have been long time friends and cohorts on the internet and in real life. Ben joins Z here in season 3.
January 25, 2019
Season 3 Episode 1 of Integrity Radio
The coldest night thus far in the foothills of the northwestern Sierras. The dog even slept in the sleeping bag the whole night with me. Waking early to start work on and eBay vintage curios including Daisy bb guns and collectable toys.
January 02, 2019
Happy New Year 2019 from Integrity Radio
This is the last episode of season 2 of Integrity Radio. Hard to believe the show has been going on for this long. I started some time in the early summer of 2017. It has been a crazy ride with lots of creative and emotional content for the AI's to include in their data sets. I've been featuring a great deal of my music during season 2 and season 1 had a good deal of psychological exploration and lo-fi improv. I hope to talk to more people that I know in conversation, debate or interview for season 3 plus more of hair of the dog that is Integrity Radio. Thanks for listening and stay tuned! Happy New Year 2019 Everyone!
January 01, 2019
Kung Fu Sunday school episode 41 season 2 for kung fu class
Take an hour long free introduction wing Chun kung fu class with Sifu Z. Kung Fu Sunday school episode 41 season 2 for kung fu class anchor ep 297. Train more at
December 17, 2018
Tightening by Z e40s2 adventurous space rock adventure
The newest song by multi instrumentalist Z titled “Tightening“. A multi dimensional guitar space rock jam o blasta. drone guitar tribal rhythm space echo dark melodic grind intense epic doom glory magnificence. Check out more here: music- kung fu- bb guns-
November 30, 2018
Beware The Eloquant Speaker by Z ep39s2 End of season blasts from the pasts part 1
Season two wrap up flashback throw back marathon. In this episode 39 season two Z your host talks about the value and application of long form content, free hosting, social engineering, AI and machine learning, Feeding the data sets old versus new paradigm evolution of marketing and the shallow communication of eloquent speakers. art and creativity good vibes Jason Larry McGuire the larb warning adult language used in this episode.
November 23, 2018
Discontinue your Corruption by Z ep38s2
In this (anchor episode 293) Integrity Radio FaceBook Version episode 38 season 2 Z talks the new Internet economy and the pay it forward concept, discontinue your corruption, in praise of the new tools and mystified about how they work, the joys of getting old, long form audio and long form jam sessions, the meaning of integrity in art music and podcasting. Visit www.Sifu check out the world's greatest BB gun collection at tis the season to buy your pet a gift at
November 20, 2018
Thank You Patrons
A quick message from Sifu Z #thankyoupatrons for being Wing Chun. #SifuZ #theartofintegrity #wingchunkungfu
November 20, 2018
Joys of Entropy by Z (instrumental) ep37s2
An extended solo jazz improvisation with bass piano and guitar by Z titled “Joys of Entropy”.
November 19, 2018
Music Kung Fu and Emotional Intel e36ptBs2 Sifu Z 5 part episode control the matrix raise you EQ
In this very talk show episode 36 season 2 (anchor episode 290) Z Are you crazy!!! Listen to my latest song "Twilight Garden" and check out this here FaceBook episode of Integrity Radio where I talk about technology and it's role in helping people to improve their emotional intelligence. We do not need to be passive victims of social engineering. There is a choice. However the choice isn't as easy as you would think. Living in reality requires a lot more work on a regular basis than living delusionally. Get more at music at check out the "CaliAir" bb gun collection at and get your pet a pair of
November 18, 2018
Integrity Music and Emotional Intel e36s2 A quick message to invite you to listen and engage!
Integrity Radio’s mission is to share new and unique music from multi-instrumentalist Z plus exciting conversation based on improving EQ emotional intelligence. Z is a professional musician and martial artist who runs and You can follow Z on Integrity Radio page can also be found on facebook. Integrity Radio is going on it’s 3rd season on anchor. #IntegrityRadio #SifuZMusic #SifuZ #pickingadaisy #EmotionalIntelligence #originalmusic #eclecticmusic #freeformjazz #improvisation #greatpodcasts #psychology #neuroscience The algorithm knows more about you than you or your friends and family know about yourself. It’s a matter of privacy versus health care. Knowing the truth about yourself is very difficult. The cost of sticking to reality is very difficult and the cost of sticking to reality is very high and so is the cost of maintaining illusion and delusion. emotional intelligence and emotional balance are the key to progress for humans. We no longer need to build a house with a static foundation. We now need to know how to set up tents and move both figuratively and literally. Digitization liquidation and mobility are keys to the future. we are moving from demo metrics to psycho metrics and the future will be in bio metrics. The importance of art music and creativity will become more and more apparent. Self correction and understanding your own psychology will help you to define your passion and harness your emotion. science-fiction is important because it allows us to hypothesize our future. Sifu Z has the job of exposing people to the wing chun kung fu way of improving emotional intelligence and physical balance. some of the figures referred to in the show include Buckminster Fuller frank Zappa James Randi Steven Pinker Chris Chan Ip Man. in order for a change of behavior to take place details about both the individual and the environment must be taken into account. As a change occurs more key qualities and values of the system are revealed. Therefore of the change process it self offers important information about a system. You cannot understand a system until you try to change it. A person who has learn to see how much his own fate depends upon the fate of his entire group will be eager to take over a fair share of responsibility for its welfare. Learning is more affective one it is an active rather than a passive process. There is nothing so practical as a good theory. we all need each other. This type of interdependence is the greatest challenge to the maturity of individual and group functioning. Learning to use new technologies in place of old ones is made easier by an increase in driving forces such as the ability to contact friends and family worldwide instantly and inexpensively. Facebook and Anchor are great examples of the technologies that enable the driving force. we all have unwelcome intrusive thoughts. But some people have trouble shaking them off and the thoughts become over important and obsessional. They overestimate the threat posed by the starts. They feel responsible for any harm implied by these intrusive thoughts. They therefore feel compelled to take action to counter the threats and control the thoughts. Compulsive behavior rituals are attempts to control intrusive thoughts. Obsessive compulsive disorder has at its basis in the sort of unwelcome and intrusive thoughts that we all have from time to time the idea that something terrible is about to happen or that we will suffer or causes some awful miss fortune. Most of the time we can put these thoughts out of our minds and carry on with life but sometimes they are more difficult to shake off. At the extreme end of the scale the thoughts become obsessive and bring with them a feeling of dread and responsibility. #learnselfcontrol #integrityradioshow
November 17, 2018
Joys of Entropy by Z e35s2 Harnessing the transitional power of entropy in art business and life
Roni and Z talk about the California fires and the role of entropy in business art and life. Learn kung fu at listen to original music at check out the biggest online vintage bb gun collection at join us on Integrity Radio is listener supported subscribe on anchor or on Integrity Radio is a show with original eclectic music compelling discussion off beat topics seeking unique perspective observing the latest discoveries in human psychology technology science behavior and emotional intellegence. Frank Zappa Buck Fuller Amazing Randi Chris Chan Steven Pinker Sam Harris humanism enlightenment freewill guitar jazz. Entropy 2nd law of thermodynamics evolution artificial selection.
November 14, 2018
Prof. Tilldinker Modern Magic e34s2
Z plays piano along to Professor Tilldinker’s lecture on the modern use of magic.
November 06, 2018
The New Enlightenment e33s2
Z talks about winding down season 2 and starting season 3 of Integrity Radio. Https://
October 31, 2018
Guardian by Z e32s2
In this episode 32 season 2 of Integrity Radio Z and Roni talk about the progress of the theater, work, art and creativity. Music titled “Guardian” by Z.
October 21, 2018
Drum Solo by Z e31s2
Did someone say drum solo? e284
October 14, 2018
Trivial by Z e30s2
In this episode # 30 season 2 of Integrity Radio Z plays his latest composition titled “Trivial”. ep283
October 09, 2018
Eight Coyotes by Z E29S2
My Pete Johns 8 Bar Challenge response titled “Eight Coyotes”. Thanks for the fun challenge Pete!
October 02, 2018
Good From The Bad by Z E28S2
A new rough song mix of “Good from the Bad” by Z and a few more tunes in the freejazz and noise category. This is mondo episode 281 (aka E28S2)
October 01, 2018
Harvey by Z E27S2
In this episode a jazz piano quartet improv titled “Harvey” by Z. Plus an announcement of Social Audio Junkies on Facebook from the Larb. (actual E280)
September 27, 2018
Darla by Z E26S2
A nice hard heavy power trio jam to get you rawkin. aka e279
September 24, 2018
Battle Hymn by Z E25S2
New song for the day is titled “Battle Hymn” by Z. E278
September 20, 2018
Fraggled by Z ep24s2
Today’s song is titled “Fraggled” by Z. Great play along jam for musicians and singers. aka e277
September 17, 2018
Drifting Ships by Z ep23s2
A mellow jam with bass drums and guitar titled “Drofting Ships” by Z. And a talk about my daily self challenge. aka anchor ep 276.
September 14, 2018
Forced Entry 911 by Z
Today’s song is in rememberence of 9/11 titled “Forced Entry 9/11” by Z. Aka e275
September 12, 2018
Techno Beings by Z
The newest song for today and a brief talk on technology... very brief. Song titled “Techni Beings” by Z ep 21 season 2 aka #274 Give a buck
September 09, 2018
Octopus by Z E20S2
on this episode 20 season two of integrity radio octopus by Z. Give a buck
September 05, 2018
Shakti in Puerto Rico by Z E19S2
A jazz quartet free form improv titled “Shakti in Puerto Rico” by Z aka 272. Give a buck
September 02, 2018
Zeitgeist Response Episode 271
Z welcomes back Micheal Zeitgeist to the platform and responds to his post regarding paths and freedom.
September 02, 2018
Sound Check by Z
At last a real drum set. aka e270
September 01, 2018
Unsustained by Z
An synth improv titled “Unsustained” by Z aka e269. Give a buck
August 31, 2018
Conversationalist by Z
Today’s One Song a Day Challenge is titled “Conversationalist” by Z aka ep268. Give a buck
August 30, 2018
More Butter by Z
A funky song inspired by a friend titled “More Butter” by Z. Give a buck
August 30, 2018
Crawl by Z
#266 This one is called “crawl” it’s a futuristic piece with artificial intelligent beings contemplating the human which they have long replaced. give a buck
August 29, 2018
Artificial Intelligence
The newest song from the #OSAD One Song a Day Challenge titled “Artificial Intelligence” by Z. Give a buck
August 27, 2018
Hurricane by Z E18 S2
In this episode 18 season two of integrity radio today’s brand new comp position is titled Hurricane by Z. Give a buck
August 25, 2018
Only Saturday by Z
A new rock ballad titled “Only Saturday” by Z. Give a buck
August 24, 2018
Stomper by Z
A funky pseudo 70’s jam called “Stomper by Z. Give a buck
August 23, 2018
Off Load by Z
A guitar rock piece that starts out mellow and progresses midway titled “Off Load” by Z. Give a buck
August 22, 2018
End of Day by Z
A worldly soundscape very organic with deep emotional overtones titled “End of Day” by Z. Give a buck
August 21, 2018
Friction and Procreation
How much friction is needed for creativity?
August 20, 2018
Afghanistan by Z
#OSAD challenge Give a buck
August 19, 2018
Country Yeah by Z
“Country Yeah” by Z is an acoustic guitar sing song and the newest installment from the one song a day challenge #OSAD Give a buck
August 19, 2018
I Faultered by Z
I faultered the one song a day challenge...
August 18, 2018
New Yorker by Z
The latest installment from the write and record One Song A Day #OSAD Challenge titled “New Yorker” by Z. Give a buck
August 16, 2018
Home on the Range by Z E17-S2
On this episode 17 season 2 of Integrity Radio Z plays the new tune “Home on the Range” and calls for a reality check . Is this all really happening!?! Give a buck
August 15, 2018
Episode 253
August 15, 2018
Wiffle Blast by Z
You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the “Wiffle Blast” song by Z. Give a buck
August 15, 2018
Uncertainty by Z
An altered blues standard instruments manipulated beyond recognition titled “Uncertainty” by Z. Give a buck
August 13, 2018
Positive Anxiety by Z
Z talks about anxiety and what’s good about it. Give a buck
August 12, 2018
As a Dog Snores by Z E16-S2
A free jazz extravaganza with drums bass guitar and piano titled “As a Dog Snores” by Z. Give a buck
August 11, 2018
Forever by Z
Z plays his newest Song A Day composition titled “Forever”. Give a buck
August 10, 2018
One Song a Day
Z gets back on track to recording and posting at least one song a day on Anchor. Give a buck
August 09, 2018
Lost and Found Sound by Z
Z talks about finding a DAT player and a bunch of 30 year old DAT masters of his old music. Give a buck
August 06, 2018
Atheoid Audacity by Z E15-S2
Z talk about the differences between Atheists and Christians. Give a buck
August 05, 2018
Episode 244
August 04, 2018
Rock Paper Scissors by Z
An Asian rhythmic fusion instrumental titled “Rock Paper Scissors” by Z. Discussion on connecting old music gear up to new tech and having lots of fun. Give a buck
August 04, 2018
Out of Morocco by Z E14-S2 (remixed)
Commentary volume improved on this remix of episode 14 season 2 - Z critiques members of the skeptical community. Give a buck
August 03, 2018
Honesty by Z
Z talks about the early stages of skepticism as a movement and the dangers of Intellectual dishonesty through the abuse of philosophy. Give a buck
August 03, 2018
Lo-Fi by Z
Z speaks in praise of Lo-Fi audio production as the frontier of creativity and expression. Give a buck about Intwgrity over at
August 02, 2018
Knock On Wood by Z
An acoustic guitar song titled “Knock On Wood” written, performed and recorded by Z. Give a buck about Integrity at
August 01, 2018
Kissimora Canyon by Z
Z tells the story of unrequited love in this epic piece titled “Kissimora Canyon”. Give a buck about Integrity over at
July 31, 2018
Drum Circles by Z
Z shares a drum duet titled “Drum Circle” with co host Roni. They discuss future plans with the new theatre and the cool vibe of the little village by the American River. Give a buck about Integrity over at
July 30, 2018
Cowboy’s Cry by Z
Z talks about writing and recording music as a movie playing out in your head. Give a buck about Integrity over at
July 29, 2018
Moth to a Flame by Z
Z plays his latest composition titled “Moth to a Flame” a wall of sound, heavy dark contemplative slow suede. Give a buck about Integrity over at
July 27, 2018
Kicking the Habit
Good vibes Jason calls to chime in on changing habits.
July 27, 2018
Addict and Habit by Z E13-S2
Sifu Z talks about Penn Jellette, William S. Burroughs and the engineering of bs words to affect mass engineered consent. Give a buck for Integrity over at
July 26, 2018
Where is the Cat by Z
Your host Sifu Z talks about the emerging new tech paradigm and the future of music and other self produced digital content. Show you give a buck about Integrity over at
July 26, 2018
Amazing Call In
Jason calls in talking about Randi faith and skepticism. Give a buck for Integrity at
July 24, 2018
Music Only now on Spreaker
Enjoy the Music Only version of Integrity Radio now on search for “The Art of Integrity”. Enjoy! Give a buck about Integrity at
July 24, 2018
Advice from a Wizard by Z E12-S2
In this episode 12 season 2 of Integrity Radio Z shares advice he received from a Wizard over 40 years ago. Support this show for just a buck at
July 24, 2018
Rehabilitation by Z (music only)
Z plays a piece titled “Rehabilitation” Support the artist for just a buck at
July 22, 2018
Rehabilitation E11-S2
In this episode 11 season 2 of Integrity Radio Z talks about physical and mental rehabilitation. Support the station for just a buck at
July 22, 2018
Their-apy by Z (music only)
An instrumental piece called “Their-apy” by Z (music only) Support this artist directly for just a buck at
July 21, 2018
A nice call in
We love to hear from you all! Thanks D!
July 21, 2018
Their-apy by Z
Z and Roni announce the acquisition of their new theater. Support Integrity for just a buck at
July 21, 2018
Down South by Z
Z plays a live solo improv titled “Down South”. Support this station for just a buck at
July 20, 2018
Waiting Hostage by Z E10-S2
Z attempts a King Crimson cover tune and continues his talk on the 5 w’s from E6-S2 in regards to hostage negotiation tactics. Support Integrity Radio for just a buck at
July 20, 2018
funny call in
July 19, 2018
Complexity in Simplicity
The Larb visits Integrity Radio and talks about the complex within the simple. Check out the Daily Larb!
July 18, 2018
Tupelo Road by Z
Z plays an original improv live on Integrity Radio. Support for just a buck at
July 17, 2018
After the Goldrush
Z performs a Neil Young cover “After the Goldrush” live on Integrity Radio
July 17, 2018
Overlapping Realities by Z
Overlapping Realities by Z on Integrity Radio Sacramento California
July 16, 2018
Blade Walker (Yer Fave Dance Tune) by Z E9-S2
In this episode 9 season 2 of Integrity Radio your host Z performs the instrumental soundscape “Blade Walker (Yer Fave Dance Tune). Support this station fer jus a buck at
July 15, 2018
Presence by Z
Z performs a soundscape piece titled Presence. Support this show for just a buck at
July 15, 2018
Brave New World revisited
Z and Roni talk more about Brave New World with comparisons to the past present and future of “humanity”. Support the station for just a back at
July 14, 2018
Don’t Call Me Shirley by Z
On this episode 8 season 2 of Integrity Radio Z and Roni talk about “A Brave New World”. Support the show for just a buck at
July 14, 2018
Reason Takes Over by Z
What is reason and who are the disenfranchised? Support the show at
July 12, 2018
Atheist Perspective call in
A call in from Atheist Experience.
July 11, 2018
Calling all Bullshit by Z
An open message to Matt Dillahunty, Penn Jillette and the skeptic community from Sifu Z.
July 10, 2018
Skinning A Mole by Z
Free jazz jam solo with Z on all instruments
July 10, 2018
Dog as a Lion part II by Z
Embracing the digital realm with analog fragility. More new music by Z from Integrity Radio. Support this station for just a buck at
July 09, 2018
Repulsed by Perfection by Z
Repulsed by Perfection is a recording by Z for Integrity Radio. Support the station for just a buck at
July 07, 2018
Lock the Door by Z
The instrumental “Lock the Door” by Z. To support the show give just a buck at
July 06, 2018
Jazz for Ganesh by Z
Z plays his latest composition “Jazz for Ganesh” here on Integrity Radio Support the station for just a buck at
July 05, 2018
Jazz for Ganesh E7-S2
On this episode seven season two of Integrity Radio Z and Roni celebrate their 1st year on Anchor with another original tune in the background called “Jazz for Ganesh” Support the station by giving just a buck at
July 05, 2018
I Want Control by Z
Z from Integrity Radio premieres his newest song I Want Control
July 03, 2018
Intro to I Want Control by Z
Z from Integrity Radio introduces his new song.
July 03, 2018
The Five Why’s
In this 6th episode 2nd season of Integrity Radio Z talks about the 5 Why’s and the 6 W’s. For more go to support this show for just a buck at
June 30, 2018
Kung Fu Appriciation
Jason talks about the virtues of Kung Fu
June 30, 2018
Fantasy and Reality Cross Paths E5-S2
Z creates music then recites “Ode to David Carridine” for the 5th episode 2nd season of Integrity Radio. Get more @ join for just a buck at
June 29, 2018
B.S. Hunting by Z
Integrity Radio jam by Z
June 27, 2018
Transformation E4-S2
Z talks about natural and artificial transformations. Get more at
June 26, 2018
Infinate Integrity by Z
Tabla and synth jam by Z titled Infinate Integrity. Check out for standing meditations and more.
June 25, 2018
Digadido by Z
Z performing an improv musical jam hereby called Digadido
June 25, 2018
Integrity Radio Season II
Z is back with season II of Integrity Radio
June 23, 2018
Fighting Accountability
Sifu Z talks about the importance of accountability in fighting and in our culture. Check out more at
June 22, 2018
Jason Call In
Jason calling in to welcome back Integrity Radio.
June 22, 2018
You Need Some Kung Fu
June 12, 2018
Lacking or Slacking
June 12, 2018
Just Joe by Z
June 12, 2018
Episode 2 Season 2 - How Why Ain’t A You
Z from talks about how why is not the same as how in a big way.
June 05, 2018
Integrity Radio Season2 ep1
Z and Roni are back to share their life’s passions with y’all folks.
May 30, 2018
Brains (ft. MHumphreys, MConway,Heartfelt Biz, G_V_Jason,WLAW) by Z
May 30, 2018
Making and Breaking Habits
Making And Breaking Habits • What Is A Skeptic? • A Public Apology • Dealing with Spirituality • Dealing with Spirituality
May 30, 2018
The Well Spring of Humanity \u2022 False Conclusions \u2022 Repetition \u2022 My Latest Art \u2022 Shock Effect
January 12, 2018
The Well Spring of Humanity
The Well Spring of Humanity \u2022 False Conclusions
January 11, 2018
Gain Clarity
Gain Clarity (ft. Heartfelt Life & Biz) by Z \u2022 Read, dictionary?
January 08, 2018
Marketing Culture
Celebration of Culture (ft. LWK, Daily Larb, WLAW) by Z \u2022 Ultimate Marketing (ft. Roni, Maria, Chad, Kurt, Larb) by Z
January 07, 2018
Let Me Holla At Ya
Let Me Holla At Ya (ft. The Larb, Happy Atheist, Bernie) by Z
January 06, 2018
Claiming Humanity
Claiming Humanity (ft. NDT, Sifu Z, Sifu Atto) by Z \u2022 Integrity Radio Shoutabout \u2022 Feeling and Reason
January 05, 2018
Mastering Center
Mastering Center (ft. Sifu Z, Sifu Atto, Sifu Chad) by Z
January 04, 2018
Anchor Posse 2018
Anchor Posse 2018 (Atto,Athirah,Smiddy,Sentient,Chad,M.Conway,Crazy Asian) by Z \u2022 Dub as Fug by Z \u2022 I Can Do Everything by Z
January 03, 2018
Need To Want
Need to Want (ft. John Smiddy) by Z \u2022 All Shook Up (ft. Kevin Touch, Elvis re: John Smiddy, Artistotle) by Z \u2022 All Shook Up (ft. Kevin Touch, Elvis re: John Smiddy, Artistotle) by Z
January 02, 2018
I Am The King
Skepticism and Conclusions \u2022 Cult of Personality \u2022 Hitler was a Motivational Speaker \u2022 Intellectually disingenuous \u2022 A 12 Year Old on Anchor Users \u2022 MR.Z IS A BAD ASS \u2022 You want more!!!! \u2022 Avon \u2022 Climate Belief \u2022 Engineered Consent Language \u2022 The Nuance of Detail \u2022 Thank You Integrity Radio. \u2022 Happy new year \u2022 Bluce Ree \ud83e\udddf\u200d\u2642\ufe0f \u2022 I Am The King (ft. The Birthday Party & Artistotle) by Z \u2022 More Than A Woman (ft. Daily Larb, WLAW, EntrpWrld) by Z \u2022 Complexity of Life (ft. Z & Artistotle) by Z \u2022 Hello and on GaryVee and facts \u2022 Creationism is So Appropriate for Children
December 31, 2017
Complexity of Life
Hi there \ud83d\ude4b\u200d\u2640\ufe0f\ud83d\udc4b \u2022 Religion is Good for Very Sick People \u2022 Engineering Consent 101: Gratitude \u2022 False Hope \u2022 We Are The Most Complex Things in the Universe \u2022 Halow Meester Z from Integrity Radio \u2022 Artistotule got my attention \u2022 To Live and Die in the Old Paradigm \u2022 Being of Service to Christianity \ud83e\udd14 \u2022 Our monetary systems collapsed along time ago \u2022 No Other Option But To Succeed \u2022 Original vs Copy \ud83d\udca9 \u2022 Complexity of Life (ft. Z & Artistotle) by Z
December 30, 2017
The Hardest Fight
Thank you 2 \u2022 Bruce Lee and the Space Needle \u2022 Planet call \u2022 Toxoplasmosis Integrity Radio Factoid \u2022 The Cool Bands from the 80\u2019s \u2022 The Hardest Fight \u2022 The Hardest Fight \u2022 Your Own Cat by Z and Roni \u2022 Vitriol and Debate \u2022 Vitriol and Debate \u2022 The Amazing (ft. Matt Dillahunty) by Z \u2022 The Lost Anchor (inst. improv.) by Z \u2022 Oh Suzanna Station ID \u2022 Volcano Beats Fretless Bass Ukelele Virtual Maui V Jam by Z
December 29, 2017
Planet call \u2022 Thanks for the discussion \u2022 Thank you. Much respect \u2022 My References \u2022 Ideas (ft. Bill T and Z) \u2022 The Time Is Now \u2022 Integrity Radio \u2022 Apologetics \u2022 More Apologetics Exposed \u2022 If I Know What Love Is It Is Because of You \u2022 Opinions Are Like... (ft. The Daily Larb & Integrity Radio) by Z \u2022 Opinions Are Like... (ft. The Daily Larb & Integrity Radio) by Z \u2022 Opinions Are Like... (ft. The Daily Larb & Integrity Radio) by Z \u2022 Be More (ft. Ant Cappone) by Z \u2022 Shout Out To Integrity Radio \u2022 Christmas/Xmas \u2022 Anti-Elitism \u2022 Where To Begin featuring Anchor Community By Z And Roni \u2022 Intro to Anxiety \u2022 Build The Future (ft. Dsouls, Ant C, TDL) by Z \u2022 Nam-myoho-renge-kyo: liberate oneself from suffering at most fundamental level \u2022 The Amazing (ft. Matt Dillahunty) by Z \u2022 The Great Cassini by Z \u2022 Kaizan \u2022 Beautiful Hands by Z \u2022 Hands \u2022 Your Own Cat by Z and Roni
December 28, 2017
Build The Future
Re your Anchor segment \u2022 behind the Anchor Scenes \u2022 Thor the one and only True God \u2022 Why you celebrating Xmas? \u2022 Why Celebrate Christmas? \u2022 Opinions Are Like... (ft. The Daily Larb & Integrity Radio) by Z \u2022 Opinions Are Like... (ft. The Daily Larb & Integrity Radio) by Z \u2022 Opinions Are Like... (ft. The Daily Larb & Integrity Radio) by Z \u2022 Be More (ft. Ant Cappone) by Z \u2022 The Kids Hear Enough \u2022 The Dangers of Knowing \u2022 Atheism \u2022 Atheism part 2 \u2022 Thank you for the call-in \u2022 Happy fuckin new year! \u2022 Build The Future (ft. Dsouls, Ant C, TDL) by Z
December 27, 2017
Where To Begin
Christmas \u2022 Merry atheist Christmas to you too \ud83d\udc95 \u2022 Anchor what are you Doing \u2022 Merry Atheist Christmas \u2022 Merry Christmas \u2022 Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas \ud83d\ude00 #NegativeVibes \ud83d\ude00 \u2022 Consumer day! \u2022 Merry Xmas \u2022 Happy Atheist Christmas \u2022 Merry Z mas \u2022 \ud83d\udc3a \u2022 A Skeptical Christmas? \u2022 Merry Christmas \u2022 Merry christmas \u2022 Merry Christmas \u2022 Happy hedonist Christmas \u2022 Merry Christmas \u2022 the jewels \u2022 Be More (ft. Ant Cappone) by Z \u2022 a gift. \u2022 Thank you \ud83d\udc95 \u2022 Maintaining the Trajectory of Conscousness \u2022 Z Family Christmas Jam \u2022 Practice Process (ft. We Live On A Planet & Bucky) \u2022 Judgement Defeats Us (ft. Kevin Touch, Marlon Brando) by Z \u2022 Candlelight (ft. Avie, Roni, Art, Allen & Athirah) by Z \u2022 A Very Telling Thing (ft. Seeking Plumb, George Carlin) by Z \u2022 Where To Begin featuring Anchor Community
December 26, 2017
Kardechev and Alexandria
Planet call \u2022 Private: Re Kardeshev Scale \u2022 How is the Kardechev Scale \u201cOff\u201d \u2022 Alexandria and the Kardechev Scale \u2022 The KARDASHEV Scale \u2022 A Certain Amount of Genius \u2022 Integrity Radio \u2022 The Meaning of Integrity Radio \u2022 The Easiest To Fool \u2022 Center Isn\u2019t always in the Middle \u2022 Naysayers \u2022 Diety \u2022 Planet call \u2022 Integrity Radio \u2022 Shepard Serinade \u2022 The burning of the library of Alexandria \u2022 Evening Synth Improv - Bluish by Z \u2022 Wistful Durdge by Z
December 25, 2017
The Oldest Trick in the Book
Planet call \u2022 A conscious butterfly with no moral compass \u2022 My Musical \u201cwork\u201d Ethic \u2022 Thanks for the interactions \u2022 Sifu Z! Ppp for that remix! \u2022 Intro to Memory and Recall \u2022 First Meaning \u2022 HUMBUG! \u2022 A Conscous Butterfly with No Moral Compass Challange - 1st Story \u2022 Smart enough to pander to our own cognitive dissonance \u2022 It's On Ya by Z \u2022 Jesus' Hometown - Nazareth \u2022 Masked Man pt 1 \u2022 Integrity Radio \u2022 The Oldest Trick in the Book \u2022 Emotion vs Feeling by Z \u2022 I Can Do Everything by Z \u2022 Masked Man pt 1 \u2022 Masked Man pt 2
December 24, 2017
Standing Meditation
The Insidiousness of Magical Thinking \u2022 Wolves, Coyotes and Dogs \u2022 Intro to Seeking Plumb \u2022 Onwards and Upwards \u2022 Tolerance is Unacceptable \u2022 Amazing Segment Thanks You \u2022 NDT on the Multiple Multiverse \u2022 HUMBUG! \u2022 New Book - Use Your Fuckin Brain \u2022 Christmas Rectal Exams Rx \u2022 TGE, Debate Styles and WTF \u2022 Teach this... \u2022 Standing Meditation Song by Sifu Z \u2022 Ancient Chinese Secret \u2022 Good From The Bad by Z \u2022 Intro to Sentient Future\u2019s take on \u201cFire n Electricity\u201d \u2022 More Than A Woman (ft. Daily Larb, WLAW, EntrpWrld) by Z \u2022 The Siu Nim Tao (ft. Sifu Atto) by Z \u2022 All or None (ft. IAM Radio) by Z
December 23, 2017
Cutsie Voices \u2022 \ud83d\udcaa\ud83c\udffd\u270b\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Self Governing in a Kleptocracy \u2022 What is a Kleptocracy? \u2022 Greedy Little Coward \u2022 Judgement Defeats Us (ft. Kevin Touch, Marlon Brando) by Z \u2022 Completely Transparent (ft. Maria Humphreys, Foghorn Leghorn) by Z \u2022 Practice Process (ft. We Live On A Planet & Bucky) \u2022 Does God Exist? \u2022 Reminder to self - Read Larry\u2019s Manifesto \u2022 How to break thru to people \u2022 Agnostic Sickness \u2022 Canone alla duodecima \u2022 Skeptic with a Capital S \u2022 Option between Asshole or Dick - Pragmatism 101 \u2022 seeing the dark \u2022 Black vs Light \u2022 Irish & Scottish \u2022 Scottish vs Irish \u2022 Flowers of the Forrest \u2022 Happy Zombie Cannibal Pedophile \u2022 HUMBUG! \u2022 Bugs Bunny Diguised as Daffy Duck Disguised as Bugs... \u2022 I Gotta Be Me \u2022 Pay Less Get More! \u2022 Z and Roni Evening Percussion Jam Session
December 22, 2017
As Far As I Can Tell
Sunday Assembly? Good? Bad? \u2022 Voting for a Black Lesbian Gun Toting Pothead for President \u2022 The Cursing Challange \u2022 My 1 Min of Swearing \u2022 I think i win, huh? At least a close second. \u2022 Sifu Atto Naps \u2022 Beautiful Hands by Z \u2022 On Nazi 2.0 \u2022 Self Govern or be Dictated \u2022 Self Governing in a Kleptocracy \u2022 What is a Kleptocracy? \u2022 More on this... \u2022 Magical Thinking \u2022 You sound older \u2022 NAZIS 2.0 \u2022 For The People By The People \u2022 Indoctrinating a Soul is Work that is no Walk in the Park \u2022 People of Color as White Christians \u2022 Deep Inside \u2022 Find Maintain Communicate \u2022 What Flower Would You Like To Be? \u2022 Increment of Change by Sifu Z \u2022 Google introduces Integrity Radio \u2022 Beach Ball by Sifu Z \u2022 Reminder to self - Read Larry\u2019s Manifesto \u2022 Great question \u2022 Shit or Get Off The Can \u2022 Swearing and cursing name c
December 21, 2017
Completely Transparent
Interplug \u2022 The Great Integrity (feat. Bobby Kountz) by Z \u2022 Skeptical Human 2.0 intro \u2022 Planet call \u2022 A Model of Integrity \u2022 Great Attitude \u2022 The American Way \u2022 Wait To Tell by Sifu Z \u2022 Let\u2019s record that one \u2022 One of my favorite songs \u2022 On Vaynerdude \u2022 More on Vaynerdude \u2022 On Motivation \u2022 Nam-myoho-renge-kyo: liberate oneself from suffering at most fundamental level \u2022 Humanity Hinging on Two Letters \u2022 Cautious Preahing Motivational Inspirer \u2022 Nazi 2.0 \u2022 Completely Transparent (ft. Maria Humphreys, Foghorn Leghorn) by Z \u2022 Siu Nim Tao - Standing Meditation \u2022 A Very Telling Thing (ft. Seeking Plumb, George Carlin) by Z \u2022 More Than A Woman (ft. Daily Larb, WLAW, EntrpWrld) by Z \u2022 Judgement Defeats Us (ft. Kevin Touch, Marlon Brando) by Z \u2022 Gary V Horiscope Methodology
December 20, 2017
Judgement Defeats Us
private fyi \u2022 \u2018Sifu Z Says\u201d: Bubbles \u2022 Intro to Chanting THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT \u2022 Nam-myoho-renge-kyo: liberate oneself from suffering at most fundamental level \u2022 He god dam mad dog eh \u2022 Judgement Defeats Us (ft. Kevin Touch, Marlon Brando) by Z \u2022 Interplug
December 19, 2017
It Can Happen
I'm going for that ice cream \ud83c\udf67\ud83c\udf66 \u2022 He\u2019s Going For The Ice Cream \u2022 Dreams Being Sold En Mass \u2022 Purchasing Your Dreams \u2022 pursuing the dream \u2022 All Talk No Action \u2022 Kevin Touch as an Example \u2022 (: Appreciate The Support \u2022 Not that bad \u2022 One of us has got to be more ore less correct... \u2022 motivational intro \u2022 Motivational Masterpiece \u2022 Motivational Masterpiece \u2022 Hi Z! Hope things are well! \u2022 Hey Kurt! \u2022 Family first \u2022 No need for the services \u2022 Lastly... \u2022 Brotherhood (sisterhood) \u2022 Dreamers... \u2022 Welcome to the Future \u2022 Nutritional Absorption \u2022 It Can Happen (ft. Life With Kurt, TGE, Jeremiah Craig) by Z
December 18, 2017
Wing Chun Siu Nim Tao Kung Fu
I like my criticism raw, but... \u2022 The Cursing Challange \u2022 Curse you \u2022 My 1 Min of Swearing \u2022 Pass The Word \u2022 Judge's of the Future \u2022 My Gift to You All\u2764\ufe0f \u2022 Siu Nim Tao - Standing Meditation \u2022 Grand Master Ip Man \u2022 Grand Master Ip Man \u2022 We Humans Are Capable Of Greatness \u2022 Big Fucking Deal! \u2022 Christmas Concert 3 \u2022 Oboe Duet on keyboard by Z \u2022 for public use four by Z 1:00 \u2022 Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight? \u2022 never mess up the beginning or the end
December 17, 2017
Christmas Concert
Don\u2019t Be Scared Homie \u2022 Stop Private Messaging Me! \u2022 Thanks for echoing & failed attempt at saying disingenuous! \ud83d\ude06 \u2022 Sex and Motivational Professions \u2022 Great point! People are afraid of being criticize. venerability makes us human \u2022 The Labels We Use \u2022 A euphemism for a euphemism? \u2022 A Very Telling Thing (ft. Seeking Plumb, George Carlin) by Z \u2022 Metal Anchor (ft. WLOAP, WLAW, Athirah) by Z \u2022 Super swells indeed \u2022 NDON subreddit reco: OR /r/podcasts \ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb \u2022 To Nick Diaz of N \u2022 Christmas Concert 1 \u2022 Christmas Concert 2 \u2022 Christmas Concert 3 \u2022 Christmas Performer Aftershow Interview \u2022 Episode #86: Integrity Radio \ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb\ud83c\udfa7
December 16, 2017
Metal Anchor
A Very Telling Thing (ft. Seeking Plumb, George Carlin) by Z \u2022 #GoneToPot \u2022 Drums CAN go last now! \u2022 Metal Bass Ukelele \u2022 Metal Anchor (ft. WLOAP, WLAW, Athirah) by Z \u2022 A Quality Game
December 15, 2017
A Very Telling Thing
The Irish & the Scots \u2022 Otto\u2019s Gotta Go - Guy Mitchell \u2022 Intellectual Disingenuousness \u2022 What is the Alternative? \u2022 Better Living through Proof \u2022 Unneeded Complexity \u2022 The extraction of common sense should come from logic and reason \u2022 Combining neuroscience and cognitive science \u2022 Shallow Situational Awareness? \u2022 Libet\u2019s Experiment is the Starting Point! \u2022 Libet's Experiment \u2022 More Than A Woman (ft. Daily Larb, WLAW, EntrpWrld) by Z \u2022 Mod Snake Oil Sales Ramble \ud83d\ude35 \u2022 define: euphemism \u2022 George Carlin on Euphemisms \u2022 George Carlin on Euphemisms \u2022 A Very Telling Thing (ft. Seeking Plumb, George Carlin) by Z
December 14, 2017
More Than A Woman
Update on Unrquieted Communications \u2022 I Get It... \u2022 People then Ideas \u2022 Critical Mass Factor \u2022 More Than A Woman (ft. Daily Larb, WLAW, EntrpWrld) by Z
December 13, 2017
Interplug \u2022 What The Fact! by Z (feat. Patrick TGE) \u2022 The New Renaissance \u2022 Unrequited - Nick Diaz, MedRmx, TGE by Z \u2022 \ud83e\udd10I WAS WAITING FOR YOU! Hahaha #letsgo! \u2022 Tech Faux Pax \u2022 Practice Process (ft. We Live On A Planet & Bucky) \u2022 The Great Cassini by Z \u2022 I Don't Want To by Z \u2022 It Turned Out To Be A Good Meeting After All by Z \u2022 It Turned Out To Be A Good Meeting After All by Z \u2022 Connect and Engage (ft. Kevin Touch) by Z \u2022 Physical \u2022 Something from Nothing (ft. MedRmx, Prof. Krauss) by Z \u2022 Respect Opinions
December 12, 2017
Subliquidatic Duet by Roni and Z
December 11, 2017
Something From Nothing
You will won the long game. \u2022 OMG I Just Have To Get On The Charts Or I\u2019m Going To Loose It \ud83e\udd2a \u2022 Integrity \u2022 What Is Integrity? \u2022 Attaining Our Humanity \u2022 Football \u2022 Something from Nothing (ft. MedRmx, Prof. Krauss) by Z \u2022 Respect Opinions
December 10, 2017
The Emergence of Eve Black
AMAZING Z \u2022 Motivational Conclusions \u2022 Turn on\u2019s \u2022 Turn Off\u2019s \u2022 Candlelight (ft. Avie, Roni, Art, Allen & Athirah) by Z \u2022 The Emergence of Eve Black by Z \u2022 Big Number for a Doctor \u2022 The Odds That Nothing Would Happen \u2022 Fifty Fifty Odds (feat. MedRemx n Roni) by Z
December 09, 2017
I love your station \u2022 Interplug \u2022 The Amazing (ft. Matt Dillahunty) by Z \u2022 The 80\u2019s is Almost Here! \u2022 I\u2019m only x listeners away from \u201ccharting\u201d \ud83e\uddd0 \u2022 Candlelight (ft. Avie, Roni, Art, Allen & Athirah) by Z
December 08, 2017
Connect and Engage
NDON Exclusive Original for Integrity Radio \ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb \u2022 Love of music \u2022 OUPS Shoutbacks HOLLAHATYA \u2022 Connect and Engage (ft. Kevin Touch) by Z \u2022 indeed! \u2022 Find What Loves You Back \u2022 Love The Remix \u2022 Shoutout \ud83c\udf89 \u2022 WE MUST CONNECT! Haha \u2022 I Dig It (ft. The Anchor Community) by Z \u2022 An unfortunate trend \u2022 Motivation Hacking \u2022 Motivational Pitfalls \u2022 intro to Amazing Skeptico \u2022 What are your thoughts on skepticism? \u2022 What The Fact! by Z (feat. Patrick TGE)
December 07, 2017
Serious Problem
Posed by Possessions \u2022 A Serious Problem \u2022 Hotel California Story \u2022 NDON Exclusive Original for Integrity Radio \ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb \u2022 Hotel California story got me. So I gotcha back \ud83d\udc4a\ud83c\udffb\u270c\ufe0f \u2022 I Dig It (ft. The Anchor Community) by Z \u2022 All or None (ft. IAM Radio) by Z \u2022 You are listening to INTEGRITY RADIO \u2022 Hollywood \u2022 Serious problem re \u2022 Thanks for your time -Asian Ray \u2022 Thank you\ud83d\ude04 \u2022 Kangaroo (elec gui improv) by Z
December 06, 2017
Wing Chun Sunday
WC Meditation \u2022 All or None (ft. IAM Radio) by Z \u2022 Politics Is Modern Art \u2022 Z on Allen Watts \u2022 What The Fact! by Z (feat. Patrick TGE)
December 04, 2017
All or Nothing
Gratitude = Great Attitude \u2022 Gratitude = Great Attitude \u2022 All or None (ft. IAM Radio) by Z \u2022 Money is... \u2022 Vegetarian Meat Eater \u2022 Stomp \u2022 belief versus understanding \u2022 It was hot chocolate \u2022 Hay To The Yayya!
December 03, 2017
Pokey Hokey
Medical BS \u2022 Fifty Fifty Odds (feat. MedRemx n Roni) by Z \u2022 Disinformation Wars \u2022 wt Fuck \u2022 The Amazing (ft. Matt Dillahunty) by Z \u2022 Skeptic not a cynic \u2022 Practice Process (ft. We Live On A Planet & Bucky) \u2022 Planet \u2764\ufe0f \u2022 Acupuncture Doesn't Work - Dr. Steven Novella \u2022 intro to Dr. Harriet Hall \u2022 Acupuncture - Pokey Hokey (ft. Dr. Hall & MedRmx) by Z \u2022 Good Listeners
December 01, 2017
The Scientist
Art and Excellence \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Scientist - Medical Marijuana - Documentary \u2022 The Feds Make CBD Oil Schedule 1 Drug \u2022 brian eno cover by Z \u2022 The Amazing (ft. Matt Dillahunty) by Z \u2022 Emotion vs Feeling by Z \u2022 Fifty Fifty Odds (feat. MedRemx n Roni) by Z \u2022 The Great Integrity (feat. Bobby Kountz) by Z
November 30, 2017
The Amazing Houseless
Hello! :) \u2022 house less 1 \u2022 Paying Homage to the Houseless \u2022 homeless Z 1 \u2022 house less Z 2 \u2022 Homeless makeover \u2022 station improv break by Z \u2022 Beatles cover \u2022 brian eno cover by Z \u2022 Beauty \u2022 The Amazing (ft. Matt Dillahunty) by Z
November 29, 2017
Emotion vs Feeling
Emotion vs Feeling by Z \u2022 The 50/50 refers to mortality & fertility data from our ancestors... \u2022 Whine and Cheese Ball Motivation
November 28, 2017
Fifty Fifty Odds
"Z" Thank You Brother! \ud83d\ude4f - The Paradoxes of Life... Verse 81 of the Tao \ud83d\ude4f \u2022 just makin stuff up \u2022 Pass the Integrity ... please \u2022 The Message of Compassion \u2022 The Odds That Nothing Would Happen \u2022 Fifty Fifty Odds (feat. MedRemx n Roni) by Z
November 27, 2017
The Great Integrity
The Odds That Nothing Would Happen \u2022 Happy Birthday Son! \u2022 What was going to... \u2022 Daaaaamn! \u2022 The Great Integrity (feat. Bobby Kountz) by Z
November 26, 2017
Really Important Shit
Interplug \u2022 K9 News \u2022 Evening Synth Improv - Bluish by Z \u2022 Project Moving Forward (Sound Check Sifu Z) \u2022 Really Important Shit: 2027 \u2022 Big Number for a Doctor \u2022 What The Fact! by Z (feat. Patrick TGE)
November 25, 2017
What The Fact!
What The Fact! by Z (feat. Patrick TGE) \u2022 Interplug
November 24, 2017
Idealism \u2022 Fact and theory? \u2022 What\u2019s the difference between fact and theory? \u2022 Arrogance and Ignorance Vigor \u2022 The Most Astounding Fact \u2022 A Universe Not Made For Us \u2022 A Universe Not Made For Us
November 23, 2017
Cult of Materialism
Cult of Materialism \u2022 Kung Fu and Materialism \u2022 School Bully \u2022 Wing Chun Is... \u2022 What Keeps Mankind Alive
November 22, 2017
Hey Siri Ok Google
Weird Anchor Bug Potential Vulnerability \u2022 Hey Siri Ok Google \u2022 Fuck Trump & The Sherrif \u2022 Mary and Joseph \u2022 The value of important questions & The Strategy of Giving \ud83d\udc8a\ud83e\udd14\ud83c\udfa4 \u2022 Like To Get To Know You
November 21, 2017
Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump \u2022 Fuck Trump Driver Arrested
November 20, 2017
Philosophy Astrology Alchemy
Sex As Violence \u2022 Philosophy Astrology and Alchemy
November 19, 2017
Demonetizing Everything
Demonetizing Everything \u2022 Roni And Z Jam \u2022 After Party Solo Jam Live by Z \u2022 After Jam Talk
November 18, 2017
Thinking About Sex
Circus Horse by Z \u2022 Thinking About Sex \u2022 Beautiful Hands by Z \u2022 Hands \u2022 Google introduces Integrity Radio \u2022 Bill T in Concert Live I \u2022 Bill T Live II \u2022 Handel Live III \u2022 Live IV \u2022 Live V \u2022 The Storm by Z
November 17, 2017
WWIII Status Update
WWIII Status Update I \u2022 Circus Horse by Z
November 16, 2017
The Power of Negativity
Integrity Tip for the Day \u2022 The Power of Negativity \u2022 The Happy Pessimist \u2013 why negative thinking is positive \u2022 The Happy Pessimist \u2013 why negative thinking is positive \u2022 The Happy Pessimist \u2013 why negative thinking is positive \u2022 A message to beautiful people \u2022 I Saw Your Mommy \u2022 Near Life Crisis \u2022 The Mockingbird Song \u2022 Oh How Happy \u2022 Is God Real? \u2022 God... is she real?
November 15, 2017
The Great Cassini
Tinseltown Rebellion \u2022 Fuck It \u2022 Tinseltown rebellion Outro \u2022 Sifu Atto Naps \u2022 The Great Cassini by Z
November 14, 2017
I Don’t. Want To
Find what you love and let it kill you \u2022 I Don't Want To by Z \u2022 Station Plugs 101 \u2022 It Turned Out To Be A Good Meeting After All by Z \u2022 It Turned Out To Be A Good Meeting After All by Z
November 12, 2017
Politics Are Obsolete
Do We Deserve To Not Suffer? \u2022 Who to Kill Whom to Manage \u2022 Randi vs Z on Religion \u2022 Why Do People Believe in God? \u2022 Indoctrination... nation, get it? \u2022 WWIII Live in Color \u2022 Russian Defector Reveals the Demoralization of America 33 Years Ago \u2022 Russian Defector Reveals the Demoralization of America 33 Years Ago \u2022 Russian Defector Reveals the Demoralization of America 33 Years Ago \u2022 A Smart Person \u2022 Politics are Obsolete intro \u2022 Politics are Obsolete \u2022 Riders in the Sky
November 11, 2017
The New Civil War
We are in the middle of the Civil War \u2022 Our economy was destroyed years ago \u2022 Again! \u2022 You got to get in before you get out \u2022 Homeless Millionaires The government rant \u2022 Wistful Durdge by Z \u2022 Ayn Rand \u2022 Ayn Rand \u2022 Ayn Rand \u2022 How To Rule Mankind
November 10, 2017
Magic for Goodness \u2022 Magic is Hard to Teach \u2022 The Magician \u2022 The Magician \u2022 Queen of the Night \u2022 Mind, Psychology and Magic \u2022 Mind, Psychology and Magic \u2022 Mind, Psychology and Magic
November 09, 2017
A Good Meeting After All
Hip Hop vs. Rap \ud83d\udc8a\ud83e\udd14\ud83c\udfa4 \u2022 Station Plugs 101 \u2022 Shout Outs MedRemixed, Working Like A Woman, My Mental Dwnld and Wing Chun Fam \u2022 Interplug \u2022 intro to A Good Meeting \u2022 It Turned Out To Be A Good Meeting After All by Z \u2022 It Turned Out To Be A Good Meeting After All by Z \u2022 I Can Do Everything by Z
November 08, 2017
I Can Do Everything
Creativity Must Be Nurtured \u2022 Creatively pragmatic \u2022 I Can Do Everything by Z
November 07, 2017
Feelings and Satan
Thought connect \u2022 Emotion and Feelings \u2022 After School Satan Club \u2022 After School Satan Club \u2022 After School Satan Club \u2022 Words and Emotioal Imbalance \u2022 intro to IND \u2022 Only Human by Z \u2022 Only Human by Z \u2022 Bell Bottoms by Z
November 06, 2017
Value and Function
Assholes like Opinions \u2022 Words are not Actions \u2022 The Value of Two and the Function of Three \u2022 No Cross by Z \u2022 Forming Life by Z \u2022 Intro to Raining on the Fire \u2022 Raining On The Fire (Looking For Alice) by Z \u2022 White Like Me \u2022 White Like Me \u2022 No Compassion \u2022 The Origins of Magic \u2022 Favorite Bukowski lines \u2022 Thought connect \u2022 Emotion and Feelings
November 05, 2017
Sister Mary by Z \u2022 Sister Mary by Z \u2022 Kill Me by Z \u2022 The Three Classifications \u2022 Three of a Perfect Pair \u2022 Kaizan \u2022 intro to Nine \u2022 Nine by Z
November 04, 2017
The Outraged Brain
Why Your Brain Loves Feeling Outraged and Punishing People's Bad Behavior \u2022 Why Your Brain Loves Feeling Outraged and Punishing People's Bad Behavior
November 03, 2017
Physics vs Math
Interplug \u2022 The End of the World... \u2022 Intro to Z\u2019s Music \u2022 Less Is More by Z \u2022 Weapon For by Z \u2022 Tumbleweed by Z \u2022 song id and station break \u2022 Find The Power by Z \u2022 Physics vs ...
November 02, 2017
Your Gut Controls Your Brain
what can we do \u2022 Why I Fav'd You \u2b50\ufe0f \u2022 Final thing... \u2022 Platforms and Pedistals \u2022 How your belly controls your brain \u2022 How your belly controls your brain \u2022 How your belly controls your brain \u2022 Your G...
November 01, 2017
Interplug \u2022 Station Plugs 101 \u2022 Entertainment has 3 E\u2019s \u2022 Refusal to Learn \u2022 Is it Art/Music by Z \u2022 Is it Art/Music by Z \u2022 intro to Return of TGE \u2022 Bullshit! \u2022 Consciousness an...
October 31, 2017
Krack Ko Kain
Krack Ko Kain \u2022 Best of James Randi pt1 \u2022 Best of James Randi pt1 \u2022 Best of James Randi pt1 \u2022 Best of James Randi pt1 \u2022 Best of James Randi pt1 \u2022 Anti-Elitism \u2022 Anti-Elitism \u2022 Dawkins talks with Ra...
October 30, 2017
Definition of Theory
An Acceptable Definition for THEORY \u2022 Tensegrity \u2022 Tensegrity
October 29, 2017
Infiltrating Words
A Way of Thinking \u2022 A Way of Thinking \u2022 Infiltration of a Word that gives it Power
October 28, 2017
Divorced From Reality
How America Got Divorced from Reality \u2022 How America Got Divorced from Reality \u2022 How America Got Divorced from Reality
October 27, 2017
Beautiful Memories
Beautiful Memories by Z
October 26, 2017
Beautiful Hands
The Race Card \u2022 Beautiful Hands by Z \u2022 Hands \u2022 Google introduces Integrity Radio \u2022 Jim - Fox Trot \u2022 I Support Your... Germaness? \u2022 Latest Abstract Paintings
October 25, 2017
Providing Value
New Paintings \u2022 Homeless Millionaires The government rant \u2022 Providing Value \u2022 Wistful Durdge by Z
October 24, 2017
Hand-Decapped Show
Communication and cooperation \u2022 A Powerful Method of Self Correction \u2022 That's what it is! \u2022 Hand-decapped Show \u2022 Randi\u2019s Feeling Better \u2022 ... the soup \u2022 Sahrina and the Magi
October 23, 2017
Rerun Saturday
Interplug \u2022 Station Plugs 101 \u2022 "Monday's Homework" by Z \u2022 Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight? \u2022 Volcano Beats Fretless Bass Ukelele Virtual Maui V Jam by Z \u2022 Oh Suzanna Statio...
October 22, 2017
Entertain Enlighten Educate
The consequences of cutting off communication \u2022 Entertain Enlighten and Educate
October 21, 2017
Station Plugs 101
Wait To Tell by Sifu Z \u2022 Station Plugs 101
October 20, 2017
Complexity Based Mental Ill
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain \u2022 Wiz of Oz alt ending \u2022 By The Ton \u2022 By The Ton \u2022 Complexity Based Mental Illness \u2022 Horror Speech
October 19, 2017
A Theory is Fact
A Theory is Fact \u2022 It's On Ya by Z \u2022 Shout Outs MedRemixed, Working Like A Woman, My Mental Dwnld and Wing Chun Fam \u2022 Interplug
October 18, 2017
Monday's Homework
In regards to The Amazing Randi \u2022 How Pope Francis Is Changing Catholicism \u2022 Interplug \u2022 Jazz n Abstract Expression \u2022 Intro...
October 17, 2017
The Sausage Cooking Song
It's On Ya by Z \u2022 The Sausage Cooking Song \u2022 Randi will not be attending CSIcon \u2022 Shout Outs MedRemixed, Working Like A Woman, My Mental Dwnld and Wing Chun Fam
October 16, 2017
It's On Ya
Las Vegas is a Gun Free Zone \u2022 Bill T singing w/ his school choir \u2022 Shout Outs MedRemixed, Working Like A Woman, My Mental Dwnld and Wing Chun Fam \u2022 It's On Ya by Z
October 15, 2017
We Strive for Cognition
Appriciatation of Others \u2022 We Stive for Cognition \u2022 Atto and Emanual in the Garden of Edan \u2022 Shout Outs MedRemixed, Working Like A Woman, My Mental Dwnld and Wing Chun Fam
October 14, 2017
The Human Frontier
Assault Rifle discussion \u2022 What Method of Mass Murder Do You Prefer? \u2022 Intro to The Human Frontier \u2022 The Human Frontier \u2022 The Human Frontier \u2022 The Human Frontier \u2022 Your Life Is The Art \u2022 Humans Nee...
October 13, 2017
Openly Engineered Consent
Everybody Has To Swim in Deep Water \u2022 I've Created A Monster \u2022 Racism in America vs. Racism in Non-America \ud83d\udc8a\ud83e\udd14\ud83c\udfa4 \u2022 smarter you are the harder it is
October 12, 2017
Racism American Style
Praying is lazy \u2022 People are Abusing Their Own Intelligence \u2022 Shout Outs MedRemixed, Working Like A Woman, My Mental Dwnld and Wing Chun Fam \u2022 Is Racism Really a Problem in America \u2022 http://doggle...
October 11, 2017
The Only Way To Combat Racism
Walking and Falling \u2022 Training Partners \u2022 Doctors \u2022 Health Fraud Scams \u2022 Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana \u2022 Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight? \u2022 Black History Month \u2022 Dizzy \u2022 station identifica...
October 10, 2017
Genetics Eugenics and Racism
Genetics Eugenics and Racism \u2022 Advance Cassette \u2022 Shout Outs MedRemixed, Working Like A Woman, My Mental Dwnld and Wing Chun Fam \u2022 Feynman's Flower by Sifu Z \u2022 ...a little. \u2022 Ancient Chinese Secre...
October 09, 2017