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International Love Story

International Love Story

By Christina Korf & Ignacio Lagos Ruiz
Managing a relationship between two cultures and languages is interesting and intense. Listen to our story in season 1. The couples we interview for season 2 give advice for different life situations - such as "how to communicate in a bilingual relationship" and "how to deal with paperwork". Listen to how other international couples are navigating through life and its ups and downs, and how they're all working on the same goal: Make this relationship work, despite all the differences. LOVE IS LOVE!
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S02/EP31 - Deliah & Roman, about Love Always Wins
Meet Deliah (Ugandan) & Roman (German) Roman and Deliah met through an app in April last year. She was in Uganda at the time, but was able to change the app's search circle. Therefore, she also had to make the first move and texted Roman. Although Roman initially had the impression that this was a scam, he decided to write back. Since then, the two have been inseparable. In this episode you will find out what it was like for both of them to see each other in person for the first time after 7 months of long-distance relationship. We also talk about their biggest hurdles during their relationship and how Roman and Deliah picture their future. I'm excited to see what the future holds for both of them and I'm glad to have met such a power couple. IG : Learn more about Deliah’s work: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
October 6, 2021
S02/EP30 - Lubomira & Mohamed, about a story only life can write
Meet Lubomira (Slovak) & Mohamed (Egyptian) Lubomira studied journalism in Slovakia and was quite a workaholic when her friends convinced her to go on vacation with them. She agreed and in September 2009 they went to Egypt. Little did she know, that this trip is going to chance her life.  Listen to how Lubomira and Mohamed met [04:07] and why they kept their relationship and their marriage as a secret for 4 years [22:15]. Their story is a story only life can write. They went from long-distance-dating, to long-distance-marriage to having a family in just less than 5 years. They moved in together, build a life in Slovakia until they got shocking news in May 2019. Why they had to leave Slovakia, how they came up with a plan B and how it is to raise a family under different circumstances than expected [44:37] are just a few topics we are going to talk about in this episode. IG Lubomira: FB Lubomira: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
September 21, 2021
S02/EP29 - Kristelle & Adrian, about Tinder & growing togehter
Meet Kristelle (Lebanese living in Miami) & Adrian (Venezuelan living in Miami) In this episode Nacho and I are finally catching up with our beautiful friends. Their story started almost the same way ours did - TINDER! KB (Kristelle) and Adrian met in 2014 [01:22] right after KB arrived in the US. From there on everything went quite fast [07:11].  Listen to why she was attracted to him [14:51] and how both were moving forward after their first "romantic" date. Believe it or not - there are also positive aspects on dating on distance [08:50]. If it wouldn't have been because of the distance Adrian for instance wouldn't have pushed himself to where he is nowadays: A talented all-rounder who never loses his sight. Today they're both working very hard on their goals. In the end of this episode [58:49] they share valuable advice with us. Follow both on their journey. IG KB: Website KB: IG Adrian: Youtube: TikTok: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
September 7, 2021
S02/EP28 - Cristin & Jophet, about "The One"
Meet Cristin (Filipino living in Canada) & Jophet (Filipino living in Canada) Today I'm catching up with Cristin. Since the last time we spoke (you might want to listen to EP18) a bunch of things happened in her life. From being ghosted to "Meeting the One" [09:31].  In December 2020 she met Jophet online. They started chatting but eventually became serious quite soon. Without ever seeing each other they managed to meet during the pandemic [17:20]. We talk about life, trust and faith. Both, Cristin and Jophet, are planning their next steps as a couple and are looking forward their future together. If you'd like to know more about Cristin don't hesitate to contact her. IG: Youtube: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
August 28, 2021
S02/EP27 - Rita & Jesse, about Stubborn Optimism
Meet Rita (Cambodia) and Jesse (Hawaii)  Rita and Jesse met in 2015 while studying in Sweden. It was not love at first sight [04:27]. It was only shortly before new years eve that the two of them got closer. The perfect kiss - And the perfect first kiss for Rita. At that time it was not yet clear whether it would be a summer love or if something more would develop from this kiss. Shortly before their ways should separate again, both decided for a long-distance relationship [30:47]. It was not always easy, also from a financial point of view hurdles had to be taken [58:05]. Today Rita and Jesse live in Germany. Whether Germany remains only a station, how they have overcome the hurdles together as a couple and what advice they would like to give others on the way, you can listen to here. IG: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
July 27, 2021
S02/EP26 - Ammy & Ben, 3 words - I am here!
Meet Ammy (South Indian) and Ben (South Korean) Ammy and Ben met online [13:08]. We talk about why the two met at the perfect time and why three words were enough to make her believe in love again. We also talk about Indian traditions and arranged marriages [54:00]. Ammy has swum against the current her whole life and struggled with depression for several years [22:07]. Today she has found a way to communicate and is looking forward to her future. A strong woman who speaks out under difficult circumstances and stands by who she is - that's Ammy and I'm glad I had the chance to meet her. IG: YouTube: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
June 15, 2021
S02/EP25 - Yasmin & Shreyank, about adjusting to a new life
Meet Yasmin (Italian) and Shreyank (Indian) Yasmin was working in India for an internship when she met Shreyank online. Her plan was to stay just for 3 months but this changed. The cover picture of this episode shows them on their first date [4:16]. Their first date was not at all what they have expected. Shreyank was nervous and  was talking way to much while she was trying to act cool. But even though they decided to try it again and met for a second date to have some Chai together. After a long distance relationship she managed to move to India. But destiny had other plans for them [39:43]. Listen to how they are dealing with several challenges in their relationship and why they decided to grow together on neutral ground. "There is no perfect relationship" as Shreyank will explain describes this episode pretty well [13:54].  IG: Blog: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
June 1, 2021
S02/EP24 - Silvia & Aiman, about a traveling paper & Yemen
Meet Silvia (Spanish) and Aiman (Yemenis) Silvia describes herself as a Chameleon. Her open nature and her way of dealing with certain things inspired me and made me think a lot even after our conversation. So we did not only talk about her love story [26:20] but also about how she perceives the situation in Yemen [1:03:22]. Yemen has been in a civil war since 2014. Silvia and her husband Aiman are talking regularly about the current situation in his home country. Despite all challenges they have managed to organize all the papers for the wedding in just a few weeks [43:10]. A friend of theirs was able to smuggle the marriage papers to Yemen to get the certifications. I know how difficult paperwork in an intercultural relationship can be, but this really tops everything. I would have loved to continue talking to Silvia - a strong woman, a colorful chameleon, a person who goes through life optimistic and is full of life.  IG: About Yemen: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
May 18, 2021
S02/EP23 - Kaelynn & Dave, about feeling close on distance
Meet Kaelynn (Canadian) and Dave (American) Dating on distance does not mean that you can not feel close to each other. When being in an LDR people around you wonder "How does it work?" and quite often you hear "I could never do this!". But when you have found your significant other it works! Kaelynn and Dave are an example of how you can keep your relationship interesting by staying open-minded and being creative. In this episode they will share with you how their date nights look like [24:03]. We are also talking about how they have met [04:09] and where they see each other in the future[43:33].  Make sure to listen to them to get inspired for your next date on distance. IG: Website: TikTok: Panka: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
May 4, 2021
S02/EP22 - Family and friends on distance
Living abroad can be difficult. There is this constant fear that something bad might happen back home. Especially right now some of you might feel helpless. We would like to give you advice on how to handle a situation like that. After recording this episode we were left with many questions as well. What we think is important is a constant communication, to share your feelings and thoughts - on both ends. And this is exactly what you will listen to in this episode. We are sharing our emotions in an uncut and raw conversation. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
April 20, 2021
S02/EP21 - The 3 stages of closing the distance
Together with Panka (@Usatohungary) and Jazz (@Jazzupyourwanderlust) we talk about what it's like to close the distance.  For couples who are dating on distance, this is their ultimate goal.  In this episode, we'll look at it from two perspectives: - One is the person welcoming the significant other - The other is the person crossing an ocean for their partner. How does one prepare for such a big step? And how does it feel? On our own experience, we can say that it is one of the best feelings. But there'll still be many challenges waiting for you. How to manage them and other tips we have for you are answered in this episode. IG Jazz: CTD-Binder: IG Panka: Panka: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
April 6, 2021
S02/EP20 - Waziha & Taraz, about dating without ever seeing each other in person
Meet Waziha (Bangladeshi) and Taraz (Bangladeshi) They met on Tinder but have never seen each other in person.  We talk about how a relationship can be built over such a distance and why it works [29:04]. Both are extremely attracted to each other and often talk about how the first meeting will be. Since Taraz and Waziha have been a couple, Waziha has become an expert in Photoshop. To imagine how they look next to each other, she edits photos with Taraz's ex-girlfriend. They also share tips on how to feel close to each other and talk about how they argue with each other at a distance [49:56]. It has been great to talk to them and to see how they are growing together on distance. Honestly it is difficult to believe that such a strong bond can be build under such circumstances. Make sure to check them out and ask them anything. Both are super open-minded and are looking forward to share some more advice with you.  Youtube: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
March 23, 2021
S02/EP19 - Carolyn & Telwin, about arranged marriages and stereotypes
Meet Carolyn (American) and Telwin (Indian) Carolyn and Telwin met through a dating app. In fact, it wasn't supposed to come to a match at all. Telwin was looking for a serious relationship and was specifically looking for a partner for life with an Indian background [03:18]. Nevertheless, the paths of the two crossed and their relationship initially started as a friendship. However, this friendship quickly turned into a serious relationship which lead into a marriage just eight months later [50:28]. Listen to why they had to keep the relationship as a secret for a while and with which stereotypes they had to deal with. Carolyn and Telwin talk about arranged marriages and share their first-hand experiences [23:17]. They tell us how a small misunderstanding just before the wedding led to a scandal. From the start of their relationship they had to clarify what they expect from each other and where they stand as a couple.  If you'd like to know more about their story make sure to check out their YouTube-Channel or connect with them directly. IG: Youtube: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
March 9, 2021
S02/EP18 - Cristin, between ghosting and hope
Meet Cristin (Filipino living in Canada) Cristin is a strong women sharing her story and what experience she made when dating on distance. This episode is going to be quite emotional as she is going to talk about her last relationship.  Long distance was always a topic in her life. It started when she moved in young ages and had a distance friendship with her best friend [06:22]. She is used to communicate via facetime and social media but her last boyfriend left her heartbroken. How she felt and what exactly happened will be part of our conversation as well. But as a strong person Cristin is not giving up! She still believes in love and in distance relationships. We will also talk about breakups on distance and how to move on afterwards [29:25]. Being ghosted will be a major part of this episode as well [47:27]. If you'd like to know more about Cristin don't hesitate to contact her. IG: Youtube: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
February 23, 2021
S02/EP17 - Natasha, about breakups & self-care
In this episode Tina talks to Natasha. Natasha is a breakup and reinvention coach specialized on helping women to have amazing relationships. If you are just coming out of a painful relationship or you are considering to breakup: Listening to this episode might trigger you. But it might also help you to take the next steps and to understand your feelings.  Every human being is dealing with specific circumstances in their own way. If you feel you have reached a dead-end try to ask for help and most importantly take care of yourself. Especially when being vulnerable we tend to place ourselves in a corner where we do not belong. Listen to how to take care of yourself [08:22], how and when to ask for help [13:29] and how to find a fulfilling relationship [25:43]. An other topic that triggered Tina (as she is experiencing it herself) is why and how toxic parent struggle impacts your choice of partner [45:39]. If you are considering professional help you are welcome to contact Natasha. IG: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram or Facebook. IG: FB:
February 14, 2021
S02/EP16 - Juli & Mo, from summer love to marriage
Meet Juli (Colombian) & Mo (German) In this episode we're going to talk about how Juli and Mo met [02:15]. Back in 2014 Mo was doing an internship in Barcelona (Spain) and Juli was studying there. The night they met, neither wanted to go out. Juli wanted to spend a calm evening while Mo was about "to hit the feathers" as he is describing it. He even was wearing his PJs already. It developed how it developed and this is why both got convinced by friends to go into a club. And this is where their paths crossed. They will talk how a gum connected them and why Juli didn't like Mo in the beginning. There were misunderstandings from the very start already and the language was just one reason [09:22]. Throughout the whole episode we'll talk about cultural differences and stereotypes. Mo and Juli give some valuable advice and are very open-minded when it comes to their age difference of six years. While they were dating on long distance a few people gave the advice not to get into something serious. For a long time Juli even thought that this is just a "Summer Love".  But it turned out to be so much more than that! [37:30] Mo was able to win her trust and to convince her into a serious relationship. They started to plan a life together and in 2016 they finally managed to close the distance. [1:07:23] Juli moved to Germany, and she hated it. Without speaking the language and knowing the culture she suffered for at least two years. But as she is saying " do those type of things for love!" she managed to overcome the hurdle with Mo supporting her. Eventually they were able to move to a bigger flat, Juli learned German and started her Ph.D. while working in a factory to support financial wise while Mo was working three jobs. She considered moving back home twice, packed her things for Mo to unpack them again [58:33:53]. Being in a multicultural relationship and living in another country is challenging but not impossible if both are fully committed. This is one of many messages they'll share.  If you'd like to know more about Juli and Mo don't hesitate to contact them. They're both trained coaches and are specialized on multicultural relationship. The best way to reach them is trough Instagram. IG: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
February 9, 2021
S02/EP15 - Varsha, communication & taking the relationship to the next level
"Relationships are not black and white they are about the gray area, forever. Being willing to live in the gray area will just strengthen you and strengthen the relationship." [19:20] This is a quote from Varsha we can relate to so much.  Varsha is a relationship coach. We talked about so many important topics that we want to share with you in this episode. A multicultural relationship is about stepping out of your comfort zone on a regular basis to grow together [19:44]. Throughout the episode, we discuss the topic of communication [03:49]. Why communication is important and how to communicate properly but also what the five love languages you will hear in our little mini-session [28:30]. Learn where and how a coach can support you in several areas and what else you can do to support yourself [50:00]. We were able to take away some tips for us from this conversation and hope that this episode can also inspire you to take the next step or to see things from a different perspective. As always, you are welcome to contact us or our guest Varsha directly. We would have loved to talk to her longer but that would definitely have been beyond the scope of this show.  IG: Website: Recommendations Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - John Gray The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman The power of now - Eckhart Tolle In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
January 26, 2021
S02/EP14 - Shahana & Hari, about monkhood & the energy between two people
Meet Shahana (English) & Hari (American-Indian) When recording this episode end of 2020 Shahana and Hari were reunited in England and quarantining together after being apart for 10 months. They suddenly spent 24/7 together in a small cottage. Hari is describing how much he is enjoying the little things right now [03:20] such as cooking for her. We also talked of how they met each other. Back in 2017, when Hari was still a monk - they saw each other for the first time in a temple in Germany. Even though if it was not common talking to women as a monk, just if they are providing some sort of service as Hari describes it - he started talking to her [08:10]. Instantly they both felt this energy and when Shahana returned home she instantly sent him a friendship request on Facebook - which was rejected by Hari. He was afraid that Shahana might cost him his monkhood [08:45]. Shahana then would visit the temple again in 2018 thinking, that he just does not like her. While he was hoping Shahana might show up as a single woman. But also in that year both tried to avoid each other, even though there was still this sparkle[12:17]. It is only when Hari gives up being a monk that an incredibly romantic love story begins [15:00]. When deciding to quit he consulted his mentor to ask for advice. Next thing he remembers was sending a Facebook request to Shahana. Since 2019 they are a couple and things develop fast. Shahana met Hari's family in India, and they approved for the next step [17:23]. Seeing both of them together while recording this episode was emotional and energizing. This episode in general is full of love. Did you feel the same way? We are looking forward to your feedback. IG: In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
January 12, 2021
S02/EP13 - Jessica & Abhishek, living in India & raising a multicultural family
Meet Jessica (American living in India) & Abhishek (Indian) Jessica and Abhishek met in 2008 in the US through mutual friends. From there on their journey started. Since 2016 they are living together with their two kids in India [17:39]. Not only did we talk about how they met [01:45] but also about their India-American wedding [08:49] and how they navigate through this crazy times where COVID limits the life of so many [25:59]. You will also learn why Jessica and Abhishek are an inspiration for us and what exactly they do to make the world we live in a better one [31:20]. Learn what it takes to raise a multicultural family [22:17] and what ingredients are needed to remain a healthy relationship [29:49] If you have questions for Jessica and Abhishek or if you would like to learn more about their life or their non-profit organization just contact them. We highly recommend to listen to their podcast as well! IG:  YouTube:  FB: Podcast: TikTok: Twitter: We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG: FB:
December 29, 2020
S02/EP12 - Colleen & Ankit, personal growth in an LDR
Meet Colleen (American living in France) & Ankit (Indian living in Canada) Colleen and Ankit met at work in Boston. For Colleen it was obvious from the beginning that she would like to get to know him better. Ankit, however, did not realize various attempts by Colleen as such [07:09], so she had to take the initiative and asked Ankit for a date. This date, according to him, did not go as planned. But Ankit eventually only enchanted Colleen more, so the two began dating shortly before Colleen had to move to Chicago just a few weeks after their first date. And that was the start of the long distance relationship [09:11]. Currently, the two are being separated by 5,600 KM, as Colleen moved to Paris in August 2019. Ankit currently lives in Montreal, Canada.  They tell us how and why important it is to pursue one's personal goals [22:44] to then be able to focus on the common goal. The next year holds some exciting milestones for both of them [41:17]. In September 2021 the American-Indian wedding is coming up. In addition, Colleen talks about what was the deciding moment for her that Ankit is the right one for her [34:36]. We also learn how this wonderful couple deals with the distance.  To share their experiences as well as give hope to other LDR couples, Ankit and Colleen host a podcast - the LDR Podcast. Here they talk to specialists about topics that the LDR community is moved by and they also share some personal stories. IG The LDR Podcast: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:  We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: FB International Love Story:
December 15, 2020
S02/EP11 - Jazz & Tuomas, how to prepare for the move & doubts in the relationship
Meet Jazz (US) and Tuomas (Finland) Jazz just moved to Finland and tells us how she felt the last days in her home country and how she prepared herself for the big step. Jazz and Tuomas met each other online while playing Pokémon [11:40]. They were friends for about 1 year before the friendship turned into something serious.  Jazz explains that she had the feeling that Tuomas will reveal his love and that she consciously did not take his call as she was afraid that something would change between them. And indeed - something changed! From there on things only got better. Jazz explains what she had to consider in preparation for her emigration to Finland [6:14] and how she will support other couples who will have similar experiences. She has spent the last few months on working on a binder set and a workbook to help other couples prepare as good as possible for the step of closing the distance [29:29].  In this episode we also talk about a topic that is often avoided, which is that it is quite natural to question the relationship [41:04].  Make sure to check out the free guide for closing the distance as well as the workbook. If you are about to close the distance the CTD Binder Set will help you to have everything in order and feel fully prepared. IG Jazz: Free Guide for closing the distance: Free Workbook: CTD Binder Set: We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: FB International Love Story:
December 1, 2020
S02/EP10 - Sierra & Tewabe, respect each others culture
Meet Sierra (US) and Tewabe (Ethiopia) Sierra and Tewabe met End of 2017 in Ethiopia  Sierra helped with excavations at the Sudanese border as part of her archaeology studies [9:51]. Tewabe was part of the group of the ethiopian students and this is how they started working together and digging in the dirt - as they describe it. After some time they started communicating and became friends first. Even though Tewabes english was only ok, they had profound conversations. Their story underlines how different communication can be between different cultures [40:30]. For example, the two would almost not have become a couple if Tewabe hadn't put all his courage together.  Between 2018 and 2019, Sierra took every opportunity to visit the country again, to get to know the culture even better and finally to get to know most of Tewabe's family [34:43] . If you listen to her, it soon becomes clear how much she loves Ethiopia and that she appreciates and respects its culture.  We also talk about the first meeting with Tewabe's parents and why Sierra felt so welcomed. We respect both of them a lot, Tewabe moved to the US in 2020 without ever visiting the country [46:16]. Although they couldn't attend the wedding, Tewabe is fully supported by his strictly religious parents. He left his good and beloved job to build a life together with Sierra. The circumstances were not perfect, but they have big plans for the future [1:01:06].  I you'd like to know more about Sierra and Tewabe check out their Instagram-Account. IG Sierra & Tewabe: @sierra.ena.tewabe We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: FB International Love Story:
November 25, 2020
S02/EP09 - Sofie & Bismark, between two cultures & working on a bigger goal
Meet Sofie and Bismark.  They met each other in Ghana when Sofie did an exchange. Dating someone was the last thing she thought was going to happen. Even for Bismark, dating an exchange-student was out of the question until he saw Sofie for the first time. He somehow managed to wrap her into a conversation. In general he put a lot of effort to show her that he is really interested in getting to know her better. Sofie on the other hand did not seem to have much interest in him, at least this is what Bismark thought.  One night they went out for dancing with a group of people and this is when Sofie suddenly grabed Bismark and kissed him. Unfortunately they had to say goodbye a while after, since Sofie had to finish her program in another city. They agreed to see each other in Germany again, 4 weeks later. He couldn't wait that long. So 1 day before Sofie's program was about to finish, he decided to take a bus to see her - even though Bismark had to study for a very important exam coming soon. He got up early and drove 5 hours to the beach resort just to surprise Sofie and to spend 2 hours with her. This is how he convincend her and this is when their love story started. As promised Bismark flew to Europe a couple of weeks later, he got to know Sofies' family and learned more about her life.  Cultural difference is also a topic we are talking about with them. For Bismark it was a big step to meet Sofie's parents. "Normally you would work your way up and get to know the parents of your partner last, but not in our case". In October they were reunited as Sofie flew back to Ghana. They are living together in their first apartment as a trial to see how things work out.  For the future, both of them have big goals. Sofie will be a doctor, while Bismark is a doctor already and they're both looking forward to start their life in Denmark. This requires a lot of effort, and it's also an investment, as getting the visa is quite expensive. But as many LD-couples they also have a plan B. A bigger cause they're both working on is their "Mitral Foundation", an NGO that's focused on child health and community development in rural Ghana.  If you'd like to follow and support, you can follow them below: IG mitral foundation: @mitralfoundationgh IG Sofie and Bismark:  @wanderlustfairytales Donate to help them grow the mitral foundation Follow us on IG International Love Story: @internationallovestory FB International Love Story: @internationallovestory
November 3, 2020
S02/EP08 - Melissa & Flip, relationship milestones, 7 Years of LDR
Listen to the love story of Melissa (Lebanese) and Flip (Dutch). Melissa and Flip first met in December 2013 in Istanbul. Flip was on a business trip and had a layover, Melissa was on vacation with some friends. It's lovely how Flip describes the moment before he saw Melissa for the first time. Melissa and her friends caught his attention while he was enjoying the view of Hagia Sophia, watching the seagulls and having the feeling it might snow soon. "Suddenly I had the song ‚'Blue Sunday from The Doors' popping up"- Flip says, as he suddenly heard girls talking in 3 different languages he immediately knew that they are from Lebanon. Coincidentally Flips' next flight is going to Beirut (Lebanon) the day after.  As the girls approached him to ask if he could take a picture, he took the chance to ask for some recommendations and things to do while staying in Beirut. Melissa's friend Kristelle happened to film this moment – unsuspecting how this will affect the future of Melissa and Flip. They exchanged numbers and agreed to see each other again once Flip arrives in Beirut. All of them got together a few days later and once they said 'Goodbye' Flip had a strong feeling when thinking about Melissa. On his way back home he wrote a poem for her and sent it via text message. Melissa was overwhelmed when  receiving it and took some time to respond. After all Flip’s effort should pay off, he invested a lot of time and energy to win Melissa's' love. In March 2014 they started their long distance relationship. First between Netherlands and Lebanon, and 4 years later they moved closer to each other and managed their relationship between France and Belgium.  Both are in a long distance since 7 years.  During those 7 years they have been through some tough times. Melissa calls these times 'Milestones' of their relationship. They talk very openly and honestly about the difficult time when Flip had depression, how both of them dealt with it and how this time affected their relationship. Miles apart were separating them but Melissa found a way to support him. She helped him to learn more about his affliction and knew that she wanted to help him get through it. Another milestone is their break-up in summer 2019.  Melissa felt that there was something missing in their relationship. She couldn't handle the distance anymore and felt like something needed to change, without knowing exactly what this could be. She needed some space for herself.  While she withdrew emotionally she realized that Flip is the one she wants to spend her lifetime with. Even though this time was tough for both, after all, it brought them closer to each other.  Nowadays they are a mature couple and know exactly what they want. Closing the distance soon. This is why they decided to move together at the end of 2020. Flip will move to Paris, on a few m². They will share everything but still as individuals as this is very important.  You can watch the video of their first encounter on Facebook as well as on Instagram! Follow us:  IG International Love Story: @internationallovestory FB International Love Story: @internationallovestory
September 29, 2020
S02/EP07 - An announcement
We do have an announcement to make. As our last weeks were quite overwhelming we decided to step back a little.  Right now we do feel, that we can't give back what we are receiving from you guys. We needed some time to breathe as well. Especially Nacho is dealing with homesickness and it breaks my heart to see him suffer. As some of you are missing your significant other and are waiting for borders to open and changes of regulations, my husband is dealing with the same feeling. Just somehow in another way cause he is missing his family and friends in Argentina instead. On top of all this Argentina is currently dealing with some major problems - economically and politically the country is far away from being stable. So how can we pretend and keep on rolling with everything going on right now? - not only in Argentina, in so many other countries as well. We decided to create some space to finally breathe again. We love the LDR community, this is why we are going to publish our podcast twice a month instead of weekly - for now until things are calming down bit. We are deeply sorry and hope you will understand! We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: @internationallovestory FB International Love Story: @internationallovestory
September 15, 2020
S02/EP 06 - Sarah and Israel, closing the distance & between dreams and reality.
Sarah (German) and Israel (Costa Rican) were able to close the distance in October 2019. They met in Costa Rica Sarahwhen  was volunteering for a turtle conversation organization. Israel felt in love with her quite instantly while Sarah was really looking forward to volunteer and also to get to know people from all over the world. Once the other volunteers left back home Sarah was alone with Israel for a couple of days. He took the chance to spend some lovely and  romantic moments with her, below the bright stars - as the turtles would lay their eggs only at night - at the beach. They both shared the fact that they just got out of a relationship and weren't really looking for something new. Sarah left Costa Rica as a single lady but it didn't take long for her to fly back to Costa Rica and from there on both were inseparable. Since day one they are sharing their dreams and were completely open towards each other. They talked about starting an organization, moving together and living in Costa Rica. It's incredible what they achieved in only 2 years of being in a relationship. Everything they dreamed of when starting seeing each other becomes reality now. They moved in a beautiful house, Israel found his dream-job and their dog Pipa is a loyal companion. Sarah's and Israel's big goal for the future is to have a positive impact on the beautiful nature surrounding us. They would love to share their knowledge and their way of thinking. If you are as fascinated and impressed by them as we are check them out! IG Sarah & Israel: @positive_globalimpact and watch them following their dreams.  Stronger together - hang in there, it's worth it We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: @internationallovestory FB International Love Story: @internationallovestory
September 1, 2020
S02/EP 04 - Jess & Ricky, perfect timing
Meet Jess (Irland) & Ricky (US). They met on Instagram and are both dancers. Jess is from Ireland and Ricky is from Philly. Their dance communities are closely interlinked soon they figured out that the paths of their lives had been circling around each other for ages but had never crossed until they connected on insta and started talking.  Their path actually crossed at the right time, in a moment they were both capable of getting into it 100 percent. They talked for around 3 months before they started visiting each other and now they're together for over a year and a half and have been traveling all around the world together.  Jess and Ricky have an unique way of dealing with the current situation or as Ricky say 'We spice things up a little'. 6 months of not seeing each other is a long time. Especially when not knowing when there's going to be an end. But both are strong and working as a team for the bigger cause. They are having plans on closing the distance in November this year.  If you are in a long-distance as well please stay strong. We are currently looking for couples that we're able to close the distance. Hang in there and take care, IG Jess: theladyperez IG Ricky: mrglytch We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: @internationallovestory FB International Love Story: @internationallovestory
August 18, 2020
S02/EP 03 - Patricia, personal cheerleader
Personal cheerleaders! One of the experience we made is, that it's soo much easier to handle a LDR when you do have people that got your back. But what we might forget is that it's not easy for them to let go the moment they realize that you are going to step out of their lifes physically. In this episode Christina is going to talk with one of her closet friends - Patricia. She is going to share her worries and point of view with us We honestly didn't recognize up to the last days that our happiness might be somehow painful for others. If you were able to close the distance already: Would you like to share your experience? We are looking forward your feedback, just contact us via Instagram and/or Facebook @internationallovestory
August 11, 2020
S02/EP 02 - Andrea & Ansgar, rose-colored glasses
Meet Andrea (Peru) & Ansgar (Germany) In this episode I (Christina) had little "girls-talk" with Andrea. Andrea is currently living in Peru while her boyfriend Ansgar is living in Germany. Not only did we talk about how they met, but also how Andrea is dealing with her emotions. It is a wonderful thing to feel the love of your significant other even from a distance. But nevertheless, there are moments when you doubt and question certain things. While being in a LDR you are not always wearing rose-colored glasses. One may also allow the concerns and must accept that they are part of the relationship. As long as you support each other and are the safety net when your significant other needs it, there is nothing to fear. And believe us when we say: IT'S WORTH IT! We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: @internationallovestory FB International Love Story: @internationallovestory
August 4, 2020
S02/EP 01 - Imola & Nana, 13.800 km & special times
Imola and Nana are a very inspiring couple. They tell their story of how they met and how they deal with the current circumstances. Imola is currently living in the Netherlands while Nana is located in South Africa, 13.800  are separating them. They were supposed to celebrate their one-year anniversary together this year. Due to Covid-19 and the lockdown in South Africa, the reunion, unfortunately, had to be postponed indefinitely.  Nevertheless, both are making the best out of the situation and have transmitted their positive energy to us. Virtually they take each other through their daily lives and inspire other intercultural couples. Via blog posts, on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and even Twitter @chocolateanddutchy share tips and their everyday life and thoughts. We wish them both from the bottom of our hearts that they will soon be able to hold each other in their arms again and are curious to see what the future will bring.   We hope their story is helping couples in similar situations. Please also do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if there is anything we can support you with.  Would you like to share your story as well? We would love to get to know you, Tina & Nacho IG Imola & Nana: @chocolateanddutchy Blog: YouTube: Facebook: Pinterest: We're looking forward your feedback. In case of any questions or advice feel free to contact us on Instagram IG International Love Story: @internationallovestory FB International Love Story: @internationallovestory
July 28, 2020
EP 11 - Legal alien
Let's talk about paperwerk! yay! Everyone's favourite thing to do after getting to your new homeland - ahh, gotta love bureaucracy. We honestly thought that getting a Visa for the US might be much more complicated than getting one for Germany - we were so wrong. How we succeeded and which steps we had to take we are going to tell you in the last episode of our story. Give us a follow on IG and FB and contact us if you would like to tell your story as well! @internationallovestory thank you for listening!
July 21, 2020
EP 10 - Miami (18 months in 20 minutes)
Thank you for listening to the International Love Story podcast! In episode #10, our hosts take us on a fast-paced but overcoming tale of the difficulties one has to go through when living far away from home, friends, and family. Not a fan yet?, follow us in IG/FB as @interantionallovestory to get deeper insights, tips, and a whole community of long-distance relationships.
July 14, 2020
EP 09 - Closing the distance
How does it feel when you are finally able to close the distance after 2 years of long-distance relationship? At least one always has to make a compromise in order to live together in a LDR. Both are having fears and their own thoughts. You try to stay strong for two while one is giving up her/his old life. We are going to talk about how we felt, what thoughts we had and why one of us had a breakdown. We are looking forward your feedback. @internationallovestory
July 7, 2020
EP 08 - Finish Line
We made it! We finally got married and we're about to close the distance of 5.000 Miles. But before there were a few steps we had to take care of. Including more paperwork! ...but when you see the finish line coming so close, you feel like nothing is going to stop you. "So bring it on" - from here on we will be able to master any challenge. And this time it was easier than expected! We hope you are going to enjoy this episode and are so excited for your feedback. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram @internationallovestory and write us - we are here to help. Would you like to tell your story? Soon we will publish love stories from around the world - contact us.
June 30, 2020
EP 07 - 'A very traditional wedding'
In this episode we'll talk all about a very special day - Our wedding day! Instagram: @internationallovestory
June 23, 2020
EP 06 - Denmark = Vegas?
On this episode of 'International Love Story' you'll hear the 1st part of how we got to our big day- Our wedding! If you're not yet following us on Instagram, our handle is @internationallovestory, same as in Facebook! Hope you like this episode and please don't forget to subscribe! Have a wonderful week and until next Tuesday afternoon! Tina & Nacho
June 16, 2020
EP 05 - Make it happen!
We traveled to the US - not only for vacation. After Christina was disappointed in Hamburg, we both went over to the second part of our planning. The desire to live together on one continent was big, after almost 2 years it was just about time to close the distance. With that thought, we focused on what was important to us. Did we get disappointed again?  Tell us your story and follow on Facebook or Instagram @internationallovestory
June 9, 2020
EP 04 - 5000 Miles
In this episode, we'll hear what friends and family had to say about our LDR. Tina will also tell you her experience applying to American companies being a foreigner, and how it all lead up to us establishing a calendar together to see each other every 3/4 months. Follow us on Instagram: @internationallovestory
June 2, 2020
EP 03 - Disconnection
Join us in this new 'International Love Story' episode where we talk about how sometimes communication in a long-distance relationship can go cold and well... 'life must go on' when disconnected. Follow our Instagram: @internationallovestory
May 26, 2020
EP 02 - easy going
Be ready to hear about our first 🇩🇪 date! It happened months after we had our first 🇺🇸 date. Hear on Ignacio's Viking dreams and Christina's special guests. Follow our Instagram: @internationallovestory
May 19, 2020
EP 01 - It's a Match!
In our first episode, we'll tell you about how we met and why we thought we would never see each other again. How it came about that Christina went on vacation alone and why Ignacio thought he would be scammed.  Follow our Instagram: internationallovestory
May 12, 2020