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Intersectionality in the Diaspora

Intersectionality in the Diaspora

By Clara y Melo
Two Central American womxn looking to bridge BIPOC communities through the traumas and triumphs of living in diaspora. We share our truths, experiences and observations as L.A-raised Centro Americanxs and invite you to join us in this conversation. Grab some cafecito (or vinito) and sit with us as we explore all the beautiful differences and similarities, that make up our global community.
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A love letter to the diaspora
After domestic terrorists stormed the capitol, we wanted to share some words of affirmation and love to our listeners.
January 8, 2021
Intersectional Masking: On Code Switching, Masking and Assimilation
Clara and Melo discuss different ways they’ve had to adapt to American/White culture as children of immigrants; clara shares her experience from a neurodivergent perspective; melody has a realization. CW: mental health, eating disorders, systemic racism, navigating predominantly white institutions, ableism, antiblackness and family dynamics
November 2, 2020
S1E9 Suicide En La Cultura
September is Suicide Prevention Month and to normalize and destigmatize the topic of suicide, we decide to talk about it! Join us as we navigate the impacts of generational trauma compounded with current events, what we wish we’d known and what we can do now to raise awareness and support our community.... CW: death, suicide, eating disorders, self-harm, childhood trauma
September 29, 2020
S1E8: Flipping the Script- A Look at Trauma Bonding
Join Melo and Clara as they unpack aspects of trauma bonding and its impact on relationships with others and the self. We apply a different perspective to trauma bonding and dive into how this application helps in healing, growth and resiliency. CW: family dynamics, eating disorders, body talk, daddy issues (yep!) and the pandemic
August 20, 2020
S1E7: Por Eso Estamos Como Estamos
Clara y Melo navigate generational trauma and the inherited fears of our ancestors; we discuss the parallels of the current political climate in the US and that of the civil war in ES/CentAm, how we process the emotions and new findings while finding joy in the midst of all the chaos and pain.
July 27, 2020
S1E6- Liberty and Justice for All?
Melo and Clara explore how 4th of July has manifested over the years for them, the connection to the BLM movement and the challenges they’ve faced in speaking their truth.
July 12, 2020
S1E5- Anti-Blackness en La Cultura Pt 2
Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and discuss the novelas and tv shows that influenced us as kids; when we first saw ourselves represented on the big screen and some of the ways anti-blackness has been normalized en nuestra casa.
June 28, 2020
S1E4- Anti-blackness en La Cultura
Today Melo y Clara discuss observations of anti-blackness in their early life and process its impacts on our lives today. The conversation is in and of itself difficult, uncomfortable and absolutely necessary to begin dismantling our own internalized racism.
June 19, 2020
Intersectionality in the Diaspora- on anti-racism and Black Lives Matter
A reflection and affirmation by Clara on anti-blackness for those of us in diaspora, our white allies and those embarking on anti-racism as a practice.
June 5, 2020
S1 Ep3-Mental Health in the Diaspora, on Boundaries and saying No
Welcome back to round 3 of Mental Health in the Diaspora. Today we discuss how boundaries intersect with our mental health and the impacts of having (or not having) them play a role in our growth. CW: depression, eating disorders, family dynamics
May 22, 2020
Mental Health in the Diaspora- On coping and accessibility
Welcome back to our Mental Health conversation, where we’ll continue to navigate how mental health has impacted our lives and the patterns we’ve observed within our communities. We’ll discuss the disparity between physical and mental health, what access to these services look like for us and how we learned to cope and care for ourselves during difficult times. CW: depression, self-harm, death, alcoholism and eating disorders.
May 15, 2020
S1E1: Mental Health in the Diaspora- Let’s Talk About It!
Welcome to our very first conversation on intersectionality in the diaspora. This month we’ll be focusing on Mental Health and the ways BIPOC communities are affected. We’ll start with an intimate look at how mental health was (or wasn’t) present in our household and the impacts that it made in our lives. For any listeners that would love to share their story or would like support, whether privately or publicly, please contact us on instagram @intersectionality_in_diaspora
May 8, 2020
Sneak Peak of Intersectionality in the Diaspora!
Meet your host, Clara (she/her/ella) and let her tell you a little bit of what’s to come this week!
May 5, 2020