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By Latisha Jones
Black witches, fanfiction, diversity in period drama, Star Trek. All of these subjects and more will be discussed with actors, creators, journalists, cosplayers and fans on Interspectional.
Interspectional is a podcast focused on having introspective, intersectional discussions about speculative media.
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Inspiration and Philosophy of Interspectional
In July 2021, I did a panel about my podcast at BlerDCon called "Interspectional: A Black woman-led, sci-fi podcast". This presentation was a great opportunity to share all that I had learned from doing my podcast over the past year as well as delve into the inspiration behind my podcast. I was also able to share the philosophy of Interspectional with a live audience as well as share clips from some of my favorite episodes. As 2021 draws to close, I hope that we can learn more about each other's experiences, value each other's differences and support each other as we face various personal, relationship and systemic difficulties. That hope is what is truly behind the podcast and you'll learn more about that in this episode.  Show notes: You can find the Audre Lorde clip here And the episodes that I reference in this presentation are The Legacy of Sleepy Hollow, POC and Period Drama, Vampires, Class and the Presentation of Privilege and TV Writers Advocating for Authentic Stories. 
August 23, 2021
Star Trek As Period Drama
While Star Trek takes place in the future, so many episodes either take place in the past or have a time-period-specific aspect to them. These "bottle episodes" have a tendency to pose complex questions around sociology, psychology and ethics. Focusing on episodes from Star Trek: TOS, TNG, Voyager and DS9, we'll look at these period dramas in space, the themes that can be examined from these episodes and how science fiction makes these stories unique. This is a recording from Women At Warp's IDIC Podcast Festival. For this panel, my returning guests were Bianca Hernandez  (@bookhoarding) for the season 1 finale: Building Communities in Fandom and Dr. Luz Rosines (@LuzXRayMD) from the S1:E3 - Latinx Representation in Space. 
August 9, 2021
Building Communities in Fandom, part 2
Part 2 of the season finale, "Building Communities in Fandom" gets real. Jaycee Dubyuh of Gaymer Allied People of Color, Neisha Mulchan of Diversely Geek and Bianca Hernandez-Knight of The Jane Austen Universe and Virtual Jane Con and I get into the nitty-grity about problems in the fandom space, when it's time to fight and the struggles that can occur when you go from being fan to be a community leader.  We also celebrate the successes that we have seen in the fandom communities and share our hope stories about the things that keep us going.  You can follow Jaycee on Facebook at Gaymer Allied People of Color You can follow Neisha on Twitter at Diversely Geek You can follow Bianca on Twitter at @bookhoarding
June 4, 2021
Building Communities in Fandom, part 1
In this episode, I talked to Jaycee Dubyuh of Gaymer Allied People of Color, Neisha Mulchan of Diversely Geek and Bianca Hernandez-Knight of The Jane Austen Universe and Virtual Jane Con about the importance of building community in fandom spaces. Delving into our own fandom histories, we discuss the online and off-line activities, adventures, friendships and relationships that we built through our fandom experiences. Jaycee, Neisha and Bianca then discuss their inspiration and motivation for building their own fan communities that have had a global reach and tangible impact in their respective communities. This episode was filled with so many thoughtful takeaways and deep feels that I actually made it a two-parter. So remember to check out the next episode to hear the rest of the conversation.  You can follow Jaycee on Facebook at Gaymer Allied People of Color You can follow Neisha on Twitter at Diversely Geek You can follow Bianca on Twitter at @bookhoarding
May 28, 2021
TV Writers Advocating for Authentic Stories
Whenever we see something problematic or insensitive on our TV screens or streaming shows, we often ask, "Who wrote this? Who was in the room??" In this episode, I talk to three TV writers who are not only in the room, but are apart of a growing movement to improve the working conditions for underrepresented writers as well as improving the quality and authenticity of the stories that make it to our screens. Co-executive producer of NBC's New Amsterdam and Peacock's Vampire Academy, Y. Shireen Razack,  co-executive producer of CW's Life After First Failure, Tawal Panyacosit Jr. and researcher on Grey's Anatomy and story editor on Station 19, Barbara Friend talk about their experiences in Hollywood as well as their organization, Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity (TTIE pronounced "tie"), an "intersectional consortium of TV writers committed to increasing inclusion & equity and improving work conditions for all TV writers." You can learn more about Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity here and follow them on Twitter at @writeinclusion.  You can follow Y. Shireen Razack on Twitter at @YShireenWhyNot You can follow Tawal Panyacosit Jr. on Twitter at @Tawal You can follow Barbara Friend on Twitter at @babsamiga
May 21, 2021
The Fanfiction Episode
In this episode, best-selling author of the book, "Spoiler Alert", Olivia Dade and host of the fanfiction podcast, "Into The Archives", Talia Franks stop by to discuss all things fanfiction. We talk about our fanfiction origin stories, the value that fanfiction has brought into our lives and the importance of a communities built around common interests. I had planned for this to be a light episode, but it got surprisingly deep, as these conversation often do. I hope you enjoy it. You can follow Talia Franks on Twitter at @Talia_Franks or on their website at Word for Sense  Listen Into the Archives Podcast and follow @ArchivesPod And for your Doctor Who fans out there, you can listen to The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Podcast and follow @WibblyPod You can follow Olivia Dade on Twitter at @Olivia_Writes You can allow find book Spoiler Alert and all over her fantastic novels here Also be on the lookout for her book All The Feels due out in October. 
May 14, 2021
Vampires, Class and Presentation of Privilege
Queen of the Damned, True Blood, Blade, Vampire Diaries, Buffy. In this episode, Afrofuturism researcher and soon-to-be published doctoral student, D'arcee Charington Neal, Associate Editor of the inclusive geek space, Quirktastic, and practicing mental health counselor, Anjé McLish and I discuss all things vampire. We talk about the politics of these fictional vampire societies and how vampires as a proxy for beauty, wealth and temptation as well as answering that greatest of all questions: Are all vampires project partners? This is a fun, slight meandering, but ultimately insightful episode about that different ways this "monster" is used to talk about ourselves and our society's norms. By framing vampire stories in the terms of privilege, we get to examine wealth, access and power through this fun sci-fi/horror lens. Check it out. You can find D'Arcee at @DrChairington You can find Anjé at @RecklessPoetess You can purchase her book here
May 7, 2021
Asian Representation in Media
In this episode of Interspectional, my guests and I discuss Asian Representation in media. Looking at the impact of favorites like "Always Be My Maybe" as well as problematic films like the live-action production of "Ghost in the Shell", we discuss tropes, stereotypes, issues within the media industry itself as well as ways to connect and show solidarity in supporting each other's artform. It's an episode with laughter, analysis and more than it's fair share of heart. I'm so excited to share with this you. My guests are CEO of We Are Heroes Production and the hit actual-play comedy/horror podcast, Tabletop For the End of the World, Jemarc Axinto, actress and producer, Jonah Azurin and finally make-up artist and gamer Jezzelyn Torres. You can find Jemarc on Twitter at Tabletop for the End of the World. You can also find the Tabletop for the End of the World website here: You can also listen to you first episode of TFEW here. You can find Jonah at her website here And please follow Jezze's instagram here
April 9, 2021
POC in Fantasy Worlds
What is like to be a character of color in fantastical world? Do you have a background, a family, a mission, a purpose of your own or are you just there in the background to help someone else's story? Booktuber and actress, Nineka (aka Neeks) Wright, filmmaker and cosplayer Andrew and I tackle these questions by looking at the fantasy stories presented in books, video games and television shows like Xena and The Witcher. This is also a fun episode that occasionally sounds like we had a little too much booze. I hope you enjoy it.  You can find Nineka on Twitter at @ItsNeeksYeah and follow her on her Youtube channel You can find her pretty smelling things here: You can find Andrew on Twitter at @NomadPastries and on Twitch at
March 26, 2021
Diverse Storytelling in Tabletop Games
In this episode, Jay Anneli, lore consultant for Wizards of the Coast and author of Magic: The Gathering: Legends: A Visual History, Erin Roberts, speculative fiction and tabletop game writer, and Jezze Torres, make-up artist and Dungeons and Dragons player, discuss the triumphs and the challenges of making the world of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG) a more inclusive community, both in game and out. From game development to the dynamics of the table itself, they discuss the multitude of ways games can honor its history, remain fun and exciting, and evolve into something that can address the real-life concerns of the past, the present and the future. Show Notes:  Follow Jay Anneli on Twitter at @jay13x Follow his podcast, The Vorthos Cast on Twitter at @TheVorthosCast You can purchase his book Magic: The Gathering: Legends: A Visual History Follow Erin Roberts on Twitter at @nirele Also check out her website You can follow the Star Trek RPG, Star Trek Horizons at TypeCastRPG on Twitch And one of their episodes here Follow Jezze Torres on Instagram at @jezze.torres If you're just starting in TTRPG, Dungeon World, like Jezze mentioned, is a great place to start and get familiar with game mechanics
March 12, 2021
Black Witches
In this episode, screenwriter and filmmaker, LaDarrion Williams, cosplayer and occultist, Kristine aka DJ Lady Loki and I discuss the power, portrayal and cultural resonance of witches and magical beings of African, African-American and Caribbean heritage. In film and television, Black witches been both celebrated and shamefully used and abused. We go deep into the power of these practitioners of craft, their ancestral connection and what happens when Black spirituality gets translated (or mistranslated) on screen.  You can watch the trailer for LaDarrion's short film, "Blood at the Root" here
February 26, 2021
Latinx Representation In Space
In this episode, creator and co-founder of Latinx Geeks, Alexis Sanchez, cosplayer and artist, Allegriana, radiologist and Star Trek aficionado, Dr. Luz Rosines discuss the portrayal of Latinx characters in space. Delving mostly into Star Trek and Star Wars lore, they discuss the impact these characters had on people’s lives, the importance of culture and the improvements that they hope to see in the future movie and television properties.
February 12, 2021
POC and Period Drama
In this episode, pop culture journalist, Amanda-Rae Prescott and historical fashion and beauty blogger, Ayana of The Vintage Guidebook, join me to discuss Bridgerton, Hamilton and diversity in period dramas. We also take time to examine the fandom community around period dramas as well as diversity of the production and writing teams. So tighten your corset and put on your best hat because we are about to take a turn about the room with this juicy conversation. You can find Amanda-Rae Prescott's website here and her articles here. And on Twitter at @amandarprescott You can find Ayana at as well on social media at @vintieguidebook
January 29, 2021
The Legacy of Sleepy Hollow
In this episode, Yvonne McDowell, a screenwriter and professor of media law in Atlanta, and Lauren Wethers, freelance pop culture writer and the host of the podcast, Reclaiming Jane, and I discuss the excitement, triumph and ultimate disappointment of the 2013 TV series, "Sleepy Hollow". We delve into questions around storytelling, authenticity and ways behind-the-scenes conflicts can show up in the media presented to a large audience.  You can follow Yvonne on Twitter at @movieym You can follow Lauren on Twitter at @laurenwethers You can also listen to Reclaiming Jane, the podcast co-hosted by Lauren at and follow them on Twitter at @reclaimingjane
January 15, 2021
About the Host
Hi Everyone,   This trailer is just a short introduction about my personal history and background around speculative media and little bit about what I hope to accomplish with this podcast. Please subscribe and follow us Twitter at @interspectional to be notified about new episode drops, episode previews and more. 
January 11, 2021
Introducing Interspectional
A brief introduction to Interspectional, a podcast where we have introspective, intersectional conversations about speculative media. I talk a little about my background and what inspired me to create this show. I hope that you enjoy the conversation and stick around for future episodes.  
January 8, 2021