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InterSTEM Talks

InterSTEM Talks

By InterSTEM Team
InterSTEM is a non-profit organization that hopes to raise awareness about the relevance of STEM-related topics to the world. Functioning mainly online, this platform offers a tutoring service for students, updates readers about current news in STEM through articles and blog posts, and plans collaborative projects between high school and elementary students. Through the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, InterSTEM provides students of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore and dive deeper into the world of STEM.

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InterSTEM Talks Episode 1: Exploring Your Passions in High School

InterSTEM Talks

InterSTEM Talks Episode 1: Exploring Your Passions in High School

InterSTEM Talks

InterSTEM Talks Episode 10: Bioinformatics, Biotech, and Public Health
In this episode, we discuss the emerging fields of biotechnology, bioinformatics, and public health. In addition to intriguing stories and relevant knowledge of each field, various opportunities are introduced to get involved in activities related to the three sub-studies of biology. Our speakers discuss the ethical concerns behind access to genetic information, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the field of public health, and their own research and volunteering experiences in all three fields. Be sure to tune in to this episode! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Andre Lombardi, Orange County chapter co-president Gordon Chang, Business Development Officer (Los Angeles) Cayden Gintang, Head Marketing Officer (Los Angeles) Mana Kothari (Santa Clara)
September 5, 2021
InterSTEM Talks Episode 9: Resuming In-Person Education
While introducing three new permanent speakers in this episode, the InterSTEM Talks Podcast focuses on resuming in-person instruction. Whether it be discussing the biggest regrets of freshman year to advantageous academic opportunities not previously available online, speakers Cayden, Mana, Gordon, and Andre discuss pieces of advice and summative information related to resuming in-person instruction.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Andre Lombardi, Orange County chapter co-president Gordon Chang, Business Development Officer (Los Angeles) Cayden Gintang, Head Marketing Officer (Los Angeles) Mana Kothari (Los Angeles)
August 15, 2021
InterSTEM Talks Episode 8: Delving into Uncommon Diseases
________________________________________________________________________________________ Andre Lombardi, Irvine-Tustin chapter co-president Priyanka Kalidindi, Irvine-Tustin chapter co-president
July 13, 2021
InterSTEM Talks Episode 7: Advice for Finals and AP Exams
Irvine-Tustin Chapter Representatives Andre Lombardi and Priyanka Kalidindi discuss what AP Exams and/or finals they are focusing on, how they have balanced extracurriculars with academic interests, some resources for both styles of testing, various strategies for revised AP/final testing formats, and final motivation to conclude the year on a positive note! ________________________________________________________________________________________   Andre Lombardi, Irvine-Tustin chapter co-president Priyanka Kalidindi, Irvine Tustin-Chapter co-president
June 10, 2021
InterSTEM Talks Episode 6: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Administration
To wrap up the COVID-19 Adaptability Series of InterSTEM Talks, the Irvine-Tustin chapter discusses the most recent statistics regarding vaccine distribution, their general estimations of when people will be inoculated with vaccine and be allowed to return to a more normal life, and their advice to peers and community members.   ________________________________________________________________________________________________   Speakers:   Andre Lombardi, Irvine-Tustin chapter co-president Sai Pranav, Irvine-Tustin chapter chief research officer
April 1, 2021
InterSTEM Talks Episode 5: Extracurricular and Leadership Adaptability During COVID-19
As a continuation of our COVID-19 Adaptability limited series, the Irvine-Tustin InterSTEM chapter invites Jenny Wheatley, president of Admissions Masters, to discuss high school internships, summer programs, and leadership adaptability throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode explores how students can stay motivated in pursuing opportunities during high school, and changes in the application procedure and experience during summer programs, internships, and other activities. Additionally, we discuss the changes in how colleges evaluate students' extracurricular activities and share advice on seeking leadership opportunities in your community.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________   Speakers:  Andre Lombardi, Irvine-Tustin chapter co-president Jenny Wheatley, President of Admission Masters and Former Admissions Officer
March 21, 2021
InterSTEM Talks Episode 4: The Future of Standardized Testing
00:00 - Introduction 01:22 - Should I still take the SAT/ACT even if it’s optional? 09:09 - 2020 AP Exam Recap 17:13 - Choosing Future Exams 24:20 - Intermission 25:00 - Motivation for Standardized Testing 33:07 - Looking forward to a test-optional future 39:35 - Prop 16: Thoughts on college admissions 49:14 - Conclusion Description: With the recent removal of SAT Subject Tests, the essay portion on the SAT, and modification to AP Exams as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are scratching their heads on how to interpret these changes and what the future of standardized testing will look like. Therefore, to address common questions and concerns of high schoolers, this podcast episode was created to discuss adaptability to standardized testing. This is the first episode of a three-episode series on how high school students should adapt to the current COVID-19 pandemic, hosted by the Irvine-Tustin Chapter. Speakers:  Andre Lombardi, Irvine-Tustin chapter co-president Priyanki Kalindi, Irvine-Tustin chapter co-president Vivian Genuhin, Irvine-Tustin chapter development officer Christal Wang, Fairfax chapter president Mehri Sadri, San Diego chapter president
February 3, 2021
InterSTEM Talks Episode 3: Tackling the AP Sciences
0:20 - Introductions 3:27 - AP Biology: How to alleviate the struggle?  5:17 - AP Chemistry: Is it really a death wish?  6:14 - AP Calculus: Is skipping Pre-Calculus worth it?  7:57 - AP Psychology: Is it the easiest and most interesting AP?  9:44 - AP Computer Science A: What if I've never coded before?  11:39 - Resources for success   17:52 - Closing remarks
November 15, 2020
InterSTEM Talks Episode 2: Internships and Research Experience
0:20 - How to get an internship/research position 6:13 - Preparations for the position 10:12 - Should I pursue an internship? 12:38 - Putting together a resume 17:24 - Preparing for an interview 24:47 - Making the most of your opportunities 31:54 - Our speakers' research/internship experience
November 1, 2020
InterSTEM Talks Episode 1: Exploring Your Passions in High School
1:03 Defining a passion  3:59 Experiences in high school  11:26 Slowly developing your passions 17:47 Childhood experiences 22:52 Extracurricular activities 28:10 Tips and advice 
October 18, 2020