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Interview With An Artist

Interview With An Artist

By Willy Russo
The show where arts broadcaster and mentor Willy Russo chats with a range of art world players.

Season four out now.
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S2 Ep9 Bethany Saab

Interview With An Artist

S4 EP92 Gemma Rasdall answers all your international artist residency questions
@gemmarasdall @chateau_orquevaux International residencies are something I get asked a lot about. And previous guest and friend of the pod Sydney artist Gemma Rasdall has just returned from one in France. So you know what, I thought I would ask her all the questions you ask me. From how do you apply, to what art supplies do you take, to do you get your own room, to what were the people like and everything in between. Gemma was in Chateau Orquevaux in August this year and by what she has to say, it is everything we think and more. Let's take a listen. >>>> Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists from a variety of stages and backgrounds, helping them figure out the right next step in their artistic practice. Willy has a monthly newsletter you can sign up to and also provides one-on-one mentoring . If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice, book a session today via her website,
September 22, 2022
S4 EP 91 SYDNEY CONTEMPORARY 2022 - Live walk through with Michael Reid OAM, Tim Klingender and Kalli Rolfe
Sydney Contemporary is back and in full swing for 2022! This bonus episode is a live recording and very much thanks to the generous offer of Michael Reid OAM to walk me, Willy Russo, around the fair. He then connected me with Tim Klingender, who connected me with Kalli Rolfe. You have to listen to find out why and how that all happened! Special guests we bump into along the way: Barry Keldoulis - Sydney Contemporary Director Chris Hodges - Utopia Art Sydney Bill Nutall - Niagara Galleries Melbourne Tamara Dean is the Michael Reid feature artist. Guest two: Tim Klingender from Tim Klingender Fine Art Artists Tim speaks of: Roger Swainston, Alair Pambegan, Doreen Reid Nakamarra, Uta Uta Tjangala, Artist unknown Tobacco crop guardian figure, Norman Kingsley and Nancy McDinny. Guest three: Kalli Rolfe of Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Kalli speaks of Chilean artist Juan Davila. With still two days of the fair to go, I hope this inspires you to get along, or at least makes you feel like you were there if you couldn't be.  __________ Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists from a variety of stages and backgrounds, helping them figure out the right next step in their artistic practice. There is a monthly newsletter you can sign up to and also one-on-one mentoring.  If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice in a professional sense, book a session today via her website,
September 09, 2022
S4 Ep90 Georgia Draws A House knows how much we love home
@georgiadrawsahouse A late night spray paint expedition and an unplanned PR sensation saw Georgia Draws A House blast into existence. It all began with a drawing of her childhood home for her mum. And then one for her mum's friend. And then one for her mum's friends' friend. And then her mum's friends' friends' friend. And you get the picture. Georgia Norton Lodge is an artist, a book illustrator, a designer and a business woman. She is also a woman without a five year plan. Or even a 12 month plan. One thing she absolutely knows is she wants to bring joy and love to people by drawing their homes. Homes with happy stories, homes with sad stories, homes people grew up in and homes people said good bye in. And when I say Georgia doesn't have a plan, don't confuse that with a lack of achievement. She has a busy design business, a monthly sell out commission list, employs three people, has run drawing workshops with Google, and is helping the Inner West of Sydney come to life with beautiful public art. We talked about so much in today's episode of Interview With An Artist. The intriguing way she learns about her commission clients, the different avenues of her practice which make up her business, her love for collaborating with amazing street artists, how listening and not having set in concrete plans helped her pave the way, and how a horrible boss, a can of spray paint and the side of her parents house helped put Georgia Draws a house on the map. If you aren't lucky enough to land one of Georgia's hotly contested original commissions, she has a colouring in book of Sydney's Inner West that is perfect for big and small kids. There is so much in this episode I feel you will find helpful and inspiring. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Georgia and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. ******** Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Along with championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists from a variety of stages and backgrounds, helping them figure out the right next step in their artistic practice. If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice, book a session today via her website,  You can also sign up for the monthly newsletter, Mentor Musings with tips and advice and plenty of client celebrations. 
September 01, 2022
S4 EP89 Nicole Kelly didn't show her work for the first five years, now she's with Arthouse Gallery
@nk_nk_ How many of us run towards something we don't know how to do? I would say for the most part, we run in the opposite direction! But for NSW South Coast based artist Nicole Kelly, it's a major driver in her painting. Her desire to paint subject matter she is quite sure how to tackle, is what keeps her interested. It also means she has that elusive career that is built across different genres. On today's episode of Interview With An Artist, we talk about: what winning the Brett Whitely travelling scholarship meant to her practice why she refused to show or engage with the commercial world of art for the first five years of her career how she made the leap from full time work AND painting, to purely painting how she came to be represented by arthouse gallery what impact moving between genres has on her practice the role chess plays in her life, you'll love this! Nicole states that painting is life for her. And when you hear about her dedication and approach to her practice, you really see it is. Nicole also runs workshops and retreats so if you like the sound of learning under her, head to her website and sign up to her mailing list. ******** Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists from a variety of stages and backgrounds, helping them figure out the right next step in their artistic practice. Head over to to book a one-on-one mentoring session and sign up to the monthly newsletter, Mentor Musings, artists are talking about. 
August 18, 2022
S4 EP88 Alan Cruickshank The Third escaped the family business for the art world, or so he thought
@artandculturejournal Alan Cruickshank the third was born to ideally take over the family publishing business in Adelaide from his father, Alan Cruickshank the second. Alan the third had other plans - he found the art world. Throughout Alan's career in the art world, he has spent time as an artist, a curator, he also held a leadership role for 15 years as the Director of The Contemporary Art Centre for South Australia and most interestingly, he was a key player in building a bridge between Australia and the South East Asia and Middle East art communities. Today, Alan is the Editor of the globally respected art journal di'van. Returning somewhat to his families publishing roots!  On today's episode of Interview With An Artist, Alan and I talk about: his pathway out of the family publishing business his photographic series in the 1990's exploring historical imagery and subverting the White Australia policy how South East Asia became a place of interest the reaction of the Adelaide art community when he started showcasing his new found international interest why he started di'van and the ethos behind it Alan has a sense of adventure combined with getting a bit of a kick out of stirring the pot. Throughout his career he has looked to challenge his audience or colleagues or peers, and invite conversation for a richer outcome. I loved hearing more about his work and I'm sure you will too. ******** Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists from a variety of stages and backgrounds, helping them figure out the right next step in their artistic practice. If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice, book a session today via her website,
August 04, 2022
S4 EP87 Jane Messenger is the art advisor bringing institutional rigour to collectors new and old
@messengerartadvisory Jane Messenger is the founder and director of Messenger Art Advisory. Jane works with clients ranging from large corporations, high net worth individuals and more recently emerging collectors, helping to bring rigour to their art buying experience. You see Jane spent over a decade working at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Some of her projects involved heading to the Tate in London, overhauling the hanging of the gallery collection and working closely with world renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. It's Jane's institutional knowledge and expertise combined with her qualifications as a professional valuer, that make her such a trusted advisor. On today's episode of Interview With An Artist, among many things we talk about: some of her career highlights at the gallery of South Australia how artists can get on the radar of institutions what the process is for valuing a work how artists can get noticed by an art advisor like Jane and how she works with her clients in an advisory capacity Jane is knowledgeable, experienced and just so warm.  ******** Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists from a variety of stages and backgrounds, helping them figure out the right next step in their artistic practice. If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice, book a session today via her website,
July 21, 2022
S4 EP86 Fiona Verity draws like you and I need to breathe
@fionaverity You may know my guest this week for a variety of reasons. You may know her distinctive drawings of interiors and objects captured with vigour and life; she may have taught you in one of her much loved art classes on Sydney's Northern Beaches; or maybe you've tuned in to the wildly entertaining and engaging ArtW**k podcasts. My guest this week is the Sydney based, UK born artist Fiona Verity. Fiona was drawing long before she and Julie Nicholson were chatting with Australia's great artists. Sketching for Fiona is like breathing for the rest of us. Essential. Life affirming. With a sketch book in one hand and a pencil in the other, Fiona can be on a walk, waiting at the shops, sitting in her car, anywhere really, sketching the world around her. On today's episode of Interview With An Artist, among many things we talk about: how the death of Fiona's mother lead to a realisation of the importance of creating art how the different stages of a woman's life play in to her creative energy and direction how Fiona handles her prolific number of ideas and what she's learnt after interviewing over 100 fellow artists Fiona is everything you expect and more! Funny, generous and high energy. We often hear Fiona's voice but it's rarely talking about her work and life, so I am really excited to bring you this episode. ******** Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists from a variety of stages and backgrounds, helping them figure out the right next step in their artistic practice. If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice, book a session today via her website,
July 07, 2022
S4 Ep85 Matthew Quick has lived a life and then some
@matthewquick Buckle in. This week's episode is a wide ranging conversation about travel adventures, creativity, and among other things, how the Playboy bunny got its name. I'm serious! My guest this week is Melbourne based painter Matthew Quick. What you are going to realise about Matthew is that he loves a good story. Throughout his life of traveling in his earlier years, Matthew has been under gunpoint by local authorities, gone underground mining in South America with explosives tied to him, and found himself in London in a recession. The multi award winning and finalist listing artist has lived a life and then some. Matthew's paintings look to comment on the absurdity and complexity of times. His 2022 show at Nanda Hobbs titled the Mirror Electric was a fabulous example. Life like statues painting on to reflective aluminium adorned with some kind of filter you mind find on a smartphone. On first glance you might just think it tongue in cheek. And it is, but there is so much more depth to it. On today's episode of Interview With An Artist, we talk about: how's Matthew's father's financial position growing up impacted his career direction how a lecturer Matthew had in his 20s had a life long impact on him, some of the amazing travel stories Matthew has, and how he comes up with the many ideas he has for his art. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced Willy Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists ranging from their first year of practice through to award wining 20 plus year career artists, helping them figure out the right next step. If you're looking for help navigating the next step of your artistic practice, book a session via
June 23, 2022
S4 EP84 Catherine O'Donnell honours the building and lives that can be overlooked
@catherine_odo My guest this week is drawing artist Catherine O’Donnell. It was one of Catherine’s curtains that caught my eye. She drew the most simple of settings with a feeling someone had just passed behind. Catherine's work is an honouring of the quiet homes and lives. The homes and lives that maybe don’t get a second glance. That is until she captures them. A late bloomer and a quiet achiever, Catherine came to drawing after life as a lab technician and raising a family of four. “Go do something you  like!” was the suggestion from her husband. And so she did. Embarking on a course at TAFE, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts, rounded out by a Masters from the National Art School. Catherines has attended residencies in Rome, Venice, Paris, hill end and Bundanon. Her work is held in the collections of the AGNSW, Parliament House, and Art Bank to name just a few. In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, among other things, we talk about the process of studying and being a mature age student, how her love for a certain style of building began, how she has come to have a collection of old window frames and blinds in her house, and how she can’t believe the turn her life has taken as an artist. I spoke with Catherine earlier this year and you will hear me launch into the conversation asking her about her high achievement record. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists ranging from their first year of practice through to award wining 20 plus year career artists, helping them to figure out the right next step for their artistic practice. If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice, book a session today via her website,
June 02, 2022
S4 Ep83 Lesley Wengembo is a rising star of the hyper-realist movement
@lwengemboart I want you to imagine this. You're in your early 20s, you've grown up in a big close family. You're a budding artist and have been accepted to speak at a symposium in Paris. You've never flown overseas before and your mum's not that keen on you going, but she knows its important to you, so she lets you go. Your trip has a layover and in that layover, you find out your visa paperwork hasn't been approved and you actually can't fly on to Paris. This is exactly the situation Papua New Guinean artist Lesley Wengembo found himself. Stranded in Sydney, not really knowing anyone other than a few facebook friends. Unsure of what to do next. Lesley ended up staying in Sydney, studying at the National Art School and becoming one of the rising stars of the hyper-realist movement. In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, we talk about: his childhood in Papua New Guinea  what those few days were like when Lesley realised he was stranded in Sydney how he initially taught himself with youtube and then attended art school and how he intends to refill his cup and reconnect with his family and homeland. Lesley is an absolute delight and joy to speak with and I am sure you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by Willy Russo. Along with Championing the arts through this podcast and her radio work at 2ser107.3FM, Willy is also an artist mentor. She works with artists ranging from their first year of practice through to award wining 20 plus year career artists, helping them to figure out the right next step for their artistic practice. If you're looking for some advice navigating your artistic practice, book a session today via her website,
May 19, 2022
S4 EP82 Kacy Grainger of Grainger Gallery treats her artists like family
@graingergallery This week's show starts with a love story. A love story built on food, art, wine, and now a gallery. Joining us on the show is Canberra based artist and gallery owner, Kacy Grainger. Kacy and her husband Richard met at art school in the 90s. She was studying art, he was studying art history and curation, and together after graduation they flew off to explore Europe. Fast forward a decade or two, and there's been a wedding, a couple kids, seperate creative careers, and now a gallery. Grainger Gallery opened in Canberra on the east coast of Australia in early 2020, just as the pandemic was settling in. Despite the timing, the gallery has gone from strength to strength, showing one of the most exciting and eclectic suites of artists.  In today's episode of Interview With An Artist, Kacy and I talk about: the catalyst for opening a gallery of their own,  the ethos of how they run the gallery and work with their artists,  her tips for pricing works,  all the different hats she has to wear (and the one hat she's refrained from putting on),  and what takes a piece of art from being good to being great. Listening to Kacy speak about how art is a family affair and the passion they all have for it, it's no wonder the gallery has been such a success. Enjoy meeting the amazing Kacy Grainger. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. If you're looking for help figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice, book a session with Willy today at
May 05, 2022
S4 Ep81 Andrea Huelin knows the importance of putting yourself out there.
@andreahuelinartist Cairns based artist Andrea Huelin owes a failed job application for becoming a full time painter.  Andrea works on the ethos of pushing yourself and putting yourself out there. An attitude that saw her exhibiting in the Cairns Regional Gallery, which is where James Dorahy who was working with the Michael Reid group at the time saw her work. James was so impressed he posted it to Instagram,  where Michael Reid saw Andrea's work and commented. Which is when Andrea put herself out there again and messaged back to Michael.  On today's episode of Interview With An Artist Andrea and I talk about a range things including: her career transition from radio broadcaster for the ABC to being a full time artist how she pushes her work to keep evolving the process for creating the Four Pillars Gin Christmas artwork that was used on the 2021 Christmas Gin labels and tea towels how she approached painting for a European market vs an Australian market and how her son is a fabulous critic. Enjoy meeting the delightful Andrea Huelin. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. If you're looking for help figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice, book a session with Willy today at
April 21, 2022
S4 Ep 80 Gerwyn Davies is the ultimate multi-hyphenate artist
@ger.wyn From his early days of stealing a housemates sewing machine and watching Good Morning Australia, to now collaborating with global luxury brand Hermes, Gerwyn Davies has come a long way. His photographic works are layered in skill and creativity. Not only does Gerwyn take the picture. He is the model, the costume designer, the fabricator and also the set maker. A Spotlight frequent flyer, Gerwyn uses everything from sequins, to plastic plates, to upholstery foam to craft his costumes. And such is the construction of his costumes, that it’s not uncommon for Gerwyn to find himself contemplating whether or not he can breathe. In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, we talk about the different skills involved in his work and how they layer together in the overall creative process; how over the years he has continued to focus on consistently showing up and doing the work and success has followed; some of his more interesting material choices and what it was like shooting in situ in Japan. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. If you need help figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice, book a session with Willy today.
April 07, 2022
S4 Ep79 Lili Montefiore and her fellow misfits in magical sandstone castles
@lil.montefiore My guest this week is artist Lili Montefiore. I first came across Lili at the 2020 National Art School Grad show. Lili had these eye-catching works. Her paintings were these everyday settings but in vibrant pinks and greens and oranges. And the hooped skirt that had slogans embroidered and embossed all over it. Phrases like, give us a smile and you’re too pretty to be running at night, and whore. Cat calls that most women have heard at some point. I wasn’t the only one who took note of her work. M Contemporary Gallery in Rushcutters loved it too. They invited Lili to join a group show, which then resulted in Lili being offered her own solo show in March 2022. In today’s episode of interview with an artist, we talk about LIli’s magical wholesome childhood growing up on a peninsula in Lake Macquarie; the shocking transition for Lili going from a tiny school based on Steiner principles, to a large state based high school with 100’s of kids; how art was her saviour and solace as a shy person; how the enthusiasm and passion of her cohort, rubbed off on each other and lifted each other up; and how she is getting her head around the business side of being a professional artist. Lili is one who’s career you will want to watch grow. I also have this thing for names that roll off the tongue so we kick the interview off with me asking Lili about her last name. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Do you need help figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a one-on-one session with Willy today. 
March 24, 2022
S4 Ep78 Greta Laundy lets the energy of the colours take over
@gretalaundyart Greta paints and draws stunning colour filled abstract works. Working intuitively, Greta gets her pieces started and then hands the reigns over to them to finish, likening the process to being carried away on the energy of the colours. Don’t be fooled though. It’s not all about what colours sit best beside each other. Greta’s work begins from a deeper place of inspiration. Psychology and sociology and feminist theory. They all play a role in bringing Greta’s artwork to life. In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, we chat about a range of things including how Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins played a role in sparking her latest series titled Insignia, about finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts and the touchstones it gave her, and we also we do a bit of a deep dive on criticism - how to give it, how to receive it and the role it plays in the life of an artist. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Do you need help figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a mentoring session with Willy today.
March 10, 2022
S4 Ep77 Adam Norton creates art with his analogue mind trying to deal with our deep tech life
@adamnorton64 UK born, Australian based artist Adam Norton creates work in a mix of forms such as installations, painting and film. His creative practice revolves around how technology impacts the human experience. The perfect question to marry his love of science and art. In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, we chat about Adam’s childhood in Africa and how it influences his work today, what it was like studying art at Oxford, and the cumulative process of Adam’s work and how it can start as a small object made in the studio and then evolve into him being in a space suit. A couple of other highlights from our conversation was Adam’s social media /pub conversation analogy, and why his broom is the one thing in his studio he couldn’t go without. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Do you need help figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a mentoring session with Willy. 
February 24, 2022
S4 EP 76 Christina Lowry has a licence to collect dead things
@christinalowryartist Christina Lowry is a Queensland based artist working in fine art photography. And yes, she has a license to collect dead things. “Don’t look in the bottom draw of the freezer!" is a common warning in her household. Christina also has a bug collection and has studied the practice of preserving and pinning bugs. You see, Christina takes inspiration for her fine art photography from the 17th century Dutch masters. And in order to create her works of art, she goes to extreme lengths to ensure the authenticity of each composition. Such as getting replica glassware handmade in Prague and then shipped to Australia for one of her shoots. And this extreme attention to detail is paying off. In 2021 Christina was a finalist in the Whitehall, the Gosford and the Ravenswood art prizes. In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, we talk about how as a 17 year old doing her fine arts degree, Christina marvelled at the mature aged students, we talk about how each of her roles a a jeweller and commercial photographer helped towards her fine art career, and we also find out just exactly how far Christina will go to get the right pieces for her composition. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. If you need help taking the right next step in your artistic practice, book a one-on-one mentoring session with Willy at
February 10, 2022
S4 EP 75 Kate Owen's studio is almost as famous as her artwork
@kowneart When Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors slides into your DM's saying "Hey, I like your work, let's chat," it's a BIG moment.  Kate Owen cracked the champagne that evening and has been painting her heart out ever since. Creating everyday, showing up on socials, and generally doing her best to make the most of the fantastic opportunity that is being represented by Greenhouse Interiors.  It didn't start there though, it rarely does. Kate is the epitome of someone who sees an opportunity and runs with it. And throughout her life in regional New South Wales, it has served her well. She has satisfied her creativity working in fashion, homewares, special occasion cake making and now painting.  Tune in to find out how Marie Kondo helped Kate prepare for life as an artist, the advice Catherine Cassidy offered that Kate still reflects on today, and what it is like to be represented by and work with, Greenhouse Interiors. Oh and yes Kate's studio, if you don't know and lust after it already, you soon will.  Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo.  If you need help figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice, book a one-on-one mentoring session with Willy.  Book mentoring - Sign up for Mentor Musings - the newsletter helping artists take the right next step.  Instagram: @wilamina_russo
February 02, 2022
S3 Ep74 Monty Preston with Saatchi Art's NFT plan
2022 was another big year in the art scene. Gallery openings got canceled, digital viewings had to continue to suffice, and NFT's exploded on to the market. It was really Beeple’s collage work, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, sold via Christie’s for $69 US million that got everyone stirred up. That was March. Since then, the NFT/crypto market has been a rollercoaster ride. And I'll be honest, it still seems like something pretty foreign to me and probably a lot of artists I know and have spoken to. However, Saatchi Art are looking to change that. My last guest of the season is Monty Preston. Monty is a manager of Art Advisory and Curation at Saatchi Art. Monty is part of a team working with artists and collectors to help them make the leap into the NFT space.  You can find Monty and all the information we talk about on Enjoy meeting Saatchi Art's Monty Preston. Twitter: @_MontyPreston Contact for artists and collectors: John Lijo Bluefish's Profile on Saatchi Art: Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Do you want helping figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a mentoring session with Willy on
December 21, 2021
S3 Ep73 Tom Keukenmeester knows nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Adelaide based artist Tom Keukenmeester learnt the ropes working as an apprentice of sorts for artist Lucy Bonnin.  A move to Sydney, a hung over meeting with legendary art dealer Rex Irwin, and years of continually doing the work and today the painter and sculptor is now with Martin Browne Contemporary. In today’s Interview With An Artist, Tom and I talk about the importance of mentors and artist friendships, how his vision for his future helped him determine what opportunities to say yes and no to, and how he found himself moving from painting to ceramic sculptures with surprising success. You can see Tom’s work over on instagram @tomkeukenmeester  This is the second last episode for Season 3. Season 4 will commence in February 2022. In 2022 I will be starting a monthly newsletter for artists called Mentor Musings. It will have things I’ve noticed from sessions, tips and tricks from the mentoring community, and also up coming Australian prizes that could be of interest. If you would like to receive it sign up at That is also the best way to be notified when mentoring opens up again in 2022. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Do you want helping figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a mentoring session with Willy on
December 16, 2021
S3 Ep72 Sarrita King and the power of family, community and art
Sarrita King almost fell into painting. Her late father was the highly respected  artist, William King Jungala, a man from the Gurindji clan. Before he died in 2007, he passed on to Sarrita and her sister Tarrise King, a love of art, community and storytelling. Sarrita lives in Garramilla, or Darwin, with her partner and her two young children, painting amongst the chaos of family life. With a career as a professional artist spanning almost 15 years, Sarrita’s work is held in collections around the world. In today’s Interview With An Artist, we chat about how Sarrita left her journalism degree to pursue art; her manager Keith and the tight knit bond between Sarrita, Tarrise and Keith; and how Sarrita loves her galleries so much and how deep the relationship is with them. Catch her work @sarritaking_artist Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Do you want helping figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a mentoring session with Willy on
December 09, 2021
S3 Ep71 Kirthana Selvaraj and her awesome green suit
Kirthana Selvaraj is exploring her place in the world through her art. Painting herself into the halls of some of the longest standing and most traditional institutions. Her self portrait, The Green Suit, was an Archibald finalist in 2021 and a Portia Geach finalist in 2020. I remember seeing it and there was just something about the expression in her face and the way the suit hung on her that hit me.  Kirthana paints about the experience of being in a queer brown body and trying to find her place in the world, or even just see it. In today’s episode we talk about the painting of that epic self portrait and her mum’s reaction when she saw what Kirthana was wearing in it; about how her artistic practice is helping her claim her place, and how an approach of lifting each other up, of collaboration over competition, is surely a better way forward. Kirthana is a deep thinker and such an eloquent communicator. I loved speaking with her and hearing her thoughts, I am sure you will love hearing her story. You can stay across her work on Instagram at @kirthanasart Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by radio host, arts broadcaster and artist mentor Willy (Wilamina) Russo. Do you want helping figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a mentoring session with Willy on
December 02, 2021
S3 Ep70 Andrea Sinclair, the 2021 National Emerging Art Prize Winner
The 2021 National Emerging Art Prize was the hottest Australian prize for emerging artists. Victorian based artist Andrea Sinclair took out the painting prize with her portrait of Flossie. So who is Andrea? How long has she been painting for? And what’s been her career trajectory to date? In today’s Interview With An Artist, Andrea and I talk about: how she started art studying in the 80’s only to leave it completely and return 25 years later, how the power of her artist friendships helped move her career along, and the advice she wishes someone had given her when she was 21. One of the things I am most excited for with Andrea’s work to come, is her passion for women of a certain age. You know the cool ones, the fierce ones, the ones that even though they’re not the pretty young things any more, they have a vibe about them that just speaks volumes. Like Flossie! Andrea has a plan to bring them front and centre and celebrate them. You can catch Andrea’s work on her instagram Enjoy meeting the 2021 National Emerging Art prize winner, Andrea Sinclair. Interview With An Artist is hosted and produced by arts broadcaster and artist mentor, Willy (Wilamina) Russo.  Do you want helping figuring out the right next step in your artistic practice? Book a mentoring session with Willy - link below.
November 25, 2021
S3 Sp69 Sally Veer of S.A.S Veer is exploring the intersection of art and heirloom
S.A.S Veer is the brainchild of Sally Veer, an artist working in the realms of quilting and watercolour painting. Sally's quilts are pushing the boundaries into the art world and challenging the traditional depiction of "just a blanket". With a genuine desire to create sustainably, S.A.S Veer is partnering with Australian designer Lee Matthews to work with their offcuts.  In today’s episode of Interview with an Artist, we learn about the impact Sally’s Oma (grandma) had on her, how her relationship with Lee Matthews began and what it taught her, and how she is navigating that line between artwork and well, quilt! Head on over to S.A.S Veer on instagram @s.a.s.veern to see her intricate and detailed work. Enjoy meeting the wonderful Sally Veer.
November 18, 2021
S3 Ep68 Ida Sophia is here to feel it all and make beautiful art in the process
Performance artist Ida Sophia is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her 2021 show Regret was an emotional tribute and reckoning with one of the heaviest emotions we have.  For 28 days Ida sat for 6 hours a day, not speaking, not eating, not making eye contact. She faced a huge floral installation and wore a cape upon which people pinned small plaster tablets they had written their regrets on. Watch her performance on ABC Artworks - Ida comes on at about 19 minutes 30 second mark. I strongly urge you to check it out. In today’s episode of Interview With An Artist, we talk about the training and preparation that goes into a work like regret, how the idea came into being for the show, and about giving space to emotions that maybe we try and push aside. Ida Sophia is a woman of great capacity and deep thought, and it is my absolute pleasure to have her on the show this week. and Instagram @idasophia_artist
November 11, 2021
S3 Ep67 Melanie Vugich's still life paintings caught the eye of Oscar de la Renta
From Broken Hill to Florence to Bronte, Melanie Vugich has made the most of the opportunities that have come her way. The Australian painter works in vibrant, rich colour combinations, which is a nod to her career in fabric design. 2021 has been a great year for Melanie with two strong solos and three amazing collaborations. And although it may have seemed to all come quite quickly for the artist, it's actually been a long road. This week on Interview With An Artist we talk about how Melanie established a career in fabric design, how it was grief that took her to the easel full time, and how her collaborations came about, including one with Oscar de la Renta.  Check out Melanie's work on instagram @melanievugich
November 04, 2021
S3 Ep66 Ed Hartley from Bluethumb has grand plans for Podium
Bluethumb was founded by brothers Ed and George Hartley and their uni mate Phil. The tech company is based out of Adelaide, is about to turn ten years old and has over 15,000 artists on the platform. Earlier this year Bluethumb announced they are launching a new platform for the secondary art market called Podium. I was keen to chat to them about the new venture and the inspiration behind it. Ed Hartley joined me for today’s show to talk about how Bluethumb got started, the role it’s playing in the Australian art scene and the big picture goals for Podium.
October 28, 2021
S3 Ep65 George Byrne retired from photography early on, thank goodness he returned
Australian born, LA based artist George Byrne is a man of many talents. You most likely know his work via his Instagram feed @george_byrne or his stunning book Post Truth. It took George a few years to get into his groove but now that he's there, his art is going from strength to strength.  In today's episode we talk about how he left photography but eventually found his way back, how LA became his muse, the attention to detail that went into creating his book and what some of the misconceptions might be about his art. George and I spoke in early October when he was in hotel quarantine in Sydney. He’s back in the country for his solo exhibition Innervisions opening on the 27th of October at Olsen gallery.
October 21, 2021
S3 Ep64 Justine Muller has her broken down car to thank for a lot of things
A blown up car engine. A suspended drivers licence. The offer to paint a portrait or two.  It doesn't sound like the genesis for one of the most important exhibitions of our times, but it is. Sydney based artist Justine Muller shares her story of how she became connected to the people of Wilcannia and well known artist Badger Bates. A friendship that lead to the creation of the exhibition 'Barka, the forgotten River' which has been touring for the last three years.  You can find Justine on instagram @justinemullerartist This is a wonderful story and I'm so grateful to Justine for sharing it. 
October 14, 2021
S3 Ep63 AccountArts Jodie Dean is all about creative accounting, in a good way
Today we’re talking creative accounting. No, not tax dodging or illegitimate expense claims, accounting for creatives. Jodie Dean founded AccountArts after a long career in the corporate world. The business is a marriage of Jodie’s love for design and creativity with her expertise in bookkeeping and accounting. We talk about how she got started and the type of support she provides. Also we discuss some of the common mistakes creatives make with their accounting and her number one tip for keeping creative finances sorted. We kept the conversation pretty general as everyone’s financial situation is different, however I hope there are some tips in there for you, that help you get your moola in order. You can find AccountArts at or on Instagram @account_arts Enjoy meeting Jodie Dean.
October 07, 2021
S3 Ep62 Matilda Michell's work harks back to the broody and technically sophisticated works of the 17th Century
Sydney based artist Matilda Michell loves reading 17th Century painting texts. That is, when she can get her hands on them and when she can make sense of them! Matilda has a real affection for the classics and Dutch masters. This is definitely one of the most technically focused conversations on the podcast and I think that speaks to what really drives Matilda. In today’s episode we cover a range of themes including: the power and importance of light control in Matilda’s studio, her thoughts and tips around composition, and how it’s necessary to spend time doing basic practice exercises. Matilda also made a really interesting point about the importance of limiting her visual input in a time in history where every style is being widely practiced. You can see Matilda’s rich and broody work over on instagram @matildamichell
September 30, 2021
S3 Ep61 James Price is finally making the work he wants to make, and you're going to love it
Melbourne based maker James Price creates work that makes him happy. And in return, it makes his collectors happy too. It hasn’t always been that way though. There is so much in this episode thanks to James’s generosity. I’m a big fan of the deep feelers and the big thinkers, and James Price definitely falls into that category. James spent a decade in New York, climbing the corporate ladder of the creative agency world. At 27 he found himself the manager of a team of creatives and a partner in a business. Sounds awesome right? And some of it was. But there was also a part of James that wanted more. He wanted to be challenged and he wanted to learn. And ultimately, he wanted to get back on the tools creating. On today’s episode of Interview With An Artist we cover a range of topics including: James' decision to leave his high paying high flying New York life, why he first started painting under a pseudonym, how it took him almost 10 years to start making the work he wanted to make, and his deep gratitude and appreciation for his gallery relationships. Check him on on instagram @theartofjamesprice
September 23, 2021
S3 Ep60 Allison Bellinger of AK Bellinger Gallery loves punching above her weight
Allison Bellinger is the driving force behind AK Bellinger Gallery. A conversation with a good friend, artist Vanessa Stockard, helped spark the gallery into life. That was in 2016. Fast forward to today and Allison is looked up as one of the leading Australian galleries. Be it to Russia, South Africa, Asia, America, or her Inverell locals, Allison is bringing some of the most exciting art to the scene. On today’s episode we talk about how Allison finds her artists, what makes a great gallerist artist relationship, how Allison sees the role of art prizes, and what trends she’s noticed in the Australian art scene recently. There's also a bit of gushing about Kiata Mason and Galah magazine at the end.  Follow Allison and the gallery at @akbellingergallery
September 16, 2021
S3 Ep59 Sarah Waghorn paints flowers that make people stop and message her
Sydney based, UK born artist Sarah Waghorn and I bonded over a flower - the angel trumpet. And it seems I'm not the only to bond with Sarah over flowers and the way she conveys them in her paintings. What began as an excuse to get away from domestic drudgery has now turned into Sarah's second career. Today we talk about flowers, art prizes, securing her first solo and how the favourite thing in her studio is something she made herself.  Sarah was due to have her first solo exhibition open today, the 9th of September at Grainger Gallery. However like many artists across the country, and the globe, her show has been postponed. We look forward to seeing it when it can indeed open and by gosh, what a night of celebration and excitement it will be. Check out Sarah's work @sarahwaghornart.
September 09, 2021
S3 Ep58 Artbank's Director Zoë Rodriguez loves her job
Artbank is one of the cornerstones of the Australian art scene. Headed up by Director Zoë Rodriguez, each year they search the country to buy 100's of 1000's of dollars worth of art, to lease back out. So if you're an artist, how can you get in on the action? And if you're an art lover, what kind of money do you need to lease a piece of art? And do they even lease to individuals or is it just big corporates? Zoë and I talk about all this and more in this week's episode of Interview With An Artist. Follow their work at or on Instagram @artbankau
September 02, 2021
S3 Ep57 Carly LeCerf on plein air adventures in Western Australia, chance meetings with Australian art icons and sage advice on creative direction
This episode has it all. Action, adventure, celebrity encounters (of the art world type at least) and some really beautiful advice about how to decide what you should paint. Carly LeCerf gives us a quick intro to Mt Barker and then shares her stories about painting plein air, coffee inspired initiatives and how her mum helped her secure a show at Michael Reid Murrurundi. Go mum!  Check out Carly's work on IG @carlylecerf or on her website
August 26, 2021
S3 Ep56 Amber Creswell Bell and the National Emerging Art Prize
What is the definition of an emerging artist? Does art need to tell a story? How do I know what prizes to apply for? If you have ever asked yourself these questions this episode is for you. I chatted with Amber Creswell Bell, the Program Director for Michael Reid Northern Beaches and the driving force behind this new prize to answer these questions and more. The National Emerging Art Prize is open for submissions for painting and ceramic works until October 1, 2021.  Wilamina Russo
August 19, 2021
S2 Ep25 Shaan Bhula's paintings of half eaten food are masterpieces
Emerging Sydney based painter Shaan Bulha is the creator of a body of work featuring half eaten food. And can I tell you, a half eaten burger has never looked so beautiful. Shaan doesn't classify himself as an artist, he doesn't even classify himself as a painter. In his words, he's just a really patient guy who is good at fixing mistakes. I want you to pay attention to the language Shaan uses. Because he may not call himself an artist or a painter, but I would tend to disagree. In today's episode we talk about:  how Shaan got started painting and is finding his way as a self taught oil painter, the inspiration behind he's pursuit to showcase Australia's very own street food, and how he finds it difficult comprehending selling any of his originals. To stay across his journey of culinary delights, follow him on Instagram @half_eaten_australia This is the final episode for season two, thanks so much for tuning! I will be back with you with season three if a few weeks. 
July 22, 2021
S2 Ep24 droplt cofounders Georgia Mills and Sotiris Sotiriou talk NFTs, perfect partnerships and launch plans
The NFT market is going wild and you’re a programer who loves art with a good friend how owns a gallery. What do you do?  Of course you call your gallery friend and say 'What's our plan?' Georgia Mills is a programmer for a leading Australian software company and Sotiris Sotiriou is the founder and owner of COMA Gallery in Sydney. Georgia could see there was an opportunity to be had and the result is droplt - a new digital marketplace for the acquisition of NFTs planned to be launched later this year.  Listen in as a complete NFT novice (Willy Russo) peppers the duo with all manner of questions.  To follow their developments, head over to Instagram  This episode was pre-recorded earlier in 2021 when dancing at weddings was permitted. Just saying.
July 15, 2021
S2 Ep23 Nasim Nasr captures cultural contrasts like no other
Nasim Nasr is an Iranian born artist living and working in Australia. Her story will have you asking, how far would you go for your art? Nasim's art is inspired by her observations of culture and how the things we take for granted in one can spark a powerful conversation in another with her photographic and film work shown to international acclaim and award. Today's episode covers a range of topics including Nasim's journey to Australia; her first trip to a nude beach and how it sparked a range of idea; and how she found herself accepting an award from Maison John Paul Gauliter in Paris.  We also talk about our joint passion for getting arts a more regular place in our media, like an art segment in the news perhaps. Head on over to Nasim's instagram @nasimnasr_art to stay across her work.
July 08, 2021
S2 Ep22 Sarah McDonald, the Adelaide ART-TREPRENEUR paints landscapes you want to escape into
Sarah McDonald wears a few hats. Art school owner. Art teacher. Professional artist. South Australian art industry champion. Her landscapes capture the warmth of the surrounding natural environment and the positive energy she feels from being amongst it. Sarah is accomplished, successful and well respected, yet, there is something she feels has alluded her art career to-date. We chat about what that is and why she feels it matters. We also dive into the South Australian art scene and its vibrant community.  Follow Sarah on instagram @sarahmcdonaldartist
July 01, 2021
S2 Ep21 Daniel Bodey, 2020 National Art School grad and fellow admirer of John Brack
It was art school or bust for drawer and painter Daniel Bodey. The Sydney based artist graduate from National Art School in 2020 and was the recipient of the Troy Quinliven award in his final year. Daniel has developed a distinctive style and has a love for John Brack like I do.  Head on over to Instagram and follow his work @_bodey_daniel_art_
June 24, 2021
S2 Ep20 Sebastian Goldspink, curator, writer, art world champion
Sebastian Goldspink is one of the most generous art world figures you'll meet. Along with his roles of opening the new Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf and as curator of the Adelaide Biennial in 2022, he is a constant champion of art and the people creating it. Today he shares with us his thoughts on the roots and evolution of curation and how he sees it relating to him, his approach to opening the Woollahra gallery and selecting the artists to show, and his advice to artists trying to get their work into galleries. Stay across Sebastian’s work by following the social media channels of: @agsa.adelaide for The Art gallery of South Australia  @woollahragallery for the Woollahra Gallery or even his personal account, @sebastiangoldspink
June 17, 2021
S2 Ep19 Phoebe Gander on the evolution of her art, mental health and making people laugh
Phoebe Moonyean Gander is an English born mixed media artist living and working in New Zealand. She's also hilarious. Follow her on instagram and you're bound to get a giggle. Finding her flow in the whirlwind of life that is a young family and dealing with her ADHD, Phoebe's compelling abstract works are an active meditation of sorts.  Our conversation today is a meandering walk through art, mental health, family and life in general. Because let's be honest, those things all go hand in hand.  If for some bizarre reason you don't already follow Phoebe, do yourself a favour and head on over to @phoebeganderart.
June 10, 2021
S2 Ep18 Miranda Skoczek vibrant abstract artist and lover of beauty
Miranda Skoczek may not be the best book club member, as you’ll find out, but she’s a damn fine painter. Miranda has been consistently exhibiting over the last 15 years. Doing 2 and sometimes 3 shows a year. She moved her studio back home this year after years spent working offsite. And it’s exciting to see what the change in energy will do to her work. You see home isn’t just Miranda floating around painting at whim. Mirand is a single mum to her son and the ring master of a menagerie of pets. Miranda and I chatted earlier in the year for this episode, and in that conversation we talk about a range of things including: the poor struggling artist story and why it doesn’t have to always be that way, how she remains inspired and the important of having a process, and where she’d love to focus her energies over the next couple of years. If you don’t already, head on over and follow her on Instagram @mirandaskoczek
June 03, 2021
S2 Ep17 Giorgia McRae Draws With Steel in Space
Giorgia McRae graduated from the National Art School in Sydney in 2020. She creates beautiful sculptures with steel and blocks of sandstone and has her very first solo at Saint Cloche in Paddington later this year. We chatted all things art school such as the highs and lows, and what actually happens when the study is over and the students are thrust out into the real world.  Follow this rising star on Instagram at @giorgiamcraeart.
May 27, 2021
S2 Ep16 Matthew Israel, New York based curator, writer and art historian
Chances are if you live in New York and are in the art world, you’ve probably seen Matthew Israel speak at function, host a panel or read his writing. The curator, writer and art historian is a well known and well respected figure in the scene. I first came across Matthew via his book, A Year In the Art World, an insiders view, and it quickly became one of my top three books for 2020.  I caught up with Matthew in April to talk about a number of things including his observations of the pandemic on the New York art scene, whether or not the push into digital in the art world will continue at the same rate, and his thoughts on the stand alone artist vs the traditional gallery pathway. If you haven’t already, read his book and follow him on Instagram @matthewisrael
May 20, 2021
Ces McCully, Australian artist living and working in the South of France
Ces McCully is a deep thinker, a lover of words and currently obsessed with olives. She also paints all the phrases you say in your head, but dare not utter out loud.  Among many things we talk about her discovery that different languages have different colours, the inspiration for her true selves project, and the importance of celebrating female artist who are also mothers. Ces sent to me two interesting articles that look at various gender topics in the art world. I've linked them below. The Representation of Female Artists in Britain in 2019 and Is Gender in the Eye of the Beholder? Identifying Cultural Attitudes With Art Auction Prices. Follow Ces on Instagram at @cesmcccully for her art and @trueselvesproject for juicy stranger confessions.
May 13, 2021
S2 Ep14 Frances Belle Parker, Yaegl woman and artist from Yaygirr Wadyarr
Frances Belle Parker started her career with a bang, winning the Blake Prize at age 18 in 2000. This year she had another major highlight. Her artwork titled Angwirri, was projected on to the sails of the Sydney Opera House on the 26th of January. A proud Yaegl woman from Yaygirr Wadyarr, or the Maclean region, in Northern New South Wales, Frances has been creating for over 20 years. In today’s episode we talk about that iconic moment in January this year and the deeper significance around it, her experience at art school, and the vision that inspired her award winning painting for the Blake prize. Head over to Instagram and follow Frances @francesbelleparkerart  Enjoy meeting the lovely Frances Belle Parker.
May 06, 2021
S2 Ep13 Wanda Comrie, Western Australian artist and her brilliant botanicals
Wanda Comrie is getting on with painting and selling her vibrant botanical works. Having found her groove and a market (hello, The Jealous Currator and Ashley Longshore!) Wanda's works are in collections all around the world. Today we chatted about art prizes, the admin and logistics of selling your own work and why Instagram requires more than just a few follows and likes to build a network.  Head on over and follow Wanda @wandacomrie for a hit of colour to lift your spirits! Enjoy meeting the talented Wanda Comrie.
April 29, 2021
S2 ep12 The Grammar Art Show's Rebecca Statton
Arguably one of the most successful Australian school-run art shows, The Grammar Art Show in Toowoomba Queensland, gets bigger and better each year. Rebecca Statton is one of the volunteers who works behind the scenes to make it all happen. This year they showed over 290 artists with over 1000 pieces of works. It's a HUGE show.  Bec joined me to talk about why the show is so popular with collectors and artists alike, what the plans are for the show in the year to come and Bec's advice for both emerging artists and first time collectors. Follow them on Instagram @grammarartshow  If you're an artist and want to be included in the show, email the crew at
April 22, 2021
S2 Ep11 Kian Mosharaf, American illustrator living in Barcelona
Kian Mosharaf is a Dallas born, Barcelona based artist working in the field of illustration. Winning a place in the 2019 Slow Down Studio competition saw Kian's creative career move in the direction of product development. In today’s episode, Kian and I explore the difference between an illustrator and an artist, how he decided on Spain over New York, and how his definition of success has changed over the years. Head to Kian’s Instagram @kianmosharaf to see his captivating works.
April 15, 2021
S2 Ep10 Samantha Dennison Australian Still Life Painter
Samantha Dennison was a high school art teacher for 16 years. Along came three children and the need to be flexible with her time, so Samantha picked up the brush and began to paint full time. That was seven years ago now and over that time, she has developed a style that is calm, refined and quietly oh so beautiful. On today’s episode Samantha and I talk process, continual learning and the line between copying and inspiration.  We mention a number of great artists, but one in particular is Lisa Congdon and her artist manifesto. Head on over to Samantha’s Instagram @samanthadennisonartist to follow her work.  Enjoy meeting the wonderful Samantha Dennison.
April 08, 2021
S2 Ep9 Bethany Saab
Bethany’s Saab entry onto the Australian art scene has been one most artists dream of. She was approached by Amber Creswell Bell to join the Michael Reid emerging artist program, was listed in The Design Files and national newspaper The Australian as an artist to watch, and is currently prepping for her second solo show at Michael Reid Northern Beaches. Not bad for her first year in the industry! Head on over to Bethany’s Instagram @bethanysaabart to follow her emerging artist journey. Enjoy meeting the lovely Bethany Saab.
April 01, 2021
S2 Ep 8 Gig Moses The Moree Gallery
Gig Moses, owner and Director of The Moree Gallery, is a great example of the creative vibrancy that blossoms in regional Australia. On top of her amazing stable of artists, Gig also has a loyal following of collectors. It wasn’t always that way though, Gig has invested over two decades of energy, resources, and love, into getting the gallery to where it is today. Among other things we talk about her life at the gallery and some misconceptions about Moree, her advice to emerging artists and also new collectors, and how an accident with her beloved dog Freddo lead to finding a new artist for the gallery. If you don’t all ready, follow Gig on Instagram @themoreegallery
March 25, 2021
S2 Ep7 Julie Battisti
Julie Battisti paints the most glorious billowing clouds and luxurious flowers. Sounds kind of dreamy right? And it is. Escapism is one of her artistic drivers and it's not at all surprising. You could definitely get lost in her works. We chat the artist gallery relationship and why she values it, the sometimes awkward side of money and being an artist, and the commissioning process.  Head to Julie’s instagram @juliebattisti and check out her rich works.
March 17, 2021
S2 Ep6 Johnny K
Johnny K is an Australian artist based in the Blue Mountains behind Sydney. His vibrant Australian landscapes have grown in popularity and it's no wonder. They bring a sense of freedom and joy to the viewer. We dived into some of life's big topics - philosophy, the power of the Australian landscape, the gallery artist relationship and his upcoming first solo exhibition at Wentworth Gallery in Sydney. Head to his Instagram @Johnnykartist and check out his vibrant take on the Australian landscape.
March 10, 2021
S2 Ep5 Pi Williams
Emerging Australian artist Pi Williams creates art works you just want to touch! The textile artist uses punch needle and variety of wools and yarns to create beautiful works that are rich in colour and texture.  Check out her work on Instagram @piwilliamsart or her website
March 04, 2021
S2 Ep4 Ashley Longshore
Strap yourself in for the life force that is American artist, gallery owner, and all round artrepreneur, Ashley Longshore.
February 24, 2021
S2 Ep3 Kelsey Howard
This week we’re off to Wilmington North Carolina in the USA, to chat with emerging American painter Kelsey Howard. It was Kelsey’s portraits of women that initially caught my eye. We spoke about balancing her day job as a nurse  and her artistic career, holding her first solo show which sold out, Instagram as a great source of inspiration, and the importance of believing in yourself and finding enjoyment in your practice. Head to Kelsey’s Instagram page @kelseyhowardart to get an eye full of colour and joy.
February 17, 2021
S2 Ep2 Robert Malherbe
Australian figurative painter Robert Malherbe wants to capture the moment. It's an experience he's painting, not a picture. An experience of feelings, of intensity, of light refracting from the round of a hill or the round of a buttock. His loose bold brush strokes give a richness to his paintings that is loved the world over. Today on Interview with an find out if he has any regrets, if his definition of success is changing at all, and the importance of artists supporting artists. Find him on Instagram at @robert_malherbe
February 11, 2021
S2 Ep1 Samantha Hobbelen
Samantha Hobbelen creates paintings that lift you up and leave you feeling pretty darn good. Just like a session hanging out with Sam. We talk about the importance of asking the question, bringing some business brains to a creative life, and see how her career as an artist has evolved since we first spoke in 2019. Find her on instagram @samanthahobbelen
February 03, 2021
Emily Persson
Impasto pallete knife painter Emily Persson began as a teenager, painting murals on her bedroom cupboard. Fast forward 15 years to today and her work is in demand with collectors around the globe.  Her journey has been overwhelming, liberating and rewarding and really, Emily is only just getting started.  Emily joined me from her home in Melbourne for this week's Interview With An Artist.
December 16, 2020
Alice Linford Forte
If you were to look up the phrase free spirit in the dictionary you would see a picture of gorgeous Alice Linford Forte next to it. The Western Australian artist loves to paint, surf and travel. Before COVID hit, Alice was making her way through central and south America. And as amazing as it all sounds, Alice doesn’t take it for granted. She knows hard work and a supportive family play a big role in her success. Check our her Insta @theartofalice
December 10, 2020
Andrew McLean
Chances are you've read one of the 80 books Andrew McLean has illustrated. Or maybe one of the 15 he and his wife Janet published together. Janet writes the words and Andrew, a painter and drawer, illustrates the pictures. And a lot has changed since their first book came out in 1978, but one thing remains the same, children love a great story.  Check out for all Andrew's work.
December 03, 2020
Yuri Shimmyo
Yuri Shimmyo tried to give up painting. But she couldn’t. It called her back. And after 40 plus years of painting, this year Yuri was selected as a finalist in the Archibald, one of Australia’s leading portrait prizes. We spoke about why she couldn’t leave the artistic life behind, the juggle of day jobs and creating art, and how her studio is at times a noisy place, with all her paintings talk to her. Check out her work at or on Instagram @yurishimmyo Yuri joined me from her home in Sydney for this week's show.
November 26, 2020
Nina Walton
Nina Walton draws, paints and creates using needle and thread. It's not weaving, more so painting with thread as Nina puts it. We chat about the timing of life and when we come to things, the limiting nature of labels, the political commentary that accompanies working with thread and how there is beauty and hope in the dissolving of things. Check out her work at her website or head to her Instagram @ninawaltonart
November 18, 2020
Jasmine Mansbridge
Bright bold colours. Geometric shapes. You know a Jasmine Mansbridge piece whether you see it on the street or hanging on the wall. The Victorian based artist has a style full of energy and life, inspired by mother nature.  Check out her work at either or head to her instagram @jasmine_mansbridge.
November 11, 2020
Nathan Hawkes
Nathan Hawkes draws richly coloured works that are loose but also full of detail. They are almost fairytale like in the most beautiful of whimsical images. If they sound intriguing, they are.  Head on over to his instagram @n.a.t.h.a.n.h.a.w.k.e.s and you'll see exactly what I mean. Nathan joined me from his home in Sydney for this week’s Interview With An Artist.
November 04, 2020
Petra Pinn
Petra Pinn is a Sydney based artist who loves teaching her students, loves trawling through op shops, and hates being pigeonholed.  Her works include all the things she enjoys painting - people, pets, interiors, still lives, landscapes - and sometimes all in one gorgeous piece! Head to her instagram @petrapinn for a scroll through a colour rich selection of works that are full of life.
October 28, 2020
Tillie Moyle and Thea-Bella Taylor
Young Archibald Special! This week we meet two amazing young artists Tillie Moyle, 13 and Thea-Bella Taylor 12, both are finalists in Australia's national portrait prize, the Young Archies.  You can check out Thea's work on her instagram or website - Quirky Critters. 
October 21, 2020
Sarah Bishop
Sarah Bishop gets on with life.  Whether it's working on her rural property in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, raising her two children as they move into their teenage years, or drawing into the night with a scotch in hand and love for the madness that is hyper-realistic drawing. Sarah also paints, with her studio muse, the cutest pony you have ever seen, and a world of inspiration right out side her door.  Head to her Instagram page @sarahbishopartist and you'll see the breadth of her creative expertise. Joy. Passion. Dedication. They’re all there in Sarah’s story. Also gratitude and a positive outlook for making the most of what life has to offer. We laughed our way through this week’s interview as we talk about overnight success, sage advice from her dad and the value of community. Sarah joined me from her property in the Hunter Valley for this week’s Interview With An Artist.
October 14, 2020
Josh Charadia
Josh Charadia graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017. This year, a mere three years later, he was named a finalist in the Sulman, a prestigious Australian art prize. A proud moment for both Josh and his parents. When Josh was younger he would pester his father to get out his water paints and show Josh how to improve.   Roller coaster is a a word Josh uses a lot throughout our chat. And it's understandable. The life of any creative is one of great highs and doubt invoking lows. Learning to ride them out and stay on track is a big part of the artists path, and Josh is taking it all in his stride and his paves the way for a bright artistic life. Check out Josh's Instagram @joshification for his beautiful art and to stay across upcoming exhibitions.  Josh joined me from his studio in Sydney for this week's Interview With An Artist. 
October 07, 2020
Noelle Rigaudie
Noelle Rigaudie Instagram @noellerigaudie French born Australian artist Noelle Rigaudie makes pieces that would look at home in the palace of French King Louis XV. Elegant. Sophisticated. Refined. And made of cardboard. Yes, that's right, cardboard. What started as a fun craft exercise in 2006, turning a pizza box into a simple frame, has evolved to a fine art practice.  Ornate mirrors, stylish sideboards, beautiful chairs, pieces that dance on the boundary of fine art and functional furniture.  We talk everything from second careers, to her big break with Sibella Court and Antrhopologie, to securing gallery representation with Sally Dan Cuthbert.  Noelle also has some fantastic advice for gallery goers, and sticking to her roots, it involves an analogy cheese shopping at a market. 
September 30, 2020
Britty Em
Britty Em is a force of nature. Just like her paintings. Full of life and energy and passion, the Gold Coast artist creates colour filled works that stop you in your tracks. Head to her Instagram page  @britty.em and you'll see what I mean. At 17 Britty held her first solo show and it sold out. However she left the easel behind and opened her own design agency, after studying both fine art and architecture.  With a 10 years absence from the art world, Britty decided the time was right to come back. And what a re-entry it’s been. She was picked up by a gallery almost immediately and has seen her following grow year on year. It took us a few month to finally align calendars so you’ll hear my exclamation. It’s a wide ranging conversation about her work and also the direction of the art world in general. Britty Em joined me from her home on the Gold Coast for this week’s Interview With An Artist
September 23, 2020
Jo White
Jo White creates with emotion.  It’s a feeling she’s following when painting scenes and people from regional Australia, an Australia of times gone by. Of farming families packing up station wagons for the annual beach holiday. Of shearing sheds and old trucks. Of social outings such as the local  cricket game or tennis at a friends. Traditions that continue today but back then, pre-internet, pre-mobile phones, pre-colour TV, they were lifelines of connection.  And regardless of whether people grew up on the land or in the city, lovers of good art love Jo’s work.   Head to her Instagram page @jowhitestudio and I guarantee you will feel the emotion I'm talking about. Jo joined me from her home in Armidale in regional New South Wales for this week's Interview With An Artist.
September 16, 2020
Marisa Veerman
Marisa Veerman's work will stop you in your tracks. Firstly because it's breathtaking. Secondly because you will be doing your best to try and figure out what it is. Is it a photo? Is there some stitching on it? But the finish kind of looks like a painting?  Marisa's work is true mixed media. Her grounding in fine art photography combined with her career in textiles and visual merchandising marry beautifully to result in Marisa's art. Portraits of women and girls, caught mid movement, creating an exquisite and surprisingly calming viewing experience.  Unique is a word I don't use lightly, but it's appropriate when describing Marisa's work. Head to her Instagram page @marisa_veerman to see what I mean. Marisa joined me from her home in Brisbane Queensland, for this week's Interview With An Artist. 
September 09, 2020
Luke Shadbolt
Luke Shadbolt is part storm chaser, part stunt man, part photographic artist. He puts himself in some incredible and sometimes dangerous situations, to capture the power of the ocean.  His images illustrate mother nature's mighty force with an intensity and emotion that is impossible to ignore.  And that's important to Luke, he wants you to take notice. He wants to remind you of the beauty and the power of the ocean. He's also is more interested in the process than the end result. The trait of a true artist.  Head to his Instagram @lukeshadbolt and you will see a feed of the most amazing range of photos, including a few of his wife and new baby. You see Luke's just become a Dad for the first time and it's brought the sometime level of danger in his work, right into focus. Luke joined me from his Australian base on the central New South Wales coast for this week's Interview With An Artist. 
September 02, 2020
Robert Brownhall
Robert Brownhall drowned as a three year old. He was revived and given a slim chance of making it through the night. But he did. Now in his early 50s, it's only in recent years that Rob decided to revisit the trauma that has coloured his life. Literally. From the subject matter he paints, to the golden hue in his work,  to his preference for being up high whether in the tops or trees or buildings .  Rob Brownhall paints with a sensitivity that speaks to his deep thinking nature.  Head to his instagram page @robertbrownhallartist to see what I mean.  He joined me from his home in Brisbane for this week's Interview With An Artist. 
August 26, 2020
Miranda Lorikeet
Miranda Lorikeet sat bored in front of a computer at the age of 22. A receptionist for an insurance company, the role was anything but creative. Enter Microsoft Paint. Like most desktops, Ms Paint was installed. Miranda unleashed her creative urges and began what would soon become an artistic career as one of the very few, and very talented Ms Paint Artists. She creates wanderlust landscapes with little naked women running around, climbing mountains, and swimming in lagoons. And also still life pieces that make the ordinary seem somehow more exciting. Vibrant and playful, Miranda's work captures a mood that you just want more of. You'll see what I mean on her Instagram @mirandalorikeet Miranda joined me from her home in Sydney for this week's Interview With An Artist. 
August 19, 2020
Edward Waring
Edward Waring grew up in a time when the good glasses and the good crystal were saved for special occasions.  Objects too precious for the everyday, However now, head along to your local op shop and you’ll find shelves of them. Crystal vases and glass sets noone wants any more.  That is until Edward gets his hands on them. Edward is an assemblage artist with a fabulous ability to look at things and see a way of putting them together, to breathe new life into them. From his Champagne Tables, to his Memory Sticks to his Tables of Limited Knowledge, Edward creates beautiful art with things considered out of date. Head to his instagram page @edwardwaring and you'll find a treasure trove of beauties. Edward joined me from his home in Sydney, for this week’s Interview With An Artist. 
August 13, 2020
Jayde Chandler
Jayde Chandler needed a couple of glasses of good wine, and an encouraging nudge from her husband to exhibit her first painting. The piece was included in a fundraiser for drought relief and sold for $2000. Not bad for a painting that never had any intention of being seen publicly. That was two years ago now and Jayde’s creative practice has gone from strength to strength. In between raising four young children and helping out on the cattle and sheep property she runs with her husband, Jayde creates vibrant colour rich paintings. Jayde joined me from north west regional Queensland for this week’s Interview With An Artist. Head to her Instagram @jayde_chandler_art and follow for regular hits of colour and joy.
August 05, 2020
Claudia Miranda
Claudia Miranda took a chance. In 2018 she was a mum with a young baby and a steady job. But it wasn’t enough. There was a calling within her to create. So she took the leap and picked up a pen. Inspired by Picasso’s The Kiss, she drew her first piece. The Lovers. And it sold, quickly. So she drew another. And that sold. And before Claudia knew it, she had commissions out the door and brands knocking for collaborations. You see Claudia creates with heart and soul. And you can feel that when you look at her work or scroll through her instagram feed. Her comments are small pearls of wisdom, little dopamine hits for your heart. I sat down with Claudia, 1.5 ms apart, in her Sydney home, for this week’s Interview With An Artist.
July 29, 2020
Ema Shin
Ema Shin is a softly spoken textile artist born in Japan to a lineage of both Japanese and Korean family. She now lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children.  Ema uses the age old craft of embroidery and weaving to create powerful, feminine pieces. Pieces that honour the women in her life, such as her mother and her grandmother. You see in Korean family trees, it’s tradition is to track the men, namely the first born males.  In Ema’s family tree of 35 generations there is not one woman's name. Which is really interesting because it takes two to tango right? And then a woman has to give birth to a baby for the next generation of the family tree to continue. Ema joined  me from her Melbourne studio for this week's Interview With An Artist. You can check out Ema’s work on Instagram at the handle @ema.shin
July 22, 2020
Laura Jones
Laura Jones cares. Behind the broad brush strokes and bold colours of her paintings there is great thought. Thought about what is happening to the environment and to our society. Laura observes the way we humans are impacting the world and responds with her paint brush. A creative evolution that has so far incorporated landscapes, still life and an Archibald finalist portrait. Laura has a breadth of talent matched by a depth of conviction and she joined me from her Sydney studio, for this week's Interview With An Artist.  Find her work on instagram @_laura_jones_
July 15, 2020
Leah Fraser
Leah Fraser has a wild imagination. The self-confessed history and fantasy nerd paints whimsical mythical paintings. Pictures of characters who could easily have epic novels written about them. And although the artist has been away from the canvas, raising her two babes. She’s back. And she’s excited. Excited to see the evolution of her work as her life expands. Leah joined me from her Sydney studio, for this week’s Interview With An Artist. You can check out Leah's work on instagram @lelefraser 
July 08, 2020
Beth Gibbeson
Looking at a painting by Beth Gibbeson is like getting a sneak peak into her soul. Her pieces are big, bold, colour rich works based on warm tones. Because Beth hates to be cold. And her life is big and bold. She has lived in Egypt, she's married and has four children, she plays her studio music LOUD. From impromptu dance parties with her kids, to finding what she was good at when she was young, to sharing her passion with the students she teaches, Beth's life is full of colour.  The Melbourne based artist joined me for this week's Interview With An Artist. Head to her instagram @bethgibbeson to get a glorious colour fix. 
July 02, 2020
David Hinchliffe
At the tender age of 12 David Hinchliffe was seduced by the bohemian artists painting in his Brisbane inner city suburb. It was the 1960's. These artists drank WINE at a time when beer was the standard. They painted all day while others toiled in "real jobs".  Drawn to creativity, David tried his hand at the canvas and found there was something there. He sold his first piece at age 12 for $20, a considerable sum given his father's weekly wage  at the time was $30. But even with the talent, the passion, and the desire, David's life took a different turn. A calling to civil service, to contribute to the city he loved, saw him enter politics. There he stayed for 25 years, painting when time permitted. David finally gave himself to the canvas full time In 2011. From his first solo show in 1976, to now being represented around the world, David Hinchliffe still has much more to give.  Head to his instagram page @davidhinchliffeartist to see his stunning work.  He joined me from his Brisbane studio for this week's Interview With An Artist.  
June 25, 2020
Eliza Gosse
Sydney based painter Eliza Gosse has a penchant for the past. More specifically, mid century architecture. Her paintings evoke feelings of nostalgia for days gone by. Think your classic 50s or 60s roadside motel with clean lines in muted colours.  And Eliza’s not the only one with fondness for the aesthetic. Since graduating from her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017, Eliza has held a number of solo shows, finished as a finalist multiple times in the well regarded Ravenswood Female Art Award and won a number of prizes including the People Choices award in the Waverley Art Prize. Go to her Instagram page @elizagosse and I bet you'll find yourself smiling at memories evoked by her paintings.
June 18, 2020
Lori Pensini
Western Australian artist Lori Pensini began painting out of obligation. Twenty years on, she now paints out of passion. Feverish to know if she has enough time to paint all the stories she has to tell. Stories of ancestors.  Stories of Australia. Stories of life on the land.  A legacy eight generations deep with her children the potential ninth. This emotional and spiritual connection comes through in Lori’s work. Particularly in the eyes of the people and children she paints. The complexity she captures in their stares requires more than just skill with a brush. Head to Lori's instagram page @loripensini and you will see what I mean. 
June 11, 2020
Pip Spiro
Pip Spiro's path to much loved Australian painter has had a few detours. First a business degree. Then a period working in advertising in London. And then a move back home to mum and dad’s after quitting work to pursue her creative passion. Her first solo exhibition in 2018 sold out and since then her following has only grown. Pip paints colour rich still lifes, with a recent series containing botanicals and shells, mother nature’s own works of art. What makes Pip’s work even more outstanding, is that she paints in water colours. If you have ever had a play with water colours you will know they are unforgiving. One wrong stroke and your picture is ruined. Pip uses layer upon layer to achieve a depth in colour that belies the medium. She joined me for this week’s Interview With An Artist from her studio in Brisbane. You can check out Pip’s work on Instagram @pipspiro
June 06, 2020
Cj Hendry
Jumping castles inspired by mental asylums. Industrial grade confetti blowers. Copyright infringement treasure hunts. These are not your typical accoutrement to the fine art world and Cj Hendry is not your typical fine art world contender. A highly skilled, self taught drawer of hyper realistic images, Hendry knows there is a game to be played. And she’s playing it, by her own rules.  From selling her first piece in 2013 for $10000, to now selling pieces of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Hendry has come a long way. And yet, there’s still further to go. Check out her work at or on Instagram @cjhendry
June 02, 2020