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Perfecting Potent Proofs

Perfecting Potent Proofs

By A. Yobi B.
This ain't your uncles podcast, I can tell ya that much. Combining the 3 pillars of Reason and Logic, with Spiritual Acceptance, and Humorous Anything, I am a Pilgrim, Finding I do best making my own Trails, and Perfecting the processes along the way, to, perhaps with a little collaboration with you, see how we are Perfecting Potent Proofs! Also on Transistor. FM &
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Promo for Week of Apr 28th

Perfecting Potent Proofs

Promo for Week of Apr 28th

Perfecting Potent Proofs

April 4, 2020
April 4, 2020
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September 13, 2019
The NettNG Launcg Promo 2- Sample Review
Huh? I already did in the title! What? Why am I writing my thoughts? I don't know! Why? What do you mean its weird? It isn't near as weird as when i was still in school! Oh sorry! Promo 2 for The NettNG...
September 12, 2019
Just Roll The Promo Clip Promo Clip
Promo for The NettNG Promo Clip, wait...
September 12, 2019
'I'll Have to Think About That' : Engineering A New Way To Be, An Interview with programmer, rock climber, and explorer, Gustavo Ambrozio.
“I’ll Have To Think On That: Engineering A Way To Be.” An In The Fighting Hole Interview of Gustavo Ambrozio I caught up with Gustavo by phone recently while he, and his partner Sony, were staying in Southern California, near the outskirtting borderlands of the unforgiving Mojave Desert, in between walking up cliff faces and designing popular mobile game applications. Calling late in the evening, we began what my 1st phone interview was, and most extended interview so far, for the podcast.  Join us for “I’ll have To Think About That: Engineering A Way To Be”, my interview with programmer, rock climber, and explorer,  Gustavo Ambrozio In The Fighting Hole! **Available to listen or download on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spreaker.Com,,, YouTube, Soundcloud, Luminary, Radio Public, Stitcher, Podbean, Sticher, Spotify, and to iHeart Radio (soon)! AND DON’t FORGET, Also at FIGHTINGHOLE.VET!!
May 15, 2019
Maria Salazar: The Art Therapy Commandant
 Maria Salazar joins us In The Fighting Hole, we talk about what art and art therapy can mean to people recovering from PTSD, her upcoming graduation in May with a degree in Art Therapy, what it is like being a single parent and chasing a dream, and what role communications have in the future of veteran organizations 
April 29, 2019
Promo for Week of Apr 28th
Promotion for drop of Maria Salazar and Gustavo Ambrozio interviews.
April 28, 2019
Pssh! Over Here! Sidebar..
Experiments in podcasting, collaboration, and fun! For a Fighting Hole, no expense was spared. Like this Sidebar here, made out of pure, unrefined, dirt! Where the difference is either air,...or,..dirt. Clean. Simple. Nothing to dispute. either ya plop on some dirt, or ya travel through the air. Easy! Don't expect anything besides an eventual exit, and you should have a FINE time over here.
April 27, 2019
Mario Blandini: Communications and Success
Mario Blandini, Silicon Valley Marketing Guru and Marine joins us In The Fighting Hole to discuss the challenges the generations have communicating across the gaps of technology and experience.   Join us for regional Marine Corps League detachment announcements, news, strategies for success, or just to listen to a couple of Marines,as we go In The Fighting Hole!  
April 16, 2019
Where's The Bridge Over The Gap That I Don't See?
MCL Det 919 and SF Bay Endorsed Weekly Radio Show/Podcast - In The Fighting Hole, A Marine centered exploration of the meaning of Service. We interview our respected Elder Statesmen Marines for archiving for the future, showcase people in LOVE with their careers to expose transitioning Marines/FMF Corpsmen-Chaplain, etc to as many interesting futures as possible, share regional news and announcements, and have guests who will provide strategies on how we may safely emerge from our "fighting holes" in life, into success. In this week's episode, "Where's the Bridge for The Gap I Don't See" (still in editing), we venture into the maker and breaker of all organizations and relationships...COMMUNICATIONS! More challenging, Interesting, and maddeningly frustrating than I initially believed, is our first sortie into a simple acknowledgment that there is any "gap" in communications between Marines understanding each other at all. "There's nothing to fix here" is a LEGITIMATE viewpoint. BECAUSE it is valid is exactly why we should dive into this and find where this is all going.... If there is a "gap" created, driven, and expanded by anything, then technology is the culprit. Unprecedented advancements in technology have brought society to the brink of things most of us can barely comprehend! Personally, and I don't like to admit it, I have always had trouble with the top of my boots and bootlaces. No one has ever been able to tell and this is the first I have ever mentioned it, but the point is, if I can't figure out bootlaces completely, how am I EVER supposed to deal with gene splicing? A revolutionary gene tool, CLIPPER(?) can cut out bad sequences and replace them perfectly, with good ones. We can now Edit genes as you would letter in an email? **Adrian's Tiny Brain Explodes...smally* Quantum computing! How about Quantum computing? A computer whose processor exists entirely in virtual, imaginary, space that can still, somehow, access the memory banks and calculate as if it were a real solid thing? Just those 2 and I almost have a headache. What REALLY chaps my hide, is with all of this amazing sci-fi like stuff, and no one is able to cure male pattern baldness??! Seriously?? Many Edler Marines maintain that this “gap” is nothing but the result of our poor training, and a failure to maintain standards, or that it comes from: “cultural weakness, and lack of discipline like what was taught in the serious Marine Corps days. They all have devices in their hands all the time and this, being hyperconnected, naturally will make them feel entitled, and, yes, we have all heard it, SPOILED! The simple solution is that everyone should stop catering to them, remove things like "Stress cards", and breaks, put stricter uniform codes back in place, tighten the dang loosy goosy ship before we all go to hell! What is missing fine-tuning a recruit got back when an Old School DI taught recruits what being soft will really earn for you!” Even asking these questions might be making it worse! Maybe, maybe not. The conversation is already out there. Something is going on. Listen in as we ask questions, do some research, dig into it, and come up with…answers? This question, how to Bridge the Gap. Share with your Marines. I am sharing in the social media groups now. The 2nd version to assess where we are at for a starting point. It is just a sampole. Not scientific by any means I don’t pretend to have answers, I am just honored to be the one taking us into a FIGHTING Hole, where we can figure this out in some kind of safety. Yeah, it's just a hole in the ground, but it's our hole, a Marine hole, our Fighting Hole. Got to go finish and release. Thank you, Marines! I get my login straight right after! Thank Ryan, Mike! This will be a topic I suspect we will return to again and again as long as there is a Marine Corps
April 10, 2019
Into My Fighting Hole, I Go
 Are you in a fighting hole?  How do you get out, and what is the meaning of success? Intro to the series. This is a Marine-centered exploration of what Service is.  Focused on Marines, we also dive into the the perspectives of the Marine Corps League and the Marine For Life Network. This episode is your introduction to the host, Marine Adrian 'Yobi' Blumberg. There will be interviews with people who LOVE their careers as well as regular appearances by the Young Marines, the Sea Cadets, Reps from the Marine For Life Network, Marines from the Marine Corps League, active and reservist Marines, and many more.  Join us ea h week as we explore what it means to be Marine!  
April 1, 2019