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In the Kaleidoscope

In the Kaleidoscope

By MK Seamster
All the things in one podcast, In the Kaleidoscope follows the experiences and introspective reflection on turning life chaotic to kaleidoscopic. Life's a mess so lets make it magic.
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ep. 5 From Sh*t Show to Chaos Control, Baby! My Biggest Shifts

In the Kaleidoscope

epi 2.1 Nine Mindset Shifts + Lessons Learned in Nine Months
Welcome back lovers!!! Season two is HERE, finally! Thanks for your patience with the rescheduling and for sticking it out with me :') -MK A season is here with a bang, your host MK brings you her messiest, juciest most magical revelations from her long hiatus from the podcasting world. She learned them the hard way so you can hopefully not have to. Great reminders on relationships, handling stress, overwhelm and up-leveling your life to becoming a brand new version of yourself. She talks all the things that have kept her in the creatrix drivers seat, and spills the tea some fun projects and co-creations.  Stay tuned for a season of moody, messy, magical hot tips to live your most kaleidoscopic life! Links from epi: MOONDAYS + Quantum Gal Pals: @itsm.k.s @sparkleglowco @quantumgalpals all the deets on the instagrams Moondays Monthly Moon Manifestation Calendar: HERE ------- Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope  Insta: @itsm.k.s @itsinthekaleidoscope  Website:
August 29, 2022
7| Magic: MOONDAYS with M + K
MAGIC | NOVEMBER 2021 - MOON MAGIC BABY - Astrology, psychology. Symbolism to make some magic in your life, i.e get everything you want - Going inward - EFT tapping. —- @kat.el.eine MORIAH FULL MOON EPI: --------------- Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Website:
December 01, 2021
6| Mess: MOONDAYS mess recap
MESS | week of 10/10 - illuminating your messes and messy choices  - limiting belief reframing: money, ambition, failure, purpose  - what stories are we telling to ourselves AbOUT ourselves w circumstances + self? - learning trust ! - letting go of the how. ——-MORIAH FULL MOON: —@kat.el.eine NEW MOON: ---------------  Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope  Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_  Website:
December 01, 2021
NOVEMBER 2021  MOOD -going back to the things make you excited & feel fun! -For me its the energetic tools that help stay connected and grounded to my desires. -Enter: Moondays w/ M + K a biweekly live stream - the newest addition to my kaleidoscope mediaverse. -Pivoting to do what works, take back control of your life. -Astrology: Scorpio energy vs. transformative energy. -Intuition knows best baby -What can you get your energy behind.  @kat.el.eine MORIAH FULL MOON EPI: GALA DARLINGS TAP TAP:
December 01, 2021
ep. 11 Embracing Authenticity, Freedom & Flow + Epic Money Mindset Tips w/ The Serina Ho
Your trip in the kaleidoscope returns with another next level chat, I say this every time and I mean it every time....interview episodes are the JUICIEST!! Our host chats with Mindset & Money Coach Serina Ho, and she spills alllll the secrets about her evolution, leading with creativity + flow, and how she suggests approaching rewiring the sub-conscious brain. The fun energy was exactly what we love here -- authentic energy that shows up for herself?? *chefs kiss* Find Serina online & get her wealth workbook! @theserinaho @badassb.energypod We talk about a few badass women that you can find below on insta! @astrobombshell @xoamandafrances @natalia_benson --------------- Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Website:
October 18, 2021
4| Magic: There's magic in small growth
MAGIC | week of 10/10 - magical sleepover vibes - magic of internal forward motion - feminine and masculine energy balance - mercury retrograde ends on 10/18 --------------- Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Website:
October 18, 2021
3| MESS: Nostalgia + comparison, fear based anxiety, supporting yourself in “minor” moments
MESS | week of 10/10 - dealing with rapid nostalgia + fear based anxieties  - daily mental health roller coaster and managing smaller triggers  - frustrations w circumstances + self  - allowing yourself to be and no more judgments of your feelings and path  ---------------  Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope  Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_  Website:
October 18, 2021
2| Mood: a grown up mindset actually...helps???, post-covid festy vibes, fashion, + inner child fun
week of 10/10  MOOD self awareness + work with non-reactivity (finally) LIVE MUSIC + FUN FESTIVALS inner child play + balancing fashion + visualization intuition vs whims growin' up --------------- Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Website:
October 14, 2021
NEW MMM SEGMENTS! 1| Magic: Mercury in Gatorade Explained
Welcome back to ya fave all over the place pod!! So excited to introduce new Moody, Messy, Magic segmented episodes this week! 🪄Our host starts off the new framework with dessert first— a fun magic episode spilling the tea on all things mercury retrograde, the ups and the downs. Very fitting seeing as it just began a couple days ago! Get ready to save this definition of the infamous retrograde periods and jot down our survival tips, you’ll thank us later 😏 **** Due to it being festival week, this is the only new segment of the week; returning next week with complete MMM content**** Find explanations of how the current retrograde season will affect your sun/rising sign via my reels/tik tok series!
October 05, 2021
ep. 10 High Vibe Hustle W/ Savannah Schaffer
Oooooh welcome back babes!! The kaleidoscope this week is filled up with next level energy as we get to chat with mindset + motivation extraordinaire Savannah Schafer. Sav spills the tea on all the things beauty, namely how creating a beautiful badass life come from, yes, ✨mindset✨ work! This inspired chat digs into confidence, spirituality, energetics + hustle, baby. Find Savannah on Instagram, take a beauty quiz and/or reach out for a consult to uplevel ya beauty game! -- Insta: @savschaffer ----------------- Follow In the Kaleidoscope and Kateleine Creatives--- @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Check out the new site!
September 06, 2021
ep. 9 Manifestation Common Questions
Happy pod dayyyy kaleidoscope lovers! Mk brings the heat with the burning common questions y’all have been wondering about in terms of ✨manifestation ✨. Our host chats candidly in a Q/A style epi, spilling the real tea on what it means to manifest and what’s important in the process. Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope  Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Website:
September 05, 2021
ep. 8 Manifestation 101
Wait no longer, this episode is an intro to a concept that many talk about, hear about or wonder about: manifestation. Our host outlines some misconceptions, the basics and her journey with the manifestation process in the first kaleidoscope 2 part episode. ❁This episode bringing up some thoughts or questions?? dm us on insta and we will answer in part 2❁ --------------- Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope  Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Website:
August 22, 2021
ep. 7 Art as an Outlet: Finding your Fun + Paving your Own Balance
Lucky episode 07 is comin' in hot with an amazing interview between MK of Kateleine Creatives and the special guest Rachel Townsend, an artist of her life in more ways than one. Rachel does it all, not only with her mixed-media modality but as a creative powerhouse, mom and co-founder of the brand Pollyanna. She is the ultimate example of art as an extension of her and how art + creativity are a permanent part of her reality. We talk a little astrology, the connection of art with dark themes and Rachel exemplifies a mindset of pursuit, passion, play and positivity. This is quite the enjoyable epi my friends. Don't forget to cherck out her dope af prints, merch and other products at Find Rachel -- Insta: @artfromrtown @shoppollyanna ----------------- Follow In the Kaleidoscope and Kateleine Creatives--- @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Check out the new site!
August 05, 2021
ep. 6 Energetic Management of Habits, Rituals + Productivity -- Healthy Mindset Practices
In the Kaleidoscope is back this week with a jam-packed episode. Our Chat this week is about finding magic in habit stacking, even if you have always found this a ~messy~ topic. Creating healthier habits is something we can all accomplish with the right tools, resources, and guidance. Our host gives her experience with the overwhelm + pressure of choosing healthier habits and making rituals. Using the best info and research from some high-level habit development books, these are some tricks you won't wanna miss. Once again your mindset will be challenged and we are excited to hear what rituals you'd like to work on!! --------------- Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope  Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ Website: Books Mentioned: Atomic Habits The Power of Habits The Lotus and the Lily The Big Leap 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
July 30, 2021
ep. 5 From Sh*t Show to Chaos Control, Baby! My Biggest Shifts
Buckle up, bbs its gettin' real over here! And get ready to hear the untold evolution of our host, and ultimately us here at In the Kaleidoscope. Kateleine..oops.. I mean MK spills all the mindset foundation and major moments that lay the foundation of the perspective she shares on the podcast. The story follows an overview of her mental health journey, struggle with friendships, relationships, avoidance, independence, and the heaviness that comes with the emotional waves. Although her story just scratches the surface, the hindsight insight is SUCH a valuable tool! Get a peak of some of the pieces of her life kaleidoscope! ___________________ Follow Kateleine Creatives + In the Kaleidoscope: Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope_ website: *TW* disclaimer: this chat does contain honest mention of eating disorders, suicide, depression, anxiety, among other topics. Listen with compassion and awareness. xxx Suicide hotline: 8002738255 Center for eating disorders: 8887715166
July 22, 2021
ep. 4 With Faith, Art Follows: GOD, CREATIVITY, PURPOSE w/ Corlissia Moore
Hey, hey! In the Kaleidoscope is back at it with the first JUICY interview episode with artist & author Corlissia Moore. In this episode, our host & guest chat alll things art, what it means to be a creative and where connecting to spirit comes in. We get to know Corlissia's creative process, perspective and her hot tips on trusting your passions & following them wholeheartedly. Being a co-creator is a ~lifestyle~ and it all starts with a vision.... Find more at --- Insta: @corlissiamoore @cmartdesign Get her book - Pre-order Book 2- ---------------------- Follow @kat.el.eine and @inthekaleidoscope_ for more mindset, spirituality and lifestyle. Check out the new site!
July 15, 2021
ep. 3 Astrology 101 Background Info
YAY, we backkkk for a fun (+ info filled) one! This week at Kateleine Creatives we are staying busy + ready to get everyone in on the infamous astrology. But we gotta start somewhere right?! MK explains the idea of astrology and the basic definitions and placements to look for which should get the ball rolling on learning more about the subject. BIG NEWS BBS!!! If you want custom natal chart astrology reading with Kateleine Creatives...they're here!! For a limited time, Mk is offering 75-min readings, in-depth and with lifetime access to her for questions as you build upon your knowledge! PLUS, she's also throwing in a mini Astrocartography reading! You receive a packet with alll your unique info and what is talked about following the reading, too. $111 or Use code POD for a discounted price of $88. Book or link in social media bios. Natal chart website: Pretty Chart: Want more content? Follow Kateleine on the blog Instagram: @inthekaleidoscope_ @kat.el.eine
June 25, 2021
ep. 2 Raising your Emotional Frequencies + How to Have a Better Day
WELCOME BACK TO THE CHAOS! Today's epi is about allllll things emotions & bringing awareness on a tool to uplift our energy at any time, from any thing. Bringing it back to the basics with the importance of self-awareness WITH action & the power your emotions have over your energy. Make sure you save the emo frequency chart from @inthekaleidoscope_ and message me for extra support or help! Insta: @kate.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope pinterest: @itskateleine FB:
June 09, 2021
ep. 1 Life is a Kaleidoscope
Welcome to the kaleidoscope! Episode 1, Kateleine, *ahem* MK spills the inspo and purpose of diving In the Kaleidoscope of life and the exciting path of learning the trade secrets from others' experiences. From manifestation, mindset and mental health to all things woo-woo or money, this podcast will the beginning of the next level community you've been asking for! Insta: @kat.el.eine @inthekaleidoscope FB: pinterest:
June 02, 2021