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Everything basketball all the time!
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Kyrie's Fines, Shaq dissing young players, Standings update
In this podcast we cover all the new news of the NBA
January 23, 2021
In this podcast we talk about the WILD trade of James Harden, and the effects of COVID-19 on the NBA and our personal lives.
January 14, 2021
Fultz Injury, Beal and Curry have stellar performances, Melo and Dame make history
In this episode GT and Brandon talk about Markelle Fultz' injury, Steph Curry and Bradley Beal's 60pt performances and how Carmelo Anthony, and Damian Lillard made history!
January 8, 2021
NBA Madness!!! Standings!! Durant??
We cover the wild NBA start and standings with Kevin durant at full capacity? What is going on in the NBA?
December 28, 2020
Western Conference Predictions
We talk tonight about our Western Conference predictions and it gets FUN!!!!
December 14, 2020
Eastern Conference Predictions
Today we go over what we think will happen in the Eastern Conference and how it will play out!!!!
December 7, 2020
Free Agency Madness!!!!
We talk all the crazy free agency, trades and signings in this crazy period during the NBA offseason.
November 23, 2020
New season starting?
Tonight we go over the new proposed start date of the NBA season and the impact it has along with some trade rumors as well.
November 9, 2020
NBA Coaches, Free Agency Buzz, and The Draft!
In this episode, the ITP crew talks about Philadelphia's management situation, the buzz around free agency, and the upcoming draft!
November 2, 2020
Off Season Kickoff ft Cal Lee and Warren Shaw (Hosts of The Baseline Podcast)
Tonight we are  joined by the hosts of The Baseline podcast Cal Lee and Warren Shaw. We look forward to a little bit of the draft and a lot of the free agency and off season. Come join us on this journey and let us know what you think on our socials. Make sure to go follow The Baseline podcast.
October 26, 2020
Finals Reactions and More
We react to the NBA Finals and go over a couple other stories circulating around the NBA at this time.
October 14, 2020
Finals Predictions and More!!!!
We bring a special guest on today to get into some deep Miami Heat conversations and just all around Finals predictions with some other NBA news sprinkled in.
September 30, 2020
What the hell is going on in the NBA?
From the clippers being eliminated by the nuggets, to Toronto resigning nick nurse. In this episode we cover all of the insane things going on in the NBA today.
September 18, 2020
We are back!!!!!
After a year hiatus, we are back to talk basketball and 2020 PLAYOFFS!!! Come in and listen.
September 13, 2020
Western Conference Predictions
In this episode of the NBA inthepaintpod, we go over our Western conference predictions super early and see if we can figure out where teams will land at the end of the next season based on the way the teams are constructed as of now.
July 26, 2019
Eastern Conference Predictions
In this episode we break down the eastern conference with some early predictions of where teams will land in the playoffs this upcoming year.
July 11, 2019
Free Agent Frenzy 2019
In this episode we we break down all the insane moves that happened so far in free agency. We break down a couple teams and scenarios of things that could happen with the remaining free agents left. Enjoy and don't forget to follow our Instagram just search inthepaintpod.
July 2, 2019
NBA Awards 20119 (And some free Agency news)
In the 5th episode of our podcast we talk about the NBA Awards 2019 and we go over some Free agency rumors and news going on around the NBA at this time. Make sure to follow our social media's
June 26, 2019
Draft Day Reactions 2019!!
In this episode we break down Draft Night in the NBA after it happens and a little bit of free agency news going on in the league. Follow us on social
June 21, 2019
Free Agency 2019 (We are back!!)
We are back after a long hiatus and talking about the Finals, Free Agency and just a bunch of other topics. Thank you for listening and please don't forget to follow us on our socials.
June 18, 2019
News And Predictions Around the NBA
Tonight we go through some recent stories in the NBA and get a little insight into where we think teams will end up.
January 8, 2019
Episode #1 Top 10!!!
In this episode we break down the Top 10 in each position of the NBA as it stands today.
January 4, 2019