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Intimate Business

Intimate Business

By The yogi coder
We are getting Intimate about Business and profesional growth!
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AleArce 001 - The yogi coder has left
August 28, 2020
Fast, easy and cheap? \ud83e\uddd0Don\u2019t get fooled \ud83e\udd28
Anyone selling you fast easy and cheap or free? Hmm... Share your core Priorities & Join the best devs at: How to connect with me through The yogi coder: IG: Youtube: Facebook:
August 25, 2020
3 Key factors to achieve success
Warren Buffet & Bill Gates agree with me. These 3 key factors apply to every area of your life and businesses.  Share your core Priorities & Join the best devs at: How to connect with me through The yogi coder: IG: Youtube: Facebook:
August 18, 2020
Hustle culture & work life balance
Is passion defined by the amount of hrs invested at work? 🤔 Do you need to invest 24/7 of your time in something to be able to succeed? Does work/life balance exist? Join the best devs at: Indiehackers mentioned podcast episode: How to connect with me through The yogi coder: IG: Youtube: Facebook:
August 10, 2020
3 reasons why learning to code can change your life
3 big reasons why learning to code actually changes your life not only in professionally but also personally ! 3 reasons written : 10 platforms to Learn to code: Parametric design for architects: IG: Youtube: Facebook:
July 30, 2020
Baby arrival & professional motivation to do more!
How am I finding time to focus on learning projects? 🤔 Here I share how 👌😅. Quick update and surprising facts on baby arrival from c-section experience to first weeks parenting a newborn. And the motivation and excitement about work, learning and projects that we got when he arrived. : Website: Instagram: @TheYogiCoder
July 22, 2020
Fastest route to switch your career to software development
It is the fastest but not the easiest or cheapest. 6 talented people with different backgrounds I know personally that has done it! So you can do it to! Also the reason why I haven’t chosen to change my career ;) and some tips. Please share with me your path!! I would love to hear if you did it! 🙌🙏 and don’t forget to fill your information here so you get aligned with companies, projects and jobs that actually align with your core values and priorities!
July 1, 2020
Launch your podcast for free in 3 steps
Free, fast and easy I never say those words together but this time I have to admit it is just like that free fast and easy to launch your own podcast. Since you have been asking here I share the 3 steps that will take you from 0 to published in a couple hrs if you want to 😌 . The tools I use and how I do it myself. Also some tips on how to grow your audience 😉 if that’s what you want. I hope you enjoy it and send me the name of your podcasts once you have published them!!! 🙌😁
June 25, 2020
#BLM 2020 - 4 imperfect learnings & take aways so far. June 6th
Open conversation challenging what we assume already and maybe realizing there is more hope than we thought. Read full blog post in
June 6, 2020
10 tips to stay sane during Covid-19 quarantine 😅
Here you have my 10 tips on how to stay sane during this quarantine 👌
March 15, 2020
100 days of code while keeping a full time job and life
How to achieve 100 days of code or whatever you want to commit to, while keeping a fulll time job and balanced lifestyle. I'm sharing my struggles, why I decided to start now and the tips that are getting me through it. Aaaaand a little secret I only feel comfortable sharing with my small audience in here ☺️ Here is the platform where Im learning to code: (im taking the full stack tech degree in JS) Here is my YouTube channel (subscribe if you wan to ☺️) : Here is the blogpost about it: & The yogi coder IG:
March 8, 2020
Lost your motivation? Key way to "recover" it 😏
We have all been there, moments when we feel completely uninterested and even bored by what we are doing. Everyone goes through that, like Steve Jobs used to use analogies comparing love life with work life: “…As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it..” -SJobs This also applies for motivation, you can not expect to be at the same level of motivation, excitement, passion & energy ALL THE TIME.. specially throughout long periods of time.. Read about it.
February 20, 2020
Current Job & how I got here from what I studied to what I do today 😁
The full personal/profesional path from engineering school to CMO. All the companies I worked at, the businesses I launched, what I studied and dropped out, and even how I got my work visa in Norway independently 😁 #proud
October 19, 2019
Software developer from 0 to HIRED in 3 months!
Here is the real story of my coworker at the fintech company I work at. From linguistics expert to rebuilding her whole professional career im 3months.
September 25, 2019
Learn to Code? 5 tips to make it happen!
The most asked questions trhough my social media.. How do I learn to code on my own? Well here are my 5 tips to make it happen no matter what your conext is, no excuses apply here..
September 19, 2019
F. I. R. E. Movement explained 🔥
Everything you should know about Financial Independence and retiring early, from the WHY to the HOW!! I truly think this is life changing! Let me know what you think and share if you like it!! Don't forget to tag me!! 🤗 @intimatebusiness & @theyogicoder 😁
July 24, 2019
Investing $$ How to start
My 3 tips to start investing, for all of you who asked me on my IG @theyogicoder & @intimatebusiness here are some basic but effective recommendations on how to start making your money work and produce wealth for you, and the best part is that you can start with a very small amount from wherever you are in the world. . Hope you like it!! Don't forget to subscribe 😁😍🤗
June 13, 2019
Build your dream life!!
It is achievable for anyone listening to this podcast, there are 3 clear steps to follow. I share my personal experience as well as several other different ones so you understand it is different for everyone but achievable for all.
June 6, 2019
Personal sharing
Before continuing with the weekly podcast I felt the need to share the grief my family just experienced.
May 29, 2019
Masha Zvereva from CodingBlonde
We are getting into Intimate Business with Masha Zvereva from Coding blonde!! From career conversations, the reality behind her successful career path including all the ups and downs and real challenges you don't get to see every day through Instagram. Nothing has been easy for her, from working in different startups and figuring out a way to apply for working visas to working at Google and launching her own business, it has been harder than you imagine. And it is because of her experience with it all , that she has so many great advices for all of you trying to get jobs and grow your career either as an employee of an awesome company or launching your own business . Spoiler alert: it is not easy! If you dont know her already (which Im sure you guys already know and follow her) here are her websites and IGs where you can find her! And of course: Mine: & make sure you follow the podcasts IG:
April 26, 2019
On failure, we have all been there
On failure, we have all been there. What does success mean, what is failure and how to deal with it every single time. Because we only hear success stories.. This eppisode is focused on failing.. Hope you enjoy!! Make sure you follow on IG @intimatebusiness
April 11, 2019
Most wanted coder Skill in the market
What is the most wanted skill in the market for coders? (and it might apply for any other field) what is what companies say they want the most from developers? Is it a specific language? Is it a specific experience? Noup,.. If you want to find out what 100%of the companies I have interviewed say is the #1 most wanted skill.. Listen to this eppisode. And share with me your approach to the example I give there 🤔😏 have an awesome week!! And stay in touch through & & 🤗
April 5, 2019
Sneak peek on my Buisiness
More than 90%of you were curious about my business!! So here I share my current business and in a very fast way almost all my professional career story hehe I'm very happy to share and hopefully you get inspired and motivated by it.
March 28, 2019
Build your Brand organically in 5 steps
Learn to Build your Brand organically! Whether you want to build it for your business, for your professional career, or for your personal interests (or you want to become an Influencer) this 5 steps will get you there. Listen and let me know where you are at, and what you are building your brand for!! Make sure you register at so you get deeper details on these 5 steps :)
March 24, 2019
CODING ~ Why everybody should Learn
Why should everyone learn to code! From wtf is "to code" to 3 (ok 4) strong reasons to learn no matter what your field is, and even some tips on how!! You can't miss this one! I will add this blog post so you can refer to it for the extra tips 😉
March 13, 2019
Dropshipping ecommerce - What is it? How does it work? Is it fraud?
Covering it all: what is dropshipping ecommerce, how does it work, how can you do it (if you are interested in it), is it fraud? Why are people are selling trainings to do it? And my personal experience opening one and killing it in 1 week 😊 I hope this information is useful for you and what you are interested in doing! Remember : passion + Commitment + HARD Work * Time = success 😎 (most times)
March 8, 2019
Impostor syndrome - what would you do if you weren't afraid?
Have you ever felt Impostor syndrome? Well you are not alone, most of the most successful people in the world has dealt with that. And if you don't even know what it is tune in and listen I explained loud and clear and also give you the tools to deal with it throughout your life. I can't wait to hear what you do with it! Please Keep me posted!
March 2, 2019
Working Remotely- How to do it - Pros&Cons 👌
Everybody talks about working Remotely but for most people feels impossible. Here I share my experience as a consultant and how so many other profesions are able to work remotely in the most efficient and free way. Also mentioning all the real challenges you can face while trying to work remotely. BTW, I made a horrible mistake against myself and my feminist ideals, listen and see how even we woman can make this anti-feminist mistakes so easily🤦‍♀️ but it helps to become consience and change together to achieve an equal society 👌
January 11, 2019
How Can You do it ALL!
This time of the year we are all thinking about resolutions and all we want to be able to do and learn and practice and become better at, but again every year we find ourselves in the same position as last year. But Not anymore! This has been my challenge all my life, wanting to do it all and having everyone telling me Noone CAN.. Well here I share the exact way of being able to do it ALL!! Achievable for everyone & anyone! So grab paper and pen and listen! And let me know what you think and want to achieve now and during 2019!
December 14, 2018
360° FREEDOM personally and professionally
Are you free? Do you feel free in the life you are living? In this episode I'm Sharing a perspective on what freedom means personally and professionally with some real life examples of people I know live a free life. Married, single, travelling, staying at home, working for a company, or working for themselves,.. They are truly free..! Here is how can you build your freedom today. Let me know your thoughts on my Instagram @theyogicoder. Talk to you next week! :)
December 7, 2018
The truth behind the "influencer life"
The truth behind the profesional influencers lives, how they make money and where this profession is actually evolving towards. Why we shouldn't judge them (or envy them) and How can we all take advantage of sharing our work or hobby :) hope you find it useful. Disclaimer: I'm not an influencer 🤷‍♀️ but I did my research with real full time influencers
November 28, 2018
What does SUCCESS mean?
Sharing my perspective on what success means to me right now in my life and what you guys wrote me on Instagram about your definition of success. I invite you to listen and share with me and everybody your perspective it will enrich your awareness of what is success for people around you. You might be surprised! Thank you so much for listening!
November 8, 2018
3 reasons why Givers win the marathon
After reading Give and take From Adam Grant, I wanted to share this take aways. There are some spoilers in there so if you prefer to read the book first do it! And then come back and listen to my take aways and lets discuss like in a book club! :) thank you so much for listening!!
October 31, 2018
Entrepreneur life vs employee life
I'm sharing 4 points comparing the reality of entrepreneur life vs employee life!! In an honest objective way. It is not all about excitement, happy faces, and. Success it is also about fear, anxiety and stress. Listen until the end where I share my own experience so far and one shameful confession 😪 thank you for listening! Alex
October 8, 2018
Fears around building a personal online Brand
An open conversation about building your own online brand, the fears and self judgement around it and the reason and way I did mine :) hope you enjoy it And let me know your thoughts! Sorry for the funny background I was in the jacuzzi at the spa ☺️
September 5, 2018
Füel meaning and how does it increase productivity?
Explaining one of my biggest learnings from fb life. What is füel and how does it work to increase your life quality, professional productivity and performance and the company's performance. Listen and let me know your thoughts! Be the change you want to see in the world.
August 10, 2018
Financial freedom by TyC
Unedited conversation about financial freedom, what it means a and how is it available for EVERYONE, plus my 5 steps to get to financial freedom. Share with anyone you think could use this, as I believe this could change people's lives for real. Break free and take all decisions you wanted to take but you thought you couldn't!
July 20, 2018
New job
Sharing a bit more details on my new job, the challenges but also the excitement behind it's impact. Let me know what you think!
June 21, 2018
Sadness that lingers
Thank you for giving me the same to share, all. The good exciting, encouraging and motivating, and the bad and sad moments. Here is one, I feel like crashinhg, unencouraged, sad, insecure and tired. I had a miscarriage a month ago and I guess I'm still sad about it. And it is showing in my self imposed Stress at my new job. I am afraid to fail and exhausted at my 3 week working here. I hope you find it useful if you are feeling something similar at some point, I hope you feel understood. I didn't want to share only possitive good stuff, so here I am sharing the sadness as well.
June 19, 2018
Why I quit Facebook
Here you will hear the whole story of why I quit FB and how I got my new job at my new company! Hope you enjoy and get inspired to trust your inner voice. Let me know what you think!
June 14, 2018
Change! The time is now!
Sharing my job change and Encouraging you to take a look to your own mind and see if there is anything you have been thinking about changing. The time is now! Once you close one door you are able to turn around and see plenty other windows and doors open already for you! But Do it responsibly:)
May 31, 2018
On Anxiety
5 mins sharing my experience from yesterday, when I felt extremely anxious at my office until I felt like ai couldn’t breathe. If you have experienced anxiety this 5 mins will show you you are not alone (and my two best ways to feel better) and if you don’t even understand what anxiety is, this 5 mins will make it easier to get :) Thank you!! @TheYogiCoder
March 14, 2018
Presenting with confidence
Confidence when presenting on meetings at work.
March 2, 2018
Burn Out or Boredom? 🤦🏼‍♀️ 112017
Sharing where I am right now professionally and looking forward to hear your experiences and stories on this. Have you felt burned out or bored by your profession or job?
November 14, 2017