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Into the Well Podcast

Into the Well Podcast

By Ryan Willms
By balancing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—we can learn to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment. Hosted by Ryan Willms, the Into the Well podcast explores a variety tools and modalities to create sustainable well-being and the people that are walking the path in an authentic inspiring way.
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Jamie Miller: Biomimicry, Learning from Death & Indigenous Wisdom
On episode 47 I speak with Jamie Miller, PhD — founder of Biomimicry Frontiers. Jamie is an award-winning designer who has been studying, practicing, and applying biomimicry since 2004 - when he first learned of the concept through the Fibonacci Sequence in a math and poetry course, and since has been exploring engineering focused on urban resilience and systems-level application of biomimicry. In our conversation we speak about how biomimicry can play a roll in our individual lives and on a corporate level, how we can re-learn from Indigenous communities and the process of death. Jamie shares his interpretation of the adaptive cycle and we discuss how for our culture and planet to heal, we as human beings need to re-embrace our own nature and stop opposing ourselves and the planet.
April 9, 2021
Matt Fitzgerald: Trusting Ourselves, 80/20 and The Endurance Diet
On the latest episode in my triathlon focused series, Road to 70.3, I speak with author, nutritionist, coach and runner Matt Fitzgerald. He's been in the endurance world for decades as runner and triathlete, but more so known for his books 80/20 Triathlon, The Endurance Diet, Iron Wars, Running the Dream and his latest, The Comeback Quotient. In our discussion we dive into some of my personal questions about building an aerobic base, what he's learned and seen through research, the creative process of narrative writing, following his fathers footsteps in both running and writing and learning to ultimately trust yourself. His latest book is about mental resilience and we speak about how this is incorporated into each day, each training session and how it is going to be the key to unlocking peace, presence and performance, surprisingly the simple act of accepting the truth is at the center of this, unsurprisingly it's a lot harder for us than we think.
April 1, 2021
Road to 70.3: Becoming a Triathlete, Heart Focused Training and Conscious Identity
In the first episode of the Road to 70.3 series, I dive in solo, sharing why I'm embarking on this experience, some of the questions that inspired the drive, what I am hoping to become in the process and bringing a beginner's mind to the sport. I speak on James Clear's Atomic Habits and Steven Kotler's work about habits, goals and flow state as a way to be in the moment, learn more about ourselves, connect in a deeper way and prove to ourselves that we have self-belief, love and can achieve more than we think.
March 18, 2021
Cordell Jacks: Part 2, Ceremonial Dreaming & Beyond the Senses
On episode 44 I dive back into the dream space with our guide, Cordell Jacks. It’s part two of our discussion, following up after I took his 6-week course, Ceremonial Dreaming. In our conversation we talk about how and why its related to plant medicine work, why we need to bring a lightness to all of our inner work, why do we resist simple practices that we know will help ups and what is potential beyond the five senses in the dream realm. Cordell sheds light on how we can interpret our dreams and how these practices can help us grow in each day but maximizing the opportunity of life.
March 10, 2021
Leon Cerrone: Cycling Lessons, Overcoming Injury & Being Socially Vulnerable
On episode 43 I chat with Leon Cerrone; who I found through sharing his journey with depression through a Mr Porter x Rapha project last year. I was inspired by his vulnerability, sharing his struggle with injury, feeling alone and how cycling and the community around it helped him survive. We dive into some cycling tips for keeping up with the pros, his career in fashion and finding Inventory magazine, the adversity of being a Gunners supporter and growing up boxing and how his relationship with his father and English culture began to shape his emotional experience. Leon also shares how things snowballed to the point of trying to take his own life, and how that inspired him to get help.
February 23, 2021
James Sebastiano: What is Suffering, a Neti Neti Process & Chasing the Present
In episode 42 I speak with James Sebastiano; a multi-faceted marketing expert, conscious entrepreneur and protagonist of the documentary, Chasing the Present. After watching the film, I was inspired to reach out to James to speak as it was a beautiful, deeply insightful and potent story featuring Gary Weber, Russell Brand, Graham Hancock, Sri Prem Baba, Alex Grey and several more. Our conversation dives into suffering, attachment to false identity, working with plant medicines, the process of making Chasing the Present and the mirror of our families. James is really open and shares a beautiful story both in the episode, but also in the the film itself. At the core, part of the process is beginning to truly ask ourselves, "Who am I?" and feeling what comes up from this, can lead to liberation and connection.
February 12, 2021
Dr. Jim Hardt: What is a Biocybernaut, the Ego & Living Outside of Time
We're back in 2021 with the first episode of the year. Number 41 features Dr. Jim Hardt, founder of Biocybernaut, "the pioneer in neurofeedback training, helping you to tune into Zen-like states in days not decades." I recently had the opportunity to go to Sedona and do the Alpha 1 Training with Dr. Hardt, and it was an incredibly life-changing experience. Dr. Hardt was one of the most incredible and inspiring individuals I've come across and I feel so lucky to spend a week with him, as well as dive into his work, life and teachings in this conversation. We cover how he came to biofeedback, how time and the Ego can cause suffering in our lives, some of the teachers Dr. Hardt has studied with and much more in what became the longest episode yet, there was just too much so we had to keep going.
February 3, 2021
Solo: New Systems, A Quantified Heart & Brain Training
On my latest solo episode and last one of 2020, I speak on the last couple of months in my personal life, getting engaged, stepping into alignment with my spirit, heart and higher self. I recently finished James Clear's Atomic Habits and I dive into some of the key takeaways and how this applies to my goal in 2021 of competing in an Ironman 70.3 triathlon next fall. How can this process be a way to consciously choose my identity and the systems that support that well beyond the the race itself. I share some notes on the MAF Method, Endure IQ and my first 5 weeks of cycling. I wanted to finish the year by also thanking everyone who has listened to the podcast, shared it and sent me a message, thank you!
December 24, 2020
Sustainable Well-Being with Alex Valdman—Grieving the death of a brand, Creating Responsibly & Living Conscious
Sustainable Well-Being is a special 5-episode series of Into the Well with host Ryan Willms, in collaboration with Allbirds and their community initiative, Allgood Collective. The episodes cover a variety of topics from regenerative farming and running, to cleaning up the oceans and dream interpretation. We dive in with deep with inspiring individuals that are co-creating a world of connection, growth and sustainable well-being for themselves, their community and for our planet. On the final episode of the series, Ryan speaks with creative director Alex Valdman. He shares his story from poverty in the Soviet Union to moving to New York, the balance of curiosity, realism and creativity. Alex shares his journey as a creative through launching his brand Homeroom to working with Kanye West, Levis, Giro and Rapha before landing at Allbirds. We both share our journey of closing brands close to our hearts, how we grieved the process and moved forward. We also dive into how to create responsibly in our modern world, and Alex shares some of the lessons and insights he’s gleaned in an already impressive career.
November 26, 2020
Sustainable Well-Being with Liz Tran—How to Reset, Dream Journals & Relating to Money
Sustainable Well-Being is a special 5-episode series of Into the Well with host Ryan Willms, in collaboration with Allbirds and their community initiative, Allgood Collective. The episodes cover a variety of topics from regenerative farming and running, to cleaning up the oceans and dream interpretation. We dive in with deep with inspiring individuals that are co-creating a world of connection, growth and sustainable well-being for themselves, their community and for our planet. In the fourth installment Ryan speaks with founder of Reset and coach, Liz Tran. She shares her journey from the world of finance to studying in India, learning about her inner world and the challenges of coming back to New York. Overcoming a single-family home and an early divorce of her own led to deep meditation and yoga practices that inspired a new path in life and her career. Reset opened in New York, but has since gone completely digital, where Liz embraces a variety of modalities from plant medicine to dream work to astrology, to coach and teach people to learn to listen to themselves more deeply and manifest the lives of their dreams.
November 19, 2020
Sustainable Well-Being with Iman Smith—Black Running History, The Journey of 26.2 & Coaching Self-Belief
Sustainable Well-Being is a special 5-episode series of Into the Well with host Ryan Willms, in collaboration with Allbirds and their community initiative, Allgood Collective. The episodes cover a variety of topics from regenerative farming and running, to cleaning up the oceans and dream interpretation. We dive in with deep with inspiring individuals that are co-creating a world of connection, growth and sustainable well-being for themselves, their community and for our planet. On this episode Ryan speaks with designer and running coach, Iman Smith. He shares his journey through high school sports, the dream of the Olympics, learning from his coaches and how that lead to joining the US Military, lured in by the promise of their track team. Years later, Iman was brought back to running inspired by an unexpected character, and he shares the lessons of 26.2 miles and the road to accomplishing the feat and the parallels with life. Running with Black Roses lead to coaching and how the lineage of greatness and self-belief can inspire overcoming anything, even a devastating car crash.
November 11, 2020
Sustainable Well-Being with Sophie Hellyer: Cold Water, Clean Oceans & Rise Fierce
Sustainable Well-Being is a special 5-episode series of Into the Well with host Ryan Willms, in collaboration with Allbirds and their community initiative, Allgood Collective. The episodes cover a variety of topics from regenerative farming and running, to cleaning up the oceans and dream interpretation. We dive in with deep with inspiring individuals that are co-creating a world of connection, growth and sustainable well-being for themselves, their community and for our planet. On this episode Ryan speaks with professional surfer and activist Sophie Hellyer, about her early days as a teenage professional surfer from the United Kingdom and navigating the industry as a young women. We get into the power of cold water, a theme that’s become central to her lifestyle and to her community, Rise Fierce, that brings women together to push their boundaries, face their fears and grow as human beings in connection.
November 5, 2020
Sustainable Well-Being with Dan Colen: Sky High Farm, Skateboarding & Evolution of an Artist
Sustainable Well-Being is a special 5-episode series of Into the Well with host Ryan Willms, in collaboration with Allbirds and their community initiative, Allgood Collective. The episodes cover a variety of topics from regenerative farming and running, to cleaning up the oceans and dream interpretation. We dive in with deep with inspiring individuals that are co-creating a world of connection, growth and sustainable well-being for themselves, their community and for our planet. On this episode Ryan speaks with artist Dan Colen, about his journey into the New York art scene, moving to the Hudson valley and starting an regenerative farm with the aim to provide nutritious food to those in need.
October 28, 2020
Cordell Jacks: Overcoming Injury, Dream Running & Deconstructing Identity
On episode 34 I talk with Cordell Jacks who has recently relocated to Vancouver Island and started a new career as a dream coach. He shares his journey from growing up in a small town in Canada, overcoming family adversity to traveling the world with his partner to tackle huge issues of clean water and environmental sustainability. Cordell got into Ultra-running and Ironman before a series of knee surgeries caused a crisis of self, which brought him to plant medicines, dream work and learning to value being content vs happiness.
October 15, 2020
David Godshall & Jenny Jones: Terremoto, Listening to Trees & Restoring Elysian Park
On episode 33 I speak with David Godshall and Jenny Jones of Terremoto, an innovative landscape architecture design studio based in California with a cult following around the world. While it might seem like a departure from previous interviews, I connected deeply with their work when I discovered them online; at the intersection of creativity, nature and philosophy, Terremoto's work takes a unique approach to the land. David and Jenny share how they listen to the land, incorporate different influences from art and literature, connect their clients with their land in a deeper way and how they've learned about child development through their work with innovative elementary schools. The studio have also started a project called Test Plot, which aims to restore and revitalize local parks in collaboration with volunteers to 'create a rebellious experiment for restorative and feral possibilities.'
October 7, 2020
Sarah Blondin: Trusting your Heart, Fear of Death & Letting Go of Pain
On episode 32 I speak with Sarah Blondin, a well-known, magical meditation teacher and writer. We actually knew one another in passing years ago living in Vancouver, and years later we’ve gone down interesting paths and reconnected through her work after finding her meditations on Insight Timer. From a pastor’s daughter to an actress, to moving to the rural countryside and becoming a mother, Sarah shares her journey into solitude and unlocking a voice from deep within. She talks about the lessons of being a mother, connecting to nature and the power that free writing gave her. Creating without attachment can be so challenging, but for Sarah it ended up drawing a whole new career to her, including publishing her book, Heart Minded: How to Hold Yourself and Others in Love. Sarah shares how she listens to her body, trusting our hearts and getting out of our own way to be our highest self.
September 29, 2020
Joe Holder: Intergenerational Health, Mindful Recovery & The Value of Therapy
On episode 31 I finally track down Joe Holder aka Ocho System, founder of Exercise Snacks, Systems of Service, Nike Master Trainer, consultant and overall impressive human being. We dive into his recent exploration of 'Intergenerational Health' and how health needs to be incorporated and democratized across all communities through movement, nutrition and education. Joe shares his experience of overcoming injury through mindfulness and with the support of his father. He also shares his commitment to mental health through therapy, which has become more of his focus during Covid, rather than his body, and how that in turn has created a healthier body by tending to the mind. Among other topics, Joe shares some influential books, resources and his overall ethos for living, learning and giving back.
September 17, 2020
Devon Brooks: How to use Trauma, Courage for Life & Democratizing Coaching
Episode 30 features Devon Brooks, founder of Sphere and Blo Blow Dry Bar, coach and mother of two. Based in Whistler, BC she's created a life of inspiring creativity, connection and well-being. On this episode we speak about growing up with a coach for a mother, overcoming her own traumatic experiences, the journey of parenting and bringing her vision for Sphere to life with the idea of democratizing coaching through the dynamic and engaging platform. She shares some of the tools that have helped her grow from neurofeedback to mountain biking, the impact of being in nature and being present with what is.
September 5, 2020
Joe DiStefano: Healing through Crisis, Preparing for Fatherhood & Vitamin D Optimization
On episode 29 I speak with Joe DiStefano, founder of Runga, lifestyle coach, kettlebell expert and host of his own podcast, Stacked. We dive into his childhood, overcoming a serious head trauma through holistic healing, his emotional process and finding the balance between working out and working in. Joe shares his recent experience of becoming a father and his research into vaccines through the process, his love of kettlebells and why everyone should use them. Joe and I connected over our childhood baseball memories at the intersection of sports, relating to our fathers and self-worth.
August 28, 2020
Solo Episode: My Plant Dieta, Inner Child Work & Trusting Love
On my latest solo episode, I share my recent experience of a week-long plant dieta and what it actually is, and what I uncovered in my week of isolation, connecting with plants and myself. The lessons I learned were profound, but have been very challenged since coming back home in almost every way. I dive into my fear of trusting love, trusting myself and how surrendering to these aspects is the real path to healing. Meeting my inner child, Michael, was a very powerful experience and learning more about my own fear, pain and anger through this relationship was awakening, yet deeply hard to grapple with. Moving forward, I feel at the cusp of an ego-death and feel I need to redefine my values and what it is I'm being a warrior for, even while I try to stunt this growth through attachment, food and distraction. As Joseph Campbell says, "the cave which you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek." I am very much in the cave,  learning to trust each step into the darkness.
August 20, 2020
Dr. Robert Glover: What is a Nice Guy, Why we need Accountability & Embracing our Shadow
On the episode 27 of the podcast I speak to Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy. His book has been one of the most impactful I've read in my life, bringing awareness and healing to my life over years, having re-read it again recently. In our conversation Dr. Glover shares the process of writing the book, how he discovered his concept of the 'Nice Guy', and the realization that our common theme is that we generally don't feel safe being ourselves. We speak about the power of mens groups, coaches and therapists in keeping us accountable, holding up a mirror for us to become more aware and grow. Dr. Glover speaks on how it's improved his own relationships and how embracing our shadow can ultimately empower us and enrich our lives.
August 11, 2020
Knox Robinson: Running as Literature, Cultural Collaboration & Love, Devotion, Surrender
On episode 26 I sat down with runner, purveyor of culture and writer, Knox Robinson. He shares his experience growing up in America, being introduced to running and the civil rights movement by his father and asks, what do we make from running? We speak about his project in Mexico City, creating a training camp, the need for ownership amongst the black and brown creative community, as well as our love of print and publishing and the need to think outside the box. Knox shares some of the questions he’s been pondering around Love, Devotion, Surrender, what is powering our own spiritual drive and the more inclusive dialogue necessary to create the change our culture is craving. It’s a long conversation but one that weaves in important themes and ideas alongside Knox’s journey through youth and adulthood as a runner, a black man, a creative force and much more.
August 6, 2020
Mike Salemi: Healing with Kambo, 36-Day Carnivore Diet & Kettlebell Lifestyle
On the latest episode of the podcast I talk with kettlebell master and holistic health practitioner Mike Salemi. We crossed paths through the work of Paul Chek, both having worked with him for different reasons. Years ago Mike decided to leave his family's business and dive into his true passion of sport and performance. He has a diverse background in strength and conditioning and has competed over the course of 15+ years at an elite level in Powerlifting and Kettlebell Sport. Besides sharing this journey, we speak about his work with natural medicines and specially his experience with Kambo, having recently become a ceremony practitioner, his recent journey through 36 days of the carnivore diet and his new Kettlebell program, Kettlebell Lifestyle which is releasing in the coming weeks online.
July 25, 2020
Jay Cowin: Dangers of Concussions, Hormone Recovery & Forming Habits
In the latest episode I speak with Jay Cowin. As Director of Formulations at Asystem, he works in functional medicine with specializations in nutrition, performance, hormones and more. We dive into Jay's own journey from being given a couple years to live before the age of 30 and his self-education experience that brought up back to health. We speak about the impact of mental health, the frightening dangers of concussions, human growth and other crucial hormones. His message is that we have to become our own doctor, we have to take responsibility for our own health and not only make the day to day choices that support health but look more deeply into our conditioning so that we can find lasting sustainable well-being and enjoy our life. Jay shares how getting the right blood panels and supplementing with something like DHEA can make a vast difference to all hormone function.
July 13, 2020
Brice Partouche: Finding Running, Functional Punk & Creativity in Paris
On episode 23 I talk to designer, musician and runner, Brice Partouche. Founder of Satisfy Running, Brice grew up in Paris in the garment industry, skateboarding and playing punk music before finding running later in his life. This sparked the idea for a new kind of running brand, and over the past few years Satisfy has become one of the most innovative, luxurious running brands in the world. We speak about being creative while living in Paris, his admiration for American culture, holistic creativity and the idea of a brand as a person.
June 28, 2020
Alex Olson: Meat is for Pussies, Finding Flow & Love and Empathy with DMT
On this episode I speak with pro-skateboarder Alex ‘Side Salad’ Olson. From riding for Supreme and Nike he launched two clothing brands of his own, Call Me 917 and Bianca Chandon, but in recent years he has been exploring holistic well-being through food, movement, meditation and psychedelics. We dive into his journey of being Vegan inspired by John Joseph of Cro-Mags, Wim Hof breath-work, Joe Dispenza meditation, fasting, creativity with the help of CBD and THC, and Alex’s DMT experience.
June 17, 2020
Solo Episode: Feel it to Heal It, Suppressed Sadness & Honest Self-Inquiry
Episode 21 is my latest solo episode, sharing some of the heavier challenges in my life recently. I go into a powerful experience of sadness, working through anger to get there, re-reading Dr. Glover's No More Mr. Nice Guy and his core message that most of us don't feel safe being ourself. I touch on the film Inside Out and lately I've been asking myself more deeply, 'Who I am?' as I think about my career, and questioning whether I'm really following my heart? Leaning into the saying, 'feel it to heal it' more, working with meditation, self-inquiry and how this is an individual version of what's needed in the world at large today. I explore the idea of physical vs spiritual pain and a more potent version of the golden rule, 'treat others how you'd like to be treated', but what if you treat yourself how you'd like to be treated? Finally, I finish the episode with a small piece of music on a new instrument.
June 11, 2020
Kyle Ng: Being a DIY Outcast, Staying Curious & Creating Authentically
On episode 20 I speak to Kyle Ng, creative director and founder of LA-based brand Brain Dead. We speak about growing up skateboarding and playing punk music, building robots, studying film and moving to Los Angeles. Kyle shares the story of his journey, what he learned from his father, surrendering to the process and following his creative curiosity.
June 1, 2020
John Huddart: The Role of Fathers, Indigenous Wisdom & Toolkits for Health
On episode 19 I speak to John Huddart, my first health coach and the man who introduced me to cold plunges, Wim Hof, sleep hygiene, mens work, plant medicines and much more. It’s hard to imagine where I’d be without John, but in this conversation he shares some milestones on his own journey and how he’s discovered that the world is far more beautiful than what’s been presented to us.
May 21, 2020
Sanjay Rawal: Multi-Day Running, Self-Transcendence & Finding Joy through Exertion
On this episode I talk to Sanjay Rawal about his film 3100: Run and Become, and what he’s learnt from finding joy through exerting his body. Sanjay shares the concept of an, ‘Athlete-Seeker’ and how using our physical practice can contribute to a spiritual practice, the power of connecting to the Earth and the wisdom of his mentor, Sri Chinmoy.
May 12, 2020
Christopher McDougall: Running with Joy, Cold Plunges & Burro Racing
On this episode I speak with author Christopher McDougall about running with joy vs. running for 1st place, cold plunges, mental health and how the craft of writing and running share a similar cadence. We touch on aspects of all of his books, the characters involved and the way that running has unlocked a world of adventure, as well as glimpse into his next book.
May 4, 2020
Mark Wolynn: Understanding Core Language, Family Trauma & Nurturing our Inner Child
On episode 16 I speak to Mark Wolynn about his work in the field of family trauma, his book, It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle, and how stress effects our DNA. Mark’s work has been eye-opening and powerful for me personally and I’m excited to share my experience with his workshops and book as Mark shares his own story and how his practice has evolved alongside the science that supports his work.
April 27, 2020
Whit Hornsberger: De-conditioning the Mind & Learning to See for Ourselves
On this episode Whit Hornsberger talks about finding a mindful balance between the spiritual and physical, de-conditioning our minds, overcoming our fears and the path that led him from college basketball start to teaching meditation, yoga and Vipassanā around the world, including his new online program, Teaching the Mind.
April 20, 2020
Solo Episode: Lessons from the Plants, Being Inspired by Love & Finding My Voice
On episode 14 I sat down alone for the second solo episode of the podcast following three weeks of COVID-19 isolation and a month out from a 3-night plant medicine ceremony. I share how the integration is going, some of the key insights and the tools I’ve been using recently to stay grounded.
April 13, 2020
Manoj Dias: The Evolution of Mindfulness, Feeling Embodied & Navigating Mentorship
On this episode Manoj Dias shares his journey from Sri Lanka to Australia, from suffering to mindfulness and the lessons he’s learned from working with the world’s leading meditation teachers and how his own practice has evolved, as he remains an eternal student.
March 19, 2020
District Vision: Max Vallot & Tom Daly on the Intersection of Mindfulness, Relationship & Running
On this episode I speak to Max Vallot and Tom Daly, co-founders of District Vision, a brand that creates ‘tools for mindful athletes.’ We speak about their journey through the fashion industry, bringing mindfulness to their company and building healthy rituals.
March 13, 2020
Paul Chek: Listening to the Soul, The Pain Teacher & Balancing the Feminine
Paul Chek shares his thoughts on the Soul, Spirit and how to watch out for the Ego. He talks about how important it is to develop self-love, and if we don't, the pain teacher will likely meet us to help guide the way.
February 28, 2020
Alastair McKimm: Surrendering Control, Becoming a Dad & Finding Balance
Alastair shares his journey through the fashion industry to become the editor-in-chief of i-D magazine, while getting into becoming a father, working a 12-step program and learning to surrender control to the universe.
February 20, 2020
Solo Episode: Purpose of Meditation, Dualism & Making Conscious Choices
On the first solo episode, Ryan speaks about his experience with meditation and the evolution of his practice, how our future self inherits the choices we make now and the value of attention over time.
February 13, 2020
Dr. Mike Spino: Esalen Sports Center, Mind-Body Connection & Writing Poetry
Mindful running coach and author, Dr. Mike Spino shares about his childhood escape from the Mob, being a father, his work with the Esalen Institute and developing a mind-body connection for performance.
February 6, 2020
Grant Mattos: From the NFL to Osho and Embodying True Self-Love
Grant Mattos shares his story of making it to the NFL in search of his father's love, the rebuilding of his inner world, how our thoughts create our reality and accepting the beauty of each moment.
January 23, 2020
Taylor EyeWalker: Fulfilling the Soul, Personal Discipline & Serving Kambo
A deep dive with Taylor EyeWalker, transformational doula of human consciousness, kundalini and tantric yoga teacher, Kambo Medicine Practitioner, creator of the UNCOIL method—what is the soul, what does she do and what is Kambo?
January 9, 2020
What is Life Coaching?
An introduction to Ryan and Sean’s experiences with life coaching: how it differs from therapy, how it can be a powerful tool for personal growth, and what it’s been like working with their coaches Paul Chek and John Tretheway.
December 26, 2019
David Sutcliffe: Core Energetics, Holding Space and Killing his Mom
We sit down with actor-turned transformational workshop facilitator David Sutcliffe to talk about his journey from Hollywood to becoming a voice for Core Energetics work, and leading workshops and producing films that change lives.
December 12, 2019
The Importance of Men's Work
Ryan and Sean discuss the oft-misunderstood world of men's work, and the importance of men reconnecting with their masculinity in safe spaces where they can process emotions.
November 28, 2019
Meet Ryan Willms
Ryan shares his path from a successful career in fashion and publishing to finding himself depressed in New York, and the subsequent inner journey towards living in harmony.
November 14, 2019
Meet Sean Hotchkiss
An introduction to show co-host Sean Hotchkiss and his healing journey which includes processing his father's suicide, addiction, shadow work and men's groups.
November 2, 2019