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Introducing Sasha Frank

Introducing Sasha Frank

By Sasha Frank
Welcome to Introducing Sasha Frank, a podcast about navigating life through (and after) college as a college student.

After years of interviewing women, I found I shared everyone else's story but my own. They were authentic and vulnerable. I think now is the time for me to share my own. To be real, to be authentic, to share the story that I know how to tell best -- my own. Journey with me as I share the ups and downs of navigating life after college, sharing where I've been and also journeying with you to where I'm going.

Hosted By: Sasha Frank
Theme Song: Sasha Frank "Classy Lady"
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Episode #39: Finding A Place
How do you make your decisions? What do you base your answer on, the outer appearance, superficial things, the glitz and the glam? Thinking outside of the box sometimes yield better results.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS YOU'D LIKE ME TO ANSWER, SEND THEM: HERE  Tune Into: Weekly Series : Introducing Sasha Frank (Every Friday Morning) Memoir 'Introducing Sasha Frank' available | I Suggest Starting From the Beginning, Here: Episode #00: Let Me Introduce Myself - Episode #01: Navigating Adulthood - Episode #2: Chasing The Wind - A new episode airs every Friday morning. Theme Song by Sasha Frank "Classy Lady" (c) 2018 (written and performed by: Sasha Frank) If you want to learn more be sure to follow the host's journey on Instagram @sashafrank ( ), and subscribe to her mailing list and download a Free 14-day Challenge Worksheet: Click Here! (
May 7, 2021