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Truth Serum

Truth Serum

Your daily dose of truth. Debunking BS reality so you perceive quantum miracles and use Intuitive Intelligence to heal.
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#10 Beyond Freedom: Empowerment After Trauma (A Sex Trafficking Story)
Jennelle Gordon speaks about leaving her traumatic past behind for a brighter future. Having been the product of rape and then the system, her fate would have been sealed by statistics to either death or a life of addiction. But rather than sit in the passenger seat of her own life and live in compliance with societal programming, she took the wheel and created her own destiny.  Born from violence to a troubled single mother in Pittsburgh, she quickly became a ward of the state and placed in a foster home of religious extremists. Her new family brought her on a missionary trip to Thailand where she was kept from receiving a proper education or medical treatment for her most critical formative years. They continued neglecting her health long after their return to America, and as she grew they would also keep her in isolation and secluded from the outside world in an effort to control her body and mind. However, her strength of self overcame their attempts at brainwashing and she left home on her eighteenth birthday.  Unfortunately, at a period of extreme vulnerability, she attracted predators who would sexually exploit her over the course of a decade through coercion and manipulation. She fell into the same cycle of victimization from her childhood and finally broke free when she faked her death in order to escape certain death. It was then that she would return to Thailand and study tantra; fully liberating her body, mind, and spirit. Through her spiritual studies and yogic practices, she healed herself holistically from unresolved trauma and developed Dance Om; an integrative form of dance therapy designed to relinquish women from societal constraints on their sexuality and sense of self. 
June 27, 2020
#9 Is there such a thing as Failure?
Lisa Khera talks about here experience of closing her studio and fighting the inner voice that said she was a failure. She defines what failure means to her and the expectations of others. How can we rise above the expectations that society brings to us. Failure is a stepping stone to something greater.  Lisa Khera is a certified STOTT PILATES, PiYo & Barre instructor in Ottawa, ON, who specializes in Matwork ®, Reformer ®, Cadillac ®, Chair, Barrels ® (Arc, Ladder, Spine Corrector ®), and Injuries and Special Populations. In 2000, Lisa started taking Pilates classes and Reformer sessions to rehabilitate a back injury. After suffering from low back pain she had to find an exercise program to ease her low back. She realized the many benefits Pilates provided for chronic injuries, stress relief and self care. Pilates proved to be an invaluable exercise for the entire body. It provided pain and stress relief as well as improved strength and posture.
March 30, 2020
#8 What is Bad Mother Syndrome?
In this episode I interview Parrish Wilson. Writer, Mother and Motivational Speaker.  Parrish teaches how to live in your truth as a woman & access the feminine wisdom that has been oppressed. She writes about mental health, feminism, mothering & divinity with a sprinkle of sex. Today we discuss they myth of motherhood and having it all together.  We dive deep into navigating the beliefs that motherhood should be easy and how we put limitations on ourselves that create a feeling of being a bad mother.
March 12, 2020
#7 Create Your Life with this Simple Philosophy
Jenna thought she was living the dream life in Los Angeles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer but still felt trapped and then a tragic accident that kills 10 people and 60 people to get injured included Jenna when she was hit by a car at 60 miles an hour that was barrelling through a farmer's market. This destroyed what she thought was her dream when she got PTSD from the accident and was unable to continue acting and auditioning. Jena debunks the myth that we are stuck in our circumstances. You can create the life you want.  Jenna is a speaker, actor, author, producer and adventurer who loves all things yellow, travel and love.  Jenna has lived in Thailand and Japan, traveled through Europe, and made her dream move to Los Angeles, where she has created an award-winning career in the entertainment industry (even becoming a slayer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Join the 5 Day Manifesting Challenge:
March 06, 2020
#6 How photoshop and the media destroy our self-image
Today's episode of Truth Serum debunks the myths around photoshop, body image and loving yourself. We talk about the TRUTH of photography, social media and images in magazines. I interview, Mira Zaki, an intuitive, traveling photographer, writer, and photojournalist. Due to her upbringing in an Egyptian-American family, she has been infused with a deep appreciation for multicultural experiences. Naturally a storyteller, she is committed to making a positive impact with her work.   H Her clients and publications include the top names in the industry : The New York Times, The New York Times T-Magazine, Travel+ Leisure, The Travel Channel, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Vh-1 Save The Music Foundation,,,, Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Taylor PR, Tesla, Food Network, The James Beard Foundation, Well + Good, Veria Living, Olive Magazine Korea, Dessert Professional, Bust Magazine, Eating Well & Siggi’s and more.  Join the 5 Day Manifesting Challenge:
February 24, 2020
#5: How to Find Peace through Self-Healing
In this episode of Truth Serum we debunk the myths around self-healing, medications and disease. Melissa interviews, Aubree Deimler, who is an author, coach and energy healer who helps empowered women with endometriosis who want to manage pain through natural methods, increase energy, and find peace with endo. Aubree is the founder of Peace with Endo and has written several books on healing Endometriosis naturally.  Peace with Endo: Join the 5 Day Manifesting challenge:
February 17, 2020
#4 There's No Prince Charming
In this episode of Truth Serum, Tally Hayden, best-selling author, life coach and Manifest Mentor, gets real about relationships.    In 2006 the trajectory of her life was altered by an autoimmune illness that kept her in bed for almost two and a half years. Tally’s faith put her on a quest to find healing and create wholeness for her own life.  This led to her current soul work as a wholeness and life coach, and understanding the multi-facets of manifesting your life.   #truthbomb There's no prince charming waiting to rescue or save you, the love you seek outside is really within.   #selflove #spirituality #awakening  Join the 5 day manifesting challenge: https://intuitiveintelligenceacademy....  Tally Hayden:
February 11, 2020
#3 Why You Haven't Had an Orgasm
In today's episode. Melissa, founder of the Intuitive Intelligence Academy, interviews Missy Garcia, a former client and a trauma informed sexuality and leadership coach for women. She helps to transform women’s lives by guiding them back into their life force power that lies within their sexual center from there they are able to know their power, access their inner wisdom and learn to use their energy to heal and juice up all areas of their lives.   Missy debunks the BS around sexuality and womanhood.    #truthbomb We are over exposed to sexualilty in media, but true sexuality is taboo and lost and 50% of women have never had an orgasm.  Topics include breastfeeding, rape and sexual trauma. Intuitive Intelligence Academy: Missy Garcia: Melissa Binkley:
February 03, 2020
#2 Rich people are A**holes.... the myth
Kate Butler is a #1 award-winning and best-selling author, founder of Kate Butler Books and Inspired Impact Publishing debunks the BS reality about being rich and having abundance. The belief that "Rich People are A**holes" is the source for many people's money blocks. Kate shares her story about understanding the value of having lots of money and how that helped her shift in her business and life.  #truthbomb - The amount of zeros in your bank account is equal to the amount of people you have impacted or the amount of people you can impact.  Kate's life purpose is creating confidence, imagination and mind at a time. Through coaching, retreats, seminars and her books, Kate's main goal is to not only share this message, but also teach others how to incorporate it into the life of their dreams. Kate Butler has been featured in Huffington Post, Sesame Street, and Fox. Kate received her degree is Mass Communication and Interpersonal Communication Studies from Towson University, MD. Kate has worked in the recruiting business since graduating college. After 10 years in the industry, Kate decided it was time to go into business for herself. She opened up her own recruiting firm called The Right Hire LLC, which she still owns today. With an amazing team in place to successfully run the day-to-day operations, this opened the door for Kate to pursue her passion. Today, Kate's primary business is Life Coaching and writing.
January 24, 2020
#1 When the structures fall away... What happens?
Today Michelle and Ali, creators of Soul Camp and I AM. creative, believe you can change who you are at any moment. We debunk the idea that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Our brains are malleable, so why not our lives?   Michelle Garside & Alison Leipzig are the Co-Founders of Soul Camp Creative ( and Soul Camp :: The Adult Sleepaway Camp for the Soul ( Their companies have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Travel and Leisure, Fitness, Women’s Health, Good Morning America, ABC News, Parents, Fortune, Inc., and Forbes. Soul Camp Creative is a full-service Marketing Agency devoted to working with conscious companies and brands that are positively impacting the planet. Our clients include coaches, teachers, healers, wellness practitioners, retreat centers, wellness facilities and any purpose-driven organization looking to empower people to live happier, healthier lives. We create strategic, unique & differentiated brand platforms (positioning, messaging, taglines, personality & vocabulary) and bring them to life through logos, custom websites & all branded material.
January 18, 2020