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Investigation and Security Podcast

Investigation and Security Podcast

By Joe Seanor
This is the Investigation and Security podcast. In this podcast you will hear the latest in Private Investigation news and tips, and we will also cover Security news and tips. We hope to keep it under 10 minutes per episode. Check out our website for story notes and more.
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Deepfake videos what are they why are there problems and California's new law
And today's episode I will be discussing the issue has fake videos what are they and why they are a problem and find the best reasons to have this episode is discussed California's new law that bans deepfakes videos in political ads
October 8, 2019
22Aug2019 Security news for you
Facebook Privacy Tool? Maybe..... iPhone can be jailbroken again! Do you have the Free version of Bitdefender? Update today!! And to wrap things up, 23 towns in Texas get hot with ransomware.
August 22, 2019
Zoom Video Conference ALERT
This episode covers the current vulnerability for Macintosh users that are using the zoom video conferencing system please make sure to listen to the segment in order to find out how to secure your Macintosh computer from the zoom video conferencing bug
July 10, 2019
Episode 4, part two of android phone apps
And episode number for the Investigation and security podcast I bring to you part 2 of my list of apps you need to install on a brand new Android phone
March 26, 2019
Episode 3 New Android phone
In today's episode of the investigation and security podcast I will go over what you need to install on a brand new Android cell phone.
March 26, 2019
Episode 2 VPN's and latest scams
Do you have a VPN? Yes, you need one! Learn why you need a VPN and how it keeps you safe online. Microsoft patch Tuesday updates. Have you received a call from the IRS? It's a scam! What about an email to verify your Amazon billing info? It's a scam! Our have you been bad and were doing something naughty on the computer and you receive an email that your Webcam was hacked. It's a scam! Find out more in this episode!
March 18, 2019
Welcome to the podcast
What is the Investigation and Security podcast all about? Joe Seanor and Rod Wilson backgrounds, who is CTI, Chrome security alert, and financial tip.
March 9, 2019