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Investing Skills

Investing Skills

By Fredrik Sandvall
Fredrik Sandvall and sometimes rockstar guests sharing actionable investment skills. Extra useful if you raise money to investments. For investors, entrepreneurs, real estate and property people who wants to make a difference. Fredrik has worked on dealmaking worth 10's of millions (£) in property and consulted successful £1B+ linked to sales. A popular business mentor now at your fingertips on your investor journey. Enjoy! Subscribe, Apply, Rate, Review and BENEFIT :)
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Partnerships in Investing - Fredrik Sandvall & Sheila Holt sharing ideas
Welcome to Investing Skills this time the host Fredrik Sandvall is sharing a part of the Trust is the New Currency book  People in partnerships are essential in business, investments, and dealmaking.  For info about Sapphire Lending Ltd an FCA regulated company for lenders and very experienced real estate developers  Key terms as discussed in the podcast partnerships, alliances, connectors, project managers We really appreciate any sharing of this episode :) 
January 15, 2020
Black Friday Automatic Investing Tips
Hey, the Black Friday Automatic Investing Tips Here is what you can do with your money instead of shopping :)  Find out how Fredrik Sandvall got started and hit with his young family more than £/$ 1 million before 25  Top tips  - You can live frugally and enjoy life - Automatic savings deducted on a monthly basis from your account into your investment vehicle - If you are young you can still get a job if you want it bad enough - Save, save reinvest - Keep growing your financial IQ by subscribing to this podcast and the Invest in You podcast :)  - Saving with leverage, so-called dollar-cost averaging, invest and save extra when the rates are advantageous (more shares 4 same money) - Saving helped Fredrik to get a solid foundation early in life allowing to expand with low debt which has been there as a buffer since - £1m before 25 is doable!  - Slow and steady wins the "race", you are only competing with yourself  - Make money from your hobby instead of it being just an expense - Learn about business and what can be put through the business  Follow Fredrik Sandvall on  Linked in Amazon: search for TRUST SANDVALL Youtube: search for SANDVALL  Extra podcast INVEST IN YOU  Enjoy Black Friday PS. Fredrik just committed to a Tesla Cybertruck but that will be paid by an investment not out of pocket DS.  #podcast #investingskills #BlackFriday #automaticinvesting   
November 28, 2019
Investing Skills - Have your numbers and books in order
Investable! You need to have your accounting and books in order. Privately and in your business. Challenge why not tidy up your personal finances? ~ Treat them more like you treat your business. :)   Areas covered: Profit and Loss Statement - your financial statement that summarising revenues, costs, and expenses in any given timeframe.  Balance Sheet - Your Assets and Liabilities in an organized and presentable way Bookkeeper and Accountants two important parts of your power team  Follow our work:  Youtube: Sandvall  @fredrikinlondon 
November 08, 2019
Investing Skills - Business planing and strategy - business canvas
Business planning and Strategy Resource: This episode is about how you can be more strategic in setting top your business using one of the tools out there to give it a framework. Most strategy consultants including myself have framework to use, templates, and also design bespoke versions to customers. Here is one very useful that you can plug straight into your thinking :) High level themes covered: #KEY PARTNERS #KEY ACTIVITIES #VALUE PROPOSITIONS #CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS #CUSTOMER SEGMENTS #KEY RESOURCES #CHANNELS #COST STRUCTURE #REVENUE STREAMS Other podcast mentioned: Invest in You Book mentioned: Trust is the New Currency Companies mentioned Global Sales Consulting - Sandvall Invest Connect or follow
November 06, 2019
EP8 I don't want a job - Think like the rich - Get paid for performance and invest
This episode covers some ideas around the statement  I don't want a job I personally do not want a normal job. Do you? It it's perfectly fine if you do. The ideas shared works regardless if you are in a job or not.  Key ideas shared: There are 4 billon hits on Google for the statement I don't want a job - so there must be a demand for that kind of content. This episode is not above complaining but making a change and a difference.  Get paid for your results and performance instead of swapping time for money. The reason for this is almost all jobs in the world has a payment cap on how much you can make, and how much you can make in a given timeframe. Stop trading time for money!  Improve you likelihood and probability to earn money by position yourself right (not in the desert without communication as in the example). You increase your earning ability by increasing knowledge and reach.  This knowledge and reach might help you to be a so called influencer. As Grant Cardone said in a video I am not an influencer I am a Business Man. Call it what you want a person who can influence people.  Sales is het lifeblood of any business! Always Be Closing or ABC. Obviously not to the wrong people...  As so many says, often without explaining pay yourself first. Put money aside "save" or horde money and invest - repeat.  Keep track of your money. Have systems that allow for you to monitor income and expenses plus assets and liabilities. An example what I use Keep learning and evolving this also includes your team when applicable. Risk and rewards - don't lost money... Responsibility take responsibility and avoid the lame blame game.  Habits a great. Discipline and action helps along the way.  Feel free to revisit the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy for example on Amazon via the short link: Feel free to subscribe, rate or review.  Welcome back we are just getting started!  All the best Fredrik Sandvall Feel free to follow or connect on @fredrikinlondon
February 18, 2019
EP7 Break-even analysis and the role linked to raising angel funding and also for cash flow in real estate
Welcome to Investing Skills This episode is about understanding break even  Break-even linked to business start-ups Raising money Understanding cash flow, sales and costs leading up to the break even moment Feel free to subscribe, rate and or review.  Contact details Guest speaker Charlie Sandvall
February 12, 2019
Bonus episode - promotion to Next Level Investing - a 12 month programme how to raise money - in London
Hi sorry, sorry using the podcast format to share the information how we will help 10-20 entrepreneurs to raise many millions.  This podcast is 100% about and promoting this programme which is delivered in London with a strong start - April 2019!  Next episode is back to normal with Investing Skills. Prerequisites for the programme:  You need to know what the money is for and how to repay them.  Goals to raise at least hundreds of thousands in non bank finance in the next financial year. Ideally millions.  You need to have some assets and knowledge to leverage to your success. It is not a beginner programme - it is advanced. So that everyone can learn from each other. 10 days of content and experts used to larger deals delivering the programme Main contributor is Fredrik Sandvall Testimonials:    Fredrik Sandvall just keeps on impressing me. He is a very successful businessman and has replicated that success when he started to learn how to invest in property with us. He has become a very successful investor working with many partners and is also one of our coaches for the Property Mastermind Programme. He has a great work ethic, he is very trustworthy, and I am happy to recommend him. Simon Z – Industry leader     Fredrik delivers excellent business development training courses. I have personally participated in a number of these and always find some gems to incorporate into my day-to-day working. These courses are very interactive, and Fredrik actively uses the breadth of his experience to create a very positive learning environment. Roelof – Large deal sales Core modules:  Getting ready for business  · Designed to get you prepared to be more investable  Learn how investors think · Mindset, language and risk management The deal or offer · Investor criteria, deal stacking and underwriting · Problem and idea into money · The knowledge about Family Offices · Tax I Pitch · Working with a broker · EIS and SEIS taxes · Crowdfunding · Pitching & Pitch deck You as a brand and influencer · Brand, values, following and ethics · Building trust · Third party endorsements  · Taxes II Be the bank · Leverage and  be the bank · Working with a broker II · How to work directly with banks · The connection between trust and sales · Income versus Assets · Reserves and saving ratios strategic view Team and other people  · Working with a group, peer two peer lending · Crowdfunding II · Working with Venture Capital · Gratitude and giving back · Trust and team Time · Long-term investments: bonds, funds example how you could set one up · Money wisdom cycles · The compounding scenarios · FCA Appointed Representative · Time is not fair – leverage Life – what other areas of life are important · Wealth protection trusts and wills · Life cover and advantages · Pensions yours and others · Life balance  · Bucket list Next – your plan going forward after Next Level Investing · Exit or no exit  · Hot to work with Hedge funds · Results and sharing    "Build one of the most valuable and sought-after skills there are in society - become a rainmaker, deal enabler and influencer" Fredrik Sandvall. Just do it! 
February 11, 2019
EP6 6 Mistakes by Property Investors - as observed by Fredrik Sandvall (more then 22 mentioned)
Latest episode of Investing Skills shares a range of mistakes we all do as property investors from time to time. A few examples are indecisiveness, not buying/moving on deals, buying wrong size? The search for the holy grail of deals... Miss the trick of buying for a positive cash flow. There are at least 22 hidden mistakes in this short episode. Good luck finding the one that holds your investments back so that you can buy instead of stall. If you like to connect Fredrik Sandvall - jus search pretty much any of the normal social media platforms or Google. This information is free still if you apply it - that is when you get the value!
December 10, 2018
EP5 Investing Skills - Anna Harper sharing her Investing Matrix with Fredrik Sandvall
Anna Harper is the guest on the Investing Skills podcast. Anna is a property developer and investor with more than £13m worth of deals in the last few year looking to acquire assets worth £100m with new business partners. Anna is the host of several podcasts including - The Return: Property Investment & Investing As a follow on from previous conversations Anna is sharing her Investment Matrix The risk and return Effort and output Opportunity cost If you like to her more about Anna feel welcome to visit the podcast Invest in You 24 December when it will be live. To contact Anna Harper FB & Instagram of course Website will bu updated here early 2019 About the host Fredrik Sandvall Linked In: Facebook: Facebook: Instagram: Podcasts: Invest in You Podcast: Investing Skills Twitter: fredrikinlondon
December 09, 2018
EP4 How to think like an investor - Investing Skills with Fredrik Sandvall
How to think like an investor can be done in different ways. One way is of course to learn from investors, observe them, think if I was one what would I do. This episode will share fundamentals around where they might be, how they think. It will share how an entrepreneur can make the whole investor relationships easier and better bringing more than a business idea to an investor meeting. The risk and reward matrix and balance will be explored high risk high reward and other combinations. The approach to identify "it" and sell 'it; by breaking it down into tangible steps an idea about a something that you or someone would perceive as a problem (or some positive people would classify this as an opportunity) -> The idea! -> design a solution -> sell it -> (production) -> Delivery Books referred to Ray Dalio's Principles Warren Buffet multiple titles How to get hold of Fredrik Sandvall Additional resources the podcast Invest in You, NextLevel Investing 3.0 a 12 months and continuing finance raising programme Patreon: . NextLevel Investing 2 Launching 2019 12 months investing programme (by application) contact directly for more info. Last group enabled deals in excess of £100m by raising close to £10m in non bank funding.
December 07, 2018
EP3 Red Team in Investing - How to get constrictive feedback on your investment and strategy
Fredrik Sandvall explains - Red Team in investing, a tactic he can highly recommend when the timing is there. In simplicity with its origin in war games in the military the Red Team is the other party playing the role of critiquing, challenging ideas and probing to ensure this is the best idea, plan or investment about to happen. The Red Team experience can be and is hopefully challenging enough to see things in a new light, from a different perspective often from the other side's. It helps to frame the problem and gives further information that can be considered when taking the investment decision. Role play and rehearsing are variations of the same forcing the decision maker to react to for example a changing view of the investment. Captain Fredrik Sandvall has served 16 years in the armed forces in a broad range of countries and senior roles. He has also used this strategy in the City of London with Clients. His thought can guide you and are not financial advice - he recommends always do your own due diligence and search relevant specialist advise. Feel free to connect with the podcast host Fredrik Sandvall on social media for example on
December 06, 2018
EP2 Pitching 101 with Dominic Colenso and Fredrik Sandvall
Here we go Pitching high level in a nutshell from two practitioners. Dominic is a founder of and head coach of in Flow Training as a an actor and entrepreneur he is working with individuals, teams and companies to sharpen communication skills. Today he will share top tips on Pitching. Fredrik also a practitioner and the host of the podcast will add a few layers of information to this episode too. - When you are closing don't forget your pen :) Enjoy Dominic Colenso @dominiccolenso and Fredrik Sandvall @fredrikinlondon If you want to hear the full interview please go to the podcast Invest in You EP42.
December 06, 2018
EP1 Welcome to YOUR Investing Skills with Fredrik Sandvall
This is the very first podcast and introduction to investing skills. This episode is about Fredrik in short and two tips for today: #Invest in yourself #Negotiation success is very often linked to preparations Extra resource Podcast - Invest in You Contact Fredrik Sandvall via any social media for example Book tip of the day from one of my professors from Harvard: Good for you Great for me - by Lawrence Susskind
December 05, 2018