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By Peter Leung
A podcast where Real Estate Investor meets Entrepreneur.

How to position yourself passive income through real estate. Strategies, tips and shortcuts to success.

I have been invested in the Real Estate market for many years for cashflow and it is in times of change, that we have opportunities to capture growth and appreciation.

Join me as we journey towards wealth building together.
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From Poker Pro to Tech CEO
World-renowned professional poker player and now breakthrough businessman Matt Jarvis is our feature Investorpreneur. Cash Live, a cutting-edge poker mobile app, offers an unrivaled gaming experience, combining the best of online and live casino play but with a twist. This live experience allows you to enjoy all the excitement of a real casino environment, right from your phone or tablet. A tournament from start to finish in just 20 minutes. Listen with us today as Matt shares his values, beliefs, practices, and vision that invited prominent investors to fund Cash Live and help bring it to the future of Poker and Online Casino gaming. Cash Live has had some very prominent investors, like Phil Hellmuth, a sixteen-time World Series of Poker winner, or Justin Waldron, co-founder of Zynga, invest with Matt on this journey. How does Matt do it? Listen for yourself how he started from poker player to Investorpreneur.
December 07, 2021
Is safety really important in brain surgery?
We have on the Investorpreneur podcast another special guest, a startup entrepreneur, Casey Grage. Casey is the CEO and Co-founder of Hubly Surgical. She will share her story of passion, innovation, and learning as she creates a whole new breed of medical equipment, opening unfamiliar but great doors as she raises funding for mass production. In the US, over 3.5 million neurosurgical procedures are performed annually. Most of these patients require a craniotomy to access their brain and perform tumor removal or other surgical intervention.  Neurosurgeons have been performing craniotomies for decades using manual drills with no safety backstops since their design in the 1950’s. What Casey brings to the field is safety and consistency with their invention.  Join us as we chat with Casey Grage about her journey in creating a new generation of electric drill systems, revolutionizing the future of surgery.
November 24, 2021
Secrets to Raising and Investing $110m of Foreign Capital in Calgary
Dean Gorenc is a local Calgarian from mortgage broker to mega Real Estate Developer. He founded UrbanStar on $5,000 just over 10 years ago.  As an Investorpreneur, we are looking for opportunities that could yield good returns while protecting the downside. Dean believes that Calgary has that Risk to Reward ratio covered as the third most resilient city in Canada while having a prominent place in the commodities market.  "When you talk about real estate, you have to look at the underlying economics that allow for future development" Dean and his team not only raised capital in Canada but abroad in Japan where you will hear about his secrets to raising over a hundred million of capital for deployment in the Calgarian market.  The story is remarkable and Dean Gorenc is authentic with his sharing of his wisdom and experience. Listen in and take great notes.
August 18, 2021
Start, Grow & Scaling Businesses with Katie Kay
Katie Kay is the Coach and Serial Entrepreneur you want on your corner when it comes to Starting, Growing and Scaling your business.  Katie shares all the obvious secrets that most entrepreneurs constantly miss when they build their business. Sometimes it is the most common and simple things that make a business work and she shares her experience on her failures and also her successes in implementation. She will share on this podcast how she started her first business, and how she was able to leverage her team in building a multimillion dollar empire.  A few key-pointers to start: 1. Don't get emotional in business. Stay with rational and logic. 2. Incentivize people with commission structures and how to outperform the competition. 3. Put up non-competes in her employee contracts 4. Do not be afraid to exit "If you want to exit, you have to scale" preaches Katie to her clients and partners. Listen in as Katie shares her wisdom on her multiple company exits and why her coaching works.
July 13, 2021
My Startup Experience To Profit with Charles Bhatana
A true Investorpreneur, Charles Bhatana is my guest on the show speaking about his Startup Experience and to Navigate the Capital Raising Game from investors.  Raising Capital is such an important subject, especially to a startup that requires external resources. Do you tell investors what they want to hear or do you tell them what your vision is for growth? How do you build a startup with profit as well as growth and is it possible and liked by investors.  Charles is the founder of JobsLab. His vision is to disrupt a competitive recruitment industry by matching the right candidates more effectively. Charles have had years of experience operating in this traditional space matching candidates to jobs in the financial world. What was his motivation to start this new business.  We think that many industries will be impacted by the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and JobsLab is wanting to jump ahead from what is a geographical business to that of the global marketplace. Charles speak on the topic of hiring for his team and all the things he have had to do to get the company growing while at a profit.  I'm sure you will enjoy the teachings and wisdom Charles Bhatana will share with us today.
June 09, 2021
The Art of Investing in Startups
"Learn to not bet on the horse, but on the jockey." Is there a way to mitigate risk when investing in Startups? These co-founders may have solve the riddle. Sam Chandola and Thamer Matar are serial entrepreneurs. They are the classic Investorpreneur, they have shared their secret to evaluating deals. Each of them have achieved so much success in raising capital, for their previous projects and their current fund where they invest into startups.  This show is very specific as to their sharing of how they grew this fund and the importance of soft skills to working with investors. I promise this show is packed with insights with their on the ground knowledge of which industries are more likely going to make it big and which sectors to avoid.  Sam Chandola is the recipient of the 2014 BC Business Top 30 under 30 award, the RBC Top 75 Canadian Immigrant award, and the 2017 TMX Canada's Next 150 award. He routinely talks about entrepreneurship at events and universities such as Pecha Kucha Nights, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the Center for Digital Media. Thamer Matar's startup in Openspot, was the three finalists for the Startup of the Year Award from the BC Tech association in 2019. He has spoken on the largest expos around Smart Cities.  We are grateful to have them as our guest on the Investorpreneur. 
May 25, 2021
Investing in the Market is Made Simple yet Profitable
Imagine being able to invest hassle free while being able to invest with profit and all you need to do is systematically able to save for your future with low fees.  Does that sound too good to be true? Tim Jones believes that the way it should be. Why pay massive fees for management when most don't do a better job than the market. It is enlightening the road that Tim has taken, from corporate executive to embarking on his journey into entrepreneurship. How did he raise his capital? How did he do his capital deck. Who had to be involved?  Listen in to Tim Jone's story as he takes on the giants in the industry and how he believes he has the better solution to the everyday problem of building wealth.
May 04, 2021
Developing your Brand for Social Media with Nick Daryanani
"Marketing cannot stop" said Nick Daryanani Branding is the difference between profit and growth or losses and failure. How can branding be justified with numbers and results?  Nick Daryanani is the host of the popular show "Off the Cuff" and also Founder and Executive Producer of 24 Frames. This episode of Investorpreneur is featuring the story of Nick's step by step staircase of success and the founding of his own firm.  How do you handle the fear of finding business? Do you put it all on the line during the times of lockdown? How do you maintain your staff in multiple countries? It is impressive how Nick was able to handle the Pandemic and yet grow despite of adversity. Nick is also a loving husband and a serial marketer that is pro business, a true Investorpreneur.
April 20, 2021
Is Investing Into Hedge Funds a good idea with Tom Kehoe
Investing in the stock market, trading equities, long and short positions, could be foreign language to so many.  Listen in as we have Tom Kehoe, Managing Director, Global Head of Research & Communications from AIMA sharing his insights about how Hedge Funds could stand a place in your portfolio. Hedge Funds have had a lot of attention in the Investing world for High Net Worth (HNW) and Investors looking for that extra return. As an investor, we are always looking for lower risk and higher returns,  I had a great time interviewing Tom and the wisdom he shared is priceless. Investing as an Entrepreneur has been one of the best choices in my life and learning about another avenue in which I can seek passive growth in my portfolio is refreshing.
April 13, 2021
Navigating Value Investing through Crises
Dr.Tan is the founder and Chief Strategist for Phiem Asset Management.  He is the man known most for his Value Investing Strategies in the Asean market. Also known as the Warren Buffett of Asia.  Dr.Tan has managed funds of over 1.2B and thrives when there is a drawdown in the market.  If you are an investor in the market, this session is priceless. The principles he shares remains timeless while he also provides insights to how to navigate the outcome of the crisis. (Not to mention that he has won many many accolades outperforming the benchmark) 
April 06, 2021
Higher Margins, Larger Revenue and Increased Equity with Karthik Manimozhi
If you are in Real Estate or in Business, you do not want to miss this exclusive interview with Karthik Manimozhi, CEO of Rentmoola. As a Real Estate Investors, tenants that neglect to pay rent could be one of the most disturbing challenges.  On the other hand, it it the livelihood of the tenants and their circumstances faced during and post pandemic.  What if there was a solution to solve these problems while allowing rent to be paid digitally and accurately. That is the solution that Karthik, CEO of Rentmoola implemented when taking the top job in 2020 in the midst of the Pandemic. Karthik shares his approach and how his team implemented with a "customer centric" approach. He shares his wisdom on implementing, scaling and decision making that results in higher margins, larger revenue and increased equity for his stakeholders. Follow Karthik and Rentmoola:
March 26, 2021
8 Figure VC on deal Due Diligence
This is a very special episode with our mystery guest, Mr. G  Mr.G is a co-founder of a VC firm while having worked for fortune 500 companies in the space of cybersecurity both in Silicone Valley and China. He shares with us the basic form in which he sees evaluating various stages of a company, from startup to pre-ipo.  This framework and thinking will help us upgrade our probabilities of success as an Investor and an Entrepreneur.
March 20, 2021
The Dentistry Revolution feat. Dr.David Roze
"Having metal in your mouth could make us dumber" is one of the reasons that there is a revolution happening.  On this episode of Investorpreneur, we feature a progressive dentist, Dr. David Roze, Founder and CEO of Dr. Roze and Associates in Dubai. He speaks of the implications of having metals in our mouth, through crowns and dentistry work done. Dr.Roze shares his insight on how our oral hygiene could be directly linked to our pains in our body. The interview with him is fascinating and I was thrilled to see a new horizon of Dentistry practices and opportunities. How can we get on top of this trend, can we own our own clinics? Franchise opportunities maybe?  Dr. Roze will be leading the Biological Dentistry Revolution, and as a start through his many celebrities and high profile clients from around the world. 
March 15, 2021
Solar will be the next Big Thing with Barry Cinnamon
Solar is amongst one of the hottest topics in the world. Energy production is the key sector amongst Investors, Governments and Entrepreneurs.  Barry Cinnamon is a long-time advocate of renewable energy and is a widely recognized solar power expert. He founded Akeena Solar and in 2006 took the company public to become one of the largest residential solar installer in the USA.  Solar is Barry and we discover on this episode why Solar is (the next) is the solution to solving the worlds energy crisis. There is so much to learn from Barry, as he can retire many times over but what carrys him forward is his abiliity to stay relevant and in midst of the Pandemic. Listen in to hear how Barry build his business and how it is poised for success. As Investors, we want to know how to profit from Energy. As Entrepreneurs, we want to find out how to scale and build a business. Dont miss Barry's incredible story and journey.
February 17, 2021
Building Success from Lender to Developer with Derek Dimartile
Derek Dimartile is the special guest of this episode of Investorpreneur, where we identify how he was able to build through his experience as a Lender into a Developer.  He shares his insights on how to work with banks as the most important partner of them all. Having worked both sides of the spectrum, Derek will share both sides of being the lender and developer and how that insight was able to help his business strive.  Derek is busy building his developer resume as he recently completes on Squamish and now in the pre-sale phase of POPOLO, in the core of Vancouver.  Listen in as Derek goes into the wisdom he's acquired, the challenges that he's had to build the reputation as the new generation of Property Developer in Western Canada.
January 11, 2021
The $6.3 Trillion Solution for the Insurance Industry with John Brisco from Coherent
Investors and Entrepreneurs, we have a special guest, today on the show. We have a guest that has gone from raising capital from seed to angel and then to closing out series A of $14 million in under 3 years.  John Brisco is the CEO and Co-Founder of Coherent, the talking point of the InsureTech industry. His team in a short time has expanded to 11 markets and growing.  John shares his experience going from corporate executive to startup and the journey to his capital raising. The pandemic has been a challenge for most businesses, listen in to what  John do to lead his team to succeed during challenging times. Despite John's experience in the Insurance industry, how was he able to demonstrate to his former company that he now has the solution to the Insurance problem.  The business is only as good as its team. We all know how hard it is to find great people, so how did John do it. How was he able to build a strong team with common corporate cultures? This is a local company from Hong Kong that has been able to reach beyond the local market and we are privileged to be able to hear the inside story as to how this company is poised to grow globally.
November 30, 2020
The Solution to the Social Media Problem
Alex Clark, a Multimillionaire Entrepreneur from Vancouver that had founded and sold his business Bit Stew to General Electric in 2017 is featured on the Investorpreneur Podcast. Alex shares his experience on how to start and grow business from startup to sale. In 2020, Alex is on another adventure as Covid-19 has expedited his plans for his new social media company. He recognizes the problem, security, privacy, accessibility and monetization, and hence the launch of Quantum Pigeon.  2020 and beyond, we probe for his secrets to running a successful business. ======================= Alex is now reigniting his startup passion as he founded new social media and end-to-end communication app, Quantum Pigeon (QP).  Will he crack the code again. Listen in to how he finds the problem and presents the solution.
November 12, 2020
What Problem are you Solving with Alex Clark
Alex Clark, a Multimillionaire Entrepreneur from Vancouver that had founded and sold his business Bit Stew to General Electric in 2017 is featured on the Investorpreneur Podcast. Alex shares his experience on how to start and grow business from startup to sale.  From startup to sale, it was all inclusive under 3 years. He looked at what problems his business could solve and to whom.  You will hear directly from the man who cracked the code to building a business and how he pivoted to success. Also followed by part 2 of the series on "The Solution to the Social Media Problem" ======================= Alex is now reigniting his startup passion as he founded new social media and end-to-end communication app, Quantum Pigeon (QP). Will he crack the code again. Listen in to how he finds the problem and presents the solution.
November 12, 2020
Investing through Entrepreneurism with Reynold Lewke
Learning how to invest is mostly a science but perhaps there are some artistry to master when investing. Part 2 on the series on Wealth, Family and Investments with Reynold Lewke focuses on the investment side of things. How do you choose great investments? What do you do to ensure that you get the highest chance of success in your investments?  Reynold has been investing from Seed Round to Pre-IPO companies and shares his experience and pitfalls to avoid. He tells all about how to navigate this space and how to achieve results!
October 26, 2020
Wealth and Family Values with Reynold Lewke
Reynold Lewke is a corporate advisor and investor. Reynold is also a father of four, he shares his secrets to maintaining a great family while building his career. What has he done to allow his children to adopt and launch their financial, professional and personal career. Reynold introduces his principles of 10-10-80 has allowed for not only financial freedom but discipline amongst his family estate. We've all heard the "teach to fish" analogy. Reynold has just shared his secret on the Investorpreneur interview on how he taught his next generation. Catch this two part series, as we peel away his secrets to success in business and personal life. I learned so much about how to be a better father too.
October 15, 2020
Protecting your Money through Proper Due Diligence
Any Investor would want to understand the risk involved in any project. How are they protected and how is the risk mitigated.  On this podcast we go through some of the due diligence process and checklist in order to determine the risks. Protection of our money is first and returns come second. We go through every process, rigorously and without fail to determine the best projects to be involved in. Thats part of our Money generation formula. Have a great day! 
August 06, 2020
Building the Real Estate Triangle
Everybody has something to offer in Real Estate.  How can you maximize the value of a team? How do you organize your capital, your financing and your experience so it could produce results for you and your family.  We have Fong Chua, a serial entrepreneur and property investor sharing how you could profit from the Real Estate Triangle. If you are starting out your portfolio, this would supercharge your ability to build quickly. If you already have a large portfolio, then this would help you scale up with partners.  Dont miss this episode as Fong shares such simple yet powerful strategies to build financial wealth.
July 22, 2020
Sourcing your portfolio with John Stokoe
Building a portfolio in the UK may be easier than one first thought with a sourcing professional.  As a professional investor, what could you do to mitigate risk? How do you know if they are reliable and that their numbers are presented are true.  John Stokoe shares with us on the Investorpreneur podcast how to choose not only sourcing agents but also builders. How do REITs and PE Funds mitigate the risk? They buy finished product but as investors we want to obtain the uplift by forced appreciation. We can do so by reducing the risk via a trustworthy sourcer and builder.  Investing can be close or abroad but always do your due diligence. ================================= John Stokoe
July 15, 2020
Why Commerical Needs to be a part of your Portfolio!
Is Commercial better than Residential?  Only the best assets deserve to be part of your portfolio. Afterall, there are only so much time and money.  There are many strategies to real estate but could there be other asset classes that could reduce risk and enhance returns? I have a special guest, Stephen Gammer on the show to discuss the benefits of Commerical Real Estate. He is the past president of CCIM of the Vancouver Chapter discusses why and how to add Commercial Assets to your portfolio. I have worked with Stephen personally for years and his knowledge of the Commercial market is comprehensive and objective. Most importantly, the perspective on what assets would give us the biggest benefit, most sustainably and with longevity.
June 26, 2020
Industrial Properties are going up! with Brian Fong
Industrial Properties will only be going up!  Trend is your friend. Covid 19 has changed how business is done. Industrial properties are in high demand for logistics, warehouse, manufacturing yet there is not enough supply.  Brian Fong, the owner of discusses his perspective on Industrial Real Estate, why he is so bullish and how he buys property with the help of the government funding. He has acquired multiple properties alongside with his 8 figure business. How does he finance his purchases and how he is able to buy and hold for long term wealth!
June 18, 2020
PRESALE / OFF-PLAN secrets to Win Big
Presales or Off-Plan purchases can also be extremely profitable when you know what to look for.  Winning Big is Presales will involve Market Trend, Developer Incentives, Vision and some luck. How do you reduce the risk and increase the profitability?  We go through the fundamentals and also the ways to mitigate risk while Winning Big in your next investment.  Qualification for such purchase is not required and therefore becomes a choice that many international investors prefer. We talk presales and the secrets on how you can triple your investment without ever taking out a bank loan.
June 12, 2020
I will invest with you!
I will invest with you. Let me put my money where my mouth is.  Now what will we buy? Will we do commercial projects, residential or alternatives?  Many have said, get the deals and the money will appear. I will share with you what I look for when investing in other people's deals.  In the last year, I have done over 36 deals with other investors. It is imperative to know what your investors are looking for and how to build trust with them. Let's get on with it. Send us deals at
May 26, 2020
Triple Your Wealth Post Covid-19
Timing is one of the most important factors when Investing. Learn how you can Triple your Wealth in 10 years. In this episode of Investorpreneur, we talk about how to Triple your Wealth post Covid-19. What has already happened, what is happening and what will likely happen after Covid.  This is how I made my first gold rush in Properties in Canada then in UK!  If you had a crystal ball, and could tell what would happen with the future. How would you take advantage?
May 17, 2020
Interview: Maximising Profit while Mitigating Risk
Today we speak with serial Investor  and property investor, Bing Bing Chang about Maximising Profits while protecting the downside. The most important thing as an investor to evaluate is, RISK!!! She goes through ways she mitigates Risk by looking at Location, Property Valuation, Currency, Property Type, Financing and Tenants and how she minimises these threats. She also shares with us her experience with financing and joint venture arrangements. Bing Bing has extensive experience in portfolio building in the UK where she focuses on High Yield Real Estate Investments where in 2019 has been able to replace her corporate income. Featuring another powerful lady on the Investorpreneur Podcast.
May 12, 2020
Interview: Building cashflow through Multiple Occupancy
Is United Kingdom a good place to invest in Property?  We invite Aaron Kok, a property investor focused on creating wealth through building cashflow in Housing of Multiple Occupancy. aka HMO He shares his secrets of risk mitigation and maximization of profits.  Aaron also discusses how he vets and ensures that the right fit of tenants are in his properties. If you are wanting to build wealth in Property, you definitely need to hear this! Aaron Kok Property Investor Host of Square Mile Property Meet Investment & Risk Professional Founder Acquire Property Group Founder and Host at Square Mile Property Meet
May 08, 2020
Builder's Secrets Revealed
Building a new building is the one strategy above and beyond any other to improve the value of the property. Mimi Fei @miiifei, a custom home builder shares the secret of builders with us. She discusses Budget, Time Frame and Area with us and how she advises her clients. Builders can help us appreciate and improve the value of our portfolio, so how to communicate with them, how to setup payment systems to ensure success. Best yet, she shares the builders secret to maximizing profit for themselves. Find out how you can save Thousands of dollars for your next build.
May 06, 2020
Asset Allocation geared for Growth
There is broad based recovery in the stock market, but why? Is there a shiny coin syndrome? Will we suddenly all become Equity investors? My unwavering choice is in the Real Estate market. Fear has been taken over by greed, and investors are now eyeing their next investment. I walk you through my rationale of my investing strategy. What allocation is most ideal and how to best benefit from the current situation. Sustained growth is all in the planning. 
April 29, 2020
Hong Kong; First in First Out Strategy
Hong Kong was one of the first places to face lockdown and social distancing outside of China The world now is where Hong Kong is delayed by about 30 days. Will Hong Kong be an indication of what the world will soon face?  What will the Real Estate market do when things start to get back to normal? Office, Retail and Residential. How much impact will there be and what are the sectors that I would suggest consideration.
April 24, 2020
How to attract Money Partners and scale with them
How do you find MONEY to fund your deals? Your biggest challenge is coming up with the money. Afterall, how many deals can you do with your all of your funds? How can you get financing from a third party? This is the time you need to be speaking with your investors, but what do you say? Are you the person that they would trust with their hard earned money? What are these money partners looking for other than a return? I'll tell you what to provide to them to have them invest with you. Listen as we discuss RISK, EXIT STRATEGIES, ALIGNMENT and EXPERIENCE.
April 20, 2020
Positioning for Opportunities in Australia & NZ with Xiao Li
Australia is FINALLY going to be a market worthy of considering.  Could Covid19 be the reason why Australian market will be in the minds of Investors? How can investors work the strategy of acquiring properties in Australia and New Zealand?  If you are an investor seeking property that could cashflow and grow with long term appreciation, is Australia the market for you? Xiao Li, takes us on this journey as a powerful female Real Estate Entrepreneur. She acquired 10 properties in the first year with her business and life partner.  She is incredible and we can learn a lot from her decision making and her thoughts on the market. Xiao's outlook: Get liquid and get ready for great deals   Cashflow strategy: Cashflow is king
April 15, 2020
JT Foxx: Worlds #1 Wealth and Business Coach on Real Estate
JT Foxx, the World's #1 Wealth and Business Coach shares his views and his experience on doing 500 deals without his own money.  How was he able to do that?  What advice does he have for times of Chaos on the world. He also advised us to be patient, to find deals that are diamonds in the rough. It is a scary and exciting time but it will correct 10-15%; How do we take advantage? JT has coached me to how to build my business more International, more profitable.  As a private equity operator, a real estate investor and a the World's #1 coach, hear what he has to say about commercial property. Is this a global reset?
April 09, 2020
Investor Q&A with Simon Seok
Simon Seok an investor from Vancouver was invited on the show to ask Questions about Investing everything Real Estate.  Q: What should investors do?  Q: I was thinking about making some Flips, what do you think about that?  Q: Multiple offers: Do you think about a new market or go somewhere else? Q: How do you time the market? Q: What type of research do you do on a market to consider deployment of capital there? Q: What stocks are you watching when they go on sale? Contact us at with questions or you want to get on the next Investor Q&A podcast. Follow us at iampeterleung. on facebook and Instagram Follow Simon Seog on IG at simon.jy.seok
April 05, 2020
How to get 100% financing with Sua Truong
100% financing is possible and is a strategy that excels wealth building too. You could be buying property with 100% financing from major banks and with tax savings. Even most bank staff doesn't know how to employ this strategy. Go figure. Sua Trong, a financing professional will walk you through the strategy. He is a property investor, serial entrepreneur and a trainer in financing strategies. This strategy works for business owners that have retained earnings (that they have to pay tax on) It will not work for those who are self employed or those who are in a job. (This is another reason to start your own business) Sua Truong
April 02, 2020
How to Pivot around Threats in Real Estate Investing with Robin Booth
Robin Booth, a serial entrepreneur, property investor and coach shares his secret from South Africa He will talk about how do we survive and thrive in times of challenge. How do we mitigate and manage risk? How do we manage through these times together? Robin will also share how he has his AIRBNB filled while the industry in distress. Thank you to Robin Booth for sharing such great insights. Robin Booth
March 30, 2020
Leveraging Currency to enhance Real Estate Returns
Why invest globally when you can invest locally? How can we leverage currency to enhance real estate returns? What are the advantages of investing with different currencies? Listen in as I share the secret to enhancing returns that could apply to your portfolio.
March 25, 2020
How to get started in Real Estate
This is the most common question that people ask on my facebook page. What are the choices you have when you want to start this journey? There are choices you need to make, strategies that need to be determined before you venture off to invest your money. Look at your situation, do you have the best resources to help you achieve success. DO you have time or do you have Money?  You can master this High Income Skill or be a Passive Investor. Both ways can get you to financial freedom and beyond but let's be a realist and identify your unique value to achieve success.
March 24, 2020
Your first Opportunity to save on your Mortgage
What are you waiting for?  Interest Rates are dropping in most countries to curb the financial burden of the mortgagee. In simple terms, we talk about how Interest Rates affect Real Estate Prices. Places like Toronto, still going nuts. Why? What should you do to prepare and to seize the opportunity at hand. Following on the last episode on the Crisis, you should get qualified as soon as you can. Prices normally go up in drops in Interest Rates but this time, will it be the same? Listen in on our strategy and why a Variable Mortgage might be a winner (for now) Lets sharpen our swords, you can make a world of difference, starting now!
March 18, 2020
Crisis is Opportunity
How do we get geared up to win in Real Estate? Investorpreneur is the podcast talking everything Investing Real Estate. TIMING is most important. Thats where Crisis is Opportunity! There are challenges ahead but TIMING is the biggest opportunity on your side. The secret to success is to be prepared, do you have the skills to capture the moment? Is history any reference to the future? If it is, then what happened with SARs Practical steps to get yourself in the position to get into Real Estate.
March 18, 2020