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Invisible Zeppelin

Invisible Zeppelin

By Nat Gertler
When the call for action comes, they take a message!
In this original audio sitcom: In an invisible zeppelin floating over the globe, Bruce and Mabel answer the phones for the world's leading hero team, the Star Sentries. They handle the calls from citizenry in distress, the villains seeking to destroy, and the heroes in need of a quick chat.
START WITH EPISODE 1: MABEL'S FIRST DAY. Don't start with the most recent episode. There is a through-line here.
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Unbreakable: The Final Part
SEASON FINALE! Will our protagonists arise from their hypnotic slumber? Will New Orleans be saved? And what drinks are available for consumption aboard the invisible zeppelin? All these questions and more, admittedly some rhetorical, will be answered on this. Starring Allison Gertler, Ben Gertler, and Nat Gertler, with special guests S. Krystal McCauley and the mighty Maggie Thompson! Invisible Zeppelin is copyright 2020 About Comics.
September 23, 2020
Unbreakable: Interlude
What happens after the previous episode but before the next episode? This episode! With some of your old favorites and some new favorites as well! Guest voices include Dave Bradt, Devon the Adventurer, Tim Bevan. Judy Meschel, Avi Ezor, J.J. Gertler, Tim Maloney, Pam Noles, and S. Krystal McCauley. Invisible Zeppelin is copyright by About Comics, publishers of things that oughta be published.
September 16, 2020
Unbreakable Part One
In the first part of our first multi-part story: Bruce has a premonition, Mabel has a pizza order, the pilot has a problem, and there are bad things afoot in New Orleans again! And knock-knock. Who's there? New heroes! What more can you ask for in a sitcom about those who answer the phones for super-powered heroes Returning guest voices Karen Green, Avi Ezor, and Ivy Ratafia as well as first-timer Dave Bradt join the usual gang of Gertlers. Invisible Zeppelin is copyright 2020 by About Comics, and is a bargain at twice the price!
September 09, 2020
Line of Death!
In this mini-episode: What is that that just whooshed by??
September 02, 2020
Fan Club Newsletter
Mabel learns about the Star Sentries fan club newsletter. Blasphemous Badger discusses past defeats. Bruce is surly. Starring the usual cast of Gertlers, plus one less-common Gertler. Guest starring Pam Noles as Lava Lady, Tim Maloney as Doc Zap and Ivy Ratafia as Viola Pendergast. Copyright 2020 About Comics.
August 26, 2020
Mabel and Bruce work the call center for the Earth's most powerful band of heroes... but when the phone system goes down, what are they going to do? This episode will answer that and many other questions, including "why is Blasphemous Badger a badger-themed villain?" You probably weren't actually wondering that, but now we have you thinking about it, right? In the next fifteen minutes, we will sate that thirst for knowledge we just induced. You're welcome!
August 19, 2020
Old Heroes
This episode adds two never-before-on-the-show heroes: Mister U.S. (who has been previously seen in comics from Image Comics and About Comics, among others) and Blacktop. Plus, the world's richest kid, and there's some problem with lunch. And as usual, your favorite hero team call center workers! Guest voices: Jeremiah Dobles, Ben Bradt, and especially Melvin Ishmael Johnson. Written by Nat Gertler. Invisible Zeppelin is a production of About Comics.
August 12, 2020
Insidious Zeppelin
What effect will it have on our heroes (well, our protagonists, who answer the phones for our heroes) when the zeppelin passes through a field of negative energy? Find out in this rather hectic episode! With our usual regulars, plus Judy Meschel, Lori Sunshine, Avi Ezor, and S. Krystal McCauley.  A production of About Comics, and have we ever steered you wrong?
August 05, 2020
One Plus One Equals Three Headaches
The Star Sentries can deal with almost anything... except Mikey, their accountant! Plus, we finally meet Mabel's half-sister, and B.B. complains about the breakfast options. Guest-written by William Allen Pepper of Starring the usual gang of Gertlers, plus an additional Gertler (J.J.), a Bradt (Judy), a recurring McCauley (S. Krystal), and Pam Noles, whose name anagrams to a number of things. Produced by About Comics, publishers of things that oughta be published.
July 29, 2020
Third Person
Exciting times at the Star Sentries call center: a major landmark has been stolen, Blasphemous Badger is taking a class, Bruce is dealing with a personal nemesis, and Mabel gets an enticing offer. Snacks are mentioned.
July 22, 2020
Unseasonable Greetings
Life aboard the Star Sentries' invisible zeppelin is always an adventure. When superteam member Doc Zap calls in for a little help, we learn about one very special member of the Sentries. We also learn what Bruce eats for breakfast, and why Blasphemous Badger is called Blasphemous. Really, this episode is not just humorous, it's educational! The cast includes the usual gang of Gertlers, plus two people named Tim, Devon the Adventurer, and mazemaster Joe Wos.
July 15, 2020
He's Not a Goodger
What's that ten year old boy doing at the call center for the powerful team of heroes? Who does Mabel have a crush on? Why is S.T.E.A.M. avoiding accepting a major award? What does that talking dog Captain Jenkins want? What's up with the moon? Why am I the one writing this episode description when I'm clearly lacking in information? Is this any way to run a podcast??
July 08, 2020
Mabel's First Day
On a mysterious invisible zeppelin floating high (well, high enough) above the earth, young Mabel starts her new job: handling the telephones for the Star Sentries, the world's leading team of super-powered heroes. But is she ready to handle calls from quirky heroes, oddball villains, and the people in need?
June 23, 2020