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Iowa Informer Podcast

Iowa Informer Podcast

By The Iowa Informer
The Iowa Informer is an independent, alternative media source for Iowa politics, news, cultural coverage, and creative content. We are devoted to Iowa and Iowans as our major subject and we find stories and perspectives that have been missed or overlooked by other outlets. The Informer is based in Ames and we have a particular focus on our home community and the Ames stories that make an impact statewide.
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Physical Media Blog - Zines w/Rebekka Reuter

Iowa Informer Podcast

Physical Media Blog - Zines w/Rebekka Reuter
Nate and Bryon  talk with guest Rebekka Reuter about her new zine initiative, some favorite zines from Iowa history and beyond, being creative during a pandemic, and many other topics in this wide-ranging discussion of community and art.
December 02, 2020
Iowa Informer - Physical Media Blog - Interview w/Jennifer Knox and Great Poetry Books
Special guest Jennifer L. Knox discusses her excellent new book of poetry, "Crushing It," with Nate and Bryon, then they each share 5 of their favorite books of poetry. 
November 13, 2020
Iowa Informer - Physical Media Blog - Maximum Ames Livestream Special
Nate and Bryon talk with guest Will Pett about the recent Maximum Ames Livestream Special, what it took to pull it off, and how the pandemic has reshaped the look and feel of live music in 2020. 
October 16, 2020
Iowa Informer - Physical Media Blog - 80s Vinyl
Nate and Bryon chat with Vinyl Grind owner and record collector Blake Delaney about the upcoming Maximum Ames Livestream Special, the current state of local businesses during a pandemic, and which 80s vinyl gems are some of their favorites. 
September 28, 2020
Iowa Informer - Physical Media Blog - Five Iowa CDs
In the inaugural episode of the Physical Media Blog Podcast, Nate and Bryon each pick 5 Iowa CDs that meant a lot to them, discussing the albums and their experiences with the music and the people who made it. Hear about the impact of the Ames Progressive, Bi-Fi Records, and Iowa's influential Trailer Records label, along with lots of tangents into Iowa's rich music history!
September 17, 2020