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The Confidence Factor podcast

The Confidence Factor podcast

By Irene Mphatso
The Confidence Factor podcast is about helping female online entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves so that they can manifest their best life and business. We share tools,resources,strategies and teachings that will support you as you live your passion and create impact and step into the most confidence version of yourself to win new clients and sustain your practice . We use both spiritual and practical strategies to help you morph into the most confident version of you. An episode will air every Week.
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Being intentional inside your business and life
There is power in the energy in which you are in when you are taking action inside your business which affects the results which you get. In this episode we explore this idea in the hope that it will help you to step into your power and awaken to your connection to the source of the supply for all that you desire. Follow me for more on Instagram @irenendithamphatso
September 14, 2022
Stepping in a more conscious version of you
It’s possible that you could be caging yourself in , closing yourself up to opportunities because you are judging yourself based on past experiences. Sis , let go of who used to be and choose to step into the next level version of yourself! By the choices that you attach yourself to from this moment forward! Also remember this be intune with God to step into your next level with amazing confidence. Sound keeps disappearing but catch the pets you hear and run with them 🔥catch me on the instagrams @irenendithamphatso
September 07, 2022
Asking for help from the Divine is a game changer move
Ever scratched your head wondering what the next best move is in your business? Or do you struggle with simply figuring things out inside your business. No worries help us near; start to ask for help and you will be surprised at how ever available the help is. Connect to your super power and open up to daily miracles
August 31, 2022
Is personal development fatigue a thing ?
You might be feeling like you have been at it for too long and you are not seeing the massive shifts that you wanted . The fat bank account , the perfect partner , the booked out calendar etc what has a girl got to do ? We address this in this episode. Hope this episode serves you and reminds you that you are sooooo close to being on the other side. P/ S catch up with me on Instagram @irenendithamphatso
August 24, 2022
Positive mindset reset
This episode is all about embracing being intentional with your thoughts.Our thoughts create our feelings which trigger our actions which lead to our results. May this awareness lead us to create positive statements on repeat about every area of our life.
August 17, 2022
2 powerful lessons to handle not having what you want right now
In this episode we dig beyond the desired outcome. We find powerful tools to help us hold the space between where we are and where we desire to be. If this episode serves you … please share the podcast to help other women find this value as well.
August 10, 2022
Purpose : The basics
Do you feel like there is something more that you are meant to be doing ? Do you ever question yourself ; what is my purpose ? In this episode we scratch the surface on this big topic : Purpose. This episode is likely to help you gain clarity on this topic. Enjoy thjs episode.
August 03, 2022
Getting good at Dancing with the bottlenecks after setting a goal.
In this episode we discover what you should expect when you are stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone inside your business. Shifting your awareness of these three things will propel you to your growth. Hope you enjoy this episode , since the show is pretty new , be sure to leave us a review wherever you listen to this podcast to help other women just like you to find this show. Thank you for listening see you in the next episode
July 27, 2022
Figuring out what you want
Allowing yourself to be clear on what you want is the first step to accessing what you want.Though it appears obvious, you will be shocked that most of us don’t know what we truly want yet. In this episode we dive deeper into why this might be the case and I share with you some powerful questions to help you unravel what you truly want. Plus we also highlight the areas that you need to consider to gain clarity in.Hope you love this weeks episode and that it serves you. Please follow me on Instagram @irenendithamphatso or on face book @irenemphatso or join our Facebook group @The Capable women. Our website Your feedback is most appreciated.
July 20, 2022
Become a more confident version of you.
In this episode we discuss being confident.I love the angle taken. It’s great to be confident in the big things but we can actually start with trusting yourself in the smallest ways. Like deciding what you want to eat / wear etc and running with it without having to doubt yourself.Enjoy .
May 27, 2022
When you practice gratitude is opens you up to massive adds zest to your life. Opens up opportunities that are right in front of you but you can’t see yet. Look around you and check in , what can I be grateful for? Write it down and make it a habit as you go. See what will happen.
May 20, 2022
How to get more done daily :time hacks
Time is one of our most valuable resources which we must manage in-order to achieve the results we desire. In this episode I share 4 tips which help me to manage my time better and I believe that if you implement these tips in your own life they will also help you.P/S : I help ambitious professional / business women overcome self doubt and overwhelm through meaningful weekly coaching that leads to increased self confidence , productivity and income. DM to book a clarity call with us.Website http//
August 31, 2021
Moments; create them
In this episode I share four lessons about creating deliberate memories with those that you love and a tip to help you with slaying your goals
August 24, 2021
Setting priorities
In this episode we touch on how you can set priorities so you avoid being overwhelmed. You will get quick tips that you can implement immediately that will have you creating more time to do the things that matter to you Be sure to reach out if you need further support. If you find this podcast helpful in any way do like it and share with your friends. We look forward to hearing from you.
August 10, 2021
Goals :Key to your success
In this episode we discuss goals as a tool for our success. We deep dive into what goals are , why they are important , the levels of goal setting and how to use a powerful tool to set winning goals. Yes to becoming goal oriented. Juicy tips are shared at the end on how we can cement our goal setting approach.For further support visit for more tools and resources to help you become the best version of yourself
August 04, 2021