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A moment with... an Irish Dance Podcast

A moment with... an Irish Dance Podcast

By Irish Dance Village
conversations with current dancers of the Irish Dance Village, beloved ex members of the Siamsoir performance troupe, professional Irish dancers living the dream and experts without whom dancers wouldn't function.

come and grab a moment with us as we discover what heart-filled means to our guests and how they came to be where they are today.
Jenni x
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Heart filled philosophy

A moment with... an Irish Dance Podcast

Heart filled philosophy
Weekly Wellbeing One Thing In this episode listen and relax as I guide you through my philosophy of finding heart filled - on which the Irish Dance Village is founded.  Our 'weekly wellbeing one thing' episodes are a series of invitations to try just one thing for just one week to help improve your wellbeing. There is so much information out there on what we should be doing with fitness, nutrition, journaling and so on that it can be overwhelming. By attempting one thing you can find out if its for you or not and if it is you can add it to your well-being toolkit. You can then build up your habits and improve your life one thing at a time. 
June 16, 2021
A moment with ... Sandra
Busy Mum, hard worker, runner and now dancer... Sandra talks us through all things from 6 Week Irish Dancer to lockdown silver linings.  If you are interested in 6 week Irish dancer course then have listen to one of our course participants and her experience of it. 
March 23, 2021
A moment with... Laura Kirkman
Meet Laura and find out more about the Irish Dance Village, how she's coped with lockdown and how she finds heart filled everyday. 
March 11, 2021