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Own Your Story

Own Your Story

By Isabelle Thye
Own Your Story aims to inspire millennials to create an adventure of their own by interviewing millennials who overcame struggles to pursue a mission they are passionate about.
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Own Your Story #40 with Jolene Chong: Give everything to the cause you believe in
Ever since I met Jolene in Own Your Story event, we had a blast collaborating with her in initiatives related to happiness and mental health. It's simply wonderful working with a person who is so passionate and knowledgeable about a subject matter she believes in. We talked about: - how Jolene discovered her interest in psychology and mental health - challenges she faces in the field of mental health - how Jolene keeps herself motivated in an industry full of stigma and negativity - decoding a big myth about mental health - Jolene's personal evolution since she started her career - the importance of positive influence from people around her - simple happiness hack to manage stress at work - best investment in life - book recommendation - impact and a life well lived Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Early Autism Project Malaysia: Jolene's FB:
July 2, 2019
Own Your Story #39 with Chin Yi Xuan: Always remember your why
Yi Xuan is an interesting millennial who ditched a well-paid first job and dive into the uncharted water being a full-time trader and blogger. I made sure to ask him what 'unfulfilling' means to help (older) people understand the difference in the inner and outer world. We talked about: - why he left a well paid job in a startup company - unfulfilling life living the 'rule' of society - figuring out life through mistakes - the most painful mistake he made - overcoming the trap of ego - dealing with emotional roller coaster - evolution since uni - do not compare yourself with others - inspiration to write and a viral article - best investments - impact and goals Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story's FB: Yi Xuan's FB: Website:
July 2, 2019
Own Your Story #38 with Ridzwan Razalee: Don't take yourself too seriously
Even though Ridzwan is still figuring out his way in the creative industry as a videographer and writer, I admire his determination to stay true to himself and took the leap of faith to create a life he wanted to live in. In this episode, we talked about: - Why Ridzwan dive into creative industry despite having a degree in law - The journey of discovering his passion - Choose the right environment and surround yourself with the right people - Inspiration of creation - The fear of not getting his shit together - Best investment - Advice for younger self - Book recommendation - Guiding principle and definition of a life well lived Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Ridzwan's FB: Youtube:
July 2, 2019
Own Your Story #37 with Richard: Live with passion
It's so good to reunite on screen with Richard since our book launch last year! I guessed in some way our path crossed and we changed each other's life. In this conversation, Richard reminded me so much about simple (but hard) things in life - passion, values, relationship, gratitude and much more...   We talked about: - Richard's unique interpretation of angels and giants in life - the importance of creating values for others - how to constantly build meaningful relationships - what is passion? - passion vs. hobby - passion for a balanced life - prioritise growth no matter where you are - constantly seek for new opportunities  - what Richard learned in the startup world - best investments - life tips/advice for young people - impact to make in the world Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Richard's Website: Richard's FB:
July 2, 2019
Own Your Story #36 with Yong Tien Cin: Change your perspective, change your life
I've always felt blessed to meet Tien end of last year because her energy and creativity brought new things to our community, such as a monthly yoga session and discussion of Sutra. Despite being a petite wellness coach, I admire her big spirit and positivity that always beam like a sun.   In this episode, we talked about:  - Why Tien left Canada and come back home - Being excited by the possibilities in uncertainties - Why Tien is passionate about wellness and how to develop a routine - How to gain clarity in life values - Self-discovery and exploring life through travelling - Tien's love-hate relationship with adventures - Life tips for young people - Book recommendation - The importance of journaling Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Tien's IG: @thesunyogii Tien's blog:
July 2, 2019
Own Your Story #34 with Mathew Pang: Patient and passion in building an online education channel
Mathew has been an acquaintance I've known for a long long time. Even though we were not exactly close friends, I really admire his persistent and passion for building 'y=mx+c', a Youtube channel for SPM & Pre-U Math tutorial. So, I called him up to hear more about his story! We talked about: - how and why Mathew got into education industry with training in psychology - the thought process from conception to execution  - biggest challenge in building a one-man education channel - motivation to keep going - personal evolution in the journey - lesson learned from biggest business failure - passion and patient to build something - career tips for young people - how to pick yourself up after a fall - book recommendation - best investment in time & energy - impact and future plans Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Mathew's FB: Y=MX=C:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #35 with Heidy: Lead with purpose
It is hard to imagine that Heidi has come a long way from the chubby kid who was bullied in school to leading Malaysia Dodgeball team to the World Cup twice.  In this episode, we talked about: - How Heidy got involved in dodgeball - How he lead the Malaysia dodgeball team to become the underdog in World Cup 2016 - The importance of staying grounded after the win and keep improving - Motivating and leading a semi-pro team for a bigger purpose - Heidi's 3 tips for aspiring leaders - Lessons learned from World Cup 2018 - How a rough childhood shapes Heidi's character - The impact of sports training in Heidy's life - Best investment in terms of time/energy - Priority in 2019 - Impact to make in the world and his favourite quote Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Heidi's FB: Malaysia Dodgeball Federation's FB:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #33 With Charissa Ong: The journey from self-publishing to best-selling author
Charissa's journey of making her way from self-publishing to best-selling author really fascinates me! When nobody wants to publish her book, she went straight to a major bookstore and struck a deal, bypassing the gatekeepers in the publishing industry. In this episode, we talked about: - How Charissa started writing poems - Her motivation and drive to self-publish her first book - What is 'Midnight Monologue' about, the core message of the book - The unconventional process of getting her first book out  - Charissa's tips for aspiring author - How has becoming a best-selling author changed her - Dealing with the fear of 'one hit wonder' and criticism - The mission of Penwings Publishing - Charissa's advice for young college graduates - Book recommendation  - Impact Charissa wants to make & exciting projects in 2019 Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Charissa's FB: Charissa's IG: Website:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #32 with Zayana Yusof: Rising strong in millennial motherhood
As college mates, Zayana and I went through a very different route when she embarked on motherhood while I took the leap to leave the corporate world.  Our choices brought us to different places but one thing unites us - our courage to be ourselves. In this episode, we talked about: - Zayana's motivation to share her story & core message of her blog - Post-mortem depression and how Zayana recover from it - How Zayana evolved from the episode (let go of judgement) - How to keep a positive mind while juggling with different roles - The importance of critical thinking in making a life decision - Tips for young millennial women about to start a family - Best investment in past 3 years - Zayana's book recommendation - Advice for young people - The impact Zayana wants to make Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Zayana's Website: Zayana's FB:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #31 with Paul Low: Starting a podcast to inspire creatives
This is a special collaboration with Paul, the host of Plusma-cast (a channel for creatives), where we hear the backstory of his channel, lessons learned from the journey of creating a podcast channel, and his vision for Plusma-cast. We talked about: - Paul's motivation of starting a podcast - The reasons for focusing on creative professionals - Core message of Plusma-cast - How Paul overcome self-doubt - How Paul evolves as a person and host - Tips for getting the wisdom out of a guest (brain-picking tips) - Memorable lessons learned fro guests - Where does creativity come from - Advice for aspiring young creatives - Plans for 2019 Isabelle's website: Own Your Story: Plusma-cast: ---- Own Your Story Podcast features interesting guests with fascinating stories and unique perspectives on life, taking viewers on a journey through the lives of others and ultimately inspire them to embark on an adventure of their own.
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #30 with Zoe Chew: The biggest risk is not taking enough risks
When I met Zoe in a book sharing session, I shared a book called ‘The Surrender Experiment’ while she shared Elon Musk’s biography. As I got to know Zoe better, I came to appreciate our different approach in life – I am all about guts feeling while she is strategic, just like Elon Musk. In this episode, we talked about: - Consistency in reading 40 books a year - Most impactful read and most recommended book in 2018 - Not taking enough risks is the biggest risk - ‘Know thyself’ is an important asset - Start with an end goal with mind to cultivate productivity - Foster connection to impact the world - Exciting plan in 2019 Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Mashwebby's Website: Zoe's Blog: Zoe's FB: Instagram: @whizzoe
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #29 Special Edition: Those who wander are not lost
Coming to the end of the year, I realised that I told people ‘I feel lost’ a lot, but it is precisely this reason that drives me to create things that matter to me when there is nothing to lose. After attending two silent meditation courses, trekking the Everest Basecamp, traveling alone to Vietnam, creating a book, a podcast and a community this year, I finally understood the quote: ‘Those who wander are not lost.’ In this special edition where I was interviewed by guest host Kevin, we talked about: - inspiration for writing a book comes from biggest U-turn in life - challenge the status quo - turning pain and struggle into positive message - be proud and be loud - overcoming self-doubt  - building a community through trial and error - future plan and definition for a life well lived Shownotes: Isabelle's website: Own Your Story: Kevin's FB:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #28 with Adi Afendi: It’s never too late to write a new book
I was a bit nervous before interviewing Adi. He is a professional host with his own TV show, master of ceremonies for international events and this year, he even appeared on the big screen in a local hit movie. His humility and generosity rendered my worries useless. In this episode, we talked about: - changing career at 40 - passing the point of no return - the importance of skills and drive - overcoming self-doubt - experience and tips as an emcee and host - invest in relationship - embrace failure and pick yourself up  Shownotes: Isabelle's website: Own Your Story FB: Adi's FB: Adi's Website:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #27 with Ca-ryn Lye: Don’t be afraid to share your story
When I heard Ca-ryn spoke about how she recovered from mild depression and burnout in a local art fringe event, I was moved and relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one who went through that kind of darkness. That lead us to having this conversation to talk about the elephant in the room – depression, what it is like and how to love ourselves more. We talked about:  - acknowledging the problem - getting help and building support system - medication and alternative methods - self-love and self care - caryn's advice for her younger self - the importance of sharing our stories Shownotes: Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Ca-ryn's FB: Reconnect & Recharge:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #26 with Derek Chai: Being ‘M.A.D.’ and making a dent in the world
Everyone told me that Derek is an amazingly ‘crazy’ guy when I met him over a dinner gathering.  When I got to know more about his story, I learned that he had been juggling between a fulltime job and social work since the beginning, founded his own NGO ‘Developing Youth Organisation’ 2 years ago and started a social enterprise ‘Bluup Events’ recently to connect corporates with homes. The intention to set up his own company was caused by a health hazard that created the sense of urgency - what more can he do to make a difference? In this episode, we talked about: - Consistency comes from planning - Action wins support from closest people around him - You need to be full before you can give  - Everyone has the power to make a difference Show notes: Isabelle's Website: Own Your Story FB: Derek's FB: Developing Youth Organisation's FB: Bluup Events:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #25 with Ken Ng: Life lessons learned from Everest Base Camp Trek
When I met Ken last year, I never knew that he would entrust me with his book project, later became a friend, mentor, and most recently, a trekking mate. When I told Ken about my ‘existential void’ after Everest Base Camp trek, Ken resonated with my feeling, which sparked the idea of sharing our experience through a podcast. In this episode, we talked about: - Human connection and love - Taking One step at a time - Create the experience of a lifetime - Personal transformation in term of routine, perspective and character - Sharing our experiences from the trek Show notes: h Isabelle's FB: Isabelle's Website: Ken's FB: Ken's Website:
June 29, 2019
Own Your Story #24 with Kevin: Cultivate creative confidence through wood work
My eyes lighted up when I heard about Kevin’s wood working workshop. In the wave of digitalization and speed, it is counter-intuitive to venture into a business that encourages people to build things with their hands. In this episode, we talked about: - Choose freedom over security - Empowering adults and children through creativity - Faith is the antidote to uncertainties - Truth, love and power Show notes: Isabelle's website: Isabelle's FB: Kevin Build website: Kevin Build FB:
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #23 with Elaine Wong: Come alive doing what you love
When I discovered that she gave up a career in Germany to pursue art in Malaysia, I was intrigued to find out more about her story. “My artwork carries a message, a lesson, a nudge, or just an invitation for the audience to reflect and ponder upon, in our quest to navigate our chosen lives on earth.” In her words, people might not feel the heat from the light, but their path will be lighted up – that’s the subtle impact she wants to make. Isabelle's website: Own Your Story FB: Elaine's FB: Elaine's Website: The Hatchery Place:
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #22 with Coach KarFei: Live life by design, not by default
I was mesmerized that Karfei found his passion in coaching when he was a teen and build his career in the industry wholeheartedly ever since that. There is so much I’ve learned from Coach Karfei, a millennial coach with a decade of experience and multiple accolades at his back. We talked about: 1| Confidence comes from self-awareness  2| Common pitfalls in finding a mentor 3| The importance of support pillar 4| Debunking the myth of passion 5| Self-coaching when you lose focus 6| Career tips for young graduates Shownotes: Connect with Isabelle FB: Website: Connect with karfei FB: Website:
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #21 with Jay Shen: How ‘changing your mind’ can change your life
Interviewing Jayshen for 'Own Your Story' podcast was a fun experience that awakened the geek in me. From the intention to replace formal learning with video games to propelling human civilization, it was fascinating to pick this 'out-of-the-box' brain and learn his thought process. It is important that we keep an open mind and keep learning in order to break through our current position for a better result, whatever our goals are. Show notes: Isabelle's website: Isabelle's Facebook: Jayshen's FB:
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #20 with Kevin: Never sell yourself short for comfort
It is rare to meet a winemaker in a tropical country like Malaysia, let alone a financial consultant who turned into winemaker before diving into movie making.  I knew I had to dig into his story when I first met Kevin. It was such a bliss to explore life from his angle distilled from experiences in the corporate world, serving the community and making wine in Europe, and coming back home to where it all started.  Show note: Isabelle's Website: Isabelle's FB: Connect with Kevin: k.wanderman@icloud.c
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #19: Never let anybody tell you that you’re too young to start
When I first met Nicholas, a mutual friend told me that I should do a podcast to cover his interesting story. I looked at the humble young man who didn’t talk much and thought, sure, I was eager to find out what I can learn from him. True enough, Nicholas showed me that wisdom is measured by how much you've done and not how old you are. In this episode, Nicholas shared his entrepreneural journey and invaluable lessons learned as a millennial entrepreneur. Show notes: Isabelle's Website: Isabelle's FB: Nicholas' FB: Brandsight's FB:
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #18 with Lalaina Rackson: Creativity is a way of life
Lalaina Rackson is a Parisian artist and writer who creates L'artiste Mag. It is wonderful talking to a creator who is so comfortable, so confident being herself, creating works that reflect her life without any reservation. To her, a creative lifestyle simply makes sense. Show notes: Isabelle's website: Isabelle's FB:  Lalaina's Medium:
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #17 with Shia Lynn: Invest in the quality of life
Being a solopreneur in the creative industry is not for the faint-hearted. It means that you have to find your own style, establish your niche market, create your art, produce revenue-generating product, all while reinventing the wheel to find your place in the industry. However, it all makes sense when you get to live the life you want to live, or rather, struggle for the life you are happy to live, to be with people who matter in life. In this episode, Shia Lynn, the creative lifestyle blogger behind 'The Artsy Craftsy' shared her journey diving into the creative industry and finding her way in the uncharted territory. Isabelle's FB: Isabelle's website: Shialynn's FB: The Artsy Craftsy Website:
June 25, 2019
Own Your Story #16 with Tom Kuegler: Take a chance doing what you love
For a 25-year-old, Tom certainly owns his story with an uncopiable journey that is packed with adventures and actions. Within 3 years as a writer, Tom has created a Medium writing course which enables him to quit freelance writing for good and organized a virtual summit all by himself. It took a lot of self-belief and courage to create something and be confident in getting it into the hands of people who need it. Find the show notes here: http://www.isabell Isabelle's Website: Isabelle's FB: Tom's Website: Tom's Medium Page:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #15 with Vic Qi Pan: Be the change you want to see
This is the first time I met Vic Qi Pan and she said yes without hesitation when I suggested we recorded a podcast 'by the way'. After this conversation, I can see why - this girl has done many crazier things to help people connect with each other. Think... eye contact experiment, public dancing, creating silence space project! It takes courage to be different, to overcome ego, fear and accomplish all these for a bigger mission. Isabelle's FB: Isabelle's website: Vic Qi's FB: Reconnect & Recharge's FB:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #14 with Zhi Ee: Life lessons for the young, crazy, courageous
When I met Zhi Ee 2 years ago at an event, she just founded Monsta and was on a mission to crowdfund her way to attend Tony Robbins’ seminar in Sydney. Putting yourself out there and asking for help is hard. She did it gracefully and genuinely. 2 years later, we visited the beginning with all the experiences, struggles and lessons we have accumulated, meet at a point where we are both doing the work we believe in. Read more: Isabelle's Website: Isabelle's FB: Zhi Ee's FB: Mosta's FB:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #13 with Caroline Zimba: Mindfulness and building a life from scratch
I met Caroline 3 years ago when I was backpacking in East Malaysia, and we haven't spoken ever since until this podcast! This is precious! If one could build a life with $30 left in the bank account, one can take on anything in life. This was exactly what Caroline did when she returned to London after a 10 months adventure in South East Asia in 2015. Dive in and hear Caroline out on building a life as a yoga instructor. 1:00 Making the big decision to quit her job and look for an adventure 1:57 Restarting her life with $30 in her bank account without a job and personal space  3:20 How losing her dad 2 weeks after coming back to London impacted Caroline 4:50 Caroline went to India to further her yoga practice and to get away from grieving 5:57 What Caroline learned in India through yoga, we talked about love and forgiveness 9:07 Dealing with anger, went into 3 days of silent and lessons in silence 13:45 The changes in Caroline's life and teaching after India 18:35 Caroline talked about what are people afraid of and how yoga helps them to regain self-empowerment 22:03 How yoga and meditation benefit lives in different dimensions 26:24 Self-love practise 31:58 Caroline's book recommendation 33:43 3 truths by Caroline Isabelle's Website: Isabelle's FB: Zimbayoga website: Caroline's FB:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #12 with Amy Ng: On curiosity, personal projects and purposeful digging
Amy is a 'multipotentialite' who was a magazine editor turned illustrator, entrepreneur, creative director and teacher. She builds a huge following on her passion project Pikaland where she shared her personal quest, creation, and learning in life. In this episode, we will dive into Amy's journey in the creative industry. 1:40 Purposeful digging, the inspiration behind the article, and how her path is formed 6:00 Amy's book recommendation 7:40 Why Pikaland is Amy's best investment ever 9:00 How Amy deal with doubt 11:15 How Amy find space for inspiration 12:14 On failure and the feedback in failure 16:05 Advice for students entering the real world 19:57 How Amy see the creative industry 22:40 How to filter opportunity and say 'no' 25:30 Amy's purpose in creating 'work art play' online course 29:40 Amy's 3 truths
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #11 with Jameson Tan: Reclaiming Back My life
In this episode, we have Jameson Tan, a peak performance coach who chased his dream to make a positive impacts in people's life after surviving a road accident. 0:53 How Jameson's life changed at 4 years old when he lost his father 2:55 The positive turn in life when Jameson met his first coach 3:40 Diagnosed with and lived with pain 5:00 Ambition at 17 to replicate the process where someone found hope and provided hope to him 8:25 Turning life script upside down and feeling lost when he left his first job with the ministry 10:18 How to find passion and purpose in life 15:05 The 'why' and the challenges in starting his own business 20:32 Jameson shared how to create change in life 23:20 Jameson's morning routine to increase performance 26:34 Book recommendation 29:30 Jameson's 3 truths Isabelle's website: Isabelle's FB: @isabellethye Jameson's website:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #10 with Frankie: On winning, fear, and meditation
Exploring a logical and spiritual mind with Frankie, we talked about winning in life, fear and meditation. 1:35 Fear stopped Frankie from taking action 4:12 Fear of success  7:55 Frankie talked about 10 days Vipassana silent meditation 9:40 Negative emotion deep inside has no where to escape 11:10 Treat meditation as a skill that needs inner effort 15:50 How meditation helps to remove anxiety, fear, anger, gain control in actions 18:00 Small effort to maintain the practise 20:00 Awareness to take action 22:00 The business model of Vipassana meditation course 25:40 Parting message from Frankie Vipassana meditation website:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #9 with Rachel: How to stay grounded through peak and through as an artist
In this episode, Rachel shared her dramatic journey as a singer who tasted success as a royal singer early in life, went to college, joined Akademi Fantasia (a top Malaysian reality singing competition show), fell into rock bottom, picked herself up by letting go of ego to sell homecooked meal to students. Show Notes: 1:10 Rachel talked about how she stayed grounded despite early success in life as a royal singer 5:40 Breaking rules and organising a concert in first year of uni 9:20 Lessons learned from contending as a student representative 15:00 Pain and gain from joining Akademi Fantasia 2015 28:10 Dealing with haters on social media after elimination 31:30 The stress being a semi-celebrities when her physical appearance was always being scrutinised 33:30 Hitting the rock bottom after Akademi Fantasia when family and career collapse at the same time 39:02 Picking herself up through positive self talk 40:30 Letting go of ego and starting a catering business doing what she loves (cooking)  45:40 Lessons learned from catering and facing doubters 53:00 3 biggest life lessons learned so far Website: Isabelle's FB: Rachel's FB:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #8 with Daniel Lee: Pushing to Paralympic 2020 with a strong 'why'
Daniel is the founder of Push to Inspire, an athlete and inspirational speaker who is on the journey to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in wheelchair racing. In this podcast, Daniel shares how he overcomes challenges, limitation and push towards Paralympic 2020 with a strong purpose. 0:40 How Daniel's late father empowered him 2:10 Daniel talked about his physical limitation and how he discovered sports after college 4:05 Confidence comes from the belief that everyone can push beyond challenges 5:40 Daniel talked about nature vs. nurture 7:45 How to overcome critics and naysayer 9:05 How to form a vision and set goals early in life 11:50 'when I shared my story, people listened' 13:50 Daniel talked about sharing story from heart 16:20 Challenges in qualifying for Paralympic 2020 19:05 Daniel's tips on staying motivated in this lonely journey 25:15 Daniel's top pick in book recommendation 26:40 Legacy of love Website: Isabelle's FB: Daniel's FB:
June 24, 2019
Own Your Story #7 with Harrison Quinlan: Depression, faith and belief system
Harrison is a writer and digital nomad from Canada who is traveling around Asia. In this podcast, he shared about his depression, how he overcomes the fluctuation in emotions by going on the road, and the most profound moment in his life in a silent meditation. 3:43 Dealing with suicidal thoughts 5:05 About 2 months cycling trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles  7:15 'having a goal is better than having a plan' 11:00 The common blindspot of putting your whole life in the next thing you do 14:00 Transformation in a silent meditation 20:00 Harrison's goal to empower people to reconnect with themselves Website: Isabelle's FB: Harrison's FB:
June 24, 2019