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The Joy Revolution

The Joy Revolution

By isabelle
Life's an inside job. Inner joy is the fuel , the engine AND the end destination of a fulfilled life. This podcast is all about de-conditioning from a society that lives on your insecurities and connecting instead with your true self. Conversation by conversation we'll unravel our blocks to wellbeing and abundance. It is time to grow and thrive! We talk: relationships with ourselves, our body and food, we talk vulnerability, feminine leadership, trauma and how to create a truly fulfilling, rich life from the inside out.
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E10: Marrying manifestation & trauma-release: getting out of the personal development trap.
A powerful & short solo-episode showing you how trauma & manifestation interplay,  explaining the 2 ways people tend to get stuck in personal development, so that you don't...  Get unstuck, and allow yourself to embody unconditional enjoyment. Recognise some of your patterns, did this podcast help you? Let me know! Links: ***Breathwork and other classes, subscribe here to the list to receive the next session: ***email me here with your story for a free breakthrough session: ***Follow me here on IG: ***Follow me on this name on Clubhouse: Isabelle Ysebaert
May 18, 2021
E09: Next level Alignment & self-discovery through Human Design With Krystle.
Follow Krystle on IG @journeythroughhd and  Isabelle What we cover in this podcast: -what is Human Design anyway + how to experiment with it in a non-dogmatic way. -the 5 main types & how they move through the world. -Isabelle's 2/4 emotional projector chart gets read by Krystle. To join the waiting list for our group program "Align to shine" & get first chance at  early bird price, email "Align to shine" is a transformational 6-weeks group program for 'women with a mission',  who want to build their life & business with ease, pleasure & flow.  Included:  personal HD readings, Trauma-mapping,  trauma-informed manifestation, practical tools to live from your Aligned & Creative Self.
November 27, 2020
E08: The missing link in Women's Rising, exploring generational trauma & patriarchy with Dr. Valerie Rein
Today I am inviting fellow Psychologist Dr. Valerie Rein, women's mental health expert & author of "Patriarchy Stress Disorder". She has uncovered the invisible inner barrier that is blocking women's advancement, happiness & fulfilment. We discuss intergenerational, collective & personal trauma of oppression + what the way out looks like... She is holding a free virtual retreat where you can have the experience shifting from survival to thriving and begin healing PSD in a community of women on this journey. Learn more and register at Find out more about Valerie in general here:   and  go buy her book "patriarchy stress disorder" :  Tag me on IG stories if you enjoyed this episode  and get in touch with me by emailing A free 1-1 intuitive connection chat with me, that provides you with a personal analysis, is available here: (but do message me if these spots do not suit your calendar) Read upon the tributes & results with previous clients:
July 19, 2020
E07: Intuitive eating, the tough questions
In this episode I explain what intuitive eating is, how & why it can help you... How it helped me, (I am a certified intuitive eating counsellor) and I answer some of the common TOUGH questions everybody asks. Pfhiew, I loved recording this, you will get a  full picture of what intuitive eating can mean for you & learn new things, even when you have been on this journey for a while. If you loved this episode, share it on IG & tag me! For any  additional questions, feel free to write me on  & if you feel like going deeper , come and book a free INTUITIVE CONNECTION CHAT with me. I will help you see where you are at, what is unconsciously blocking you and what the next steps are.  You can  book right into my calendar if you see a fitting moment (here under) or contact me on Books I recommend:  The Fuck it Diet from Caroline Dooner,  Just Eat It from Phd Laura Thomas,  Intuitive Eating from Evelyn Tribole & Elise Resch
July 04, 2020
E06: Reclaiming the feminine & speaking authentic truth with Dr. Sarah Coxon
This episode is for you if you're a woman that has been struggling to find her place in  business & career, cycling in bouts of low energy and feeling lost. If you have a subtle internalised feeling of somehow being 'wrong' . If you feel you need to adapt to the ways of the world, but you get depleted & burnt out along the way.  Authentic female leadership (the kind that makes you feel deeply alive & fulfilled, while changing the world) is not about learning the ways of the patriarchal systems and adapting to it. The current-day system is designed by men for men, and women are burning out 3 times as much in it. WHY? Because we're not allowed to be ourselves, as cyclical beings we simply do life differently. When you start reclaiming your essence as worthy  and capable instead of trying to change it, when you  start radically  embodying who YOU are despite what anyone tells you you 'should' be, when you reclaim how YOU want  do life (which is often more intuitive, flowing and filled with pleasure & rest), you will be more powerful & impactful, able to make the system work for you or ... bend it. Learn more about Sarah's work here: Follow her on IG: Follow me on IG: Book a free intuitive connection chat with me here:  Subscribe to breathwork classes through our JOYFUL COLLECTIVE, where we bring you donation based mind-body classes designed to help you transform your life.
June 19, 2020
E05: The root cause of racism, the trap of anti-racism education & how to become an authentic ally with April Dawn Harter.
I invite April Dawn Harter, LCSW, psychotherapist and in my opinion the pioneer of a more advanced trauma-informed way to fight racism. She deconstructs what is currently happening, looking at racism through a trauma-informed lens and how we can transcend performative allyship to truly start making a difference from the heart. We also discuss the normalised 'abuse' happening in anti-racism circles and what to look out for when we embark on this journey. Come follow me on Instagram: Links towards April's work: (for therapy)  (for coaching) Link to subscribe for my breathwork classes: Wednesday 17/6,  7pm London time, donation based subscribe here:
June 14, 2020
E04: Is it your intuition or is it your limiting beliefs? Practical guidance to understanding your superpower.
Starting with a little intro about what has been going on for me, I then get into the nitty gritty of what intuition truly is, why so many people get it wrong and how you can cultivate it yourself. Includes a meditation and intuition exercise that can get you practicing straight away. Accessing your intuition does not need to be vague any longer... Books I highly recommend: ( not an affiliate) Laura Day - The Cirlce William Whitecloud - Secrets of natural success Talk to me about my coaching "Intuitive Success" , either by writing me on Instagram  or click here to book a moment in my schedule.
May 01, 2020
E03: Breathwork for Thriving with Jon Paul Crimi
Breathwork changes lives. And it's all you.  Join legendary sober coach & breathwork teacher Jon Paul crimi & me in this conversation, where we share the power of this tool in self-healing, self-exploration & taking your life out of habitual, addictive patterns, back into your hands. Everything Jon discusses here and offers can be found right here:  You can book in a donation based breathwork class with me through the Joyful collective & subscribe to the other high quality online offers.- Next breathwork in sisterhood is 22/04: The Joyful collective And you can book your intuitive connection chat with me right here: Calendar 
April 10, 2020
E02: The F*ck it Diet, permission to rest & sharing your truth with Caroline Dooner.
For anybody struggling with food, body & self-worth, this is gold.  Caroline Dooner , author of the Fuck it diet (links to her instagram and book)  discusses how her past and eventually her PCOS diagnosis played a role into the development of her food & body obsession. She talks about how she liberated herself, all through to writing a book and becoming a widely loved & successful anti-diet voice.  Here is the link to book in a 1-1  20min connection chat with me:   With joy! Isabelle
February 27, 2020
E01: Introduction - Letting your intuition guide you to a life of Ease & Flow
In this episode I introduce myself, my story & passion work with women. I then jam on the topic of intuition & its role to play in your life. Setting the frame & tone for this podcast... => Here's Isabelle's calendar with available slots for your free 2 min connection chats: => Here's the article referencing Laura Day on intuition: Psychic capital
February 03, 2020