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Recovery Refresh

Recovery Refresh

By Dr. Ishan Sharma, MD
Join Dr. Ishan Sharma and guests as they discuss mental health topics, unpack misconceptions regarding addiction, and explore paths toward recovery.
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Recovery Refresh: Episode 02 - What Your Doctor Thinks They Know About Addiction and the Folly of the DSM
In this episode Dr. Sharma discusses what is taught in medical school and residency training about "Substance Related Disorders and Addictive Disorders" from the psychiatric lens and why the "Bible of psychiatry" gets it all wrong when it comes to addiction.   -- Topics discussed in this episode further include:  -What defines a "disorder" vs a "disease"  -How psychiatry and the DSM only define "disorders"  -How psychiatry and the DSM are only able to identify "what" but not "why"  -How psychiatry does not define addiction and instead defines "substance related disorders and addictive disorders"  -How psychiatry's focus on substance manifestations of addiction leads clinicians to be oblivious to recognizing behavioural manifestations of the disease  -What the Foulds' diagnostic hierarchy of psychiatry is and how psychiatry fails to properly use this (link to an example of the diagnostic hierarchy -Reviewing addiction as a chronic, brain disease  -Reviewing the ABCDE characteristics of addiction  -How patients end up with "Laundry lists" of psychiatric diagnoses and continue to suffer  -Common dysfunctional brain circuitry involved irrespective of substance or behavioural manifestations of addiction  -The evolutionary importance of the reward circuitry  -How the D and E characteristics of addiction are lifelong  -How the characteristics of addiction can manifest early in life, prior to any substance use but with current classifications of "substance related disorders" via the DSM this is often not understood by clinicians  -And more   -- Visit his website for more information:   If you have questions, comments, or topic suggestions, you can follow Dr. Sharma on Instagram and send him a DM @IshanSharmaMD   Please like, comment, subscribe, and share with others who you think would find value in this.    Thanks for listening!
October 24, 2021
Recovery Refresh: Episode 01 - What your doctor doesn't know about addiction
In this episode, Dr. Ishan Sharma introduces the ASAM definition of addiction (2011) and explains its significance.    The definition of addiction as a chronic brain disease with characteristic biological, psychological, social, and spiritual manifestations is broken down and the ABCDE criteria of addiction are explained further:  A - inability to consistently abstain  B- impaired behavioural control  C- craving  D- diminished recognition of problems with one's own behaviour and interpersonal relationships  E- dysfunctional emotional response   Share your questions, topic suggestions and comments @IshanSharmaMD on Instagram.
October 04, 2021
Recovery Refresh: Episode 0 - Intro
In this introductory episode, Dr. Ishan Sharma briefly introduces himself and the direction of the podcast. Share your questions, topic suggestions and comments @IshanSharmaMD on instagram. Visit my Youtube channel for the video to accompany this podcast audio.
September 16, 2021