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I Spit on your grades

I Spit on your grades

By Electric Possums
Electric Possums presents I Spit On Your Grades, the horror sub-genre podcast where we fight it out to see who has the best overall taste in horror.
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Prime Scene Investigation - Broil
The team are back asking the important questions. Why do vampires keep dairy? What's the deadliest green stuff? Who is that? Why are they doing that? What's going on, and why are we watching this? Enjoy
July 27, 2021
Best Nature Horror - The Results
The team are back with the latest results show. Hear Mercer hit his word count as he tries to turn the show into his own library, Faye getting inordinately mad over beverages and Chris talking hot sex. Enjoy!
July 20, 2021
Best 'Nature' Horror
The team are back with our favourite nature horrors. Expect talk of sociopathic medics, Mayan health and safety, the quickest reversal of a film choice ever and Chris' rough guide to Northampton.
July 13, 2021
Prime Scene Investigation - Abigail Haunting
The team are back with case file #abigailhaunting from Kelly Schwarze and asking the big questions. Do ghosts ever get names wrong? Why does Brian get so much time off? Why the big folder, and where will Hollyoaks be filmed next?
July 7, 2021
Best Australian Horror - The Results
The team are back with their latest results show. Expect bad accents, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air / The Wicker Man crossover you didn't know you needed.
June 29, 2021
Best Australian Horror
The team are back to talk about their favourite Australian horror. Expect talk of new currencies, stage fright, bad hiding spaces and how water pistols can stop armageddon.
June 22, 2021
Prime Scene Investigation - Armed Response
The team are joined by Si of SelectMatchPod to chat Armed Response for #primesceneinvestigation. What are Chris' triggers? What is going on with Seth's trousers? Why are cycling proficiency tests important and just what is going on? Find out!
June 8, 2021
Best Folk Horror - The Results
The team are back with the folk horror results show. Expect Canadian timeshares, genital mutilation, a Mercer malfunction and bad Chris O'Dowd impersonations. Enjoy!
June 1, 2021
Best Folk Horror
The team are back with our favourite folk horrors. Expect talk of Swedish bakers, big choppers and Jeremy Beadle. Folk-ing hell.
May 25, 2021
Prime Scene Investigation : Cannibals and Carpet Fitters
The team investigate Cannibals and Carpet Fitters from James Bushe. Who is in the international karaoke hall of fame? Which farm animals are sexy? Who has never heard the word fugly? Join us to find out
May 18, 2021
Best Saw Sequel - The Results
The team are back with our results episode. Expect talk of zombie kinks, odd fish paste, waking up next to Adam Sandler, and royalty graces our 1* reviews. Enjoy!
May 11, 2021
Best 'Saw' sequel
Hello team, I want to play a game. There are currently 7 sequels to @Lionsgate Saw. Use @whoelsebutmitch and @scoutthehorizon to pick your favourite and discuss but include references to betamax and changingrooms. Choose quickly or be left with Jigsaw!
May 5, 2021
Prime Scene Investigation: The Task
It's episode one of PSI as we give a thorough probing to 2011's the task and ask the tough questions. What is the scariest discharge... prison appropriate footwear...? is that map for...? and where the hell is that accent from?
April 26, 2021
Best Medical Horror - The Results
The team are back with the latest results episode. Expect talk of erotic dinosaurs, Hobnobs, Mercer insulting Scotland's most famous scouser and an exciting new announcement. Enjoy
April 20, 2021
Best medical horror - live
New ep alert! The team are back live at @SohoHorrorFest for #shockdownsaturdays to talk favourite 'medical' horrors. Expect to hear about hooker splash zones, bad facial hair, 90% of a movie defended and Jo Frost.
April 13, 2021
Best Animal Horror - The Results
The team are back with the latest results episode. Expect talk of shedding spiders, crying over fictional creatures, the birth of a whole new revenge genre and we welcome our 'biggest' star for 1* reviews (turn your volume down) Enjoy!
April 6, 2021
Best Animal Horror
The team are joined by Mitch Harrod from Soho Horror Film Festival to discuss our favourite animal horrors. Expect disease renaming, arachnid group therapy, the start of the feline suffragette movement and we discover the source of all evil. Enjoy
March 30, 2021
Best Possession - The Results
New ep alert! A packed results episode awaits as the team create a new cartoon superhero franchise, bemoan the costs of books, talk mislabelled films, invite someone from the streets for 1* reviews and seem to be sponsored by lindsay lohan. Enjoy!
March 23, 2021
Best Possession Horror
The team are back to discuss our favourite possession horrors. Expect 'shower beers', napping, Mercer's make up tips and demonic shopping habits plus the obligatory US reference.
March 16, 2021
Best Road Horror - The Results
The team are back with our results episode. Join us as we talk drug fever, reviewer stalking, Jamie Spears as inaminate objects and the best zoom background since that lawyer got stuck as a cat. Enjoy!
February 23, 2021
Best Road Horror Live @soho horror festival
The team join Mitch Harrod and Soho horror festival for our first ever live show to discuss our favourite road horror. Along the way we meet Uncle Stabface, offer Sherri Moon career advice and find out which of us has been overstretched.
February 16, 2021
Cinema special
This week finds the team in nostalgic mood as they discuss the good and bad of modern cinemas. Find out who refuses to be quiet, even when asleep. Whose dancing prompted refund demands and who was left traumatised by care bears. Outro music by Taking Back Sunday available via Craft Records
February 9, 2021
Best Cannibal Horror - The Results
The team are back with their latest results show. Expect talk of Swedish 'dicks', being James Blunt sick and Hollywood megastars vs pieces of....well you get the idea.
February 2, 2021
Best Cannibal Horror
The team are back to sink their teeth into the best cannibal horrors. Along the way we talk cheeky fingers, faux Italian packages, West end dreams and which of the team save a fortune in wax. Enjoy! Outro music from Sweeney Todd - The motion picture soundtrack from Nonesuch Records, Inc
January 26, 2021
Best Comedy Horror - The Results
The team are back with their latest results show. Expect inferno shaming, personal 'gorno' and cake positivity. Enjoy. Outro music by
January 19, 2021
Best Comedy Horror
The team are back for their first full episode of the year. Join us as we break out our best Toby-isms, Tyler Labine impersonations and find a new director to make slightly worried. Enjoy! Outro music by Sorcha Richardson from Swim Out Records
January 12, 2021
SOHO-HO-HO special
More behind the curve than a Tory government, the team are here to discuss the latest instalment of Sohome. Expect bad Italian accents, non diverse penis representation issues and our take on THAT segment.
January 6, 2021
Best Winter Horror - The results
Ho ho ho....what do we have in our sack for you. It's our results episode. Join us as we talk excessive poultry, we give a classic carol a new spin and we find out the danger of discovering plot holes.
December 23, 2020
Best Winter Horror
The team are back to discuss their favourite winter horrors. Join us as we talk flirty wolves, irritating carolers, inept policeman and dangerous games of peek-a-boo.
December 15, 2020
Best Werewolf - The Results
The team are back with our results show. Join us as we celebrate a whole world of firsts. Our 1st birthday, 1st guest 1* intro, 1st draw and a review of our 1* reviewer that has to be heard to be believed.
December 8, 2020
Best Werewolf
New ep alert! We are joined by @scoutthehorizon of @SohoHorrorFest to talk our favourite Werewolves. How Jenny Agutter went from 'railed' to 'nailed', difficult blood stains, alternative superglue usage and elaborate games of mousetrap. Enjoy
December 1, 2020
Best remake / reimagining - The Results
The team are back with our latest results episode. Find out Chris' relaxation techniques, Mercer attempts to launch dignitas for cats and Faye will absolutely not rant about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Enjoy!
November 24, 2020
Best Remake/Re-imagining
After their own recent brush with the paranormal, the team are as terrified as Famke Janssen at a fan signing! That won't stop Chris swooning over Ryan Reynolds, Mercer's ending induced rage or Faye's non stop twilight zone references as they tackle their favourite remakes.
November 18, 2020
Best Found Footage - The results
The team are back to reveal the results of the most important vote of the year and without a cheesy Wotsit in sight. We also meet alter ego 'dumpster puppy' and find out which MP BFF Mercer should have.
November 10, 2020
Best Found Footage
The team track down their favourite found footage film. Along the way Chris assembles Scotland's newest boy band, we find Mercer's ideal getaway, faye talks drop kicking cast members and we meet our new favourite puppet. Enjoy
November 4, 2020
Celluloid Screams - Review Special
The team are back with their review of Celluloid Screams. Along the way they still find time to create the next big sitcom 'Cop-Dog', Bemoan the lack of horticulture in horror and chat about the future of festivals.
October 28, 2020
Best Vampire Horror - The Results
The team are back for our latest results show. Along the way we celebrate a birthday, try to help someone woo Tarantino and a 1* review leaves Mercer speechless.
October 20, 2020
Best Vampire Horror
The team are back to vamp things up. Expect talk of free advertising, bizarre accents, inappropriate ring tones and the boys fantasising about becoming Mr George Clooney.
October 13, 2020
Best festival horror
New ep alert!! The team are back to talk their favourite films from @sheffhorrorfest @SohoHorrorFest and @FrightFest. Find out which film broke Mercer and Faye, which of the team is close to a restraining order, and who is our favourite drunk dinosaur? Enjoy
October 6, 2020
Best Psychological Horror -The Results
Fresh from their excitement at obtaining celluloid screams passes, the team bring you our results episode. Expect a Mercer rant, a tenable audition and our 1* review theme gets miserable. Enjoy!
September 30, 2020
Best psychological horror w/ Andy Mitton
The team are joined by Andy Mitton to discuss our favourite psychological horror. Expect talk of lovable psychopaths, sex music, mind fucking and why you should never trust a decanter.
September 22, 2020
Frightfest special w/Ryan Kruger
The team are here to talk all things Frightfest digital. Expect Mercer crying, obscure Simpson's references and a film the team liked less than 'The astronauts wife'. Unbelievable, we know. We are also delighted to be joined by Ryan Kruger to discuss 'Fried Barry' Enjoy!
September 15, 2020
Best horror sequel - The results
The team are back with our results episode. Expect talk of unusual withdrawal techniques, obscene limerick requests and our 1* reviews get grungy. Enjoy!
September 8, 2020
Best Horror Sequel
The team are back to discuss best horror sequels. Along the way we discuss poor detective work, create a brand new tv show and reminisce about the time we met Jennifer Rubin. Feel free to complain this episode is not as good as the original ;)
September 3, 2020
Best Doll Horror - The Results
The team are back for our results episode. Be warned that this episode contains a whole heap of doll fingering, pink eye catching, spaffing goodness. Plus the best hip hop performance since Marky Mark. Enjoy
August 25, 2020
Best 'Doll' horror
The team are back to talk killer dolls. Join us as we discuss spontaneous human explosion, how we have in no way been affected by horror movies, and whatever happened to Katherine Heigl?
August 18, 2020
Best 'anthology' - The results
The team return with our slightly delayed results episode. Expect CGI alligators, terrifying real life hauntings and our '1* reviews' jingle goes pop.
August 6, 2020
Best 'anthology' horror
The team are back to talk best anthologies. Expect mentions of Joan Collin's dildo, badly dubbed dogs and shedding werewolves.
July 28, 2020
Best creature horror - The results
The team are back with our latest results show. Expect talk of Michael Hutchence and excessive use of the term 'snowballing'. Also an operatic masterclass but you may want to turn the volume down around 12 minutes in.
July 21, 2020
Best 'creature' horror w/ Tom Botchii
The team are back to talk all things creepy, crawly and "bitey" Expect talk of phallic monsters, tight holes and Michael Burke. We also welcome director Tom Botchii to talk vindictive rats and his latest film "Artik"
July 14, 2020
Pride special
The team discuss their favourite LGBTQIA horror and are joined by Mitch to discuss Soho horror festival's pride edition. Along the way, we talk unsavoury glory holes, fear of attachments and how Tiffany Shepis should not be afraid of Mercer.
July 7, 2020
Best 'body horror' - the results
The team are back with their body horror results show. Expect Ill co-hosts, banjos and more accusations of vote rigging and misinformation than a US election.
June 30, 2020
Best 'body' horror
The team take a deep breath and wade through bodily fluids to bring you their best 'body' horrors. Expect centipede placement arguments, insect rom-coms and possible opinions on Pol Pot. Come on in, the ooze is lovely.
June 23, 2020
Black horror special
A change from the usual format this week as the team discuss some first time views and their favourite black content.
June 16, 2020
Best 'zombie' The Results
You thought we were done with it but dragging its way back into your feed is our zombie results show. Expect Freudian slips, zombie puns, far too much acapella and Chris' search for the other person who liked 'Life after Beth'
June 9, 2020
Best 'zombie' horror
Decaying, deadly and with an insatiable need to feed....but that's enough about Chris. This week the gang talk all things undead. Expect graveyard nudity, Aubrey Plaza-ry and the chat to get a bit heavy but there's a dick gag to even that out. Take care of each other.
June 3, 2020
Slashers - The results
The team have hosed themselves down after the blood and guts of our best slasher episode to bring you our results show. Along the way, we find a must have fashion accessory. We talk disappointing offspring and the death metal scene will never be the same again.
May 26, 2020
Best 'slasher' horror
Blood, guts and full frontal nudity but that's enough about our zoom meetings as the team are back to discuss their favourite slashers. We hack through sex in bushes, erotic socks and find out which of the team would harass a grieving child. Come join us....just ignore the mess.
May 20, 2020
Witches - The results
All 3 of the team are back for our witches results show. Who knew it would only take a global pandemic for Mercer to turn up for one of these? Listen as we Mariah up our 1* reviews, someone shows their hidden beat boxing talent and we show our love for Sohome festival.
May 12, 2020
Best 'Witch' horror
We're back 'witches'. Did you miss us? Joined this week by guest host Mitch Harrod from Soho film festival, we talk New York property prices, dog food and which of our choices gave Chris a headache. As a bonus treat, we also discuss all things Sohome related, well I'll be a son of a 'witch'
May 5, 2020
Isolation special
Cabin fever sets in as the team and text guest @watchfiresmitch from @StrongViolentPC bring their horror pick me ups. Be amazed by Tyler Labine impressions. Be aghast by how one of us accidentally insulted Taika Waititi. Most of all, look after yourselves.
March 24, 2020
Frightfest Glasgow Special
Joined by Soho Horror Festival programmer Mitch Harrod, 2/3 of the spitgrades team find themselves in the land of haggis and irn bru to discuss the Scottish leg of Frightfest.
March 10, 2020
Aliens - The results
With Mercer missing, presumed abducted it falls to Chris and Faye to present the best 'Alien' horror results show. Will Faye be sweet on the new 'candyman' trailer? Will Chris calm down after his 1* review and will anybody show any love for The Astronaut's wife?
March 3, 2020
Best Alien horror
The very best extra terrestrial horrors find their way onto the team's radar this week. Expect chat about disappointing rubber, space sleepwear and far too much use of the word 'bangin'. Oh and a film choice so controversial, it threatens to rip the spitgrades family apart. The truth is in here! Link to L’arrivo di Faye
February 25, 2020
Hauntings - The Results
WoOoOo WoOoOo 2/3 of the spitgrades team have stopped shaking long enough to present our 'haunting' results show. With Mercer last seen bolting to Scotland, presumed scared. Chris and Faye talk accurate 1* reviews, Frightfest and more.
February 18, 2020
Best 'Haunting' Horror
The spitgrades team are back and things are getting 'spooky'. Come join us as we talk 90's fads, the problem with Michah (not that one) and we find a glitch in the matrix! As promised here is a link to the brilliant "Kolchak - The Night Stalker"
February 17, 2020
Best viral horror - The results
The team are back for the viral results show. Be amazed by Mercer's geographical knowledge! Gasp at Faye's cheese accusation and can someone please check on Chris! Bring the purell, wont you?
February 4, 2020
Best viral horror
Paranoia and suspicious coughs abound as the spitgrades gang tackle their favourite viral horror. Expect talk of suspicious accents, what diseases hot-tubs can't cure and why you shouldn't let a 7 year old walk up the stairs....because it will take the contagious. As promised here is the link for the excellent 'In Sound, We Live Forever' Written and Directed by the talented Joshua Giuliano.
January 28, 2020
Home Invasion - The Results
2/3 of the spitgrades gang are here to present the results for best home invasion. Why is Faye turning into a meme? Can Chris make dinosaur names sexy? and where the hell is Mercer? Come join us and find out, won't you?
January 21, 2020
Best home invasion horror
Knock knock....kicking in the doors of your podcast play list, the gang are here to talk their favourite home invasion. Join us as Faye gets over dramatic, Mercer eloquently sums up AJ Bowen's career and Chris asks, why can't a home invasion be fun?
January 14, 2020
Festive horror - The results
We're back to give you one last Christmas present. It's our festive results extravaganza. Did Faye manage to 'reign - deer' Mercer's lead back in or will Mercer 'sleigh' the competition and why has Chris disappeared with a step ladder and the tinsel when the decorations went up months ago?
January 6, 2020
Best festive horror
Ho Ho Ho... Christmas may be over but the gang are here to discuss their favourite festive horrors. Along the way Faye talks "bob" theory, Chris' 7am music taste is revealed and what the hell is Mercer's obsession with sex dolls??
December 30, 2019
Favourite Horror - The Results
We presented them, discussed their merits, put them to the public vote and NOW it is time to announce which film got the overall best grade.  Which will be the star film? Who will hang their head in shame as bottom of the class?  Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for........RESULTS DAY!  Be warned this episode will contain bad language.  Music provided by Anchor. 
December 24, 2019
Favourite Horror
In our first full episode we decided to give you an insight to our overall favourite horror films and argue the case for why our choice is the best. We each marked the films out of 100 based on 4 areas, Story, Acting, Cinematography and Soundtrack (be warned these marking categories may be quite loose). The final score will be calculated once you, the listener vote for your favourite of the 3.  The films being Represented:  Chris - Poltergeist (1982) Faye - Carrie (1976) Mercer - The Haunting (1963) All Music used provided by Anchor.FM
December 17, 2019
The Introduction Episode
Hi Everyone.  In this Episode we give a quick introduction to ourselves, the concept of the show and what films will face the first face off.  Please be warned this episode will contain bad language and spoilers.  Enjoy and please feel free to provide feedback.  The Electric Possums Team!
December 6, 2019