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i talk ENTIRELY too much

i talk ENTIRELY too much

By Rae
A girl with a mic
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real friends‼️
in this episode i will be talking about who your real friends and how to find your real friends.
January 01, 2020
reading people confessions
September 16, 2019
My Music Playlist in a Podcast
Well here is a music playlist of some of the songs I Like to Listen to If you like some of these songs let me know in the voice thing down below or let me know my Snapchat my Instagram or any of my social medias chow chow now
August 17, 2019
Beginning of the Year Thoughts!!
Open your ears and LIsTEn 
August 08, 2019
End of the year Thoughts!
Me venting on how I've watched things go on this year and how i just been kind've a sideline you know but also how I've been in certain situations. enjoy though ;)
May 22, 2019
Episode 2:Fights,Drama,Bullying,Pettiness,ETC
This is episode 2 of rant with me the podcast i did episode 1 on a different website but don't worry it will not be on a different website every time for now on i am going to be using this website for my podcasts but if you have not listened to episode 1 already, here's the link:  ~Stalk Me~ IG~ Snapchat(s)~girly_glasses,ssaraevia
April 21, 2019