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Episode 1 - Surviving R Kelly And Santa Claus - Music

An episode of it's whatever

By @fadielbaker and @kg_the_1
Two friends decide to take you along on their journey of discovering life and the ups and downs that come along with. Join them as they navigate and share their lives that are informed by Christian values.
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Episode 32 - What about Robert, Donald & Cyril
@kgthe1’s confidence levels are on an all time high. What would you do if you were president for a day? We speak on gender roles & pop culture moments.
September 14, 2019
Episode 31 - What about a country at war with itself
From #menaretrash to #aminext South Africans have had enough of crimes committed by men against women & children.
September 5, 2019
Episode 30 - What about bullying & Spider-Man
Does being bullied make you a better person? We talk Spider-Man drama, highest paid female artists, the VMA’s were this week & Good Morning America host trolls the future prince.
August 29, 2019
Episode 29 - What about The celebrity marriage trend and losing your faith
It’s the dawn of a new Miss South Africa. We discuss the pettiness of Curtis Jackson & the dynamic of celebrities getting married. Have you ever felt like your losing or lost your faith? You might not be alone.
August 22, 2019
Episode 28 - What about viral videos & paper straws
Should new music of artists who have died be released? The fight for USA 2020 presidency has begun. Can paper straws save the planet & a realistic look at The Lion “Fling”.
August 9, 2019
Episode 27 - What about selfie anxiety and the king of the jungle
This week we chat about marijuana, selfies & ontological arguments. Celebs doing it for the clout & what you got wrong about Islamic banking.
August 1, 2019
Episode 26 - What about the time traveling troll & Peppa Pig
In a series of reviews we look at new album drops, mention the A$AP Rocky case & Instagram unlikes our posts.
July 25, 2019
Episode 25 - What about Aliens & Trap music
Are there intelligent life forms out there? And if so what would they look like? Stranger Things gets Stranger and can we expect more diversity in upcoming movies based on our favourite fictional characters.
July 18, 2019
Episode 24 - What about Cultural appropriation & selling a cake
This week we discuss airing your dirty laundry on social media & how far will we go for the Gram. There’s chats about selling a cake & we find out just how many “friends” we actually have.
July 11, 2019
Episode 23 - What about Vegans & The Perdue Chicken
This week we were to lazy to come up with a description for this Episode so just listen to the podcast.
June 27, 2019
Episode 22 - What about the rules after a Break up & a North African crisis
In an all new episode the boys talk about privilege, the rules of engagement after a breakup & a humanitarian crisis in Sudan.
June 24, 2019
Episode 21 - What about calling in sick for work & Email scams
Wishing @Kg_the_1 a happy birthday leads to a discussion around calling in sick at work. @fadielbaker gets an interesting email scam & Justin Bieber wants to fight.
June 13, 2019
Episode 20 - What about Uyajola and Kirk Franklin's comeback
A new Cheaters show hits the screens of Mzansi, can Dark Phoenix save the X-men franchise? @Kg_the_1 answers a Judas question
June 9, 2019
Episode 19 - What about date my family and Huawei
In this weeks episode the gents weigh in on Date my family and how they handle approaching women as Christian men. We explore first date ettiquette? Also Is China taking over the world? And would Jesus watch Game of Thrones?
May 30, 2019
Episode 18 - What about the Elephant in the room
This week @rogernotfedere drops by to discuss controversies around his testimony. “Can you use an iron to cook a meal?” & other innuendoes around purity make for another interesting show.
May 23, 2019
Episode 17 - What About A Royal Baby & A Monkey
This week @kg_the_1 wins gold at the boyfriend Olympics. Racial Profiling: How far is to far? We get Insta-famous & ditch the brag list.
May 16, 2019
Episode 16 - What about a misplaced cup of coffee & who gets to live
The gents talk about End game in detail and what they thought of it. Also was the Starbucks cup such a big deal? They also chat about the Caster Semenya issue.
May 9, 2019
Episode 15 - What about the Gospel and staying in school
Is the Gospel hate speech? The Gents also discuss the Avengers End Game without spoilers (for now)... They also talk about celebs who should have stayed in school.
May 2, 2019
Episode 14 - What about denying yourself.
After an eventful Easter weekend the gents talk Beyoncé’s Netflix special, the plight of the Easter Bunny & what it means to follow Jesus.
April 25, 2019
Episode 13 - What about Junk food & Jesus
In this episode @fadielbaker makes a case for binging on junk, there’s a G.O.T mention & hot topics: Wendy Williams & Nipsey Hussle. @KG_the_1 walks us through why Christianity comes out on top amongst many other world religions.
April 18, 2019
Episode 12 - What About The First DM
What’s the appropriate way to initiate a DM conversation? Was @KG_the_1 a contestant on the bachelorette? Starting a podcast can be rocket science but we got the keys to get you going.
April 11, 2019
Episode 11 - What About The Internet Troll & A Toothbrush
“Am I weird?” Well you decide in this weeks episode when you hear some of the habits we have. There’s a miscommunication about internet fights and then a real discussion about hip-hop & culture.
April 5, 2019
Episode 10 - What About Fact Or Fiction
The show kicks off with a game of fact or fiction leading up to discussions about fake news. We learn lessons from the life of Nabeel Qureshi & boy who egged a senator.
April 5, 2019
Episode 9 - What About I Was Born This Way
@Kg_the_1 sets the bar even higher in the boyfriend olympics on his recent trip to Lesotho. The gents discuss standing up to racism, gender violence & a recent interview with Robert Kelly. They also discuss what society deems acceptable under “born this way”.
April 5, 2019
Episode 8 - What About Gaining Jesus & Not Using Your Brain Anymore
A fake resurrection, Rationalizing a Trump vote & KG_the_1 tries to convince us he learnt how to drive playing Need for speed. Also: more Kardashian drama (for those who care).
April 5, 2019
Episode 7 - What About Two Sides Of A Different Story
This week the boys talk about winning a 230 million jackpot and the double standards of society. Do millennials care about spirituality? And tweets gone wrong.
April 5, 2019
Episode 6 - What about fact or fiction
The conversation this week ranges from theories around Valentine’s Day to a game of “who is....”. Was Jesus black or white? Are you an interesting person? How do we decipher right from wrong? Mo’Nique or Unique?
April 5, 2019
Episode 5 - What Abou Inclusive & Taking Care Of Yourself
This week gets tense as the gents talk about being inclusive. They discuss personal hygiene standards and also taking care of your mental health & spiritual wellbeing.
April 5, 2019
Episode 4 - What Abou Keeping The Same Energy
In this episode the gents talk about keeping the same energy & the awkwardness of public restroom etiquette
April 5, 2019
Episode 3 - What Abou Using Your Brain And Something About Butt Cracks
​In this weeks episode the gents talk about the difference between being taught how to think and what to think. @KG_THE_1 uses the word butt crack @fadielbaker talks pro choice.
April 5, 2019
Episode 2 - What about Soulja Boy and Elections
Episode 2 - What about Soulja Boy and Elections by @fadielbaker and @kg_the_one
April 5, 2019
Episode 1 - Surviving R Kelly And Santa Claus - Music
@fadielbaker and @kg_the_1 launch the first episode of the it's whatever podcast. Get ready for a packed show as we explore the Surviving R kelly doc-series to the discussion of whether Christians should celebrate Christmas and Santa to @kg_the_1's ridiculous theory on how to end racism.
April 5, 2019
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