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In The Midst Podcast

In The Midst Podcast

By Lily Ofori-Amanfo
Life is more than just starts and ends. In a world where grass to grace stories are glorified, this podcast seeks to remind everyone that there is so much to experience, grow from and celebrate even in the midst of life.

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02 - Michel Manuel Ampofo. Creating Content to Educate and Add Value as a Student
In many ways, the Creator Economy consists of people performing their dream job. It definitely gave people like Manuel a chance to specialize in his passion. Michel-Manuel Ampofo, popularly known as Manuel, is a senior at Ashesi University, majoring in Computer Engineering. He’s the Founder of Tech Haven, Manuel Studios and other ventures. Manuel has been sharing educational content through Tech Haven for about three years. Today he’ll share his journey as a student content creator, how he tries to balance it all, the challenges he faces, how he pushes through and everything behind the scenes and screens. Follow Tech Haven here: Twitter: @ThavenAfrica Instagram : @_techhaven The Tech Haven Channel: Find Manuel at @domis.manuel everywhere Connect with Lily here: LinkedIn: All socials: We have a buymeacoffee page! Show your support :)
November 17, 2021
01 - Sharon Essilfie. Pursuing A Career Path Outside Your Field Of Study; Law to UI/UX
Choosing an undergraduate degree programme after high school is a lot of pressure for young people. You hear of the glamour and incredible things associated with the programme, the university life etc. The career prospects are also a dream come true. But what happens when you realise that everything is not what it seemed? Is it detrimental if you find love in a completely different field and decide that you don’t want to pursue what you went into university for? What happens to all the time spent in classes, all the money spent on the degree? Well, Sharon Essilfie is currently going through this phase. She’s a rising undergraduate senior at the University of Ghana, Legon, pursuing Law. But fast forward two years into the degree, she realised it wasn’t for her. This episode explores how she came to this point, what she’s found passion and purpose for and how she’s currently navigating this new space. Find Sharon here: LinkedIn: Medium: Twitter: Connect with Lily here: LinkedIn: All socials:
November 08, 2021
Life isn't always about starts and ends. Most of life happens in the midst of the two. Wherever you are in the midst of life, you are not alone, and you are not lost. In The Midst Podcast is dedicated to anyone who is going through the different seasons of life. Over here, we don't shy away from any topic, challenge, or circumstance because we know that our unique stories are relatable in many senses and can have a positive impact on anyone who needs a little push to keep going.
October 27, 2021