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It's All Happening with Amanda

It's All Happening with Amanda

By Amanda Page
Join reality TV obsessed Amanda to recap your favorite Bravo+beyond moments of the week. Dive deep into Housewives, VPR, the Bachelor, Kardashians, and more. Can't get enough pop culture gossip? Grab a drink and press play. Listening to It's All Happening will feel like you're hanging out spilling all the tea with your besties. You won't want to miss it.

Instagram: @itsallhappeningx
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18. BB, Bravo, and More w/ Kaitlyn Herman of Big Brother 20
This week, I had the honor of interviewing Kaitlyn Herman from Big Brother Season 20! Kaitlyn and I talked about her reactions to her edit on Big Brother and how her time on reality TV effects how she watches Bravo shows. We share our own thoughts and opinions about our favorite Bravo franchises, like RHOP, RHONY, and RHOSLC.  Kaitlyn also shares info about her new digital course De Funk Yourself, a 12-step program designed specifically to guide you out of your modern-day funk. We wrap things up by talking about Kaitlyn's experience on the virtual streaming show Sequester during quarantine. Kaitlyn gives the It's All Happening audience exclusive tea about her standing with the folks over at RHAP. You don't want to miss this! Follow: Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Kaitlyn on Intagram @Kaitlyn_Herman Kaitlyn on Twitter @Kaitcoaching Kait's Coaching - Defunk yourself Digital Course
December 23, 2020
17. Cici Loves Potomac w/
This week, I sat down with Cici from Instagram's to talk all about Real Housewives of Potomac! Cici and I break down RHOP reunion Part 1 looks, where we stand on Monique vs Candiace, and Monique's Binder. We also discuss holding our favorite Bravolebrities accountable for their actions and admitting when people are wrong, even if we are their fans. Follow: Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Cici on Instagram Cici on Etsy
December 18, 2020
16. Breaking It Down w/ Sasha from @TheBravoBreakdown
I had the pleasure of discussing the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta and the finale of Real Housewives of Potomac with Sasha Morfaw from Instagram's @thebravobreakdown! Sasha's videos on Instagram and Patreon are so well thought-out, so insightful, and so hilarious. It was wonderful hearing her takes on everything that has been going on with the current shows on Bravo! With three great shows on tv it was hard to fit it all in, but we also touched on SLC and shared that we are both #TeamMaryMCosby. Make sure you tune in!!! Follow: Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Sasha on Instagram @thebravobreakdown Subscribe: Sasha on Patreon 
December 11, 2020
15. Potomac Reset w/ Taria from What Else Is Going On?
Taria from the podcast What Else is Going On? is back!! We talked a lottttt about showing empathy for the "other side" of a housewives argument and allowing others to have a differing opinion. We both share stories of our past experiences that explain why we may resonate with Candiace or Monique over the other one in this particular argument. It was a great "reset" to move forward into the finale next week! Follow Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Amanda on Twitter @happening_pod Taria on Instagram @weigopodcast Taria on Twitter @tsfaison Taria's Podcast: What Else Is Going On?
December 2, 2020
14. Is This Really All Happening?? w/ Mandy Slutsker
It’s the Mandy and Amanda show! Amanda sits down with Mandy Slutsker, the host of *Is This Real Life?* podcast, to discuss Real Housewives of Potomac and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Amanda also gives a more in depth look into her traumatic skiing experience. Follow Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Amanda on Twitter @happening_pod Mandy on Instagram @itrl_podcast Mandy on Twitter @itrl_podcast and @mandyslutsker
November 24, 2020
13. Oh yes Utah w/ohnobravo
Amanda and Chelsea from instagram's @ohnobravo talk about a potential new supreme of Housewives shows, RHOSLC. We break down the premiere episode and give our thoughts about each of the cast members and their families. You don't want to miss this, it's a perfect way to pregame episode 2! Follow: Chelsea on Instagram @ohnobravo Chelsea on Patreon  Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Amanda on Twitter @happening_pod
November 18, 2020
12. DMV kikis w/ Stephanie from Mocha Minutes & Sensei Stanley featured on RHOP!
I had the pleasure of having TWO guests this week on It's All Happening! Stephanie from the podcast Mocha Minutes joined me to break down RHOP and discuss all of the latest Bravo gossip.  Sensei Stanley from Okinawan Karate Dojo also joins me to talk about his experience filming on Real Housewives of Potomac! You don't want to miss this.  Follow  Stephanie on Instagram @mochaminutes Amanda on instagram @itsallhappeningx Stanley's Website
October 30, 2020
11. BONUS BWB + It's All Happening Crossover
SURPRISE BITCHES. You can't escape me. Join me, Aaron, and Kaya on our Southern Charm NOLA journey. We discuss this amazing series and all the reasons you should watch it. We also talk about voting, VPR, and other important things like Michael Darby.  Be sure to follow: @bravowhileblack on instagram and twitter @itsallhappeningx on instagram @happening_pod on twitter Podcasts: Like, subscribe, and review Bravo While Black  Like, subscribe, and review It's All Happening with Amanda
October 16, 2020
10. Bravo While Black
I had the best time chatting with Kaya and Aaron, the hosts of the podcast Bravo While Black. We talk about some current Bravo related events and discuss this week's Real Housewives of Potomac.  Follow: Kaya and Aaron on Instagram and Twitter @bravowhileblack and @pocpopculture Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Amanda on Twitter @happening_pod Listen: Kaya and Aaron's podcast Bravo While Black
October 11, 2020
9. Sip with Sam
Join me and Sameera Shah @princesssameera talk about all things Bravo and the new Paris Hilton Documentary, This is Paris.  Follow: Sameera on Instagram @princesssameera  Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx
October 5, 2020
8. Just What Bravo Ordered w/ @therealhousewivesorders
Amanda and Ky from Instagram's @therealhousewivesorders discuss the Candiace vs Monique feud, Michael Darby's entanglements, and whether Brussels Sprouts and a Caesar Salad is a normal dinner order. Ky's instagram account features fun scenes from the past and present where housewives show how big of a monster they truly are when it comes to ordering food and drinks. Listen as Ky explains how he started this unique account and be sure to follow him to participate in his weekly poll series!  Follow: Ky on Instagram @therealhousewivesorders Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx
September 24, 2020
7. Obi Ali King, A Bravoholic on the streets of Bachelor Nation
Join me and Obi, the host of the podcast Odd Black Individual, discuss this week's RHOP, casting changes across all franchises, and the past housewives seasons that made us Bravo-obsessed.  Follow: Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Obi on Instagram: @oddblackindividual
September 18, 2020
6. Mixing with Mani
Amanda and Mani from the podcast Mixing with Mani discuss RHOP, the new SLC housewives, RHONY cast changes, Ramona's bowel movements, and navigating being a teacher during these difficult times of COVID. Mani is a Bravo expert so you don't want to miss her inside information and hot takes! Follow: Amanda on instagram @itsallhappeningx Mani on Instagram @mixingwithmani Mani's Podcast: Mixing with Mani
September 13, 2020
5. What Else Is Going On? with Taria Faison
This week, I was lucky to talk to Taria Faison from the podcast What Else Is Going On? about literally...everything. We discuss RHOP, RHOBH, RHONY, as well as all that is going on in the world right now. Taria shares how she is determined to stay strong sending her son across the country for college in the middle of a pandemic during this fight for racial equality and justice. Taria is one of those people who you could listen to talk about anything and for hours and hours. Our conversation jumps around but if you *really* want to hear our break down of RHOBH go to 2:11, and for RHOP go to 2:39. But seriously, listen to it all! You will fall in love!  Follow: Amanda on Instagram @itsallhappeningx Taria on Instagram @WEIGOPodcast Taria on twitter @tsfaison
August 29, 2020
4. Solo Recaps of RHONY and RHOBH
Amanda premieres her first solo episode, recapping this week's RHONY and RHOBH. She provides insight into why she can't pick a side in the Ramona and Dorinda argument. Leah's ability to come out on top after her arrest is discussed. And as always with RHOBH, we all continue the same discussion about the same argument going on all season! This episode is short and sweet, and you don't want to miss it! Follow me on Instagram @itsallhappeningx
August 23, 2020
3. Everything Bravo from this week w/ Semajh Bludson
Amanda brings on her insta friend Semajh (@semajwithanh on insta) to discuss all the housewives episodes from this week. He tells us why he's decided to stay off social media and enjoy the episodes as they unfold, why he is mostly "team Candiace", and what he thinks RHONY should do with casting next season. If you want to talk about reality tv, Semajh is the person to talk to because he watches *almost* everything.  Be sure to follow: @ semajwithanh on instagram @semajxcx on twitter @itsallhappeningx on instagram
August 19, 2020
2b. Ashley Hoover Baker from On this Day Entertainment! - Part 2
Amanda and Ashley Hoover Baker continue their discussion of the latest RHONY episode, the Denise/Brandi drama, celebrities we used to be fans of but no longer support, and much more!!  All statements made on this podcast are alleged and unconfirmed. Follow Amanda on instagram @itsallhappeningx Follow Ashley on instagram @onthisdayentertainment
August 12, 2020
2a. Ashley Hoover Baker from On this Day Entertainment! - Part 1
Join Amanda as she sits down with Ashley Hoover Baker from @onthisdayentertainment to discuss past and present reality TV favs, learn more about how she finds her "on this day" news, and find out which team she is on in the Candiace/Monique fight on Potomac! Tune in for part 2 tomorrow for the discussion on the latest RHONY episode! Follow Amanda on instagram @itsallhappeningx Follow Ashley on instagram @onthisdayentertainment
August 11, 2020
1. RHOP Premiere w/ ohnobravo
Amanda Is joined by instagrams @ohnobravo to break down the return of Real Housewives of Potomac, as well as answer listener's questions about this week's episodes of RHONY and RHOBH.  Instagram:
August 4, 2020