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Every Monday, IBT reports the latest in professional and college sports. Hosted by Abby and Rashad from WYSP, these two hold nothing back as they call out players, coaches and refs and predict who will reign supreme at the end of each season.

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5.4.2021: Petty Betty!
Aaron Rodgers is being a Petty Betty and Rashad and Abby don’t hold back on their thoughts. Follow,time and "It's Bro Time Podcast' on Facebook. More at
May 4, 2021
4.26.2021: No hitter no problem!
No hitters are popping up in the MLB and college softball. The ladies of the 90’s UCONN teams are making serious moves. The Knicks are on fire as the NBA heats up on the way to the playoffs. The NFL Draft is this week and we predict Trevor Lawrence goes #1, not that that should surprise anyone. But could there be an upset? Follow @its.bro.time and It's Bro Time Podcast on Facebook. More at
April 25, 2021
4.12.2021: WTF NFL?
We don’t know what is going on in world of football. Two former players  are involved in violent crimes and Deshaun Watson is still in hot water.  The NFLPA wants to continue a virtual off season this year. The draft  will soon be upon us and we don’t understand why the scouts are rating  Justin Fields anywhere below second place. Follow and look for "it's Bro Time Podcast" on Facebook. This show and more at
April 12, 2021
3.29.2021: Never Apologize for Winning
The NHL draft is shaking things up, the Dolphins are making some serious moves to set them up for the future, March Madness is well underway with the Sweet Sixteen and Elite 8 games being played. Then Rashad and Abby round out the show with a discussion about how much the NBA has changed and it’s impact on the titles players hold. & on Facebook "It's Bro Time Podcast."
March 30, 2021
3.22.2021: A lot of BULL #$*%
There is a lot of bull*#?! going on in sports right now. Deshaun Watson has allegedly assaulted more than 7 women, the NCAA has a lot of work to do to bring the treatment of the women’s basketball teams up to the level of men’s, and Cubs minor league pitcher Jesus Camargo was arrested with 21 lbs of meth and 1.2 lbs of oxy! There is good news too with some big moves happening in the NFL and the announcement of the new Historically Black Colleges and Universities Showcase Bowl. Follow: and lookf or us on Facebook under "It's Bro Time." Brought to you by WYSP
March 22, 2021
3.8.2021: Open the Door!
The NFL hires its first woman of color as a referee, making her only second woman to be a full time referee. Despite that the NFL needs to do more to hire coaches of color. The NFL considers adjusting the roughing the passer rule. Dame Lillard has had a tragic filled year, but he is still putting up MVP numbers. Learn more: Follow: and "It's Bro Time" on Facebook
March 8, 2021
Just Get Away!
Deshaun Watson still wants out of the Texans organization, will the Seahawks learn from the Texans or will Russell Wilson meet the same fate. 76ers and Jazz top the NBA Eastern and Western conferences while Steph Curry is still a force to be reckoned with. Learn more: Follow:
March 1, 2021
Great Sportspectations
Rashad and Abby are back with news from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR. From trades around the leagues, to the start of the NASCAR season, to questioning whether we put too much pressure on our athletes. It’s all here every week on Its Bro Time. Learn more: Follow: and "It's Bro Time" on Facebook
February 22, 2021
Chad Wheeler is making headlines and the NFL is not doing enough in response. Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff get traded for each other. Once again the Texans and Deshaun Watson are one of the hottest topics in sports right now. Learn more:
February 1, 2021
Moving On
Deshaun Watson still wants out of Houston, the Jets have a new head coach, Mets have fired their GM after less than 2 months on the job and the NFL still has a diversity gap in their head coaches. Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
January 25, 2021
Missing in Action
The MLB is rethinking their policy around political support, Harden joins the Brooklyn Nets, but Kyrie is missing in action. The NFL playoffs are in full swing with two teams finally making it to the postseason for the first time since the 90’s. Join us here every week for the latest in sports. Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
January 18, 2021
New Year New Challenges
Rashad and Abby return with their first show of 2021! Deshaun Watson isn’t happy with the Texans and wants a trade, possibly to Miami! The Eagles...what happened last week? It’s wildcard weekend and the Bucs, Bills and Rams are on to the next round of the playoffs. Steph Curry is dominating, but can he take the Warriors all the way? Hall of Fame Manager Tommy Lasordo is remembered. Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
January 11, 2021
2020 in a Nutshell
Rashad and Abby wrap up their 2020 episodes with a discussion about LSU’s troubles, the college football and NFL playoffs, NBA preseason and the Cleveland Indians changing their name. Thanks for tuning in and we will see you in 2021! Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
December 15, 2020
Making It Out Alive
Romain Grosjean survives a fiery crash, Lebron and AD stay with the Lakers, Westbrook and Wall swap teams and the NFL season continues to shape up. Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
December 7, 2020
Dysfuction and Trailblazing
Sarah Fuller makes history on the football field, Tyson and Jones make it eight rounds in the ring, Richardson gets knocked out and the NFL continues to battle COVID. Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
November 30, 2020
Drafting Giants
The NY Giants are on a roll, Antonio Brown is giving the Bucs some trouble, Robinson Cano is suspended again and the NBA draft is over and trades are still in the works. Follow: @its.bro.time @abby_l_c and @shad._21 Learn more:
November 22, 2020
There Can Only Be One Beyonce
There are problems in Houston with the Rockets and NBA trades are in full force ahead of the upcoming draft. The NFL is working to pass rules to enhance the pool of minorities in position to be selected for Head Coach and GM positions. Lamar Jackson is worried the defense knows his plays and Chase Elliott wins his first NASCAR Championship. Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
November 16, 2020
Even the Playing Field
Abby and Rashad are back to wrap up their thoughts on the World Series, discuss the start of the 2020-2021 NBA season, NASCAR championship and NFL’s inability to standardize penalties for COVID violations. Learn more: Follow: @its.bro.time
November 9, 2020
Coaching Carousel
There are a lot of coaching updates across the board and Abby and Rashad delve into why they were fired, where to next and the future of the teams. A quick NASCAR and MLB playoffs update round out this weeks episode.
October 19, 2020
The Titans continue to blatantly ignore COVID protocols putting everyone at risk. MLB championship series games are about to get underway and will the NBA championship end in Game 6 or 7?
October 12, 2020
Greener Pastures
Can the Lakers sweep the Heat and bring the trophy back to LA? Will Doc Rivers and the 76ers make it to the championship next year? Will the NFL do anything in response to the COVID outbreak within the Titans organization? Who will head to the ALCS and NLCS series? Tune in now to hear our takes on the latest in sports right here every Monday.
October 5, 2020
Calling Out
The Lakers are headed to the finals! Will the Heat or Celtics be joining them? Michael Jordan now owns a NASCAR team! Bruce Arians isn’t holding back when talking about Brady and Gronk. Will that hurt him? Week 3 of the NFL is in full swing despite all the injuries last week. The playoff brackets are filling up in the MLB and we will soon know who is the best in the league. The Stanley Cup playoffs are headed to game 6!
September 28, 2020
Punching Your Ticket
It’s all about the playoffs! NBA conference finals are underway and the Stanley Cup finals have begun! Teams are clinching spots in the MLB postseason and NFL finally kicks off. Join us each week for the latest in sports
September 21, 2020
Are You Qualified
Is Steve Nash qualified to coach the Brooklyn Nets? Does Leonard Fournette qualify the Buccaneers as a top Super Bowl pick? Who has the qualifications to help their team rise above the rest and win the Stanley Cup playoffs and the NBA playoffs? You’ll hear our thoughts this week right here on It’s Bro Time.
September 7, 2020
Taking A Stand
The Washington Football Team scandals are not over yet and the social justice movement gains momentum through the different sports leagues. As Rashad and Abby say in this episode we stand with these movements and encourage you to take a stand.
August 31, 2020
Breaking Down Barriers
The Washington Football team makes history with the hiring of Jason Wright, the NCAA paves the way for players to compete for another season, playoff recaps and predictions are made, and Tatis Jr and the Padres break records. Join us each Monday for a weekly recap in sports news.
August 24, 2020
Pick A Side
From Jerry Jones to college sports Rashad and Abby want people to pick a side and stick with it! Dak Prescott and the Cowboys haven’t reached an agreement yet, the NBA round of 8 is getting ready to kick off, Stanley Cup playoffs continue in their bubbles and we await answers for this years college sports.
August 17, 2020
History Repeating Itself
The Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love saga continues to be the top of discussion for the Packers this off season, while the NFL has reached their opted out deadline. Plus more scandals in the NFL, MLB and surrounding TCU’s head football coach Gary Patterson. Will College Football happen this season or will it be canceled due to COVID? Join us each Monday right here for your weekly sports roundup.
August 10, 2020
The Brunt of Scandals
Dodgers and Astros tensions continue to ramp up, while NFL players are choosing to opt out before the season due to COVID-19 concerns; plus major drama in Michigan and in Iowa. Join us each Monday right here for your weekly sports roundup.
August 3, 2020
Return of The Mike
Mike Tyson returns to the ring after a 15 year hiatus, NFL and the players reach an agreement to get the season underway, drama for The Jets and MLB is back! Join us each Monday right here for your weekly sports roundup.
July 27, 2020
Watt To Do About Covid
From the NBA bubble to the start of the MLB season and from the cancellation of college sports to the NFL preseason Covid is at the center of it all.
July 20, 2020
New Day Same Show
There is so much going on in the world of sports as we continue to wonder whether or not we will have live sports this year. Jacksonville Jaguars will be limiting capacity at their stadium, DeSean Jackson is penalized for his anti-Semitic comments, will the NFL accept the NFLPA’s proposal and LeBron won’t be using the back of his jersey to promote social justice issues.
July 13, 2020
What's In A Name?
We are back for another round up on the news this week in sports. Patrick Mahomes will make how much over the next 10 years? Players back out of the MLB season this year and  the Washington Redskins look into changing their name. Tune in to hear the latest.
July 8, 2020
The New Transition
From 90’s basketball to the future of the Patriots and everything in between Rashad and Abby are back for another round up of this week in sports. The FBI concludes their investigation into the noose found at Talladega, Brandon Marshall says the Packers wasted their years with Aaron Rodgers and Under Armour terminates their deal with UCLA. Tune in to hear the latest.
July 1, 2020
To Play or Not To Play
Rashad and Abby discuss the latest impacts of COVID on professional and college sports. They look at the fighting within the MLB and NBA along with the latest racial issues within NASCAR.
June 24, 2020
Black Lives Matter
Abby is joined by her new co-host Rashad as we welcome all our listeners back!  Abby and Rashad tackle the latest news from the NFL, NBA and MLB and how COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement is impacting the sports seasons.
June 17, 2020
Back to Basic Instincts Part Two: Bow Hunting
In the final part of this series with Gabe, we discuss The Second Amendment and how it affects the hunting community, the cost of getting into Bow Hunting and then Samantha and Gabe share some funny dating stories. Instagram: Gabe: Website:
March 27, 2020
Back to Basic Instincts Part One: Bow Hunting with Gabe
Gabe is a member of The US Air Force and an expert in Bow Hunting.  Learn more about this demanding and highly competitive sport with part two airing Wednesday March 25, 2020.  Instagram: Gabe: Samantha: Learn more:
March 19, 2020
Atheletic Trainers
Abby and Sam are thrilled to welcome certified Athletic Trainer Renee to the show. In a deviation from our normal program the trio delves deep into the world of sports injuries and the role of athletive trainers. #athletictrainer #sportsmedicine #sportsinjuries #concussions #trainer #athletics #sports Learn more: Follow us: Follow Abby: Follow Samantha: “It’s Bro Time” is presented by Whatever You Say Productions, LLC.
March 11, 2020
Gone Fishing
Sam and Abby are beyond thrilled to welcome pro bass fisherman Sheron Brown to the show. We delve into the world of professional fishing to get some tips and tricks on all the ways to improve your fishing game. Learn more: Follow us: Follow Abby: Follow Samantha: “It’s Bro Time” is presented by Whatever You Say Productions, LLC.
March 4, 2020
Dancing our way to Making Mat
Our professional dancers CorBen and Fifi DuBois have taken over It's Bro Time this week. They are here to dive into the world of competitive cheer and dance before switching gears and chatting about professional dancers and dance shows. Get Ready to pom and High Kick your way through this special episode.
February 26, 2020
The Need For Speed
As a devastating NASCAR crash occurred while we were recording this episode, we send out best to Ryan Newman and discuss how the NBA honored Kobe, new rules in baseball and how the sign stealing scandal hasn't gone away yet.
February 21, 2020
Wait, That's a Sport?
Join Sam and Abby as they give a quick rundown of return of the XFL and the unofficial start of NASCAR. The ladies then delve into the world of unknown competitive sports and it's quite hilarious.  Learn more: Follow us: Follow Abby: Follow Samantha: “It’s Bro Time” is presented by Whatever You Say Productions, LLC.
February 12, 2020
So Many Sports So Little Time
Sam and Abby are here to breakdown the Super Bowl and the halftime show. They then discuss the future of It's Bro Time.
February 4, 2020
Abby and Sam pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, then head over to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and round it out with a trip to the Fishing Expo. #kobebryant #basketball #baseball #fishing Learn more: Follow us: Follow Abby: Follow Samantha: “It’s Bro Time” is presented by Whatever You Say Productions, LLC.
January 29, 2020
Throw, Dunk, Vroom Vroom
Abby and Sam tackle the NFL Conference Championships, high flying players scoring all over the NBA, and soon enough NASCAR will be back! Join us every Wednesday because It's Bro Time and these ladies have the latest in sports. #SuperBowl #NBA #jamorant #russellwestbrook #nascar Learn more: Follow us: Follow Abby: Follow Samantha: “It’s Bro Time” is presented by Whatever You Say Productions, LLC.
January 22, 2020
I Stole The Sign And It Got Me Fired
Join Abby and Sam for the premiere of "It's Bro Time" as it's own podcast! This week our hosts delve into the sign stealing scandal and the punishments that have been brought down by The Commissioner of Baseball. #houstonastros #ajhinch #jefflunhow #baseball #signstealing Learn more: Follow us: Follow Abby: Follow Samantha: “It’s Bro Time” is presented by Whatever You Say Productions, LLC.
January 15, 2020