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It's Not Rocket Science!

It's Not Rocket Science!

By Stuart Webb | Business Growth Expert
The mission of It's Not Rocket Science! is to bring a new idea for building business to growth-hungry business leaders and owners who want to double their profits in under a year. We deliver actionable ideas using our “five questions over coffee.”
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Five Questions Over Coffee with Peter Miller (Ep. 20)
Who is Peter? Peter runs Over the last ten years, our 21-step process has helped over 600 business owners maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit. Key Takeaways Begin with the end in mind you've got to have a realistic idea of what business is worth with some owners try to get something I'll never achieve, An exiting owner has really got to ask the question, well, what's left? What does the buyer get after I'm gone? Valuable Free Resource or Action See more at Subscribe to our newsletter and get details of when we are doing these interviews live at : Subscribe to the podcast at : Find out more about being a guest at :
September 01, 2021
Five Questions Over Coffee with Jane Bayler (Ep. 19)
Who is Jane? Jane Bayler is the Smart Connector, an entrepreneur, trainer, podcast host and author who helps service providers, coaches and consultants scale up their businesses and free up their time through attracting and converting more of their ideal clients. Having spent 20 years managing and developing accounts for global media and marketing agencies, Jane scaled and sold a television brand identity company to the US marketing group Interpublic before launching two other businesses: one in children's education and one that connects high net worth property investors with rigorously evaluated property investment and development opportunities. Her 90 Day Ideal Client Success Programme is based around her signature Triple C HyperGrowth Method that combines messaging, marketing automation and conversion to attract high value clients and get them to choose you first. Key Takeaways people don't really understand how important it is to get systems in place. automated systems that actually support their growth. too many people think they've got a lifestyle business that then takes up 1520 hours a day, and they wonder why they got into it. And it's all about whether or not you've started the right way in order to grow it to something which can be sustainable with a lifestyle that you want to enjoy I know so many people who when you ask them, so who is your ideal client? They say what anybody? And that's always the wrong answer, because they will spend a lot of their time talking to people that will waste a lot of their valuable effort. Valuable Free Resource or Action Jane offers a free masterclass.  Get details at Subscribe to our newsletter and get details of when we are doing these interviews live at : Subscribe to the podcast at : Find out more about being a guest at :
August 18, 2021
Five Questions Over Coffee with Yasmin Vorajee (ep. 18)
Who is Yasmin? Yasmin Vorajee is the creator and #1 bestselling & award winning author of Tiny Time Big Results where she teaches entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and experts how to run a profitable 20 hour week business. A former Vice President of Leadership Development, Yasmin specialises in business and marketing strategy and runs her thriving business from her home in rural Ireland around her 3 young children and farmer husband. Yasmin is passionate about helping people create financial independence, freedom and flexibility. Yasmin has featured in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Dublin City FM, The Huffington Post, Tatler, Evoke and the Sunday Independent. Key Takeaways It's possible to run a profitable business in a 20-hour work week Think about exchanging time for value that you add to a business customer Think big, cream big and get the right ingredients in your business to have a bigger to have a bigger impact Valuable Free Resource or Action Get the book here - Take the free quiz - The 8k Scorecard: Does your business have the right mix to hit 8k months working 20 hours a week? Subscribe to our newsletter and get details of when we are doing these interviews live at : Subscribe to the podcast at : Find out more about being a guest at :
August 04, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Suraj Rana (ep. 17)
Who is Suraj? Suraj runs Sole Legal.  At Sole Legal we work  with high growth Start-ups to review, draft and restructure their    the bespoke legal contracts. Our clients have or are focusing towards  raising funding and need documents such as Shareholders Agreements and  vesting schedules. We also provide guidance and General Counsel  solutions for businesses that need our expertise in- house but don't need  it on a full-time basis. Our clients range from start-ups  shareholder   hat are an idea and a landing page, through to those backed by some of  the biggest funds in the world. Key Takeaways Do  you need a contract or a sharehoder agreement? clients come and ask for  shareholder agreements, because they think that it’s an agreement  between one shareholder and another. When it’s not, it’s actually an  agreement between the shareholders and the business. So what they need  is just a simple contract. Saving money by doing legal yourself nearly always costs more Your professional reputation will stay with you for a long time, so get it right from the start. Valuable Free Resource or Action Suraj is always available to talk to ensure you get the best advice for your situation – get details at Startups
July 28, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Denise Matthews (ep. 16)
Who is Denise? Denise is a Licensed Career Coach with a background as an executive recruitment specialist, I have a passion for all areas of Talent and Leadership Development. As a career coach, who mostly supports those who are already established in the workplace and who want to identify their next career move or switch. As a Career Coach her clients are middle to executive management - either ready to plan their next move into a different or more senior role, perhaps considering options for a career switch or those who are in the job market for other reasons - all with one goal, to find a job they love and enjoy. With extensive operational experience and over 20 years in Recruitment & Coaching, she adds value both for the employer and employee by working in partnership to find the perfect match. Key Takeaways Before starting the job search - but they haven't actually done the foundations of really exploring why they will be the right person to do that job At least 65% of jobs that are in the market, never hit an advert. You need to understand how the hiring company wants to receive your CV. i.e. lad bible do not want to see your CV Valuable Free Resource or Action Denise has free resource - how you apply for jobs and the best ways to do it on the  my career change Facebook group. Find details at
July 14, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Colette Bratton (ep.15)
Who is Colette? Colette Bratton is a marketing mentor, on a mission to help solo entrepreneurs use marketing effectively to help them grow the businesses of their dreams! Marketing can be a huge frustration for small business owners, as it’s another skill to learn and another hat to wear. Using her 30 years’ marketing experience, Colette has created a system that helps entrepreneurs acquire the necessary skills and prioritise their time and energy to successfully promote their businesses. Key Takeaways Too many people get stuck knowing where to start their marketing - mulling it over but not starting Small business owners need to work smarter not harder so they have time for a business and a life Make your own marketing for your business shout as loud as your client business so that you do some regularly Valuable Free Resource or Action Collette has facebook groups for Virtual Assistants and one for other businesses where she posts everyday
June 30, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Melitta Campbell (ep. 14)
Who is Melitta? Melitta is Business Growth Coach working with Female Entrepreneurs Key Takeaways Melitta has written a book If you’ve ever wondered how some people network so effortlessly, while you feel awkward and out of place, this book is for you. Written from a shy girl’s perspective, you’ll learn everything you need to embrace your natural abilities as an introvert, grow in confidence and shine while networking. In this book I share with you: My VICTORY Formula to help you network on your own terms The exact steps to master the three phases of networking How to build relationships that will support your business success The secret to networking online How to build your personal brand Valuable Free Resource or Action read more about Melitta's book at
June 16, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Nik Gray (Ep.13)
Who is Nik? Nik is an ACTIONCoach Nik works with businesses so that they achieve these outcomes Imagine a world where your team work and achieve results without stress to you You’re working ON the business moving it forward not IN Profits are increasing not just turnover You have a better Work: Life balance You work with down to earth, like-minded business owners, just like you, to get results, push you to where you want to be and have FUN! Be part of a community of business owners who are improving their businesses and their community Key Takeaways What you will learn in this podcast : Keep a log of what you do and delegate the low skill tasks Learn the task which takes 20% of your time and use it to get 80% results Use systems and processes to free your time your business is worth 2.2 X if you have none and 6.8 X if you do. Valuable Free Resource or Action Nik was influenced by Brian Tracy's book Eat That Frog
June 02, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Jill Maidment, Executive Coach (ep.12)
Who is Jill? Jill Maidment is the Founder and Director of  Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales. She is a highly respected,  sought-after and effective International Executive Business Coach and  Mentor, Career Transition and Outplacement Coach, Resilience Coach, and  British Psychological Society qualified Assessor. Jill also speaks at  virtual events and delivers virtual Leadership and Management Training  Modules. Key Takeaways What you will learn in this podcast : how organisations are adapting to change since early 2020 how strategic management prepares your organisation for major change like a pandemic understanding the Kubler-Ross curve will help you understand how change affects people. Valuable Free Resource or Action Read more about Jill at
May 19, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Jacquie Hale (ep.11)
Who is Jacquie? When Jacquie left teaching to start a Tipi Hire business in 2010,  tipi weddings were very new. Jacquie has used her marketing skills to  grow that business to be a market leader. Now she's offering her  expertise to other Business owners who want to grow their business by  implementing her Marketing and Sales System to create a constant stream  of new leads and customers. Jacquie works one to one with motivated and  aspiring business owners and without exception, her clients increase  their profits and improve their lifestyle! Key Takeaways What you will learn in this podcast : Proactive marketing will bring new clients Price for value not compete Spend some time on your business every day Valuable Free Resource or Action Invest your time, don't spend your time,  invest it.
May 05, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Margaret Guillen (ep.10)
Who is Margaret? Margaret is a result-driven Business Coach for female entrepreneurs just like you. She uses business strategies, as well as NLP techniques and NLP coaching that work on your mindset and assist you with your personal development, to help you build and grow a business and a lifestyle that you can truly enjoy. Key Takeaways What you will learn in this podcast:  How having clarity with your target market allows your message to be heard Why too many business owners try to solve their own problems How to ensure you have a magnetic message to avoid selling Valuable Free Resource or Action Margaret offers a free 30 minute call. Get more details at
April 21, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Sian Lannegan (ep. 9)
Sian is based a Business Mentor, member of the Forbes Coaches Council and I help service-service-based business owners and agencies gain an unfair advantage and crack the growth code to getting and keeping more clients in order to build a business that loves you back. In this recording you will learn that Sian has spent many thousands developing herself and her own knowledge and how that has helped her to focus her skills to develop her clients business and that the key to growing your business is to grow your email list. You can learn more Sian at
April 07, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Jannine Barron, eco-business mentor (ep. 8)
In our latest episode of It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee recorded on International Women's day, we talk to eco-business mentor Jannine Barron.  Jannine is a business mentor with a special interest in brand activism and climate change who uses strategic marketing and communication skills to help sole traders and small companies simplify complex marketing ideas that allows her clients to create and scale their businesses with ease. She is on a mission to support ecopreneurs create brands and services that can change the world with zero harm products and solutions. Links Take away messages from this discussion: Find the right mentor or tribe to support your dream and move the business forward without 'playing small' Make everything simple. Choose a couple of inspirational mentors, choose only a couple of marketing newsletters. Too much information stops you from working on your business because of information overload Know the difference between doing and why you are doing it so you get to your objective. Jannine was influenced by the writings of Florence Scovel Shinn Jannine offers a free 1-2-1 - contact her at
March 10, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science Five Questions Over Coffee with Judith Rafferty, Fuition Ventures (ep. 7)
Creative commercially astute Copywriter helping businesses get seen, known & booked!  Her copywriting track record is for value rich, income generating content creation that boosts awareness, engagement, sales, sign-ups, and visibility.  During the past ten years, She has significantly evolved my copywriting services, for one-off jobs and regular retainers, as a freelancer, or an agency sub-contractor.  Her key competencies are  - A proven ability to write persuasive copy designed to sell, grounded in years of frontline sales experience.  - Excellent writing skills.  - Accuracy and an eye for detail.  - Ability to write concise and engaging copy to tight deadlines.  - Experience in optimising copy to deliver maximum conversions. Learn More about Judith at   What you'll learn in this video  1. two tools to help you be a better copywriter : answer the public and co-schedule  2. A great book on content DNA  3. A tool to help your content be more readable.   Judith has a special offer - blogoff - buy one blog, get one free.  Contact Judith for more details.
March 03, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Robin Waite, The Fearless Coach (ep. 6)
Robin is the Fearless Business Coach. Fearless Business helps amazing business owners to FINALLY grow their business and shift away from a value-driven exchange of "time-for money" to charging based on "RESULTS" and RESULTS ALONE. As a direct result of being in the Fearless Business Accelerator many of our clients get a direct return on their investment within the first 4 weeks of the programme and go on to double or treble their turnover within 3-6 months of starting the programme. We've helped over 120 business owners to break out of selling their time-for-money over the last 12 months alone. Find out more at
February 24, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee with Jenny Halliday Jarvis, Money Mindset Coach (episode 5)
Jenny is a life coach with a great money mindset workshops which are having fantastic results. Read more about Jenny at
February 17, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science Five Questions Over Coffee with Simon Hague, Coach & Facilitator (episode 4)
Simon runs that coaching and facilitation business, Wheresmylunch, Their ideal clients are business owners and/or leaders that want to explore new possibilities that can further enhance their business opportunities. Working in a frame of wider wealth (social, intellectual, community and financial), he helps people to unlock dreams and passions that have before just been that. This short chat over coffee will invite you to dig into what type of innovator you are and therefore, what type of support you may need around you to help release these dreams.   In this podcast you will earn how to manage your remote team and how engage, engage, engage are the most important three things you can do today!
February 10, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science Five Questions Over Coffee with Jenny Bracelin, Business Mentor | Money Coach | Money Retreats
Jenny Bracelin is a qualified, skilled and experienced money coach and business mentor.  Passionate about transforming people’s relationship to money and motivating them to make more. Originally trained as a ballet dancer, Jenny brings creativity and passion to every conversation. Starting her first business in linen hire aged 23, going on to win a National Customer Service Award with The Prince’s Trust and retiring aged 30. Jenny motivates and explains how to make more money in a  simple, positive and confidence-building way.  Learn more about Jenny at
February 05, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science - Five questions over coffee with Joanne Wurpilot, Integra HR
An interview with Joanne Wurpillot of Integra HR.   We talk about her journey from marine biologist to HR consultant.   Integra HR provides 360° problem-busting support, from recruitment to employee exit but also offer the benefits of a complete value-adding service: protecting your business, helping to create the best HR structures that will make consistent, positive people management easier for you and your team, as well as the tools to maximise your people power.   Integra HR can support you by dipping in an out of your business as needed, working by the hour, half-day, day or project-based. Integra HR can be your on tap HR department or we can give an extra helping hand to your existing HR team.    Contact Integra HR at
January 26, 2021
It's Not Rocket Science - Five questions over coffee with Jessica McClory, Logic Digital
Jessica is  an experienced Digital Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry and with SMEs. We're going to spend a few minutes de-mystifying the world of SEO and PPc and Social Media. You can read more about Jessica at
January 26, 2021