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It's time to talk about it

It's time to talk about it

By Deborah white

This podcast speaks on issues pertaining to the American Aboriginal/American Indian.

This platform is designed to bring rise to America’s original peoples and awareness to the public of Americas agenda to hide their existence through their “socio-policical fall-out ”.

You are welcome to join the conversation and express your freedom of speech. Our voice is our natural right and a gateway to freedom.
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Recognizing Genocide GS01:E01 Prosecutors give Mexican gangs the most consideraon.

It's time to talk about it

Recognizing Genocide GS01:E01 Prosecutors give Mexican gangs the most consideraon.
Even when the motive and the act to commit genocide are obvious, Mexican gangs are prompted to plead guilty to lesser federal hate crimes in exchange for their confessions. For years, U.S. Prosecutors have bargained away our rights to choose the category of crimes against.  And how it has become difficult to  recognize the act of genocide. While many criminals can face up to 30 years in a federal prison the reality is that hate crimes do not carry the proper weight of being sentenced for genocide. When U. S. prosecutors used their unfettered power to seal documents that prove Mexican and Latinos openly confessed to Ethnic Cleansing  untoward the original peoples of America AKA the So-called African Americans they take away they make the victims invisible to the world. How is the possibility for parole justice for the thousands of victims who lay in their grave and the families who grieve over them? Does these prosecutors understand that the systematic killing of our people is genocide. If not, why not!The reason for this episode is to bring out three major issues that impact the original peoples of the Americas. 1. To shed light on how the Ethnic White Mexicans and Ethnic White Latinos have waged a war campaign to Ethnic Cleans the Coper Colored American Indians original peoples as genocide, and the courts attempt to seal the formal record that prove the phenomenon as genocide. 2. To also reveal the agenda of the Pan-African language and how it is used to come against the Original American Indian peoples as a precursor to genocide. 3. To comprehend the Jewish “Pursuit of Nazi Collaborators” and study the Nuremburg trials and the seven motives the Jews that have set precedents to permanently eradiate genocide for.
September 06, 2019
Intro Podcast II Genocide: Why are our politicians letting this happen to the original American?
This is the final mini podcast prelude to the upcoming genocide series.  
August 18, 2019
Welcome to my podcast
This is the first introduction to my full episodes starting August 2019
August 18, 2019